No money for opioid crisis, endless funds for corporate tax cuts. The Capitalist Class' Intentions


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Why does Trump hate white workers?

Remember what he said on the campaign trail

"The forgotten man will never be forgotten again"

lol fucking prick

BASED Wall Street.

Lets be honest, they deserve to die.

Trump is literally just Obama for the right-wing.

The whole alt-right are composed of colossal memeing faggots that ultimately won't accomplish anything and the entire thing will be looked at the same way we look at Bronies now.


Fuck off and die

You forgot


Yeah, that too. The few intelligent people that are on Holla Forums already dislike Trump. Once he's done his time in office the majority will pretend they never supported him.

I remember a thread about this on Holla Forums, they called their fellow whites subhumans too weak to handle pain.

Surprise surprise they love the white working class until they need to dial it back into their small little demographic pool

Nazis are literally globalist-tier when it comes to hating whites.

I can never figure out if Holla Forums is a bunch of conservative liberals pretending to be nazis or if they are nazis.

no u


What an adorable snake

Reminds me of how Hitler refused to allow industry to increase wages because it would go against his social darwinist ideology. White idpol only goes as far as porky lets it.


what more is there to say? these are trash human beings that are being removed from society.


here's an adorable porky.