If work becomes automated away, doesn't that mean that the working class itself is abolished?

If work becomes automated away, doesn't that mean that the working class itself is abolished?

What motivation would there be for the bourgeoise to keep the useless rabble after their job is done?
Why wouldn't the ex-working class simply be liquidated and fully automated luxury communism established for the remaining porkies?

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read this


Yeah. The entire point of communism is to abolish class.
It's a sorta paradoxical situation. For the porkies to do this they'd first have to renounce their belief in the current political economic system, which would leave them without a reason to purge in the first place. Also, porkies are way too ideologically divided to pull something like that off.

there will never be full automation as long as the bourgeoisie exists.

Eventually, yes
They would.

Read Four Futures. What you are describing is the worst end, or the "Exterminism" chapter.

Great. I'm an anprim now.
Technological civilization must be annihilated.

Maoist Third Worldist thought VINDICATED! First world "socialists" BTFO


Porkies who own robots will use the robots to produce goods that only other porkies with robots will be able to afford. There will be a small elite of highly skilled tech workers to maintain the robots, but 90% of the population will be unemployed. It will be a closed economy that you have to be a capitalist to enter, and if you aren't already a capitalist then you be tossed out like so much trash and put into open air prisons like Palestine with giant walls to keep you out. Better start refining your suicide bombing technique.

he nicked that of a Stargate episode

give me a pdf john

Everything after chapter 4 is reddit-style le gay space communism circlejerking. The truth is that most people are getting confined to the terrafoam.

At least it shows what post-capitalism could look like.
It's a modern Conquest of Bread. I actually think it would help showing people more stuff like that to give them an idea of what post-capitalism could look like, instead of only pointing out how shit capitalism is.


but then porkies will realize that they turned into a very small circlejerk and the money flow stopped because there's not enough people to buy shit they produce. and then they will realize that their system was always self-destructive

At that moment they realize they could use their machines for their own wants instead of selling things to proles, and then fully automated luxury communism is established - but only for porky.

They'll pay the robots a wage, and they'll be programmed to buy things to keep consumer demand up. They won't just be replacement workers but also replacement consumers.

Well, I have to agree with that. I think it was too utopian for my taste but I think Manna did an acceptable job of answering the "so what? What other alternatives are there?" Question.

One problem I see is the lack of anonymity. Which I think is absolutely vital to create a sense of freedom. An 'open society' is all good, but I'd like to remain a nobody.
Essentially what Marshall Brain and Kropotkin describe is a sort of primitive abundance characteristic of pre-civilization. Every person would return to being a gatherer or shepherd, except in a world where technosphere and biosphere have merged.
But full anonymity is important here. I want nothing to do with this Facebook-tier panopticon nonsense. I'd rather live in the world of Mad Max or Blade Runner if that's the alternative.

I want to die

This notion that workers from poor countries need to be saved by those of rich countries, instead of saving themselves, is quite strange.


Yes and Porky will move on to fully automated luxury communism, without us.


this is the outcome I see with automation. I debated with someone who counter argued that it's just a change in skill set. No, it isn't. It takes years to learn a new skill set and what you're learning could already be saturated due to automation. The cycle just repeats until eventually, no one is working and no one is buying. The only companies that would survive in this scenario would be the industries that support needs instead of wants like food. But another caveat: If someone couldn't afford food, then they'll lose their consumers via suicide or other shit.

Automation is a slow killer.

I read this yesterday and it has been haunting me since then. I had nightmares about the terrafoam.

Holy fuck this is the best piece of communist propaganda out there. I want to be involved in activism, protest, smash; Anything to prevent that future.

Under capitalism, none. Which is why it is imperative to overthrow the capitalist class before this happens. Understand the necessity now?


It would even start at home. Vid related.

Isn't it sad that something that would otherwise be good illicit a sense of doom of in capitalism?
Self driving cars, automatic warehouses, etc.
The solution is to add the machines to people.

The Bourg's end game is to automate everything and give everyone a middle-glass UBI to prevent them from revolting while they own everything and use humanity to continue to play their competitive games of "how to subvert human agency to manipulate people for personal power and profit." They want proles so they have pawns to play with in these sick games with each other. The three classes will be consumer, marketer/advertiser (upper-middle-class) and Bourg.

UBI is NOT leftist, it is life support for zombie capitalism.