anons, I'm starting to get older (late 20s, which makes me a fucking grandfather by chan standards), and my teens/early 20s metabolism is fading away. I'm an fucking gamer who works in tech and never works out. How do i diet/exercise and reverse my fatass to look like chris pratt in guardians of the galaxy.
This is now fitness general, comrades we need to get shredded for the revolution.

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read Power to the People

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start slowly, work on stamina and general fitness and routine first. don't pressure yourself but try to make it something you do out of habit and enjoyment. join a gym just to be at the gym. also do some martial art, boxing is good because your mind and body gets conditioned to take punches.

why not just give in and start hormone therapy and become a trap while you still have your hair left instead?

Losing my gains fast leftypol, motivate me to start lifting again


Cut out all bread, grains, fat, and dairy. Only eat meat and vegetables. You won't even need to exercise.


I also have been trying to get more fit lately. I've been hiking and doing bodyweight exercises, along with lifting dumbbells. I realize I'm going to get sent to the gulag for linking to reddit, but this sub is a good resource:

Another good resource is this "5BX Plan" pamphlet which is a bodyweight exercise program developed by the Canadian Air Force.

Slow/no carbs works wonders. Try and cut out as much sugars as possible and you will almost automatically want to eat nothing but healthy food a few months down the line.

just start a /leftyfit/ thread t b q h

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This is a /leftyfit/ thread


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i eat salad but i get hungry a few hours later, if i eat meat/bread or junk food im full

I'll stick with the swole option

Thats a great anecdote for you then but most "salads" are absolute dogshit too. Most dietary science has come the the conclusion that if you want to lose weight you should focus on protein, fibers and fat but if you feel like drinking soda and eating fries is the best way for you to drop weight then go for it.

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Either do starting strength or lose weight. Don't negelect cardio or you'll get killed by a sauna. Diet is the biggest componet and will have to be monitored heavily, in general go for leaner proteins and fiber carbs instead of fatty meats and sugar but don't completely eliminate fat or you will fuck yourself. An hour a day of excercise and some time prepping meals is all you should need, fit it in where ever you can. You're gonna make it.

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Is hiking good exercise?

depends on the intensity obviously. one day or several? how much gear do you have? Multi-day hikes with gear burn a dickton of calories.

What sort of time do you have to dedicate to this goal? If you want to look like Pratt, you're gonna need, I think, 4 days a week of training at least for about an hour each day. Look up exrx.net You probably want to dedicate one day a week to the muscle groups (like a day for chest, one for back) and I like to split this up by doing push(A)-pull (B). ABXABXX every week. For the revolution we (I think probably) need people who are tough and durable and you don't need to lift a ton of weights for that. Calisthenics and cardio.

I'm not fat


Every day, but < 1hr each day
so like military/basic training style workout?

Start working out & learn Spanish, the poor in the USA speak English & Spanish primarily. I started last October when I was sure the big idiot was gonna win, now I can show solidarity w/ our hispanic pals while beating right-wing ass. In case you haven't notice, most of them are overweight and out of shape, they rely completely on "muh gunz" to intimidate people. They can't actually fight.

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Yeah, military style. Personally I don't do this and never have. From when I ran cross country, I recommend one day a week as a specifically endurance day, go as far as you can go, as slowly as you need. Another basic idea I have is to take a day to recover whatever muscles you used the day before. Supplement your long distance endurance cardio with interval training if you can. It's hell but it pays. Uh…lunges and stuff are great to strengthen the legs, make sure to fully extend the leading leg so your knee is in line with your ankle/foot, not letting the knee come over the foot. Mix up different exercises for the same muscles, like do a variety of core/ab exercises, add in some close-handed push-ups with regular ones, and mix up the cardio like I said before. Rest and recovery between individual sets depends on the intensity of the exercise. Hard to say what is right for you, but I'd err on the side of not waiting more than 90 seconds between sets. Conversely if you are doing 5x5 stuff, you are waiting like 4 minutes between sets.
This is assuming you don't have much access to equipment. Get even a barbell and weights and a whole new world is open. Get a bench and a squat rack and you are totally set.

I don't care about how much calorie hiking burns.

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Yes it is. If you're completely out of shape and not used to exercise, hiking is the best way to start, before anything else.

Well if not calories burned, how else am I supposed to define "good exercise"?
Were you just asking a rhetorical question as an excuse to post that picture? Anyway, if you are going for a casual 2 mile stroll with a water bottle, I'd say that's pretty shit exercise. If you are hiking 6 miles with 40lb of gear up several hundred feet then that's excellent exercise.

Go vegan to improve your over all health and lose weight. Start doing some body weight exercises and cardio and start buying weights that are second hand

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Was incline pressing and I felt something slip or pop, and my left arm collapsed, dropped the 85 lb dumbbell on my thigh. Could barely walk for a few days, had some shoulder mobility problems for a few weeks. You'll be fine.

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Boxing is a sport, not a martial art. It's still great for fitness, but please recognize that there is difference.

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How much of a fatass are you OP?

If you aren't clinically obese, then you should find a gym that has free weights and do compound lifts if you want the fastest results possible (which will still be a few months depending on how fat you are). The best gyms for my recommendations are boxing/athletic minded as they will have trainers and regulars that can and will help you with your goals.

For a routine I recommend Greyskull LP if you want something to read, Fierce 5 if you want to be told what to do exactly.

Lifting form is the most important aspect and if you aren't interested in lifting right then in the long run you're probably better off fat. Alan Thrall has great videos on youtube for any lift you'd be doing. A better idea is to pay for a trainer to watch you and correct your form in person, but keep in mind that some trainers and gyms specialize in encouraging old ladies to do 5lb curls and will want you to squat on a smith machine.

Diet will be 80% of your results. If you can't fix that then don't even bother working out.

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Not totally wrong, but you should work out regardless of diet.

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Pretty much, that isn't to say jogging or walking more won't help a fast food chomping fuck at all but eventually you'll hit a point where you need to change your diet to see results.

It's more complicated than that but you could have more muscle and less fat without the junk food. Protein shakes are good though.

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Just go for a stroll OP, play some ping-pong or whatever and force yourself to leave the vidya little while. And don´t compare yourself to that guy, little beer belly is sexy too!

I've been losing weight as I get older. It's too hard to eat enough to gain weight. I've already gone from 210 to 180 in a few months by just eating less food.

go fucking outside more. this is a chad board we do normie shit here.

I go biking almost every day. DO SHIT outside lazy fuck.


two options,


no, you don't. getting shredded will make you more impressive appearing in clothing, and more attractive while shirtless to straight females / gay men. neither one of those increases your utility in a revolution. if you really are autistically trying to optimize your physical fitness in the event of a revolution or some sort of societal collapse, go for long distance running outside with a backpack. more importantly, get yourself a rifle and learn how to use it.

late 20s is pretty fucking late in the game to go for that for an average male. btw is that a slutty Alunya? would smash /10

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You can get fit and larp as a tankie at the same time


…so this thread has given me a bit of motivation to pick up working out a bit. I'm in my mid 20s and while still within the normal BMI I have been slowly putting on a bit of weight. I just hope I can keep up the motivation because I always have these episodes of working out for some weeks but then giving up again.

Friendly reminder that Lifting weights is a Bourgeois past time.
being in a somewhat good shape or relatively fit is Ok tho Fat "revolutionaries" are Larpers who will most likely end up as bitter Liberals.

Nope, FUCK no! wasting resources on hormone treatment is just atrocious and being a blight spreader, is just out of all boundaries of sanity.
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So what do you suggest then?

Running, a good diet and occasionally doing the basic stuff, push ups, pull ups, abs and squats.

Bald men can become Heroes as well, embrace it, there is no other way around it.

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but lifting weights is a waste of time, develop some useful working skills or practice shooting, would be a better thing to do.

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My body is really weird. I work out but I'm not muscular but I'm skinny as shit. What do?

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what about military style workouts?

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You have to eat more and meet your protein quota.

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Mfw study all day economics and then hit the gym.

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