What's the problem here?

what's good there?


Da man with tha beard talked about how folks used to work and get paid all themselves, but then these factory tings came along and instead of them getting paid for making a chair, they got paid a set rate for being part of making a load of chairs. The point is to allow for the efficiency of factory making but to stop the extraction of monies by people that didn't help make the stuffs.

What you produce is often worth more than you get paid. You will realize this once you take an effort to learn about business management and marketing, like I have. Holla Forums always likes to talk about redpill, but their redpill is absolutely kiddie tier conspiracy theory BS, while the real red pill of this capitalist world is to become a bourg yourself. Resources are freely available on the internet to learn about business management and marketing, you just need to ditch your fake belief as if socialism is all about prole mentality. Be like Engels, dude.

can you see the problem yet?

t. lazy retard who would get the gulag under gommunism

The "work" part

Read Marx

Fuck off read Marx

There's the problem.


Read Marx, understand the Labor Theory of Value. Come back

What's the problem with slavery again?

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aka you exploited the work of others

For most of the 20th century this was a legitimate criticism.

maybe for the people working on it

Too bad that Unions are being fucking annihilated now.

He might have to work an actual job, that's a risk.

That is what Marx wrote you pillock.

Not in the context OP is posting about.

No. That's the way nature works. Even the simplest of animals has to work to live.

As an employee, you are forced by the capitalist system to sell your labor for less than what it is worth, in order for your employer to make a profit on whatever product or service you produce/provide.

Stephen Colbert recently mentioned that Haribo gummi bears are produced using "slave labor". The actual report was about Brazilians being "overworked and underpaid" (which isn't slavery, as slavery is "overworked and NOT paid"). Ah yes, when it's in Brazil, being underpaid is oppression, but in America, being underpaid is the capitalist system working.

Am I expected to believe that accomplishing absolutely nothing but making rent for 60 years is a success?

please lurk or read more

surplus value

is that so?


Utilizing labor power to reproduce your direct needs is not the same thing as being compelled to use your labor to produce a surplus of commodities to reproduce an impersonal economic system.

I think I found the problem OP.

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That depends on your training. An industrial electrician makes much more money than a laborer.

The actual value of the labor that many put into their work is a fraction of the value that their overlords return to them. Workers are getting ripped off because "muh profits."

It doesn't though. No matter what your job is two things are always true
And if it's not then you're not the target demographic of communism.

I actually realized the problem with the world (and why the "nature" argument doesn't work) from a very unlikely source. I was playing Minecraft with some drunk friends one day, and noticed it was extremely easy to get rich and powerful with comparatively little effort. All you had to do was cut down some trees, dug up some ores, build yourself some stuff, and you're good to go.

The problem is, you can't do that in the real world. Even people who life "off the land" cannot live in freedom as wild animals do. Because everything is OWNED. You can't just walk into a forest and start cutting down trees, because someone OWNS THAT FOREST. You can't jut go digging for valuable ores or resources, because someone OWNS THAT LAND. You can't even dig up some fucking dirt for your own use, because someone OWNS THAT DIRT. There is not a single square inch of the Earth where you can go that isn't owned, restricted, protected, or full of unexploded ordnance. If you live in one of those owned areas, you have to pay taxes simply for the right to EXIST, or to carve out a piece of your own land to "own". Even shitty land that literally nobody wants, like deserts and goddamn Antarctica, are places that they won't let you go scavenging for whatever shit you can scrape off those rocks. Fuck you, they OWN THOSE ROCKS!

If you were born into a family that owns shit, you won at life. 99.99% of the businessowners were born into that position, orin a position that enabled them to achieve it with minimal effort. Oh sure, the American Dream loves to tout the two or three people per year who build up a success from poverty, but these are people who literally won the economic lottery; you can't expect that for yourself, no matter how hard you try. The statistics are just not in your favor, and never will be.

Some people are lazy and think they deserve the right to things that other people have to work for, its the result of their mothers telling them that they are special instead of encouraging them advance themselves.


user's talking about wage slavery, no?

That's the bare minimum you must do before you make a horrendous post like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

read wage labor and capital

He's right though, just not in the way he thinks


You really haven't thought this through enough OP

He's right, but that's not what we're talking about. Just because some people work hard for their shit, doesn't change that most of them do not. It doesn't change that compound interest means that after you make your first million (or are given it) you can just sit on your ass and literally create money from nowhere.

You're not wrong, but living off the land isn't the answer. What are you going to do when you get kidney stones and there's no emergency services to take care of you? You're in such pain that you're vomiting non-stop and can't keep any fluids down, so you die of dehydration writhing in agony out innawoods.

Don't go full anprim on me, user.

t-thank you master

Pretty sure they weren't advocating for a return to primitive communism, just a return to communal property relations

nothing wrong with it except for the fact that the guy who's paying you probably hasn't worked a day in his life

You people are fucking retarded


The alternative is getting kidney stones, being hospitalized for a day, and receiving a bill for $50,000, including about $2,000 for a ten-minute ambulance ride (one wonders how much the paramedics make of that $12,000/hr rate!), and then getting prescribed highly addictive opioids as painkillers because the doctors are paid by Big Pharma to push the pills.

Here's a fun fact: that "socialist" medicaid isn't even free. The State keeps a record of every single penny they spend on you, and upon death they WILL TAKE IT from your estate before your heirs get any (and any non-liquid assets, such as a house, must additionally be sold to recoup the cost).

That's the problem, social mobility is very limited.

Me posting those 3 lines didn't take a lot of effort, but here's your sage. I can go more in depth about why the current system is flawed but this is not the thread for it.

nah working=being. everything that is is already working to some extent. life is just a category of being specific to earth. you could say that life's self-sustaining property is what makes it special, but you'd be wrong, both because sustained things are found throughout nature, and because all life is sustained by the sun, or noise, or whatever. Also, everything is cooling down constantly

everything else is just memes used for blocking out our ability to think about the Haves paranoiacally cannibalizing the have-nots.

That isn't the problem we have.