Flags are broken

BO just doesn't give a shit about us, does he?

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What are you gonna do, go somewhere else?

The BO has always been incompotent, this shit just shows how bad private ownership is at managing resources.


sometimes you encounter obstacles when building socialism like your shitty imageboard scripts not working

It's a sitewide issue.

How could this happen to me?
I made my mistakes
Got nowhere to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me?

Dude from at least early 2015 BO's management has been shit. We just got non-burger mods to keep the place clean for non-burger and insomniac burger posters and that took over two years. This is to say nothing of going from the shamrock to unionjack for echoes or the retarded polcies implemented this year.

Every other board works.


This. Either Jim or BO is fucking with us. We should find out which it is.

If it's the BO/admins this is probably their butthurt about the failed forced migration to buttholechan and user revolt in April. This is them crippling the functionality of the board in every way they can, like when cucknomia got asstrashed and made Holla Forums a bunch of stickied cyclicals.



At this point, it's a board side problem. Other settings got fucked up temporarily on the other boards too (as well as this one beyond just flags), so what I think is the case is just that the board settings haven't been put back to normal by BO yet. Can't speak to if the servers outright lost our flag/spoiler files or anything of that sort though.

First of all, the attempt to migrate was specifically to AVOID problems like this by actually having control over the site we operate from rather than being subject to bullshit outages/fuckery that the site's operators are unresponsive about.
Secondly, "user revolt" is being generous; people were bitching and moaning, but virtually no user action was taken in retaliation to the proposed change.
Thirdly, I think it's just a matter of BO having not gotten around to fixing things yet. Last I heard from them was last Sunday shortly after the initial problem arose but before other boards seemed to have been able to fix things.

It might do that but it would have potentially subjected us to an unacceptable level of fuckery from bunkerchan staff, and cut us off from new blood. What I recall most people being pissed about was the unilateral, closed-door meeting way the admins here made the decision and then expected everybody to immediately go along with it without argument when getting this board to agree to anything has always been and hopefully will always be like herding cats.
There was a thread with 1k+ replies, at least one other with replies in the hundreds, and two mod feedback threads, all of which were full of people threatening to leave, and all of which you guise nuked. In the largest one, the BO tried to claim Codemonkey and Jim were conspiring to shut us down without warning, codemonkey showed up and told us they'd do no such thing, BO sperged out at codemonkey and literally everybody else in the thread told BO to take their meds and stop embarrasing us. There was also irrc a drop of 100-200 or so IPs after that iirc, more than can be accounted for by statistical deviation. I'd call that a 'revolt' but it's arguing semantics so I'll agree to disagree I guess.
Fair enough, but has the BO given any ETA on when xir will will fix the settings? Is it tough to do or something?

Neck yourself misogynist.

BO is a guy though

If all the flags are gone it would be a good time to add a bunch of new flags and discard old ones.

Yeah, we definitely need to get rid of the DPRK and technocrat flags tbqh


If I recall correctly adding flags is also broken and has been like that for a year. I've made 2 threads in the past for new flags and banners and they got deleted, so I'm not sure what's going on.

It's not broken BO is just a lazy shit.

Could you please try to contact BO? There's got to be a better way for you to communicate. Keep a chat window always open or some shit I don't know.

The fact it's been at least four days before this is fixed is absolutely ridiculous

The mod referred to "them". So, you know.

BO is too busy organizing her tankie vanguard on /marx/ that will turn Holla Forums into /r/FULLCOMMUNISM:

Tankie here. I would critically support Holla Forums's anarkiddies against BO imperialism if they tried some kind of purge here. The bookchinites can go fuck themselves though.

Top lel

I'll help touch on a few more things here to help ease some people's minds.

Most of the migration stuff is, at this point, moot; the crisis that would justify migration is now long out of people's minds and doing so now would be seen as pointless by most.
BO has not yet commented and I don't know the specifics of fixing the problem. All I know is that a lot of board settings got fucked up site-wide and (at least through fiddling with a smaller test board I own) the problem was fixed by just re-enabling the deactivated settings.

There isn't much point sending a message, at least not through the mod panel; they'll know there is a problem before even reading it.
As for other routes of communication, we have at least one, but it is barely used outside of times when we need the mod team to be able to talk simultaneously. We generally try and limit the channels of communication we have and information we share with one another for security purposes.

That was more of a running joke back when we were trying to sell the BO as an actual girl; keep pronouns gender neutral while occasionally letting slip a "she" here and there. Eventually some bored Holla Forumsyp caught on, started spamming a picture of some tranny, got banned, and then went running back to Holla Forums saying "see, BO must be a tranny: they wouldn't have banned me if it wasn't true." BO, from his own words, is male.

It's not exactly a secret that BO has been at least somewhat dissatisfied with the direction of the board outside of its memes. Between demographic shifts (especially compared to the board community in its earliest days), consistent site problems, and discrepancies in moderation direction (both personally and within the mod team), I suspect there's a certain feeling of fatigue at play.

Why not use this as an opportunity to try bunker Chan's leftypol/ or the site in general. bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/

Why not cup your hands together and cradle my balls? cradle.my/balls

Change the BO. Don't idle. An instrumental part of leadership is knowing when to move on. Look at the damage this "fatigue" is doing.

M-Ls care more about their own power more than anything else m8. BO will never abdicate for this very reason

And that's why we got to repeat it ad nauseam. Only thing we can do.

They can't, that's not how Holla Forums works.

Share login creds with someone. Ez pz.

Oh, and that's assuming that asking Ron to change ownership is out of the question - which is how it is usually done. ('pologies for the double post.)

Come to BunkerChan


Come hang out with us in the IRC.

IRC is cancer. You are also cancer for shilling cancer


deal w/it summerfag

They're just doing the same thing that Holla Forums did in wake of the spammers.
For their exact reasons? They'll never let us know. They'll just shitpost a blog to dance around the problem.

Agreed. No reason to migrate now and nobody else is shilling it so I gues–


lel it's an actual site

For their exact reasons? They'll never let us know. They'll just shitpost a blog to dance around the problem.
I hop you are wrong friendo