Why are right wingers obsessed with women's virginity. Is it just sour grapes?

Why are right wingers obsessed with women's virginity. Is it just sour grapes?

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"If girls won't fuck me, they can't fuck anybody"

Just like thier opposition to other kinds of "degeneracy" there are simply upset they aren't allowed to participate in it.

Who the fuck knows, must be one of these medieval-era romantizations of purity or whatever

The question is why aren't you, faggots?

study some anthropology u dolts jesus.

Why do Holla Forumsyps demand complete purity from women but think it's A-OK for men to sleep around?

im no right winger, but fucking used goods makes you a cuck. women retain DNA from every sexual partner which might affect the offspring. sluts are not waifu material.

Because I've fucked too and I don't think it matters?

On one hand, there's an extremely strong correlation of the number of partners a woman has had, and how likely her marriage will end in divorce. On the other hand, there's an equally strong correlation between male virginity, and angrily ranting about women online. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I believe you're referring to this: journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0045592 but I don't think that study says what you think it says.

because men don't lose their hymen and they don't get wizard sleeves.

This guy's right, science has proven that for every creampie a woman takes, her brain is permanently rewired to become more similar to the man's.
t. - scientist

Say someone gives you your favorite drink when you're thirsty, but right before you take a sip they tell you there was a penis in it, Would you still drink it?

Why is having a hymen a good thing? And pussies don't get wizard sleeves from fucking. Even if they did, who cares?

…so the most successful marriages are between virgin and chad?

I personally like when woman is experienced. Sex is much better if she know what is she doing, not just lying there like a plank.

I understand where the sentiment comes from. The fact that all potential partners have fucked but willing to settle for my ass saddens and offends me. So much so that I'm willing to stay alone instead of giving these women the satisfaction

Because more whoring leads to single motherhood and single motherhood leads to more damaged children/crime. These are facts. Fucking a million people isn't healthy and studies back this up so why do you feel the need to counter this? If right wingers say 2+2=4 are you going to disagree just for the sake of it?

gonna need citation because i'm fairly certain that's not how it works

As we all know, every time a woman has sex she gets pregnant.

any dude over the age of 21 who uses image boards should be classified as used goods

Holy fuck that's sad. I love that you think you staying a permavirgin in your basement is a "gotcha" to the evil women that actually could fall for you.

More like unused


Same here. I've fucked, I don't have a reason to care if my partner has too and I don't want to deal with girls that don't know what the fuck they are doing and treat sex like something special

This, but more that she's experienced enough to know what she wants.

because they're liberals who've bought into the "more sex with more partners makes you a better person" narrative. as you mentioned there are numerous studies showing that hyperpromiscuity has negative effects on peoples' psychological and physical health, but those studies just get filtered out because they don't fit the narrative

Why do you feign stupidity? Why is the left generally impressed by this cheap party trick?

"Ho ho! You played dumb and dodged the actual point that was being made! Quite crafty of you! Nice!"

Like it's a fucking game or something.

I'm not a neet, I work. But what I mean is just the idea that I'm being "settled for". Just the idea that they've already had thier fun and just want some dependable loser so that they can get old and fat with security.

It just really irks me. The same women that ignored me years ago now want me to have thier kids. Rubs me the wrong way

No, more like broken merchandise. I don't expect /leftcuck/ to understand.

Your response doesn't make any sense, almost as if contraceptives don't exist in your narrative.

Now turn it around, would you want to settle down and have kids at age 20? Should women resent men for wanting a GF/sex without living happily ever after? When a man marries a woman at age 30, is he just automatically "settling" because he's not a virgin?

really makes you think

Again I have to wonder why this even has to be seen as political. Can you not be a filthy commie and acknowledge that monogamy is generally healthier?

Le individualist liberal personal responsibility maymay

Are you new? I was going to ask if you thought the average person was smart enough to protect themselves but I don't need to. We know they're not since rates of single motherhood are through the roof. Even without pregnancy it's difficult for people to bond the more partners they have.

Yeah because most of us already fucked.

Because they are operating on social values constructed during a time when the pill, condoms and abortions weren't [reliable] things.

Monogamy is fucking stupid and everyone grows to hate each other. People are happier being on their own.

how old are you? Go for younger girl, impress her by your "maturity", settle down and get some barely used pussy

speak for yourself, monogamy works perfectly well for me

Why does he have Jewish ninja stars over his symbols of peace?

Studies show higher rates of depression in people that sleep around.

Ummmmm no. Humans are social creatures. Evolution doesn't stop being real when it's inconvenient for you.

It feels like I'm being used. I want to be loved, not just tolerated. I had no sex in my 20s because I was poor and struggling and not attractive. In that veaunerable time I'm ignored and now that I have a little of economic security those same women are lining up..

Don't you get my worries here

How the fuck does sleeping around even lead to depression that's retarded. Actual materially alienating and invasive things lead to depression, things like not having a job, having a job that fucking sucks, paying rent, being homeless, all the problems of late capitalist society today.

That causes depression. Fucking doesn't cause depression. I don't believe that for a second

29. Yeah that's what I'm trying to do. No luck so far

Good thing we're surrounded by other fucking people

Relationships are people mutually using one another. If you have a problem with that, then they might not be for you.

To stick with your analogy, as long as the glass was properly cleaned, of course.

Do you want to be a father? If not, there's no need to get married and put yourself in that extremely vulnerable financial position, and thus there's no need to chase virgins to inflate your chance of a successful marriage. Find a fuck buddy so you can trip that part of your brain that's making you depressed because you're not out there procreating, and just focus on having fun.

i know you've been indoctrinated to believe that all communists are sex-obsessed hedonists, but antimonogamy is not inherent or traditional to communistic thought. the hypersexuality/promiscuity trend is a product of the hippie and free love fads and the wider cultural shift that happened in the late 1960s, exacerbated by the degradation of social relations wrought by capitalism

This seems like good advice. Thanks

No I haven't which is why I'm finding it odd that so many people are pushing fucking around.

Where are you trying to find them? My best guess would be christian girls, they are as horny as other girls in their 20s but can not just sleep around, my cousin got married in her 22 to a guy in your age.

Kill yourself you stupid mongoloid, don't treat evolution like the fucking word of God for you to invoke it without further explanation, fucking tell us how it works.

Because I have a latent beat-dog syndrome which makes me extremely uncomfortable in intimate scenarios and also gives me a blatant sense of bodily dysmorphia.

The fuck do you think a woman learns how to fuck like she's learning maths? You do the teaching ffs, and they don't need to be told twice.

Have you ever actually done that? It's horrible, tiresome, and boring.

Tell you that humans are not fish that we have been pair bonding since the beginning of our existence? Ok. We're not fish.

If humans have been pair bonding since forever, then how come 80% of all women have reproduced while only 40% of all men have?

That's bullshit nigger, communal marriage was commonplace in ancient times, monogamy came way later on.

When you say "these same women", do you actually mean that?
But really, you're talking about having kids and shit, I don't find it unreasonable for a woman(or man) to want some economic stability for their offspring.
But either way, most women I meet don't really see economic stability as the top priority for their partner. If they like you, maybe there's more than your moneY?

no i wa referring to: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ele.12373/full

To find the solution to this problem one should look back to early civilization at the dawn of agriculture or just around that. Perhaps even during the hunter-gatherer stage. What did people do then? Honestly, human minds have probably not evolved fully since then, carrying the same behaviors and all. How was coupling created back then? It probably will ben the predominant behavior of today.


It's the best thing to ever happen, it's 12 hours of the best intimacy of your life. Woman being sluts just makes men want to degrade the more and more, the more casual sex I have the more I hate woman.

Back then, even less men were getting pussy. I don't think that's what you want.

Dude my gf said she hated idea of marriage until dating me. It's on you if you can't separate good women from manipulative ones that's on you. If you think women as "merchandise" then you are never going to be happy with one. You can put your fears of feminism aside and just listen to me as one dude talking to another dude. Relationships or sex with women don't work if you don't listen or cooperate with to them. I ruined my first relationship by not knowing this My second gf and I work on our problems together and we are practically best friends because how well we work together.

your response clearly shows you're not in a relationship.



My God you are a gullible fucker

Whores make shit mothers and even worse wives. Hounding after pussy is not right wing, having a stable family and passing on your genes is.

Do you have anything better to post, or is this the best you can do?

I did until I lost my virginity and realized it doesn't fucking matter.

All this /r9k/ bullshit is basically just Self Help and Homeopathic medicine. Fucking someone who's fucked before won't do a god damn bit of difference and the reason women don't like you at all is because you're more interested about the people they've fucked than the people right in front of you. It's stupid and creepy.

And people are going to think, you're stupid and creepy.

/r9k/ wishes it was a whore. /r9k/ would also make shit fathers.

Suck my dick

None of that makes my post untrue.

Just trying to propose what comes to mind quickest when it comes to human behavior. I don't feel that human minds have changed much (if at all) from or proto ancestors. May sound cynical but I feel the mind is still as animal like as always. I mean, either way you toss it we're all technically screwed as people, due to overpopulation, are becoming less and less social and more and more violent. Our brains, I would say, are honestly only capable of comprehending a society of fifty some odd tribe mates and now we have clusters of thousands upon thousands in city blocks. Everyone else just becomes a number, a character in the background where it would become impossible to track them all so no one cares. Worst of all everyone wants a say in being important. The primitive mind wants a niche and a place to belong, which is manageable until the grand total of 8+billion also want the same.

I don't honestly see how it keeps going on like this but it does. Like some vicious mockery to organized ants or other swarming species.

Now here's a thread that drew out all the retard

Did it get linked on Holla Forums or something?

See this is why you won't be happy. You just want to control women not fall in love with one. You don't know anything about her, yet you're just assuming she's lying?

I left out that we both hated the idea of marriage in the beginning of the relationship. That changed in both of us. Enjoy being a virgin forever.

Don't you get it? Unless you fuck pure virgins, then you'll never have a happy marriage with 2 children and a white picket fence! Your children will become whores and gangbangers doing heroin for fun.
You could avoid all of this by not marrying and having children

This actually describes how these people think about women in general. They're not people, they're inanimate goods.

Does anyone have the excerpt of Marx talking about this?

Awwwwwww, user. You dumb fuck.

Holla Forums wants to fuck women yet hates them. lol

Lefties don't believe in love, purity, or moral values because they are by definition broken and selfish human beings. I'd bet my bank account on the fact that you're a whore and a woman.

Is there anything wrong with that? Everyone has basic biological urges and most people, not just women, are pretty shit and have little to offer.

All of these things never existed

Because fucking around feels great, and for most men, can keep you perfectly content since your drive is primarily to spread your seed, not necessarily to be present and raise offspring. That unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case with women, but that's not something men can "fix", and bludgeoning them with stats and studies isn't going to change that.

Chemicals in your brain, my dude.
Also a spook.

Rejection-founded gynophobia mate.


Ok, go on.


See, you only say that because if they were to exist you might have to judge yourself and find yourself lacking. Leftism is a pathology which hinges itself on self deception. Surely you can understand that just because something is socially constructed does not mean it does not exist, right?

Are you saying a woman thats involved in weekly gangbangs is just as good as a woman who values herself above being a whore?

This is the most incel thing I've ever read.

Yeah you won't actually ever enjoy sex. I've had sex with people I've hated. It's miserable.

Its almost like sex has a purpose beyond cummies, I wonder what it is?

Why would I judge myself over something as superficial as fucking

I've fucked before, does that make me damaged goods? No lol, I'm damaged good because I've been fucking broke for months and it sucks, and I'd rather worry about my immediate situation than whether or not I've had sex and whether or not my having sex effects me on some sort of level

That just sounds mentally ill. This is all a bunch of bullshit.

Says the man worried about whether or not someone fucked as personal-political ideology

And you want to make a kid with someone you hate?!?

That kid will grow up to resent and hate you. and betray your ""family"".That's the stupidest response you could have given.

Because evolutionary psychology.

It does and that doesn't make your argument any more valid.

Evolutionary psychology has been raped out of existence.

Too abstract. You'll have to give me something more concrete than that if you want a real comparison.


I'm saying the purpose of sex is something beyond ejaculation and that most people, including women, are boring. I personally don't hate anyone. that would take to much energy.


I bet you are fun at parties.

You over think shit


Its almost like you don't have an adequate response

Perhaps you should start thinking?

Is everyone here 14 or something?

That's what it is and you can't change it.

Look at

About what? About sex meaning more than just ejaculating? Yes of course it does, it also means intimacy, but you know neither because you've never been with a fucking woman before and all you're doing is talking about fucking reproduction of it as "more meaning".

It honestly feels like I'm talking to children, the left is nothing more than a rejection of male responsibilities.

I have children, perhaps thats why I believe the way I do, you should try being a father, it might made muh class struggle seem like the outdated mode of thinking it is.

My response was perfectly adequate, you're just a fool for thinking I'd post to please you and not myself.

Reactionary movements tend to be reactionary.

Actually no, it wasn't.

Oh boy, daddy conservative is here to tell us we're all being children for not catering to him and his "arguments". How naive and childish of him to expect adults to bend themselves backwards over for him on an anonymous imageboard.

lol nobody here has children bullshit

Yeah it was.

You were going after me who talking about getting along with my gf and even marrying her. You don't get to on about "family values" You don't have any room to stand on.

If you post on Holla Forums you're a terrible father and someone should call child protective services on you.

prove it, lying fag

Sounds like some post hoc rationalizing to me.
You must not give a shit about your kids if you really think that.

Liar, everything you posted before hand was incel cringe material. You've clearly never fucked.

Really says a lot.

But so is everything else in your brain
The thoughts you're having by claiming that love is a spook due to the fact that its all chemicals in the brain, is in turn a spook within itself.


This board is literally about having the ultimate responsibility outside of private interests, and you just care about fucking. Really says a lot.

Time stamp with your kids faggot.

Kids or GTFO

Yes welcome to human mortality.

The love you're describing certainly is. It's a socially invented one. There is nothing beyond the feeling itself.

Your argument is child like.

I hate to break it to you, but having a collection of rape babies throughout town is not the same thing has raising children.




Innocence is prized. You two can grow and learn together, explore together, and eventually become one together. Do you really think you can get the same kind of woman and the same kind of relationship between virgins and women who've had over 100 sexual partners? You're a fool, a liar, and an ideologue to suggest that it'd be the same.

Pure concentrated Holla Forumseddit

REEtard everyone here is anonymous so of course their gonna be posting exactly what they feel and not muddy up their shitty arguments

Which one is it?
Jesus fucking christ at least come up with a better ad hominem you fucking mongaloid half-wit inbred shit flinging retard

Then you aren't a prize anymore. Nobody will ever love you.

This is how cuck porn gets started.


There is nothing more to the emotion of love than itself.

You're never ever going to get married lmaoo

Wow, oh boy, what a surprise. I'm so disappointed and embarrassed for you that reading your post would cause me physical and spiritual anguish.

A 40k liking Holla Forums posting dad

I really wonder what you look like

Oh god, I read it and it's worse than i thought, almost as if you meant to respond to someone else and inflict your autism upon them.

Nobody is innocent to begin with. You're a fool, indeologue or a liar if you think the only options are a women with over a 100 partners or a virgin.

Yes. If two people love or respect each other then it's possible. The extremes you're thinking in show you beliefs about women.

huh , i tought leftists were supposed to be smart

kids or BTFO, faggot

I don't think I'm missing out on not being stuck for life with some tattooed, ear gauged whore. My ex was like that. She even had the blue hair thing going on. She was a real piece of trash. My one regret in that relationship is not beating her for her bullshit. Dear god was it horrible.

Stop selling us Homeopathy Holla Forums. Shill it on reddit.


That's great for you. I don't think they're missing out on you either.

In fact, I didn't mean "whores", whatever that means, I meant women in general hate you and are never going to love you.

You're on Holla Forums do you really have the balls to call someone else trash

Where do you think you are

wew lad, don't forgrt those godless left-wingers are the real problem in relationships!

I don't mind people fucking around as long as they're honest with each other..
I don't like to fuck around, and honestly i can't grasp how can people who barely know each other have sex…i just can't, it's very confusing to me, even when people i barely know touch me makes me feel very uncomfortable. Of course i try to suck it up, because i live in a culture where people touch each other all the time and chicks i barely know sometimes hug me to greet. It's so uncomfortable, but if i say anything i will be seen as a anti-social weirdo.
Fortunately there's still people like me who enjoy taking their time and taking things slowly.

Yeah if anything I'd say depressed people sleep around as a means of coping with it

let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the

tsk tsk


Would you want to really want date a woman that has had hundreds of sexual partners? And what are you talking about extremes? There SHOULDN'T be an extreme in leftist ideology. A woman who fucked a hundred thousand different men is the exact same as a virgin. Your admittance of extremes proves that there is a difference and your ideology is bullshit.


What did he mean by this

Holla Forums btfos itself again

Icky there's fucking happening

The only guy who btfo in this thread is the guy pretending to be an Holla Forums dad

does anyone who has had sex with multiple women really have a hangup about their girlfriend not being a virgin? I honestly don't get it.

How stupid are you that you misunderstood that post?

I never said they are the same virgin. I said there's more of a middle ground to that. Your inability to read a post proves your ideology is bullshit.

I have love in my life can you say the same imperial?

lol this

wtf you talking about???

people on 8ch are open minded and interesting… even leftypol commies. much better than all the normie trash in the world.

she voted hillary and was satanist too lol. I guess lefty women love us right wingers… or at least our hard cocks.

dude, this chick would leave her bloody pads on the floor and shit all over my house and not pick it up. Then she would claw my arms deep enough that blood would pour out.


It's an old and fairly universal taboo, and as we all know Holla Forumsyps are suckers for that kind of spooky thinking.
It's a pretty outdated notion today of course, as you can just do medical tests if you're worried about VD. There's also the idea of number of sexual partners correlating with fidelity, but that has little to do with virginity as such; people who've had few in stead of no sexual partners also get a good score there. I rate it 4 spooks out of 5.

You sound like a victim of abuse, user. Tell us more about her, how else did she hurt you?


Nah it's just slave morality. They've just turned their values of abstinence into "purity" and any form of deviancy into "degeneracy." These are the people that praise the Romans for being pure aryans when in reality they were a bunch of mixed mutts who did orgies and had the occasional buttfuck



This. Men only become against sex before marriage if they have a daughter, before that fuck it! They'll their penis everywhere.

So you admit that there is a difference between women who are virgins and women who have sex with many other men? Yet, you cannot see why right wingers would want virgin women?

If virginity is meaningless and casual sex is meaningless then it shouldn't matter who many people you have sex with. 0 and infinity should equal if it was true. If everything is the same then there shouldn't be a extreme. But, since there are extremes in this system then we are left with a paradox where everything is the exact same, but with extremes…. doesn't make any fucking sense.

Yeah this didn't happen.

are you honestly trying to say the democrats aren't communists, after Obama ran on the campaign slogan "Change" like every Marxist before him?


I think what he's saying is that your argument is a false dilemma. You set up a scenario in which the only options are a virgin and a woman who has had hundreds of sexual partners. You're making it seem as if any woman who isn't a pure virgin is a disgusting sloot. Realistically, most women aren't virgins and most haven't had hundreds of sexual partners. There's nothing wrong with women who have had a few sexual partners before you. Just stop being an autistic sperg.

Pure uncondensed /r9k/ cancer

The problem is that mothers who are wholly dedicated to their male partners and willing to give her life for him are much better care-takers and mothers than a thot who will most likely leave her husband for another man because of a myriad of sexual reasons as well as her own selfishness.

Love is instrumental to humans and their ability to stick with their partner and children. As with any other emotion

That is either the post of a broken man or someone who is completely delusional


Pick up a fucking thesaurus and stop using the same boring and shitty insults watered down by your god-awful pseudo-intellectualism

>Imblying im the father

oh god please fuck off

Obama's name translates to Lenin in Creole


this is how """red pilling""" by mainstream media looks like

inferiority complex
they feel inadequate and worthless compared to other men
best proof is the guy shitting up this thread

i wish i lived in your world

You really have to be socially isolated to consider some christian conservative mother to automatically mean she's a good mother

That's not how it works, at all.

yeah okay. For your benefit, I'm gonna go ahead and say that you're merely pretending to be retarded




pretty sure he's joking
remeber to sage folks

Almost every politician runs on a platform of changing the policies of their predecessor.

What's your point?


What is the difference between Obama's "change" and Trump's "MAGA"? They had exactly the same campaing you useless cunt

Oh fuck Holla Forums stepdad is here to talk to us about marriage

How many of them openly support SOCIALIZED healthcare, huh?

Of course not. Only virgins do


This guy blocks your path. What do you do?


Because they're emasculated losers who can't get a girlfriend without culture, the state lobotomizing women to the level of children.

Somebody screencap this autist holy shit

Imagine learning your step dad posts on Holla Forums

My point is that there is a difference between a virgin and a non-virgin. Sure you can live with the fact a woman isn't a total slut, and not a virgin, but the effects are still present and they just add up. When does a woman become a disgusting loot? !0, 20, 30, 100, 200?? And if there is a standard of where there is a point where she becomes a sloot then what is the real difference between you and the right winger who wants a virgin? Just hey I'm lax, you can experiment a little but if you go past this point you aren't pure enough for me?

lol no they don't

I forgot, Communists will always lie and pretend they're not communists to get into power. They'll call what they're doing "progress" or "democratic" socialism or "change". It's called Taqiyya, and it's spelled out in Obama's favorite book, Rules for Radicals, which was written by an open marxist.

Who has fucked over 100 times


What is this straw woman you have created

And where is the socialized medicine? Where is it?
What about the wall? Where is the wall? Where are de deportations?

Which one

We are all Obama now

Me Obama
You Obama
We Obama

But the difference on being a virgin would mostly be the same between men and women in a relationship. They would just be the more docile when it comes to sex compared to more experienced partner. People who have been raped or abused in past relationship will bring that in and if you actually love them you'll try to help them if they aren't unfairly taking out their anger out on you.

It's a really creepy desire. It makes you look like pedophiles who want a personal innocent girl to control. Your ideology is only fair if BOTH MEN AND WOMEN must be virgins (I grew up christian that's the only exception if this is a religious purity thing, but Jesus was clear that both men and women must be virgins). If that's not the case your obsession with female virginity makes you a creep and society is now rightfully pointing out how fucking creepy you guys are.

We're reaching horse-shoe theory that shouldn't even be possible.

This 100%



this thread really reinforced the leftist cuck meme ffs


Literal man raising another man's child in here arguing on your team faggot.

You cucks, Trump saved us from a third term for Obama. The dems wanted to elect terminally Ill Hiltarly, who would die before taking office, thus meaning Obama would get a third term.

You're trying to cover for Obama and deny that he's a communist, despite doing everything he could to turn our country into a communist dictatorship. were you asleep when he did all those apology tours to Vietnam and Cuba? all those communist shitholes that used to be (and still are) America's mortal enemy.

explain this statement. I have nothing to lose from fucking "used goods". the quality of the woman I'm fucking has nothing to do with cuckoldry.
which means nothing. I'm "retaining DNA" every time I eat a bowl of salad

Girl I'm dating right now got whored out for years by black gangsters. Her number is pretty high, and I like her a lot, but I'm not fool enough to say that she is the same as my virgin ex.

Everything you and your first love went through and your breakup didn't change you at all?


Wew lad. The damage control.

Its funny because I didnt ONCE bring up religion in my post, and just because a women BELIEVES in a religion and does not exactly follow what said religion or political system does not make them good mothers, far from it in fact. Because the title they give themselves is just that, a title, so they can seem entitled and "superior" to their peers.
Nice basic bitch ad hominem by the by

Prove me wrong you geminus negroid

Where did this dad meme come from?

Why are people still replying to the obvious bait?

Literally how?

Я Обамаю
Ты Обамает
Мы Обамаем

Says the guy who replies to the obvious bait, you forgot to sage comrade.

You want to talk about Broken People

Let's take a look at difference. This man is Iranian.

This man is from Holla Forums

because the mods are awol and won't delete garbage threads

Where's the cutoff point for a lot of partners? 2, 4, 6, 9? 50?

No wonder most of you prefer mens assholes. At least those would be tight.

This man is Iranian


This man is from Holla Forums



Holla Forums

Not that you're derailing a very valueable thread, but what the fuck are you doing? What point are you making?


Holla Forums

anyone who uses faux cyrillic should be shot


Why cant they just allow multiple pics per post the fuck

Relationships in communes have been shown to be largely monogamous and long-lasting with families being quite large and extended. "Having a different partner every other night" is more of a condition of capitalism if anything as people are unable to find the time to hold long lasting relationships. Besides that, sometimes people simply will have move out of a relationship either because it simply doesn't work out or the couple finds they're incompatible in some fashion. Are those people now to just stop searching because they tried to find a partner before?

Holla Forums

I like this post
Sadly your peers dont seem to agree with you on the idea that people should be monogamous

keep making meaningless noise, the only reason you're not b& yet is that the BO is sabotaging the board again


I mean it's fine for a woman to have sex in previous relationships but who wants to date a slut?


Stop trying to strawman me as a right winger christian or anything else. I'm not. All the whores I fucked in the military changed me. All the women I've dated changed me. The one woman I loved and dated for years and eventually went our separate ways changed me - probably more than anything else. There's no going back to the man I used to be. It's the same thing for women and everyone else. This is simply the truth. Girl I'm dating right now has had many sexual partners and guess what? She's not the same as my virgin ex - not even close. I personally think it's the best if both are virgins and live happy long lives together. I know all the whores and sluts I spent my time with mean nothing compared to the loving relationship I had. And I'm a changed man because of that and gotta live pain of knowing it'll never happen to me again. Everything else is just a shallow comparison to me.

maybe because its the cancer killing society?

it just occurred to me that there inst left and right politics

theres just society and the disease

does your ad-hominem, strawman count as a troll if you post it in your safe space rather than on neutral or dedicated forums to the topics you are trying to lampoon?

So you're damaged used goods projecting onto other people?

lol k

user, that's capitalism

Retarded post shame on you.

It's indifferent to me useless cunt. Like Putin said:

USA is nothing but a cultureless "nation" of barbarians that are ought to be exterminated. Each and every one of them. Regardless of age, gender and skin pigments.

I have failed it should be:
Ты Обамаешь

Я Обамаю

Ты Обамает

Мы Обамаем


I don't think most people here are against monogamous relationships, even Engels argued that monogamous relationships would come naturally post-capitalism because "sex-love" relationships would be free from the "moral decay" of forced monogamy and capital based relationships. Most people I think are criticizing the idea that if a woman had a relationship once, that shes now ruined goods which can't be in one ever again.


I see your argument, however for one, you seem to assume that women are either virgins or whores, which is simply not the case whatsoever. Furthermore, if we take your argument and put it in context to the original point in the OP, another, more fundamental issue, arises. I.e, when we're considering how the issue ties into the overall politics of a nation.

The right holds that society's ills are caused the degradation of a variety of virtues in society spooks such as monogamy and virginity, (which I have yet to see any good evidence that the "family" determines the quality of life in a nation) and generally sees these as the natural order and is being corrupted by some force i.e. islamic refugees, cultural marxism, etc. However the answer to their problem is either political violence or suppression of freedom. The fact of the matter is that the fact that there are women out there who make different choices about how they organize their relationships is evidence of their freedom. So then, from the state's perspective, what should it strive to uphold more, personal freedom, or some political minorities dated views about marriage? On the other hand, the right's choice to use violence is not only cruel, but often misguided. There is no evidence that monogamy is declining because of the scapegoats the right is trying to use right now. Islamists aren't forcing anyone to do anything, and frankly cultural marxism isn't even really a thing. No amount of Jewish extermination or border walls will make a woman remain celibate until marriage. They're mutually exclusive.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that this "moral degradation" you're upset about is a symptom of capitalism. It's a result of alienation, poverty, lack of education, and the commodification of sex in our society, problems socialism aims to rectify.

Also, I'm glad to see another fan of EYE: Divine Cybermancy even if we may disagree

And an alcoholic, but I'm not gonna lie to myself and everyone else that I'm the exact same as the pure hearted and that nothing matters and everything is the same. Why the compulsive need for everything to be the same leftypol? It ain't easy but it's me and hell I wouldn't want it any other way

if a girl is a virgin but loves stuffing keys in her vagina is it a good lock/not a slut?
these are the important questions you STILL haven't answered

But you are. You are not unique. Where did you get this sense of unwarranted self importance

I am truly sorry for you that unfounded hatred consumes you like this. The only thing that it contains is advice and a good moral guideline, but if it is your prerogative to be ignorant, then so be it. No, you don't have to be a Christian to at least appreciate at least some of the advice it contains and find wisdom in it, but no one can stop you from having your opinion, I guess.

If I don't trust an infographic with a bible quote from it, I'm filled with hatred

Get out of here lol


Then how are there extremes?



are you retarded? it's actually difficult for men to get laid, getting laid as a woman requires no effort.
this is a scientific fact.

you would be surprised.

And? I've fucked so why should I care about someone who does. I won't lol.

it's proof that the woman is untouched? if you want to be a betacuck and fuck girls that have already been fucked, go ahead. you can have sloppy seconds.

Women think you're a creep for a reason.

Sloppy seconds sound a lot more pleasant than your lots slippy firsts. Why do you think women won't fuck you? You're useless meat.

Anybody else raised old fashioned and just want the same as what kind of example your father set?

Honestly, it's all about the loyalty which nowadays is basically as rare as raw platinum falling onto your lap like Mana from heaven.

Yes. It's the people who are having sex that are the betas. In fact it's precisely because they're having sex that they're beta.

Those fuckin sex having nerds.


My father set an absolutely terrible example by getting his highschool girlfriend pregnant (while also cheating on her constantly) then getting divorced some years later from another woman who he married for no good reason.

He's a monument to everything not to do in your relationships if you have any interest in a fulfilling and happy life.

Don't worry. Your mother is the exact same as a virgin after all the experiences left by that asshole.

Well no she's better because now she has the life experience to not date douchebags.

No, now any 'douche' guy she dates will be boring and nice.

'non-douche' guy I meant

There's nothing wrong with being nice and my stepdad is a very interesting guy.

Being nice is for pussy betas. I learned this in high school.

men can have sex all they want. just not wife a slut.

It's not though. The only people who think this have serious problems.

Being nice is itself very fulfilling and not at all an obstacle to having sex and participating in romantic relationships.

I hope my sarcasm didn't lower your faith in humanity by a peg.

It takes two to tango, dude. If there is any real reason to shame women for having lots of sex there is no reason to not also apply that to men.

It's all about pair bonding and creating a strong family unit. This allows their children to bond to the family rather than to the state. The fewer partners the couple had before marriage, the more likely the couple is to live together happily for life. This is why the left pushes sexual degeneracy. Look at what Lena Dunham's dad did to her with his "art."

nobody thinks it's a-ok for men to sleep around too

If Holla Forums were more socially competent they probably would.

Homeopathic medicine bullshit

Lots of them do, if you make this kind of thread on Holla Forums massive amounts of them will crawl out of the woodwork.

Really I think this might be the best litmus for telling frustrated dudes turning to Holla Forums for empowerment to the ones that actually try to take their reactionary beliefs seriously.


t. 14 year old

I'd really like to see the other variables in that.

Something something key opens many holes

Kek, this is even worse than pol's "she may have rode the cock carrousel, but you need to take a bullet for the team and have babies for the white race" meme.

No it isn't. Nobody gives a shit because a lot of us have fucked already. In fact it takes someone in the alt right about 7 years later than average to lose their virginity.

If you're not from Yorkshire neck yourself.

just give up kill yourself cuck

just a reminder that liberals are in the second matrix

they wake up into the second matrix being told things like smoking pot and promiscuity are suppressed to oppress them, when in fact they have been tricked into destroying the fabric of society, all the while they get to be pretentious and feel like they are martyrs whilst they are degenerate cucks

i find it interesting out of all the far out things hippies are willing to believe (such as jews did 9/11 etc), they cant accept that human sexuality has been engineered - via femnism - to turn men in to degenerate cucks

i thought leftypol wasnt supposed to support feminism, OP is more than a feminist sentiment


Alright, kiddo. These women are all yours, no need to get aggressive, I won't take any of them from you, buddy.


Hit the gym, virgin.

Feminism is good.
You are dumb.


Back to reddit.

Y'all wild
Send nudes

You could have just said Holla Forums


Holla Forums do not support feminist, except for a few edgy liberals who will start to sperg out how they are first/second wave feminists and some similiar shit


Most leftypolers are smart enough to understand the difference between supporting universal suffrage and equal pay and supporting endless call-outs and dogmatic tokenism that doesn't threaten the existing system

of course, I was just trying to say that people saying "i'm second wave feminist", especially in first/post socialist world, is pretty dumb, because the war has been won long time ago. That's like saying that good old follower of bible, because unlike that filthy Catholic church, you are all for public executions of pagans (stupid example, but I hope you understand what I am trying to tell).

But they might be saying that because they are meeting with liberals IRL and must have prepared defense in case people start having problems with them being against IDpol.

not wanted to sage, this is shitposting thread is gold

women can and do have their own standards. like going after men with money or fame and irrationally hating manlets.

Maybe for you lol

non-virgins are less stable and faithful than people who are virgins until marriage.

this is more true with women than with men.

I'm not particularly obsessed with a women's virginity - ive slept around enough that I can't point fingers. But If I had the self control to have kept my virginity until now, I'd be rather disappointed if I couldnt find any women who did the same.

lol you sound like damaged goods.


lol I don't think he was trying to strawman you. They were saying christian morality was the only justification for this upholding of sexual purity.

What a plot twist you were the damaged slut this entire time. I guess this is why you hate whoring around, because you've done it.

It's to point out how these men have completely unrealistic attitudes toward sex with women, because they've never experienced it.

>the cancer killing society isnt a degeneration of societal morals, its a change in the weather

Retarded post shame on you.

Do you want a fresh bottle of Coke, or one that's had a dick in it?

non argument

ad hominem


name calling

so this attitude isnt typical of Holla Forums?

because if it is, i would go as far to say that Holla Forums supports feminism

also needs to be pointed out that you are strawmanning

sex isnt the problem, its extramarital sex, women using their vaginas to gain leverage in society, being a cuck etc that is the problem

based on your redditposting, I guess you are used to say much more retarded stuff online

A bad storm can fuck up an entire city. How stupid can you be to think that a Stacy and Chad's sex life can cause more damage then a Hurricane Katrina or that Earthquake on the coast of Tōhoku back 2011?

well that is some pretty retarded "stuff" right there

ad hominem / non argument

they can't keep getting away with it

Ok, since you are from reddit, I have a redpill for you. If you understand under term feminism just approach just let women and men do whatever they want, who cares, then yes, Holla Forums supports feminism. If you however understand under term feminism some stuff like tax breaks for companies employing women or similiar shit designed to make capitalism run smoother, then NO, Holla Forums is not feminist.

Why are left wingers not only okay with dating a woman who fucked more men than a street walker before her 25th birthday, but perfectly fine with sharing her in a poly amorous relationship? Is it because they have no dignity or standards, only desperation?

What did he mean by this?

You're reading way too much into a short smackdown I wrote to the OP for defending sluts. If your girlfriend hasn't had much more then one dick inside her, then congratulations my statement doesn't apply to you. Any defence of sluts and thottery is a bad defence, no matter much Freudian psychoanalysis you try to push onto me for pointing it out.

poly is dumb but so are you. Creating abstract requirements for people in your life and not appraising them as individuals is fucking spooky as hell.

meant for

Conservatives and especially extreme-right wingers are strongly correlated to high disgust factor. When we are accused of hate, we often don't understand at all why we are accused of that. We don't hate whores, degenerates, and homo/trans/sexual/gender, communists, and heretics. We are disgusted by them, physically and morally. That is why we describe them as being sick.

I am simply not attracted to women who don't show a sense of decency. For m e one of the most disgusting thing a woman can do is bleach her hair. It's unnatural and gross, and a signal that women use to display their availability and lasciviousness.

A dick is not an abstract concept.

Being a slut degrades their individual qualities.

Good, because we're going to take a lot more from you before we're done.

Because it means that she would be less likely to leave a relationship

I can't understand one thing. Why do you assume that if woman fucked someone before you she will leave you sooner?

I can't understand how you would assume that a girl who spent 10 years partying, traveling, and fucking the most alpha chads would be happy settling down with the average joe. And I can't understand why you can't see how a 19year old virgin would be amazed and love being with that same average joe who loves and takes care of her. And I can't believe how stupid you think everyone is that we're going to sit here and say that both women are the exact same and you should be just as happy with being with the spoiled whore who resents you as you would with a loving virgin who cherishes everything about you and really loves you.

Only ever been with one girl. She's only ever been with me.
You will never understand the beauty of spending your life with someone who trusts you implicitly, needs you more than anything else, is desperate to spend time with you, etc.

It's because she isn't broken. her mother and father protected her from degenerate media when she was growing up, and taught her the meaning of loyalty and what her worth as a woman amounts to, namely being a force of creation and beauty in the world, rather than a diseased slut used by the carousel of empty husk with nothing to offer her.

She's quiet, yet not afraid to speak up with substantive contribution. she's loyal without being scared to do anything I might misinterpret, and she's eager to start a family young, rather than at an older age when the chance of sickly children is higher. She knows of the degenerate media that surrounds us, but understands where it comes from, and understands that it is trying to rape her mind and use her like a dumb animal.

I don't usually post on image boards, but you are so far from the mark here that I felt like I needed to try to make you understand the worth of finding a pure girl, and growing with her till she is a pure woman. It's objectively the best, most trustworthy relationship you can get.

Good upbringings make strong, incorruptible women.

I'm not saying that women (or men) should be fucking with someone other every week. It's just that my experience prove the opposite of what are you saying, getting virgin highschool girl (16+), in 99% times means that she will dump you when she get to be around 19-20 so she could try other relationships, not necessarily to became whore, but simply because she got everything she wanted (and much more) from you and she needs to experience what does relationship with other people means.

I'd say it's more to do with cultural, and social pressure. About at 19-20 is when girls start becoming more open at college and joining the cliches and whatnot. It becomes cool to party and be a drunk and a whore. The proof is across time and societies that traditionally women would stay with one man all throughout her life (ignoring the exceptions and unexpected deaths and whatnot).

Saying I refuse to take any woman at "x arbitrarily defined number" however is an abstraction

If you like a woman and her personality before finding out she had boyfriends before you, then you're just getting assblasted due to your own puritanical ideology.

was going to just ignore your post because you start with an ad hominem attack, give you the benefit of the doubt in the unlucky event that you might say something resembling a coherent thought

is English your second language or something or are you mentally handicapped?

funny that we determined on Holla Forums that there is a strong link with back to reddit / 4chan posters and pedo posters

if one city is destroyed what would that be in terms of destroying human population?

lets do some massively crude calculations to give us some idea

lets use the population of london, approximately 9 million people

lets say that exactly half of humans on earth live in western society, lets say that is roughly 3.7 billion people

that would be roughly a decrease of 0.25% to the population

given that world population is subject to exponential growth, that deficit would be negated within a year and so could easily considered insignificant with regards to a being a threat to human population

i think it is particularly immature to hold quantity in higher regard than quality. the scenario you describe is that of a decrease in quantity, an almost insignificant decrease at that. if the moral fabric of society is eroded, that affects literally everyone and decreases the overall quality of society. it also affects it more significantly, given that degeneracy is prone to being a slippery slope, it isnt hard to conceive that the moral fabric would be so corrupted that society would cease to exists as it once did and then perhaps persist only as a bastardisation of its former self

human population and human society is not the same thing. consider that society could actually function in much the same way it does now at a fraction of the population, some people would even argue that society might even function better if the population was reduced (i'm certainly no the sort of person who would advocate that btw). you could have a population that is double what it is now, but be so degenerate that society had collapsed

interesting to think that a societal apocalypse is more likely to occur as result of faggots and sluts than it is from a nuclear holocaust or tsunami

dont forget that degeneracy is a side effect of increasing population as well as affluence (thats why leftism is indicative of the bourgeoisie)

also your logic kind of follows that


pic related this entire thread

another reason why your logic irks me so much

this typical leftist hippie hypocritical (hippie-critical) pretentious bullshit

knowing thy self is one of the core principles of being a well adjusted human being

and yet hippies arent beyond telling people they should save the world by stopping global warming when they themselves cant get their own personal eco systems undercontrol

their lives are typified by a plethora of amoral (degenerate) behaviours and yet arent beneath telling other people how they should be living their lives.

ive got an idea hippy, how about you clean your hair, before asking me to clean up the oceans and you degenerate fucking cuck

Reactionarism is a pathology, so it's not really surprising they're full of Freudian issues. Besides the obsession with female "purity", see how many homophobes are closeted fags too.

I really don't think it's sour grapes. Even socially dominant mouth-foaming reactionaries can be horrible misogynists.

And it's okay to be poor, or not famous, or short too.



The hymen can be broken by strenuous exercise and other physical activities like stretches or speading of the legs.

Thank you capitalism for promoting such filth. All spawning from the great cultureless nation of USA.
So do you agree that nations like USSR and DPRK are right regarding not accepting american globalism?

Honestly wish I could be gay because women are shit.

I think you've missed the real hot take here

Gay dudes are even worse.

they're bitter angry gamers dude.
their opinion doesn't matter.

The try it my man. Most people are bisexual, they justt supress those ideas, since you have such thoughts maybe you should try being with a dude. But beware…you're a man, you know how some of us are, they will tell all sort of lies just to get you to bed and use you.

Considering I want to put my dick in it myself I don't think this is a great analogy.


Gay dudes are in fact worse.

The real master race is sexually normal dudes who prefer dicks over vaginas.

No I honestly think Holla Forums has seen its better days

Are you implying they don't hold contempt for all those people?

If you are a man and a virgin, women won't like you cause you gonna suck at bed.

If you are a woman and you suck 100 dicks a month, you will probably get bored in a relationship. So, relationship oriented men will avoid women like these to spare messy breakups.

Do I sound fair enough?


Not obsessed with a woman's virginity, but I do believe that virginity in general should be seen as a virtue.

When you deny yourself one of the strongest base pleasures you have achieved at least a degree of self control; this is a good thing.

However, this is obviously only the case when you CAN get laid and CHOSE not to.

What are you people even all on about? There is literally no virgins left, at least not where I live in the UK past the age of 12

Are you all pedophiles? Or do you all live in some strict ass moral af Christian hellholes where women have their fannies sowed shut until they're 25?

I unironically swear in the same way that literally every male says their dick is 12 inches (When the avg is obviously lower) that 99% of the sad fucks on the chans seem to brag about getting mad virgin pussy when in reality they probably get avg af pussy at a very avg rate

I know because I am one of those people, I am very average just like the majority of the people on this site will be (But not admit it)

You know pushing the idea that homophobes are closeted homosexuals creates a harmful implication that gay people are to blame for their own persecution.


If you found out she was cucking you would you go on a killing spree?

Ah, yes, just post an image macro. It's not like the data behind this study paint a more complex image of human social relations

I find this post the most agree able. Their is nothing inherently wrong with exploring sexuality in my mind, however, under modern neoliberal, atomized society, indavidual human relationships carry all the baggage of former relationships, and all the ideological weight forced on them by societal interactions. The problem is not that we have multiple partners, it's that we practice unhealthy human relationships on a societal scale

you poor thing

I'm afraid I don't live in the same fantasy world the right has induced on themselves

This is just natural selection user.

This is what I always found hilarious with islamophobia. Aren't fundamental Muslims even more pro-family than Western religious fundamentalists? Shouldn't the right embrace Muslism values if they care about family so much, therefore? It's things like that — the duality of Muslims being bad for both fighting against traditional Western values and at the same time reinforcing them — that makes me utterly incapable of seeing any difference between conservatives and fascists. Idealists, the whole lot of them.

Why is it somehow noble to not do something that is on balance a good thing? I mean if someone solemnly pledged to never use words containing the letter E for the rest of their life, I mean, great they exercised self control but it's totally pointless so I'm not gonna treat it as virtuous.

this is too good if true


what was the point of this?
Is the earth problem now negated because some of the people who advocate for it are poorly adjusted? An individual's short comings are his own problem to solve, but environmental issues are all our problem. Why should we stop caring about the destruction of our natural resources just because some druggy is on board with the movement?
at least try to spell properly through your impotent rage.

Because not all of us can have sex just with a finger snap. I like to take time, i like to build trust and taking things slowly, i like cuddling or taking a bath together.
Getting wasted, and fuck some random chick whose name i don't know…it's just sad and honestly struggle to understand how can people do this. It doesn't bother me and as long as people are honest and aren't cheating anyone, go for it! But i struggle to understand how can people be happy like this.
And i'm not into the whole "yes let's have sex on our wedding night" because sex shouldn't be something you put on your calendar either. I'm not virgin, i had a relationship before, and i'm currently on my second one. All i can i say is that i'm glad i waited for the right person and that for that moment in time, having sex with my former girlfriend was the right thing to do.


You are not taking anything from me, buddy. More like, you are "taking" Chad's sloppy seconds.
Actually, I think this is very good. We need more people like you to man up and marry these women. It's not like you care about their past, right? Then it's all good and everyone ends up happy.

what kind of shit stain human being judges the worth of another on their sexual past?
You really don't deserve love from anyone

Why should a woman rub her vagina on your cock filled with pussy juice from others user?
What do you have to offer? Are you loyal? Are you righteous? Kind? Are you loved by all?

Here's the problem though with every ideology. Most of what you say about one can easily be substituted for another.

For example.

It's almost as if anyone with an ax to grind hones in on a certain ideology based on their own shortcomings.


except that's nonsense

their is a material reason to be against capitalism and it's inefficiencies. Right wingers (much like the modern "left") choose however to view the problems in society caused by capitalism as an identity issue.If they feel unhappy, it is because women don't like them, if women don't like them, it is because they are decedent whores, it they are decedent whores, it is because they are brainwashed by the Jewish/lizard conspiracy. It becomes a fantasy world that spawns memes like the "Humans vs Orcs" shit we like to laugh at them about. Their is little (if any) backing to the right wing world view, and it is mostly just poorly developed personal conviction, but focused on the wrong issues.
Also those last few examples are very poor
Who honestly holds these views of things
for a very real material reason, Imperialism and capitalism

user, just relax. I already said that if you don't have any problems with her past, then it's all good. It's your choice, you know.

The usual stuff, I guess? I have a decent job, decent face and a kind-of-cool body (thanks, /fit/).
Yes. Cucking by both sides is very bad.
Kind of, yeah. I don't like unfair things.
I would say yes, but you never know if you are truly kind or not. I try to be, though.
I don't know. I have a few friends who I can count on. I also have a good relationship with my family.
I'm not some kind of pussy-slayer. I found it funny how you phrased that, though.

Then we're good :) I hope one day you will find a propper female like i have…or better she was the one that found me and saved me
Guys like us…it might take some time, but everything will be allright. It's just being patient.

that's nice and all, but those who hold the view that non virginal women are less "valuable" are generally poor life forms. I'm not saying this effects your life much, for my knowledge you could be very sociable, however, this view you have still makes me view you as being a lesser human being, as I would expect it would the same for others.

Why are women so obsessed with marriage and divorce. It's power, if women can have sex before marriage they can use their vagina as a means of upward mobility and make poor men wait until after their prime years for a chance at a relationship with them.
I actually think it's in the best interests of women long term to not have sex before marriage since it causes the 80/20 rule putting women in a much more blame position than they would under older courtship norms.
Very few women have a legitimate chance at bagging a Chad even though they're all conditioned to think they do. They few non Stacy women I've seen with a Chad made way more money and their Chad was essentially kept.

*much more vulnerable position


Do you actually think like this?

Total big brain nibba right here.

And by "complex image of human social relations" you really mean exactly what I've been saying in this entire thread the whole fucking time? That being a slut is a bad thing? Much like being fat or being a drug addict? Well thanks for putting in the work by providing a citation that better proves my point for me!

"but this only became true in recent years" Is kind of a stupid point to make since No Fault Divorce has only been around since "recent years" and the only women that were having upwards of ten sexual partners in say the 1950s were literal prostitutes. So It goes without saying that they didn't get married much, thus hard to get accurate data on that demographic.

The study then goes on to talk about extramarital sex becoming more and more normalised being linked with a positive correlation of increasing divorce rates. They then go on to discus the interesting anomaly that found women that had 2 previous sexual partners were most likely to file for divorce, until the 2000's. Notice though how the overall study can be (And is nearer the bottom) summarised as follows:

>The odds of divorce are lowest with zero or one premarital partners.

And all the data produced indicates that this is consistently true.

lmgtfy.com/?q=feminists by religion wikipedia

Is it really a "conspiracy theory" to hold the reasonable position that Jewish interests don't often reflect the interests of the majority (%98>) non-Jewish world populous?

Behold–I have consulted the scrolls and have discovered most shocking evidence! It appears as though when considering the data, you only choose that which is advantageous to your preconceived position, while excluding all that which is inconvenient to your case! No doubt as a troll, this is due to your notoriously low INT scores.

Verily, ye cannot keep a woman because your casting lacks vigor, and when exposed to the magic of another thy facade falls away. "Broken merchandise?" Fah! Tis thy faults that drive away thy companion.

Every good wizard knows that one variable cannot fully explain the results of a spell or alchemical reaction. Witness! In the very scroll thyself no doubt neglected to read, yon magister explains that such a simple correlation is uncertain, if not spurious outright! By concealing this fact ye give the lie to your own argument.

This is the worst thread we've had all month


Yes I do, because I'm not a spooked liberal lol. Women are trying to make their power grab seem legitimate by appealing to everyone's morality spook.

Why are you so stupid?

I find it comforting, at least we have some proof here that these guys are doing fuck all to reproduce if they're the type to throw away days reading and replying to people on an obscure imageboard

People like you are what can honestly be called right-wing SJW's, like SJW's, you view the world only in terms of strategy and tactics.

Redpill comics are fucking hilarious Dude. I thought they were satire the first time I saw one.

The sexual frustration in alt right ideology is hilarious

Yes, I do view the world in primary terms of power. People like you are just mad because that undermines the privilege you enjoy when poor powerless men internalize their impotence into self loathing instead of seeking out power.
I'm not sure how that is a characteristic of SJWs. SJWs foolishly thought they could guilt their way into power, and used oppressed minorities as meat shields to that end. But they were spooked themselves, they feared democratizing real power to blacks and gays by say organizing their labor, or helping them destroy parasites like landlords and cops, instead they tried to give them fake power like gender less bathrooms and yelling at people that use the n word.

Stop talking like a fag lmao

Nobody will ever entertain your arguments lol. Not down the street, not here.

Why would i argue with people that promote organized crime?
I don't…everyday i realize more that Stalin was right. Right wing is nothing but organized crime, retardation and faggotry that can not be allowed to live in society along side decent hoenst hardworking people.

It saddens me greatly that despite laying it out for you in no uncertain terms you still don't "get it", and go off on a tangent to try and direct things back into familiar territory for yourself.

You can literally justify anything depending on your perspective.

The very purpose of this thread was OP expressing curiosity at how "right wingers" think and trying to better understand them. As many responses from both sides in this thread have demonstrated however people seem to be unable to see things from a perspective other than their own.

I hate when you types say "you don't get it". If someone doesn't "get it" after then the bullshit your spouting has no merit.



Nice spooks nerd.

Nice spooks nerd.

Only one of those is actually talking about the pathology. All the rest of them are saying to just stop being X.


what do wizards smoke?

I'm not trying to prove they're whores. Just that they're rejecting men cause they're powerless and or poor, and not because of all these others bullshit reasons liberals come up with. Why does DE spooked betas trigger toy so much


out of curiosity how much porn do you watch? it seems like the answer is "too much"

i'm sorry. it's just that the bait tastes too good


pretty much most of what I would have said was spoken by the kindly wizard


No, you have been an absolute idiot and tried to limit this down to the phenomenon of "multiple partners". What I hint at, is that the way we carry put our individual relationships are ever changing phenomenon, this phenomenon is greatly dependent on our social context, which is dependent on our way of distribution in society.
"Being a slut" and having multiple partners obviously overlap, however, they are not always equivalent. Would you say that a child who has had multiple partners through rape is a "slut" because of these cases of forced intercourse? The obvious answer is no. Would you say a women who has left an abusive relationship, where she had sex with this former spouse, is a "slut" because she moves on to a new intimate relationship? Obviously not. Women who leave a partner to explore greener pastures are not "sluts". The generally excepted definition of an unhealthy "slut", is a woman who leaves a decent, satisfying relationship because of a deep rooted mental issues, either brought on by some unknown allele, or personal experiences. What you have been trying to do, is paint with as broad a brush as possible, which is problematic when discussing things as nuanced as people.
Yes, their is a healthy way, and an unhealthy way to practice sexuality. It doesn't help that in our modern society, where we are cloistered from sex when young, then hypermarketed the deviations that arise from such cloistering, that we go into sex so un-aware of what is personally healthy.
Is it really a "conspiracy theory" to hold the reasonable position that Jewish interests don't often reflect the interests of the majority (%98>) non-Jewish world populous?
Firstly, your link is shit
Secondly, proving correlation =/= proving causation

what is this?
Progressive attitudes to society?
If so, is it possible that perhaps Jews (being part of human society) would also be effected by these popular attitudes taking root in the majority of their individuals?

hey guise its totally becuz of the capitalist system that i dont get a gf its material you know and not because of idealist conceptions like me being an ugly and unlikeable nerd with marxist ideology as a substitute for a personality

I watch too much porn, it's placating so I'm on a self improvement program to stop. I'm not spooked enough to believe I can't be spooked, so I'm ever vigilant. That humbleness is what liberals like you lack.

Nice strawman, but if you're having sex with women you don't find eligible then your feeding info their narcissism and the spook that you need to smash.

Nothing was implied, it was stated directly. You should go look up the word imply, before you lefties ruin it like you did "literal".

This itself is idpol. The world's problems to begin and end with capitalism. Black proles don't go to jail at 100 times the rate or white proles because of capitalism. And the only people that try to obfuscate this reality are either in those privileged identities or believe they are.

Where are your sources then instead of this very true info graph.

It's completely hypocritical.
I can understand a somewhat distaste for women or even relationships with women but once it's autistic tier hate then people will laugh at you.

ive backed up my claim with reasoning

Threads like these are funny. I popped two cherries before I was even 16 and both were cute girls. I can't imagine basing my whole identity around whether I did or did not have sex with a virgin. Honestly would rather they weren't virgins because the sex was no fun at all. Spent like half an hour trying to push it in. Might be a little bigger than normal, but still don't have that issue with non-virgins. Sex is the most overrated shit in the world.

And you're still wrong fag

my argument is well reasoned and logical

if you dont follow that argument you are either ignorant, retarded or a troll

doesn't surprise me you followed this up with your strawman

my point isnt that their point isnt valid, my point is that they are pretentious and hypocrites and described how they are as such

if a murder was telling me that genocide was bad, the fact that he was a murderer wouldnt make genocide right, but it would make him a hypocrite

if you want to read my rebuttal for why his argument is invalid by the merits of the argument itself look here and here

i demonstrated how he had no argument and so there was no argument to respond to

to then explore the reasons for his failings is a logical follow up

Seems like a very precious fabric to you, you should make a coat out of it if you like it so much.

is introspection and recapitulation novel concepts to you? because people often respond with glib remarks to concept that they cant understand.

from this we can be sure that your own personal growth is non existent, retarded, you are an active degenerate, or you are 15 years old

fundamental degeneracy

i think i found a pic of you

Shame I never made a folder of Holla Forums pissing their pants.

sadly, I don't look this cool
if you're gonna come with a critique, you'll need to do better than vague references like degeneracy and moral fabric, those are the gods of the gaps for moral philosophy, and very crude ones at that

First prove yourself right. Where are your citations to your claims you pulled out of your gaping asshole?

Proofs to these claims?

People are bottles of coke?
Terrible and sad!

Modern dating culture in a nutshell. Women only want Chad, but leftists will resort to every depraved trick in the book to avoid confronting the truth.

Reminder that Chad can be as abusive as he wants yet still get pussy, while sub 8/10s are branded as rapists and creeps for doing the same thing. Never trust a woman's opinion on anything.

Why is it your problem then?
If you don't like it then on't do it lmao.
I didn't know vaginas could power lift.
Why are cucks like you so obsessed with other cucks? Why are these faggots so obsessed with it?

Respecting women makes them lose respect for you. Feminism is bullshit since women select for dominance and facial aesthetics, not whether you are nice to them.

TOPKEK this is fucking pathetic

Sounds fake and gay
Post a pic of you and your "gf" then

Apply the same logic to economics and leftism implodes. Leftism is revealed here as nothing more than a female power grab. Defense of unearned privilege is completely ok when leftists do it (no wonder ever leftist society has been totalitarian).

Also love how leftists actually ban/censor people for posting the evidence they constantly ask for. Nice scam you got running there.

Straight from the horses mouth people. The only thing that matters is looks. Leftypol can't claim unsourced jpegs when they come from top tier websites like OkCupid, so they have to delete them instead.

Sounds pretty fair.
If a girl is going to be judgmental enough to decide if someone "isn't good in bed".
I mean sure, each to their own but learning to have sex and learning to be good at sex is a process.

grandpa have you taken your meds today

which is why you need to have sex with multiple partners, because otherwise you just learn how to please this one person instead of actually being good at sex.

not that there is anything wrong with two people being exclusive and shit, but if you don't want to put the work in to git gud then don't complain when no one wants to play with your nub ass

lol read Political Liberalism by John Rawls you spooked loser

Hmm with all that autistic screeching you get what you deserve.

Leftists can't argue, data point #23523456

Retards can't argue, point #16544

No you big fucking retard.
If you're a shit tier person and whine about shit tier people being available to date, then it's you and them.
In the end, it's up to the individual to change.
If one's in a relationship, then it's both, or leaving.
Being attractive won't excuse abusive behavior and no matter how attractive.
I don't understand why people bitch about this shit considering you might be creepy. Is it inherently wrong to be a creep? No, but I guess if one doesn't want to be then props to them.
You homos will go on and on and on then just fuck other people like you: autsitic Holla Forumstards

this is nonsense, do you have an actual argument
you know your a brainlet when

so anecdotes now prove world views?
huh….truly made me ponder

perhaps the fact that this data was taken from a sight of individuals mostly looking to hook up, or make up for sexual inadequacies in their day to day reality says something about it's quality.
More over, people don't argue that physical attractiveness isn't important, it is how animals normally judge the health of potential mates. However, it seems that a baseline level of attractiveness is what catches our eye first, this level is based off how we view ourselves and what we desier

come now, there is no need for salt

Serious question for incels: Why the fuck would I ever want to date an ugly mangle of anxiety and autism who'd call me a slut (among other things) for having one or two boyfriends back in the day? That's like me writing off every guy who's not a macho, musclebound bodybuilding supermodel.

Do you even see women as people? Be honest.

I'm right homie, you telling me men that are rich and or have high class indicators like height or fitness aren't more desirable than guys that are poor. Haha when the last time you went to a club, or a college campus, why do you think there's so much rape on college campuses. Its because the all the women are throwing themselves at the same small set of chads.
Let me think, who's more likely to get away with raping a girl, a chad or a poor beta hmmmm

Fucking this! Why is this so hard for leftists to understand. You understand poorer people are weaker than rich people, why can't you understand beauty is power. And those with a bunch of power abuse it while those that don't don't abuse it because they don't have any.

Honey the average amount of partners for an eligible woman is way more than 2. Why is hating people and circumstances so bad if you have a legitimate grievance. Emotions are what push people into acting, you guys may all like your anti capitalism is clinical but its in fact guided by emotions. Even if you think capitalism will destroy the earth what do you care, you will most likely die before that happens. Its not rational to care about something that will not effect you.

its always funny to see Holla Forums saying something like that

It's funny how supposed well read leftists do this

You didn't answer my question, dingus. I wasn't asking if I'd find a date - I've been disinterested for the better part of a decade. Rather, I was wondering why you think anyone in their right mind would ever consider dating an incel.

Because being angry at a shitty situation that all capitalism and feminism put you in along with being told by everyone its your fault doesn't make you crazy.
You seem to be under the impression these men want to date feminist poisoned western women. They don't, so your continued withholding of intimacy doesn't have any bite. And that's what you fear, that even if the !most marginalized "losers" can't be disciplined by withholding sex, than men with more power and privilege might not in the future be able to be disciplined by it either.
I'm just trying to accelerate thee process by telling men they are alone because they are poor and powerless.

Honestly, I don't give a shit if a woman is a whore. But I would never marry someone who has had multiple sex partners in her life. Why? Because fucking common sense. I want someone stable.

Why do leftists hate long-term relationships?
Why do they love divorce and dysfunctional families?

Why is it worth that? Is sex such an important drug?
The sexual revolution was a mistake.

user, how many ideologies did you smoke earlier today?

I'm not denying there are women who use sex as a power-play, but you're not gonna earn my respect till you consider the opposite. Namely, guys who coax women into relationships where they're completely financially dependent on their partners.

user, if anything, I'm genuinely happy you'd learn to live without sex. Speakin' from experience, that's the first step to becoming a total hottie in the eyes of the opposite gender.

Have you considered therapy? I think you've got a good mindset, but some help with your anxiety would benefit you immensely.

How the fuck is talking about power, who has it and how's its welded an ideology. If you have something someone else wants you have power over them.
These guys want an intimate healthy relationship with a thin non crazy woman. And women want a reserve army of betas to wait until their thirties so they can run around with Chads in the quixotic quest that they can marry a Chad.
They've rightfully given up on the idea of having that with western women. The obesity rate alone eliminated their chances. Women have leverage right now over men when it comes to sexual relationships, and many men even ones with gfs and wives are very unhappy with that.
And the only men women are paying for are Chads, sorry but women are in mass paying for the living expenses of any sub 8 manlets.

*in mass not paying

Why do you constantly insist on telling me what I want? This has to be bait, right?

Reeeally tryin' hard not to call you a loser right now. Just sayin'.

If you don't want this I guess you're that special snowflake that's above all this even though it none the less aligns with your interest
You can go ahead and call me a loser, you only hesitate because you question whether it will hurt my feelings or weld power over me in some way.
It has nothing to do with any sort of emotional fortitude you foolishly believe you have.

nice baseless assertions

why can the right make no coherent argument

You make no attempt to form a coherent point with a decent base that challenges us, yet you say we are being emotional? This speaks volume o the pathetic psyche of the rightist. He constantly projects his emotional instability on others, calling them snowflakes and entitled, while refusing to realize that he is the one with the victim complex and sense of persecution. It's all jews fault, or women's fault, when in reality, it's he who is simply not cut out to bread. This is a stunted world view that unsurprisingly is propagated by bitter internet virgins.

On the off chance that you are simply being genuine in your autism: it's fine to feel all these things, but don't go around calling people this or that. They might object, strongly, and your life will be adversely affected.

Jesus guy, quit whining and start masturbating if roasties spook you so much. You don't need a relationship with a "thin non crazy woman" to lead a fulfilling life. Get despooked, you'll live better.

I wouldn't say the base pleasures, even when balanced, are a good thing.

There is a rather large difference between not using the letter E and refraining from the base sexual pleasures. (There is no form of reward when using the letter E, so refraining from using it shouldn't be seen as viruous.)

That would be redundant frankly

No, he was asking if YOU are implying that not the person in the image

non argument

they are pretty well established concepts, if you want to deny them then you will have to make a case for why they are so easily dismissed, rather than just say that they are otherwise your argument is simply that of contradiction

you do not back this up with reasoning and so isnt a basis for an argument

is not an argument

i used to give Holla Forums the benefit of the doubt, that you were just some red pilled guys who thought that capitalism wasnt such a great idea

when in fact you are SJWs, evidence in this thread by the fact that you vehemently defend a feminist topic with postmodern logic

Why do retards like this confuse sex with intimacy topkek

Fucking alt right fags will go on and on about
but pic related
If they're unhappy with that why don't they leave and fuck other men who happen to be unhappy with that bullshit?

Oops forgot the picture

Bitch what?
How is this a "feminist" topic.

For that to be truth, then homophobes' self-hatred stemming from reactionarism would have to be their own fault, which is patently ridiculous, seeing as it's a neurotic condition. All of what I said implies is that closeted homophobes are partly victims too.


And so begins our decent into an Idiocracy


How could a men enjoy being humiliated? Leftists are self-hating, simple like that.
On the top of being normalfags, so they will just do what (((propaganda))) tells them to.

I hardly understand how can a men see the pics in here 8ch.net/r9k/res/209942.html and not rage.