Videogames that trigger right wingers

-Call of Duty world at war

And pretty much any game that kills Nazis…

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We need to get rid of this mentality.

Disdainful sage.

Faggots like you make the left wing so boring.

C&C Red Alert 2
COD2 (COD1 Soviet campaign is trash)

What's with this I've seen on polyp twitter calling ssbm an alt right game?


You know what else trigger right wingers? Hilary clinton and obama, we should support them!



Dipshit how to do you even confuse the two? I'm so tired of this "NO FUN ALLOWED" rule as a socialist. It makes normies want to run away from us as fast as possible.

Back in 2000's people wanted to be liberals because it meant they got to have sex before marriage, not have their video games or media hassled by moral outrage, let their gay friends be happy/or be openly gay themselves, listen to rap or metal music. Most people I've encounter who know nothing of socialism are extremely sympathetic when you explain socialism to them while being polite and respectfully. Fighting their hobbies is the surest way to alienate people a fast as possible. If stories about killing racists are coming flooding the popular culture and being embraced and celebrated this makes our job changing minds so much easier coming flooding the popular culture and being embraced and celebrated this makes our job changing minds so much easier.

Some people are not smart enough to torrent things. Porky still wins.

Have you read today's share of theory (oddworld lore) to appease papa Lorne "A Revolution's What I'm Planning" Lanning?

"our" job is not killing racist. You sound like a Holla Forums false flagger or a neogaf rapefugee

Wow amazing analogy. Dumb Amerifat.


Wolfenstein is shit, WaW is decent. Never played Biocock.

Nah man. I've been here for 3 years I want to seize control the means of productions and if need be through violent ends. I am not deluding myself that racists will be right there to fight as soon as we start resisting.

What kind of bullshit is this?

Those Shadow of Mordor games for having non-white Gondorians.

Only $60? With DLC and micro-transcations the sky is the limit.

How can game development be co-opted by our movement?

You faggots already infiltrated it you dumb fuck.

Evidently not well enough

No, YOU are the boring cunt because you just shit your pants and clap at what's yet another episode of "lets spite le nazis".

Now, there's nothing wrong with that. But by God, its just gotten so fucking DULL.

Its like a chronic masturbator with an Internet connection. By the time he's done beating his battered appendage for the nth time, he realizes that he has finallly lost something. That gone are the simple days of playing with his erection to the sight of "2 chicks, 1 dick", and how his mangled, grey matter brain will have to look for bizarre and taboo pornography in order to satiate his increasingly morbid inclinations.

To even get the same KICK out of the same stormfag flavored tears… you'd have to start doing nothing short of fucking criminal. Like kidnapping some white power autist and electrocuting him with a go-cart battery everytime he can't answer basic questions about Marxism on a live video feed.

Oherwise, its just old and tired shit. I mean hell, the reddit radlibs do it all the fucking time. Jerking themselves off in their little PC hugbox about how their morbidly obese, transgender vanguard and their hordes of soyboy bugmen enablers could totally BASH LE FASH at the coming of the 4th fucking Reich.

I'm just telling ya man, its gotten so worn out at this point. We really should be targeting the liberals instead. Disrupt their rallies, beat the shit out of them, mass flag their channels.

And all just to make a point: that Leftists aren't liberals.

Now THAT would be fucking sport.

I genuinely want to know who would pay $20 for one fucking model in one game.

this is garbage. stop posting this crap here

You think we're upset about the killing of Nazis? We don't give a fuck about the game. We care about the marketing campaign pushed by Bethesda to promote this garbage. As if it isn't bad enough the game itself is terrible (I've played it), the marketing is clearly for leftists retards like yourselves who want to hurrdurr about "Drumpftards BTFO!"

Shit marketing for a shit game. Wolfenstein is a classic that a lot of Holla Forums members really enjoy, despite the main character being Jewish. The fact that Bethesda sought to market this by taking advantage of the current political climate and essentially brand all right wingers as Nazis is what everyone is up in arms about.

Keep your fucking politics out of the video game industry, for fucks sake. No one wants them.

none of these points make any sense. are you sure this isn't a false flag?

[citation needed]

What the fuck do you think them contorting Trumps slogan into some anti-racist jargan was? What the fuck do you think the reference to "fine men" during their marketing campaign on twitter was? This is all clearly being pushed in the faces of gamers as "Trump is a Nazi and anyone who supports him is a Nazi sympathizer!" The "fine men" comment was also a reference to his comments about Charlottesville.

You don't pay attention do you?

Not to mention your commander in the game is oozing with Marxist sentiment and the game is clearly trying to push this politically correct bullshit that gamers DO NOT WANT. No wonder this game is selling like shit, they marketed to an audience who doesn't fucking play video games. It was all a political stunt to virtue signal and it ruined their games sales.

it's not even "Trump's slogan", he didn't invent it
I don't even know what you're talking about but fine men could literally be anything.
If this is the case then it's not clear at all, actually it's pretty fucking subtle.
Explain what the fine men thing is first

2/10 I've unironically seen better "analyses" from Anita Sharkesian.


Video games are going to be the hardest market for Marxist propaganda to pollute. The indie game scene will grow larger than any AAA developer if they insist on pulling shit like this. Hate to break it to you but a majority of gamers are male and don't tolerate political correctness for the sake of "muh feelings" and "muh diversity".

There is a certain level of authenticity and realism to be expected from certain games like CoD WWII. I can't tell you how many of even my liberal friends have bitched about the fact that they've got to deal with the unrealistic portrayal of women and black women on the front lines of Normandy. Women did their part by running the factories and plants back home while the men were away fighting. There were women involved in war, however they were rarely, if ever, combat infantry.

Anyway, the more AAA devs push for this kind of shit, the more people will boycott their games or straight up pirate them. God bless the free market.

Why the fuck are you on a political board? No wonder you stay on Holla Forums you politically ignorant hack.

It is good, because it shows me Bethesda's true colors. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I won't be buying any more of their shit. Keep your politics out of my video games.

and here we go
let me guess, you think "liberals are leftists" right?

yeah, Bethesda is the one being "exposed"


I hate this garbage thread, it should be deleted, but you are an honest to god fucking retard. You fucking nutcases have become the "SJWs" you claim to oppose. You are literally saying that a play on a modern day political slogan is the same thing as calling every single right-winger a Nazi. Do you honestly believe this? No, really. I want to know if you're baiting or not.

We now know where Nick spends all of the cum town patron cash


Meanwhile Holla Forums and reddit are giving the game free publicity by freaking out over it. Reminds me of that whole "Star Wars VII is white genocide" meme.

fucking mods won't delete this garbage

I don't really care so much about what goes on in the game, it's the blatant marketing pandering to this idea that Nazis are taking over America.

I hate pandering, especially when it's at the expense of a media I enjoy quite thoroughly. Keep political narratives and rhetoric out of the marketing aspects of video games. If you want to make a statement with your game, let the game make the fucking statement. Don't insult and ostracize half of the American population in a desperate grab for sales (which utterly failed by the way).

The game may be getting publicity but it certainly isn't getting any sales! Trust me, I love Wolfenstein. The New Order was fun as fuck. It's not that I'm pissed theres a game about killing Nazis. Do you retards realize this game has been around since the 90s and plenty of people left or right of the political spectrum have LOVED this game? Why the fuck would the marketing team at Bethesda decide to slight half of their player base?

Because they aren't?

It's a political game.
First of all, half of Americans didn't vote Trump, which you would know if you weren't retarded. Not even half of registered voters did. Not even a plurality of people who did vote did. Second of all, a play on a political slogan is not insulting you, you fucking retard. So, you fucking retard, go pretend to be oppressed somewhere else.

The commodity is sincerely opposed to fascism, hence we must support the commodity! we must give our money to the commodity because it will TRIGGER XD le nazis. This is definitely not part of a planned marketing campaign turning our society's descent into fascism into just another way to sell products.

the eternal swede strikes again

thanks doc

I never once said I was oppressed you niggerfaggot. I'm talking about the fact that it's clearly a subtle anti-Trump campaign entirely built around a game about killing Nazis. The implications are pretty fucking clear from their marketing.

Anyway, it's pointless arguing with you. Like I said, I played the game. It's "okay" for a game, the thing that bothers me is how they went about marketing it. It was very clearly marketed with the idea of the current political climate in mind, in relation to the themes of the game (Nazis oppressing US).

Why is there so much overlap between Trump supporters and Nazis?

There isn't, you're being brainwashed by the media.


fascism is inherent to capitalism, fascists merely embrace the true nature of capitalism, the same nature liberals strive to conceal. The economy itself rests atop a base of massive military violence, alienation and the degradation of human life. Instead of thinking about the world in terms of tribal resentment and commodity centered internet cliques, try being more holistic. Who are you? Where are we, historically speaking? What do we want to do with our lives and our shared existence in this planet?

They are going to roll out the Jade Dragon DLC soon that has China as a off map empire that is kind stupid since to those on the east end of the map, China is a hell of a lot more closer then Spain. Also CK2 came out in 2012 and they are still milking it through DLC.

Unite the Right was an identity politics move by various right wing groups (some White Supremacist, some Nazis, some Civic Nationalists, some Socialist, some Traditional Workers Party, yadda yadda)

The right was just playing the identity politics game that the left wants to play. Does it scare you? Does it make you feel unsafe? Perhaps we should stop spreading this idea that a collective demographic should unquestionably subscribe to one political ideology based on their race.

I am willing to bet you think any right wing group is white supremacist at heart, regardless of denouncements or evidence against those claims. This is exactly what marketing like Wolfenstein brainwashes people to believe. This is exactly what Charlottesville was set up to do. To further demonize anyone right of center as Nazis. Supporting free speech, or even civic nationalism somehow now makes you a Nazi. Fuck, even being a nationalist, which solely means believing in the best for your country, putting your country first, gets you coined a Nazi.

Just like Ben Shapiro's speech on a college campus right? Or the Free Speech Rallies held at Berkeley? They're against you, they must be a Nazi!

I know those a rhetorical questions but I am in a country that is absolutely polarized and takes any chance it can to divide people even further. I am in a country where people believe if you are white, you must be racist just like if you are black you have to vote democrat. If you don't, clearly you're racist!

I want identity politics to go the fuck away because the left is the one pushing for TRIBALISM through such retarded rhetoric. They have broken communities apart through these tactics and tried to encourage separate groups of minorities to subscribe to certain ideologies based on their skin color. If anything, identity politics is a major factor in the resurgence of racism because it's sole purpose is to divide people based on their skin color politically. And people are totally okay with this.

And to that point, it pains me any time I am at a rally with a minority who identifies as right wing and they are told they're an Uncle Tom, Coon, or just plain stupid. THAT to me is absolutely the most racist reaction to someone's political stance.

"You're black why the FUCK are you republican? Coon ass mother fucker"

No one made the Trumpers promote it. No one made them go. They decided to march with the KKK and other EXPLICITLY white supremacist groups. They did this because they are effectively white supremacists.

No one cares about video games except antsy lost teenagers. Every young man and women on this board should give up pointless squabble and begin bettering themselves as people.

You decry tribalism while partaking in it because 'muh outgroup made me do it'. The left, that is the actual left, is about an escape from tribalism. Right wingers in america are a mixture of proto-fascists and right-liberals, while what you think of as 'the left' are actually managerial social liberals. Managerial liberalism relies on the production of identity through institutions, it is merely a logical development of the post fordian methods of management developed since the 1960s ( here read this: subtropics.english.ufl.edu/index.php/2017/06/12/notes-ascendancy-identity-politics-literary-writing/) Both remain fundamentally wedded to an absurd, collapsing capitalist system.

Is this the same indie game scene all the cool Holla ForumsHolla Forums tards were making fun of as liberal beta-cucks like they did with the No Mans Sky devs? Or when they were talking about pixel graphics being the new faggy liberal hipster game trend? The same scene that made Gone Home? LMAO @ you pretending that you're going to play pixel art walking simulators just because every 8-bit character has white skin now.

We heard the same bullshit arguments when SJWs were going after games. "Hate to break it to you but a majority of gamers are male and don't tolerate white supremacy etc etc". You know another statistic? the majority of gamers are underraged, prepubescent retards who wet the bed and don't know or give a shit about what bullshit politics mongoloids like you want to inject in the games their moms let them play.

They're going to keep playing it like everyone played Battlefield 1. For all this crying about muh political correctness and "realism" you faggots have no integrity to drop the controller and stop playing the games.

Yeah right. Look at the comments of the people who said they were going to "boycott" the NFL. These are most spitefull, petty, childish mother fuckers on earth. Their entire reasoning is "if I can't have this nobody can" like a spoiled fucking brat. They don't give a fuck about muh free market, they want the NFL and players to end up homeless and shit. The NFL boycott didn't work and neither will a video game boycott.

You can kill yourself anytime

Who cares? This is just another commodity. Don't buy things based on what the other side hates, you stupid faggots.

Every point you made was utter trash and the NFL lost millions over boycotts you idiot.


Downloading Wolfenstein right now
What am I in for? Is it good?

Proofs? Old ass boomer men (Trump's base) can't help but watch football.

Games are commodities, growing shittier and more exploitative with every passing day. It's no wonder people who have become absorbed in the spectacle of 'gaming' to the point their whole identity is based around it feel alienated and shitty. Instead of telling people to stop whining and enjoy the commodity because the current managers of this spectacle justify themselves through a faux progressive discourse of 'wokeness' we should direct people towards the true causes of their alienation. We can't let the right monopolise this very real sense of discomfort people feel. Instead of mocking the outgroup, we should get to the root causes of their tribal behavior.

Steam community forum is filled with topics about assassin's creed origins full of angry white teens crying "we wuz kings". The level of butthurt hilarious.

The proof is in the fact that teams are telling players to stop the protest shit because it's hurting monetization of their teams. Boycotting worked. Idiot.

Nice proofs lol. Anyways the owners still permit the players to protest though. Also the NFL gets paid to have its athletes out on the field during the anthem. It's already monetized.

I never said it wasn't. In fact quite the opposite. Those protests hurt the ratings and finances of the NFL enough to make more than enough team owners condemn their players refusing to be on the field. Anyway we are getting away from the point. Identity politics are cancer and every person is an individual capable of forming their own political opinion. Not agreeing with the majority of other black voters does not make them an evil white supremacist coon.


Proofs? The NFL has been hurting for a while.

Yeah I know. Supporting white supremacists (even ironically) does that.

You're implying anyone right of center is a white supremacist. You are then implying that someone who is black and doesn't align to your views is a racist because of their "association" with a side you disagree with.

If that isn't racism then I don't know what the fuck is. Telling someone their beliefs are wrong because they're black and disagree with the liberal narrative or rhetoric? Please keep pushing this bullshit, you'll only drive the moderates further and further right.

The spectacle wins again

Being stupid isn't fun for me.

Also here's your fucking proofs, faggot.




The whole NFL kneeling drama is peak spectacle. Is this the only way normies understand politics? Through empty, 'awareness raising' pop culture stunts?


They have been losing viewers/fans for a while though. Only boomers care about muh football (as a cultural institution) and they are going away.

Collin Kaepernick ft. psy op bana.

Most right wingers shouldn't care about nazis.

Even as someone that have held right winged views most of my life (and am still leaning right on a bunch of issues), it's foolish to hold on to glory of the past. National socialism and fascism is inherently a flawed system that suffers the same shortcomings of monarchy (terrible leader, succession struggle within government). Biggest flaw being one leader, it always in history has led to an inevitable struggle over succession and with that comes a list of bad rulers who setup their kingdom / empire for failure.

It's a sad thing that modern right wingers see the only way to celebrate their own culture by celebrating fascism. What do these people want? Less Islam and less foreigners in their country (usually). You don't need a failed ideology to deport or move people, just someone who hates Islam and blacks. What else do right wingers want? Less useless government projects, less bullshit studies from university, less tax, less incompetent and corrupt politicians selling their country to a few rich elites who play the entire system.

But why, of everything, would you need a bullshit ideology that glorifies class hierarchy such as fascism!? The rich coorporations are now integrated in fascism with the government, so the government and coorporations can now start working together to fuck over the population if it wants to, since class hierarchy is maintained.

Fascism is a petty bourgeoisie movement. They want financial stability and use cultural spooks (combined with hardcore authoritarianism) to get it. Pic related is what your average American fascist will be in a couple years when the economy fully collapses.

The majority of right wingers DON'T support fascism or nazism. That's the liberal msm narrative, and you're taking the bait. Hard as fuck. It's a way for them to push the idea that everyone right of center is an evil Jew hating Nazi who would dare to support Trump because as a liberal, there are no individual actions. If you are associated with anything related to Donald Trump, you are immediately labelled a fascist Nazi, because the only way the leftists can think is within a collective mindset that attributes entire swathes of people with one ideological stand point when in fact politics are much more nuanced than that.

that this thread is attracting clueless Holla Forumstards like is proof that this infantile videogame garbage should be deleted and kept off the board

This is absolutely fucking false though. I am starting to realize this entire board makes broad generalizations about things they simply do not care to actually research or look into. To say only boomers watch Football is an absolutely fucking retarded statement. Boomers literally make up the lowest percentage of football fans at around 12%. The largest demographic is that of people aged 35-44.

Stop making broad generalized assumptions about shit just because that's how you perceive it to be. Try doing some research sometime you hivemind faggot.

I'm so retarded you've not even attempted to refute any of my points. Shouldn't it be easy?

also disdainful sage

this isn't debate club shithead. go back to your containment board and youtube videos

Most of what you think of as 'politics' is in fact just a spectacle. You have no 'arguments' you are just triggered because your muh outgroup strawman, an illusion conjured up by modern media technology, is said to display an incorrect emotional response to the current spectacle.

antiworld.se/project/references/texts/The_Society _Of _The _Spectacle.pdf

u wot. you guys are the ones who make everything about race

To even attempt something like that we would have to explain what communists mean by capitalism, what everyone else means by capitalism, how they contrast the two and in general defining and explaining words and their meanings. You live on a different planet and we have to speak a common language to even begin to argue properly. This is why people tell you to read a book.

Its almost a shame to blow you little shits up,the left is full of kikes and virgins obviously.
Just thought ide stop in to see how out of touch you all are.
Nice to see you have no idea whats going on as usual.

Not really.
My grandfather was not a nazi, yet he was executed for being one. Ergo im on a personal blood quest to eradicate the kike.

I know very few leftists who care about lgbt. In Michigan the democrats are coal fags so they more less shilled to the GOP and the rest of them are either homeless or the trailer park white trash type of leftist.

There are definitions for words. You can't just pick and choose what a word means. You guys do this. A lot. Capitalism has only one meaning, and your perception of what is capitalist has to be based on the definition of the word that is shared by the rest of the world. You don't get to just change it slightly and call it the same thing and tell everyone else they're wrong.

I've made plenty of arguments in this thread, whether it be about spectacle or politics. Bring up an actual political topic and maybe we can have a debate about it.

This isn't your fucking echo chamber either.

you are literally autistic m8. works don't work that way, discourse doesn't work that way. basic bitch conservatives, much like basic bitch liberals, waste their time getting pedantic about definitions, desperately trying to game a discourse which has been long reduced to utter meaninglessness. Just take a break from cable news and delete those social media apps designed to forcefeed you triggering content about the outgroup, READ A BOOK and start thinking about how the world actually works. Marxist thinkers have been critiquing the modern world and figuring out new ways to overthrow the current state of things for over 150 years.

Actually it's just meant to make fun of Nazis who just happen to like Trump for reasons that still elude me.

And your claim that it's the marketing that's making your kind mad is BS. Every thread about it on Holla Forums or Holla Forums involves people complaining about the fact that Nazis are the bad guys, that a black woman is a character, and a Christian communist is a character.

Academic fields define words differently then their popular use all the fucking time.

Besides Capitalism more or less has an agreed upon definition by both mainstream economics and leftist economics.

For the love of god, please stop making wolfenstein threads
I can't take another month of this awful shitposting

The boycott for NFL did work. I don't watch it but stadiums that used to sell out don't sell out anymore, viewership is down a lot.

Another point you raised that old boomers can't help but watch it, there is an alternative and that's college football which I think a lot of them watch now. And they don't tolerate the kneeling stuff.

.. wat? I'd be more worried if I had a daughter she wouldn't become a slut. What kind of 'red pill' docu is he talking about?

I thought schools in America had the autonomy to adjust the curriculum to their own tastes since they aren't fully government bound? I'm not sure about this one, the American school system is probably the least prone to brainwashing or pushing a political bias in the world.

Hmm ,there's little need for them to denounce such groups. The left doesn't denounce black lives matter either, which has become an outright black supremacist movement in the US. However, to the left such identity politics is harmful over the long term and would lead to more division by pandering to each group individually. Because humans naturally prefer the tribal mentality of race / ethnicity or religion in a us vs them scenario. The left needs to solve this issue, and time's running out since rightwing beliefs are gaining fast due to the left's failures. That you see politicians like Le Pen having a shot at the presidency is the result of the liberal leftwing failing the countries that they run.

The right doesn't really have a core ideology, it's just us vs them. White / Christians vs leftwing and other religions / ethnicities. Because if you pander to every group, you're bound to give one group politically the short end of the stick. That group gets mad and any politician that uses basic us vs them arguments will gain a lot from this group.

Get the fuck out of here

Jim's really giving it to BO.

Soon bitch


But I thought we were behind every post you don't like on Holla Forums.


You clicked the wrong Holla Forums . You want the other one.



Also you missed my point. I wasn't saying we shouldn't brutalize nazis, I was saying that doing so would be the only way to squeeze any fun out of them now that we're this far into the meme.


If you love first person shooters so much, why not first person shoot yourself?

reminder not to call yourself a leftist if you don't pirate literally everything


Gamers are stupid as fuck and will play literally anything as long as it looks cool and is enjoyable.

I'm a game artist and there is more praxis within the game industry and indie scene than people seem to think. It's still not the best.
Gamergate caused a majority of setbacks and I'm blaming all of you faggots and your anti-idpol garbage.

Hillary, is that you?

It was literally always a game about killing nazis Holla Forums

Did you expect it to not be about killing nazis

i hope u lefties see this is just a shill
you guys are getting shilled twice and hard and most of u are unaware

Yeah yeah dipshit its something about ethics in games journalism. go back to Holla Forums

This is the most reddit tier shit anyone on this board does. It's always red liberal newfags that pull this.


Bethesda paid someone to advertise on a board of a thousand people? The thread was made by a Holla Forumsyp and half of the replies are Holla Forumsyps (including (you) ) but I don't see what you mean by shill.

if you really were a real leftist you would acknowledge the oppression and power struggles associated with identity and seek to dismantle them.

explain racism then


If you weren't a brainlet you'd actually post something other than utter drivel and hope it's accepted at face value.

Well obviously you've run out of things to say
Shouldn't you be jacking off to your little mascot by now?

Hard to reply to someone that hasn't said anything since they started posting.

Fuck off liberal


Wew lad

Do you know what a liberal is?




Awesome. The 'both sides' and 'fine people' thing was a fucking stupid thing for Trump to say and he deserves to beaten with it as much as possible.

Holy fuck. Could Wolfenstein 2 get anymore woke? Don't quite get the 'Arizona' thing though since Regan was born in Illinois and this character also looks somewhat younger than Regan would have looked in 1961.

Im convinced there just polyps trying to do some hacky reverse psyop to discourage discussion of this game

But what about enjoying someones art labour?

And compensating them for it?

I think you're right. The MachineGames 'soft-reboot' of Wolfenstein kind of marked a surreal moment when the writing in a Wolfenstein game of all things not just became good, it became REALLY good, almost putting quite a lot of Holywood to shame if you ask me.

Some of the themes in this new game though are incredibly subversive regarding what it has to say about America's collaboration with the Nazis, so it makes sense that they would want to drown out discussion of it with raids and concern trolling. They probably hope they can put off as many people as possible from playing it, but they can't really criticise like narrative-heavy indie games because the shooting and level design has actually been return to form, possibly being the best its ever been, which is why so much of the criticism seems so abstract, baseless, or superficial.

rightwinger shitposts disgust me every time equally, disproved for fake science

maybe your money stinks

Yet you get triggered by a fucking marketing campaign. You are, you fall for every bait that is intended to oust you. Now it's just a matter of time until your names get written in the Gulag Note, and entire internet will be purified.

Congrats, you rightists are the new anti-videogame "sjws"

All this Wolfenstein shit has done nothing but prove that right-wingers and gamers ate both groups of completely oversensitive retards that should self-terminate immediately.

That is so wrong. Hitler is out of the equation:


The game is 20 years old, mang.

Nice code for jew.

It's amazing how easily and predictably triggered you guys are OVER THE DUMBEST SHIT POSSIBLE.

It's funny how the same people who were bawling about historical accuracy when you could play as a black soldier in Battefield I are triggered because one of Wolfenstein's protagonists is a commie

It's only a game, who fucking cares if some "connections" are made to a political climate?


Video games are inherently "heroic" on a meta level as they are about a single participant (the gamer) overcoming challenges.

Sages of old prophecied such tidings, and yet their warnings fell on deaf ears. Now we languish in an age of darkness!

Is this thread a Bethesda marketing campaign?
'Cause petty as it is I'm almost tempted to buy the game just to trigger the Holla Forumsyps some more.
But I'd be giving money to Porky and they'll be shitting themselves in rage for another good couple of weeks so whatever.

Crisis in the kremlin is quality. It lets you take control of the soviet union in 85(gorby doesnt have to be leader but hes an option) and have it not collapse. Also you can get America to collapse late game but thats hard as hell.

Pic related my current game

that looks like shit, the original was a beut

UI is shit, actual functionality is pretty deep and the music is godtier.


On a real, game devs are a pretty exploited group with very few workers rights and no unionisation.

go back to somalia, ancap nigger

It's not quality. It looks like shit and has no audio-visual feedback. You can accidentally fast forward years by clicking a button repeatedly and not knowing you're fast forwarding time by clicking it, the design is that poor. The DOS game had better designers and it felt like you were actually doing stuff when you did stuff.

I mean, history in the world of Wolfenstein diverged from the reality in the forties, ancient conspiracies notwithstanding, and the game is set in 1961. Maybe alt-Reagan moved to Arizona.

Or maybe the guy looks nothing like Reagan and they're grasping for straws. Reagan was pro-Israel, he'll never be mocked in a game made by Trump's brother.

Scroll down to the negative votes and start collecting salt: reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/79tche/my_favorite_thing_to_do_in_the_new_wolfenstein/

Jesus Christ, how long until these new faggots realize Red Faction exists?

Really starting to think that GG was a mistake.

B-b-b-b-but they're just worried about bad gameplay and lazy writing!

Crisis in Kremlin is shit tbh.

Real guns are painful and plasma rifles aren't real……yet.


Really? Any MGS fans on Holla Forums? Been playing through this game again recently and while it is not about killing notsees it definitely has a lot of political commentary on the war economy and the military-industrial complex. Plus it has all the meta-this-is-video-game-snake that Hideo Kojima is known for. It doesn't trigger rightards per say (I know 4/v/ likes MGS) but I feel that Kojima definitely critiques capitalism in his games.

He's a Japanese dev so that makes him untouchable.

Tangentially, but he never really tackles the material or political reasons for why warfare occurs and hoisting it onto The Patriots further obfuscates the source of all this conflict.

wasn't BB in PW and V a massive ancap


Yeah throwing every on a secret society is pretty vague and a reason I think why 4/v/Holla Forums doesn't get triggered because The Patriots could be the (((globalists))) while they're more akin to the Illuminati or some other basic bitch secret society that conspiracytards blames. Still I think that MGS provides a better political commentary than most games considering how reactionary the industry and consumers are (especially judging by this thread).

I'd like a vidya general but OP is shilling triple A shit and makes us look like liberals who will play any game that "triggers nazis". Wolfenstein shilling should be bannable.

I didn't play Peace Walker, but I don't recall much from V except fultoning and language parasites SAHELANTHROPUS.

It's definitely better than average. I want to believe that Kojima is a closet commie because of Here's to You and other elements here and there, but I don't know if you could draw that conclusion from his games alone. He did seem pretty even-handed with the Soviets in 3 though, you know, aside from the supervillains.

Probably because he didn't suffer through burger education

wolfenstein is just capitalist propaganda

Only buy games made by eastern euros and japs, Divinity OS2 is the only good game to come out of the west in ages

Spotted the pretentious RPGfag. What's wrong gramps, you can't play games that don't spoon-feed you the gameplay slow enough for your arthritis to keep up with?

The general theme of Big Boss is that he wants a stateless society, and thinks the only way to achieve that is to make a sovereign corporation offering protection to any country who needs it.

His company is literally "Soldiers Without Borders". Pretty ancap if you ask me.




You couldn't take a round of off Alex Valle in Street Fighter.

What a hot garbage.

I wish there were more co-op based multiplayer action games.

I really can't think of any but Portal 2.

No shit? I never said I could go pro, but I at least have enough skill to beat a game that doesn't wait there for you to make an input (and before someone says I don't appreciate the intellectual skill, this isn't chess with deep blue we're talking about here, use buffs, weaken monster, continue to attack until your health gets low, heal, kill monster, rinse and repeat for 1000 more battles against the same enemies recoloured).

But it's about the story user, nigga please, are we really gonna go there about the average JRPG?

Look into your heart, you know it to be true :^)

I love Monster Hunter. If someone decides to revitalise the Souls series/formula, I hope they design it with a focus on co-op. Proper levels and non-boss enemies (and their placement) are two things MH doesn't have which could add a lot if they bumped up the complexity and difficulty enough for multiplayer to not be a cakewalk.


Is… is that really an area-accurate world map? I think this is the first time I've seen such a thing in a game.

Divinity isn't a JRPG, famalam. If you just do the same thing every time, unless you're rolling a really OP build, you're gonna get wrecked. Many of the mobs can kill you in a single turn even on normal