I know it doesn't make sense, but somehow removing flags increased Holla Forums shitposters by like 200%

I know it doesn't make sense, but somehow removing flags increased Holla Forums shitposters by like 200%

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True for some fucking reason, also you can't post more than one image and you can't post the same image twice.
Fix this

Why is our board not functioning unlike the others?


So much for free speech

It kept the sectarianism alive which made it more difficult for Holla Forums to engage in conversation without first having been bathed in the board's culture.

What the fuck is BO even god damn doing.

Fix this shit

I actually feel its the other way around. there is less sectarianism
AND the custom board CSS got nuked, I think its because something on the backend.

This isn't good. It allows other boards to infiltrate it more easily by making conversation more casual. No, it is not good. This board should not be about being comfortable. It should be about debate.

bring back angry cat flag you fucking homos

I know this sounds paranoid and retarded, but I'm honestly wondering if this is some attempt at a raid to subvert Holla Forums.
Points of interest:
Holla Forums has long hated the fact that this board has been on here
Holla Forums has been attempting to out-jew the Merchant at conspiracies and subversive tactics for a while now
Holla Forums has been slowly but steadily gaining in interest from a broader audience
Holla Forums has been using "go back to Holla Forums" on other sites for a little while now
A sudden increase in "socially conservative leftists" who are particularly interested in capitalism tying into various forms of social liberation
People talking about how the far-left and far-right are actually allies because of some (superficially) similar traits
The removal of flags that made it harder for them to pretend to be leftists (because then they'd need to show knowledge of what that flag should be posting) and the wordfilters that kept frustrating them trying to push their memes through
Holla Forums is, as far as I know, the only board that has had this sudden problem
Nobody seems to really know who owns Holla Forums ever since Hotwheels dropped off

I might be stupid, but it really seems like a convenient way for Holla Forumslacks to go and try to subvert people interested in leftism to become more socially conservative while stripping the people who have been here for a long time of their ability to see what's going on.

Flags weren't removed you dumbasses, the board is half broken and a lot of shit isn't working.

It makes perfect sense. That's part of our board culture. Take it away, and the volume of good posts decreases because people are (consciously or unconsciously) a bit alienated by it. I don't think Holla Forums shitposts actually increased (I could be wrong!), but the volume of good posts decreased. We aren't the kind of community that can really pull this shit - we need to get on it.

it is
they always have, it's nothing. we've seen it all before
see above
this has always happened, it has mostly been Holla Forums converts but the socialist boards shilling us as LITERALLY HITLER have attracted some of them nowadays
Nothing new, it has been happening basically since we got 500 members.
Still nothing new. This is why Nazbol and Strasserfags get banned, the first ones used it to try to shill far right politics.
I see your point but for all we know it could be BO accidentally fucking something up.
This fag called Jim hosts and owns it.

Yeah we do, though.
It's Jim.
And Jim fucking sucks.

I'm not imagining it then.

Huh… wow.

(((They))) are trying to SHUT IT DOWN.

Flags are kind of unecessary. I'm tired of every other thread having some asshole say "oops forget to remove shitposting flag".

OP here I agree all things being equal, but all things don't seem to be.

Well darn. You're very polite.

But I'm worried about people being too attached to labels on the left: i.e. "I'm a Marxist-Leninist Hoxhaist with Bordigan tendencies". Taking flags away at least lessens the fetishizing of labels.

also, you can't share pdfs anymore

A man can hope.

That's true

this, sectarianism is the only way to keep them out.

this is the end, it was fun while it lasted guys. maybe we'll meet again on the other side

I- I don't want it to end

His full name is Jim Profit, right? Fuck, I remember that guy, he used to shit up 4/tg/ with Narutard avatarfaggotry nearly a decade ago

If Jim Profit was running Holla Forums it would be a utopia. This is Jim Watkins. Pig farming sex tourist extraordinaire.

dude stop being 12, who cares it's not a bug it's a feature
this is good for leftists
kinda stupid but we all have 666 gpg encrypto'd archives to go through

Except quality has spiraled downward without the flags.


Also yoou can’t post .pdfs which sucks.