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What is antifa in other countries like?

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There is nothing wrong with supporting Corbyn, don't be a purist.
German antifa is the most loyal to it's movements origins, the Swedish one comes to mind but I don't know much of them, here they mostly dox nazis (or beat them up most of the time) and disrupt far-right demonstrations.

U.K. Antifa here you don't know what the fuck you are talking about maybe if you got out from behind the keyboard and actually got involved with leftist instead of repeating what you read in the liberal media you would know

Did you see his response to Charlottesville? The guy is a fascist sympathizer.

He was speaking objectively. Something that I know is impossible for your feeble mind to understand.

To sit here and say literally everyone that attended the Unite the Right event was a Nazi would be just as stupid as me saying anyone who opposed it was Antifa. Get fucked.


I thought UK antifa was alright, but I know more about their past than their present tbh

Burgers are just eternally asshurt they can't even get a Zionist right-socdem into an election race and are attempting to associate Brits with them constantly.

It wouldn't make sense even if they aren't - the American right has way more active authoritarians and more mainstream authoritarianism than the American left, even if we count liberals.

I'm really sick of bullshit like this. Since when is antifa supposed to be a representation of the left anyway? Why do you care about them being "driven by liberal idpol"? The one and only purpose of antifa is to be anti-fascist, whatever they are composed of and believe is irrelevant. Faggots like you only believe this type of shit because you're scared shitless by the propaganda of the right. Like "antifa will make the centrists move right".

Yeah, I mean the Klan and "Identitarians" and whathaveyou were there also so unfair

This guy is fucking spooked by right-wing propaganda. He's shitting his fucking pants with fear.

Half the time it's just Holla Forums doing this. They are obsessed with antifa because they routinely thwart their little virgin plans. Also there are a lot of leftists here who are also ex-Holla Forumstards who are still butthurt about the way antifa confronted GGers like Milo back in the day.

German antifa are best antifa

Ukrainian/Novorussian Antifa

Is there a faction that's super zionist though?

These are Anti-Germans. Neocon & jewaboo larpers in black bloc garb.

there are lots of tankies in some european antifa

This thread is about anti-fascists user, not actual fascists

This tbqfh. Also "ANTIFA" isn't even a banner commonly used in the UK: Unite Against Fascism is. I mean most of the shit they do is against the EDL: which is a post-fascist org. Also the vast majority of leftists have been opposed to the last labour government: because the left here doesn't cuck itself to neolibs. You know the current leader of the labour party was a major leader AGAINST the Blair government? Or the fact that McDonnell would publish a "People's budget" every year to piss off the gov?

Stop projecting because you're leftist movements are shit atm.


really makes me thingk

Trump is just Obama 3.0, who in reality was just Bush 2.0, who in reality was just Clinton 4.0, who in reality was just Regan/Bush Sr. 1.5 but this time lets trade tax-cuts for the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act. Unless were going to say every president for the last five decades or so were in some fashion fascists. Couldn't really blame you if you did look at it like that tbh

You aware that the original antifa was anti soviet and social fascist bullshit right?


The original Antifascitische action was post-third period united front organization between militants the KDP and SDAP after the Nazi joined the government.



That's the Iron front which was the counter-part to the communist Rote fronterkampferbund

It is just American antifa that's shit lets be real now.

They're actually Frankfurt Schoolers

heck where do I sign up?



That's not the OG antifaschistische action you blithering idiot.

Just wanted to share this glory.

Except, I'm an anti-German. I'm just telling you about their philosophy. The anti-Germans are informed heavily by Adorno's writings, as well as Benedict Anderson.

canada's antifa is shit

Shoo shoo CIA.

I wish american antifa was more centered around forming cooperatives and helping the destitute.

Greek antifa recruited a lot of Syrian refugees and made them leftist by giving them help and work. It's insane how it works much better than the EU provided aid: They all cooperate and put in some time to work, everyone has food to eat and place to sleep, decisions are made collectively and they even have english classes and workshops to train people. It didn't require big investors or anything: Just a bunch of punks deciding to band together after they realized their government is incompetent.

Imagine the potential this would have in a place full of immigrants and homeless people, such as Los Angeles. We would have a huge leftist grassroots movement right there.

Literally mad they don't fight other socialists lmao.
Which is it? Should they shut down gatherings with more force or should they let the Nazis have their "peaceful" rallies.
You sound like a tremendous faggot OP. Grow a pair and stop being half babby leftypol and half anarchist.

The unite the right was a Nazi event, deal with it.

That said, Trump is not a Nazi or even a fascist sympathizer, he just knows his audience includes fascists and is trying to play to them without attracting too much backlash from the rest of the country, hence the response to Charlottesville we saw.

Case solved.

You don't know what you're talking about my dude. Speaking from personal experience it seems to me your idea of what Antifa is comes entirely from Holla Forums and right wing talking points.


this looks very fake

I expect better than this

Please leave. Stop feeling bad about shit in the past, focus on the present and fucking GET OVER IT.

Canada the land of Consrervitive Antifa and Jewish Sargonites.

Oh it's very real

2 Golden Dawn members brutally murdered by an greek antifa thug few years ago

Here's the source

what manner of cuckoldry is this

pic related. nevr5get


Do you cry about Nazis that were killed before WW2 started too?

UAF and antifa are two completely different things you dickhead. British antifa is the AFN, formerly AFA. Seriously I have never, not once, seen a criticism of antifa on leftypol that looked remotely like it came from someone who had any real life experience with left wing activism, let alone any experience with antifa.

all human life is valuable, regardless of the political opinion those people hold



being pro-freedom of expression is pure liberal drivel, as is believing that Republicans won't side with Nazis when the Revolution comes. All Republicans will need to be gulag'd or shot, I'm afraid. Also, freedom of expression should absolutely not be allowed under socialism - socialist freedom of expression means no tolerance for Reactionaries.

Even fucking nazis?

They were members of a fascist party

Wrong. The life of those who oppose the revolution is worthless.

Either you're a Holla Forumstard falseflagger or just simply retarded, in any case, cease being retarded.

Nazis aren't some separate species, they're individuals who think and believe the way they do because of specific reasons. Don't be so arrogant to think you wouldn't be just like them if you didn't experience the life they did.

You can't seriously tell me you'd support freedom of expression under Communism. No society actually allows freedom of expression - those that say they do are lying and have more obscure means of silencing threats. No, freedom of expression should not be allowed outside of, say, a Hundred Flowers Campaign-type scenario, imo


No, it shouldn't. It's a tool by which enemies gain power.

As long as anti-communist laws are on the books in western countries fascists should be prevented from participating in the public sphere by any means necessary.

No only is that pure idealism, you're not saying which enemies. It seems like an entity that wishes to limit freedom of expression, speech, belief, etc. is the real enemy.

No one should read goldman


Once Communism is established, enemies might include reactionaries, racists, etc.

An enemy is anyone not devoted to Communism, and is thus a class enemy.

You don't sound very committed to Communism if you have no desire to create a free society.

A free society is not one that allows racists, fascists, and other reactionaries to exist.

>>>Holla Forums

Reactionary thought will dwindle away with the state during socialism, partly because the material conditions that produce it will be abolished and also because anyone actively promoting it will be removed from society.


Stop being a petty moralist idealist. Opinions and ideas have no power, it doesn't matter if someone is racist if they have no ability to force their racism onto society. The presence of unfortunate opinions is a minuscule sacrifice in order to have a free society that doesn't restrict unpopular viewpoints.

Your shitposting isn't an argument. Tolerance of differing viewpoints is a necessary trait in order to have a healthy and free society.

humanists out, this is an anti-humanist board

Even when you are incapable of defeating said unfortunate viewpoints? Right or wrong, this is the case at the moment.

Nazitards who internalized their own meme about how "communists aren't people" get the beating they deserve. At that point its self-defense.

What happens when one of those viewpoints is intentionally dishonest and argues things in bad faith?
Speech is not something that has no effect nor control on society. It is an action as potentially dangerous as many others.

what if it were not dishonest, or in bad faith?
Would you still be justified in censorship?

It's not ideas we're fighting against. It is irrelevant if Fascists and racists exist if they have no power. Under Communism, they firstly likely wouldn't even have those beliefs because the material conditions would be radically different, and secondly if those beliefs were that bothersome you just wouldn't associate with them. They're dangerous now because they do or could have the power to project them onto the world, although I would disagree with them even being anywhere near as dangerous as the present system the world exists under.

Words cannot be dangerous, only the actions that might inspire, but even then they cannot inspire anything if there wasn't already material conditions that created people and circumstances willing to do those actions. People believe and advocate for all sorts of insane shit, often dishonestly and in bad faith, but the vast majority of it is recognized as insane and the people advocating for it as being dishonest fucks.

If someone goes on a mass murder and says they did it because the Koran commands it (lets take for granted it does, whether it actually does), it'd be insane to blame the book or the preacher for what the guy did and not the real circumstances that caused him to think it was a good idea to shoot a bunch of people because of what a book said.

Which viewpoints?

All movements start somewhere. You have to nip them in the bud by jailing anticommunists, racists, and their ilk immediately.

anticommunism, racism, and their ilk

It shouldn't be that hard to defeat either. Racism is scientifically wrong, and evil. Marxism is scientifically correct.

jesus christ, "anti-sectarian" is a fucking mental illness. catch a noose revisionist.

well at least you're confident

You just need to convince enough people for a revolution. Then opposing ideas are irrelevant, because you can just gulag their proponents.

What a fucking crisis of identity.

yes it is dude

fascists are not human my friend

Antifa is controlled opposition more news at 11.

That really is a cult like belief.

Australian Antifa
>also gave us this fuckwit

Oh no, how terrible, two nazis got put down. What a loss for the world

The Brit antifas I believe have actually started some squatting movements in rich Russian houses

Carl, lay off the Kool-Aid.

This is the opposition to a golden dawn rally in Australia around 2 years back, looks pretty different mate

This board's equivalent of redpill me on the redneck revolt. What is it? Whats the point? Is it growing?

Australian Antifa

You can see the antifa guys behind the tradies. I can guarantee you that none of the tradies give a single fuck about antifa or its politics, they just use them to achieve their own ends. I've seen a few of their joint operations, which consist of rich uni students going down to a build site/picket for the first time in their lives to bring them pizza (bought with money allocated by the students' society) and to get pics for Facebook. The whole thing is a fucking joke, and I've heard numerous manual workers refer to them as faggots etc. who just do it for attention. Most tradies are not only completely class cucked, they are TBC-tier nationalists. At most, they are idpol'd liberals who just want a bigger share of the government/company payout at the end.

OHHHHHHHOHOHOOO MY GOD you are one complete and total faggot. It's like the context in which one of you spergjobs that had your little tiki playgroup in charlottesville said, "we believe in freedom [expression, you'll just get BTFO if you prove to be fascist]"

back to r/the_donald short bus with you, little buddy.

Back to /r/anarchism

You do realize that screenscap shows antifascists flat out murdering fascists, right? How is that for "muh freeze peach"…?

Did you read OP? Did you notice the 3rd paragraph?

Like antifa, it's just Redneck Revolt. We're not antifa, however. Our aim is counter-recruitment, mostly. Tabling gunshows, providing security at (mostly liberal) protests, organizing clean-ups in communities, doing homeless drops is what my chapter generally does. Well, and shitposting. We've mostly fended off idpol because it screams liberalism, though ofc we're considerate.

Seems to be growing, or at least our chapter is recruiting. We're a horizontal org, though, so I literally couldn't tell you about how many members we've got.

Even if the idpol still got in, simply despooking liberals about guns would be a massive accomplishment.

Why is Anglo Antifa so shit?

Showing them good guys with guns is part of the mission.

He even double tapped, daammmmn