How would the following exist under communism?

Hard mode: You don't simply respond with "nah buddy I don't personally like this one so it shouldn't exist at all"

why would they stop existing tho

The same way it is now. Porn doesn't require a massive crew and takes signifigantly less time to edit than a movie does.
Humanities fags who like playing it.
Musicians hanging out. Probably more garage and street hip-hop than the post 90's popstar.
We'd probably see less blockbuster films and see more shit that doesn't require an army of cgi artists or other digital effects. So we trade in Avengers 10: The Search for More Money Part 3/7 for stuff like The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Hard Eight
Almost all sinful stuff existed before capitalism and with the exception of prostitution will exist after capitalism.

people produce those things for profit

How are we supposed to know? We can't see into the future.

i'm sure you thought this thread appeared to be much better in your head. You're just showing lack of general knowledge in your bait.
Classical music is dying nowdays with capitalism. Not even rich people listen to that anymore. They listen tot he same crap as the average McDonald's worker. Meanwhile in USSR the Television used to broadcast classical musical, dancing and theater all the time. There's even a joke that while USSR was collapsing the tv was broadcasting the "Sawn Lake" by Tchaikovsky

Define pop music? Pop music is a very generic label. I don't what you mean by it

Well produced movies? Again…go watch "War and Peace" made in USSR back in the 1960's. There's scenes in there with 15.000 extras on set.

Alcohol is traditional in my and many countries it shouldn't stop existing. Tobacco an cannabis are non issues.

Will stop existing
More prominent than now
More avant-garde
More avant-gard
More quality than now. Seriously, chep shit won't exist.

Basically you'd have mostly amateur porn and the high-production-value stuff that's mainstream right now would become niche because there'd be no money in it and it doesn't add all that much. People would probably be more open about sexuality by then so porn production would become even more of a commonplace hobby than it is now, and people would share all kinds of information about how to have a more fulfilling sex life. It would be great.

Music software is already extremely accessible, as well as education, meaning people can compose all kinds of shit (as they currently do). The lack of money in the process would mean that musicians (of whom there would be more due to increased leisure time) would have more freedom to choose what they would play. Live performance would also be much more open and would not come with all the trappings of high society. Orchestras would probably become significantly more diverse as well, since they'd be mostly hobbyists putting together whatever instruments they have. As such classical music would become much more eclectic and ephemeral, individual performances having a more unique character and contributing to a more genuine shared experience.

Without record labels controlling things and top XX charts, people would have to look for stuff on their own to build their tastes and musical taste would be far less homogenized. "Pop" music would either become obsolete or would just refer to the artists who get the most popular (and in this case they would not be the hyper-commercialized, sanitized shit that's popular now because nobody wants to make that their sound).

We'd get more films like the original Star Wars or District 9, where there's not that much of a "budget" but people make the most of it and have to get creative. Expect adaptations out the ass once copyright no longer exists, and popular stuff will get lots of willing people to work on it.

This would still happen but everything would be a lot safer because transparency would be greatly increased and we'd have the time/resources to study safety and contaminants. The basic drive for people to smoke or get drunk would be reduced as the stresses of capitalism evaporate, but people would still engage in drugs for fun and personal expansion. Rather than more dangerous hard drugs like tobacco and alcohol we'd have greater production of party drugs like ecstasy, and psychedelics would probably become extremely popular.

Professional porn, probably not. The porn industry is exploitative as fuck and is run by disgusting porky fucks who should be gulagd. Homemade will continue to exists, as there are genuinely some that like making porn of themselves but id imagine that much less porn would be produced then now due to there being no need to go into porn for financial reasons.
Sure, you are free to do what you want. If you and a bunch of musicians and composers want to found a classical musicians union or something go for it.
Same as with the classical music. Want to make pop music? Then just do it.
Sure. Maybe some artists unions or something decide to make movies, whatever.
Probably. I would personally like for most drugs to be legal and regulated with "hard" drugs decriminalised. But if no one is poor, then the incentives to illegally produce and sell drugs will most likely disappear

there will be no need for pornography. every man will have vouches to access vagani.
all classical society will be abolished for communism.
only red army choir will exist of communism.
still exist, but only access in politburo
alcohol and tobacco exist. cannabis users will have GULAG.

They will exist however you want them to exist, because communism will empower you to determine what society produces, along with the general will of the people.

And where does the profit come from?

for profit pornography is the worst kind there is. Amateur stuff is better and there's more of it so

Why would any of these stop existing?

Communism does not have commodity production. These things would hopefully be consumed less because there is less of a need to do it.

By people making or growing all these things. Either in their free time, or as part of the planned economy in exchange for labour vouchers.

If we're talking about garbage rehashed pop music and Michael Bay films then sure.

Yeah, cause the Soviets weren't know as huge patrons of classical music with several noteworthy composers.

Can you recommend me some names I want to listen to that shit

The composer in the MP4 related was Dmitri Shostakovich.

There's also Sergei Prokofiev, Aram Khachaturian, Alfred Schnittke, Georgy Sviridov et al.

People value artistic quality for its own sake.
Prove me wrong.

Banned. No sex for the enemies of sex.
Soviet Union did this right.
Content to be reviewed by a panel before release.
Soviet Union had great movies.
Banned just as Lenin did.

Would hard drugs - cocaine, heroine etc be legal under communism?

Watch the soviet film war and peace.

OP here. Thanks for these unironic replies, I feel like my brainlet mind learned something today.

They produce them because at the very base of it all it's a Value


Something that exists because it has value. The current economic system sees that value as exchange value

exchange value

Read Marx.

most of your list is fine but

non-amateur porn would obviously be banned. Do you really think theres gonna be state run porn studios? BULLSHIT its exploitative towards women inb4 spooks both sexually and economically and without the economic coercion of having to work for a wage + free state education 99% of the women doing porn now would simply do something else and the remaining 1% who do it for non economic reasons (maybe exhibitionist) would just put it online in their spare time and do a regular job in the meantime.


this dudes idea of communism is obviously supreme leader Stalin giving us healthcare


and thus
the thread ended

exclusively amateur porn that does not exploit either party or 2d porn
not entirely sure since classical music was created in the past and time travel doesnt real
literally just whatever is popular, pop is short for popular
we already have the infrastructure to produce this, so we'd just need good writers and actors
we already have the infrastructure to produce these things, we'd simply need individuals who possess a desire to produce them

Most of those thing would flourish because capitalism disregards genuine people with actual talent. Your average person doesn't really have the time to sit down and search for more niche entertainment so the highly marketable action movie/pop hit/club banger is convenient. The bad health things will obviously be legal and regulated to keep children from taking them. But, I would be baffled as to why pornography would continue to be the same when the vast majority of the porn industry exists only to make a profit. I think if anything the porn industry will be much, much smaller/become an extremely niche interest seeing that most actors don't actually like being recorded completely nude starting their careers, it's only after so many shots is when it gets comfortable for them. A lot pornstars will also tell people they did it for money too. And then the demand for pornography will certainly drop as more people socialize and become less alienated.

It should be made legal now to avoid black markets and the violence that comes with it. And we should be treating addicts like any other patient who goes to a hospital instead of throwing them in prison to become proficient in crime.

I'll just repost what I wrote in another thread:

There really is no point of "banning" porn because porn consumption (and subsequently porn creation) in communism will more likely then not decrease to a near niche or artistic level. I feel habitual porn consumption is like any other unhealthy habit, you don't indulge in it necessarily because you suddenly became "addicted" to it but because on some level you feel unfulfilled in your life and you have problem you are trying to avoid/mitigate. The hope is that in communism people will go out and indulge in the healthy activities they always wanted to and which they were naturally inclined to anyway. Very few people actually want to do porn and most people don't necessarily want to be watching it, what they really want is meaningful relationships and someone they can share themselves authentically and genuinely with. Porn in its current form serves more as a way coping with with either not having a relationship or not being in a functional one or some other underlying problem.
Music isn't somehow inherent to capital, people who want to make it will Pop probably in lesser amounts though
Movies will cease to be commodified and will return to the authentic art form that it should be regarded as
People who want to make these things will, but their consumption would probably become niche and rare. Studies show drug users tend to turn to drugs to avoid or deal with other problems in their lives they have difficulty coping with rather then suddenly becoming addicted to a drug after taking it one time. A good example of this is the drastic difference in drug use between WW2 and Vietnam vets. Where as the former came home to resounding public and familial support from a war that people could find a "purpose" in, the latter was the opposite.

Today is called amateur porn and people do it for fun
Orchestras started because there was an audience that demanded them and musician liked to play together. You will see music companies like there are now but I don't think the audience will grow much

that's some normie shit

People would make art that they want to make and want other people to enjoy. So I don't really see the problem with any of those besides maybe pop (depends on your definition I guess. The same genres would exist but genres would probably be a bit more distinct since they wouldn't strictly be trying to appeal to the general audience), and also depending on what makes a well-produced film.
There wouldn't be some porky sitting around demanding that the talent put in thousands of man-hours of work into making something slightly flashier than before. People might still do it anyway though, idk how arty people think.

Commercial pornography is usually shit because porn stars are disgusting and the sex is unnatural. It's easy as fuck to produce some porn, just get a camera and do something sexual. Classical music comes from a pursuit of art and tradition (which are incompatible with capitalism), it goes sour when capitalistic pigs dip their hands in, like everything else (not a dirty commie but capitalism forces everything, every item, every person, every action, into commercial produce - which invariably makes the quality and originality decline). Pop music is terrible and wouldn't be entertained by anyone without the consumerist structure advertising/enforcing it. You'd instead have local music that was popular but nothing so broad-reaching and enforced on everyone. Well-produced movies are always a result of artistic endeavour, most of them come from independent sources. There is no reason this can't be entertained, of course for some forms of communism it would be severely repressed, it depends on if you value artistic pursuit or not. Honestly there is nothing inherently valuable about industry-level artistic pursuit, we're just used to it. Sinful commodities are probably better removed but again, why would they? They have great benefit on the morale of society. If people desire them, they will be made.

Classical music was more valued in the soviet union

I don't see the problem in saying that maybe you should think a little about the priorities you set since you might realize they aren't as crucial to your life as you think/as your authorities made it out to be. There are people living fulfilling lives without porn, it's not needed for a happy existance at all.

That said you can still keep your fags and vodka after the revolution because there is no reason for them not to exist. Supply and demand will not be canceled.

Art and culture wouldn't simply disappear because we reorganize society differently. Obviously, if people would still want to make pop music then they will, even though it would probably sound different from the commercial crap we have today. Same with movies, I doubt there would be any glossy blockbuster Hollywood movies, since they are made primarily to make money for big studios, if anything we would probably see smaller more well written (now dubbed "indie") movies that are made solely for artistic merit.

You mean expensive crap made just to rake in money without any artistic ambition?

Yeah, OP… I really wonder how that would exist in a post-capitalistic society…

I'd imagine movies and porn would movie back to the indie scene because owning the means of production, a good thing. Drugs? Doctors would probably prescribe more cannabis/psychotropic, alcohol and tobacco will still exist but would not be in such high demand.

degenerates go to the gulag

For stuff that requires a studio system (IE a big budget movie or game) I would say people with a proven track record are given the reins while others are paid labour vouchers to work on that guy's movie. People can move up the 'ranks' of say short film making by making a short film on their own time that gets popular, and they can then choose to produce those full time for pay, or move up to produce a low budget film with staff under them, moving up from there if that is a success and so on. Alternatively a team member who loyally works on the films of others while providing good ideas of their own to better the projects might be given a chance to head their own low budget work (thus providing another way into leadership).

You may ask, well won't this just lead to the kind of cynical profit seeking movies like the avengers that we are under capitalism? Not in my mind because there are no financial motives to leading a project, the only reason to move up the ranks is if you are genuinely interested in expressing your artistic ideas. There would be no point in doing so if you were only going to produce shallow mass market drivel that you didn't want to make.

Open access to a webcam, open access to a piano, pot with seeds in it.

Or in other words, no one is excluded from the means of production, and people organize themselves.

You're not fooling anybody, Holla Forums

he literally said there would be a less weed, are you retarded?

I disagree without the porn thing, I think the massive increase is simply because its more available and easier to get it. Plenty of insane amateur porn exists and probably 1/10 of the entire population has tried their hand at drawn porn. Aside from those who are addicted, I don't think it's anything more than that humans really like sex. Stuff like furry porn isn't indicative of some deep need to fuck a dog, but it's just a fantasy that's fun to partake in when you have some free time. You could take any other form of entertainment from video games to literature and apply some bullshit Freudian/Marxist theory to it, but in reality no one is 100% productive and will have time to burn on primal-instinct fulfillers.

Why wouldn't we make alcohol and weed, achmed?

Stop being utopian.

Kinky exhibitionists doing what they love. Porn production does not have big material requirements anyway. I doubt we'd make or even need as much porn in a world where dating and sex are no longer, or at least less commodified than they are today, though.

Already kept alive by passionate people doing it for the art. Everybody in the field but a few privileged have trouble surviving from their music. A society that takes care of those needs would free them to pursue their passion full-time, so culture would flourish.

Would live on as a bunch of genres. The overpaid, overhyped glitterati that spearhead those would have to cut back on the hookers and blow, mansions and sports cars but we'll all be better off for it, themselves included considering the death rate of such stars.

Profit-driven hundred-million-bucks blockbusters would disappear, but large-scale cooperative movies would still be possible if a director or group of creators has the vision and charisma to pull enough people into their project, really. Indie movies will be doing great, we'll be seeing REAL KINO. 1920s Soviet Russia, before Stalin banned fun, saw some movies come out that are still considered avant-garde today eveb though the place was far from being a communist utopia.

Assuming no-fun-banned Real Communism (TM)? Either grow/brew your own or get some from the guy who makes the really good stuff and refills the communal beer/kush stashes.

Schnittke is fucking out of this world, I highly recommend his string quartets.