Virtually all scientists even the ones given big cash by oil companies admit that we have crossed the Rubicon and the...

Whats even the use in achieving socialism/communism at this point?
Were fucking doomed we completely ruined the planet and we only had one of it
No amount of Ecology or Environmentalism will help we have LONG passed the stage when that could have helped
Scientists dont even talk about STOPPING climate change now scientists just talk about "reducing the damage"

Were fucked

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False. The general consensus is that we are fucked if we CONTINUE this way, but if we change our course in the next decade or so, the damage will existent but not extreme. A lot of what is written is blown out of proportion by shitty media reports. Things still are looking pretty shit, though.

But we wont thats quite obvious at this point to me at least

Is there any chance some "enlightened" technocrat a la zucc/musk might fund a huge project to make a ton of carbon dioxide eating machines? What the fuck better are they doing with their time

Building spaceships to get a planet we will never get the chance to colonize and collecting peoples private info to get some more porky points

Solution: abolish industry and therefore capitalism

It's a win win.

I was going to put on an AnNihil flag and say "and nothing of value was lost" but flags are gone.

We'll dig bunkers and become an underground race.

It's possible. There are huge swathes of a special type of mineral in many places on earth that can absorb CO2, but this is a slow process.
Speeding it up to counteract our emissions is possible, but will require drilling many holes in them and pumping it in there under high pressure and temperature. Very expensive.

Climate change is only one of several earth-destroying problems.

What if some leet hackers got into the mainframe for nuclear weapons systems and then targeted the HQs of fossil fuel companies? If the corporations that exist now got taken out, would that cause enough disruption or at least removed the entrenched interests enough so that we could shift our focus onto the now more affordable but bad for oil tycoons renewable energy sources?

What could possibly be as pressing?

Not that guy but deforestation is also huge, contributes to global warming (forests being a carbon sink), and causes the irreversible extinction of huge numbers of species.

The corporation does not exist in the HQ, it exists as the relation of the owner to its property and its employees, and the relation of the employees to eachother.
much easier to just firebomb the office building the high-up management guys convene in and watch them drop in stock value

Well capitalism is the source of Climate change…

What said, probably pollution, CFCs and deforestation are the biggest problems long-term. They'd cause floods and droughts which would not only hurt us, but the entire planet.

But could we think about pollution as a whole, not just fossil fuel emissions? We're constantly dumping toxic waste into our water supplies, and eventually that toxic waste could absorb into our fruits, vegetables, and herbs (also see: Fracking)

Even our food and drinks are processed in heavily toxic chemicals. We bleach our bread, we spray poison on our fruits, we put "low-doses" of poison in our water "to keep it clean [from bacteria]"

Oh things like deforestation, acidification of oceans, etc any environmental change I would put under the category of climate change.

Though acid is also a problem, don't forget about the Mercury, petroleum and lead that's dumped into our oceans, that don't have much of a pH difference.

Jesus fucking christ

…ocean acidification is not from acid being dumped in the ocean. It's from CO2 being absorbed from the atmosphere into the ocean. It's directly related to carbon emissions.

This wouldn't have happened if Brother Number One had won.

Posadism is starting to seem like the only hope for us

Hellooo 2004, how's April Lavigne?

what kind of stupid fucking question is that
hurrr why do you want to live a better life don't you know the planet will purportedly be shit 200 years from now
heads up smartypants, i'm alive now

We will run out of oil before we fuck our planet to oblivion. Nature will always find ways to win.

Peak oil was already supposed to have happened. These graphs exist to inflate prices.

Hello 2010

Don't worry, a huge solar flare will hit within the next one hundred years and kill off most of humanity in the "food not being delivered, communications gone, electronic wealth in banks instantly destroyed (that is, your money unless you have it tucked under the bed, not porky who has his wealth tied up in actual assets to show for his cash, like, say, apocalypse shelters and private planes to fly to paradise island)" mad max style apocalypse that follows.

Don't be such a baby, there are only two outcomes:

that is a silly idea that doesn't work

If you look at Europe, you can see that nature has creeped back since the 70's when barely a frog was heard anymore.

Enviromental itshappeningism is just another necessity to our linear conception of time.

True, We can only either improve production quality through diplomacy, or destroy it by force.

But it seems like force will be the only thing that will make a difference, because peaceful protesting against fossil fuels and CFCs hasn't stopped the big porkies. We have to fight back [spark a revolution]

sure is working huh? just ask the venezuelians :^)

do you believe oil is not a finite resource?

And billions will die.

Is that a troll or a leftist who don't understand market basic rules? Venezula was fucked over because now oil is plentiful. Should have invested in sportball clubs like the towelheads.

Luxury is the source of climate change. It can be ended overnight if we destroy the entire electrical grid and go back to living in caves as hunter-gatherers.

You're right. Take the Rafiq pill.

at what cost? you might have in mind shale oil in the usa but consider how expensive it is to get it out of the ground, how sustainable is that?
we already have extracted the easy-to-get resources, we as consumers can't afford high prices, and producers can't afford such low prices, we're fucked.

Honest question time now for everyone: if you had a virus or nanobot or something that was guaranteed to exterminate every human and nothing else, would you release it? I used to side with the heroes in these types of plots but now I honestly don't know. Do humans deserve extinction for all we've done to the natural world?

Google Bookchin

Read Rafiq

Stop forcing this shitty meme

Only a brainlet reacts this way to a good theory poster. Fuck off and stop lowering the quality of theory threads.

Memes are fascist. Read Rafiq.

Rafiq's post on ecology clearly demonstrates that they are so unfamiliar with ecology beyond deep ecology and so up to their chin in the Dunning Kurger Effect, that they are unfit to speak about radical ecology at any length



how embarrassing

Unreadable in the format of the picture, not the quality of writing.

Next time someone has a question about economics I'll just dump the pages of a PDF of Capital in the thread because apparently that's what theory posting is according you imbeciles.


Where in fuck did you find this wojak?

literally a necessity for environmentalism

I'm serious, someone had better tell me where they found this wojak.

They are spammed on 4chan's /biz/ if you are looking to collect them.


Billions of people are alive
Billions of people will die

Unless we reach some kind of immortality or mind transference, all billions of people will die. The only question is if there will be billions more to replace them who will also die.

"Whats even the use in achieving socialism/communism at this point?"

The creation of communism will be assisted by environmental collapse and possible nuclear war.
Long live the Posadist ideology.

Most European countries understand that an out of control birthrate and dirty energy sources will ruin the earth. Unfortunately they also allow the Muslim/Indian/African cultures which do those exact things to shit all over Europe.

Someone doesn't understand history.
In the 19th century Europeans also had skyrocketing birth rates.
Racist dirtbag.

and then they went and colonized a bunch of other countries lmao

Perhaps then we'll flourish thanks to our ways and collaboration, whilist majority dies starving from lack of bread that their benovelant overlords used to exploit them for.

Did I just go full armchair or posadist?

I usually see pink wojaks there; this is clearly at least one level above a pink wojak.

The earth is fine. It, and life, have survived literal asteroid impacts. Eventually, it will get burned up by the sun and it won't matter. Just ride the Kali Yuga you black pilled faggots.

The cooling effect from the particulates thrown up by atomic war would only cool the planet for a few decades. Carbon emissions work on the scale of several centuries.

Yeah no thanks, I like living without having to kill others over water and food. You act as if it's a far off problem you don't need to concern yourself with in your lifetime. I'm already experiencing the effects of climate change in my personal life first hand. Trees are dying in droves due to invasive species migrating North. The trees that aren't dying yet aren't turning vibrant colours in fall anymore because of all the warm weather and I loved fall for that. Wars are erupting all over the world due to the food shortages and who knows when conscription will start up again to deal with it and I don't want to die or be thrown in prison for some spooky state.