Western family unit ceases to exist

Can socialists explain how a Japan kind population issue would be dealt with in a communist society?
Like you cant just make people have kids

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Artificial wombs. I'm not even being ironic.

Why couldn't communist society sustain itself with less people?

why would we need massive populations in an age of unprecedented mechanical & computing power…?

earth is overpopulated. africa is projected to reach 2.5bn people by 2050. population decrease would be a good thing

Natalist campaign, they actually quite effective when high living standards and good wages prop it up.

I don't think people would stop having children just because the traditional family unit breaks down. People would still form romantic relationships and pair bondings, also plenty of people would reproduce out of obligation to their society and their communes. Then, instead of being raised in hierarchal nuclear families they'd be raised in a more collective/communal fashion, like it was done in the past.

Also this.

Fuck off. Brave New World tier.

Already failed.

People have better standards=/=less childs.
Look at how many child hollywood actors have

Well certain industrial systems would still require large amounts of people to operate including some forms of industrial agriculture

But What if people dont wish to donate sperm/eggs?

But if the population and eventually the human race dwindels down to nothing whats even the point of having socialism/communism?

Im talking about a FULL communist society
A Natalism campaign couldnt be coordinated on a worldwide basis

Because people still age, and older people need help, and we are pretty much decades/centuries away from "humanoid robot helper maids" tech.

Someone's depraved fetish will become reality.

I got a japanese girl pregnant last month and she had an abortion immediately after she tested positive. I asked her to keep the baby, but she kept coming up with excuses. Jap government brainwashed the hell out of her generation into not having kids.

Thanks to capitalism promoting narcisim and individualism yes people would rather spend money on fucking smartphones, videogames, clothes than having kids.
Also because peopel are individualist and narcisist they don't want to get marry and jump ship as soon as the first problem appears. Too lazy to do something about becaus their relationship wasn't like that retarded hollywood film.
And peopel being narcisist and individualist they don't want to take care of their old parents. They rather abandon them to their luck or in the best case scenario put them in retirement homes.
Nope. Today's religions are Consumerism and Football(handegg if you're american). Shopping malls are the new cathedrals where the herd goes to express their faith in the money-god. Look how churches are empty whiel shopping malls and sports arenas are filled with people.
People will have kids again when the New Socialist Man is born
Is already collapsing
pure bs

Well yeah, but slightly sub-replacement level birthrates aren't going to lead to apocalyptic level depopulation.

There's absolutely no way that would be so prevalent that it'd create a population deficit. Especially in the thoroughly de-spooked world that OP describes.

I'm sorry you hate women so much that you don't want to free them from the toil of reproductive labor user, but I on the other hand respect women :^)

People have better sex lives under socialist states and have more time to have kids. See the USSR, in which the population increased. If I don’t live in a capitalist shithole, you can take time off work to have children, and the process itself is more fulfilling since you aren’t overburdened by work

Read Shulamith Firestone.

The actual reason for this is because more women in the west have to seek a a creer today then 30 years ago and kids take time that isn't available anymore.
Besides, people don't get kids because of "mu morals" or relijon, but because fucking is fun and getting kids is a basic human instinct.
Too bad capitalism is so anti-human.

People are working longer hours for less pay and a drastically smaller safety net than their parents. Many can't even get into relationships to begin with because they have enough free time to count on their dick. It's not like the industrial era, where a child meant you would have extra hands to bring in cash and a means not to starve to death when you are older, a child is a gigantic money sink that many people cannot afford.

Practically everybody I've worked with has said a variant of "I want kids but I can't because [financial reason]", especially housing debt. Not only is there no reason to have a kid, but having a kid can literally destroy your life as you can't reconcile your workload to pay off loans and debts with a child. I'd argue that it was easier and 'better and easier' to live under 70s socdem states (unless you were a nigger or gay) than it is nowadays with drastically higher costs, drastically higher debt and less social mobility, so I doubt "Things are just TOO GOOD" is a valid reason.

How much of an autist are you?

Care to develop?

Nutting inside during the incredible amount of sex we will all be having will be encouraged. Also sperm donors.

No need to. Nature has wired us to want kids. The current situation is caused by overpopulation and certain shit-tier ideologies (feminism and other idpol). The human population is about to drop to sustainable levels, and idpol will die out with the tards who follow it. Those of us who stick to human nature will form families and have grandchildren in a world with fewer people and more resources pr cap.

You've got it totally backwards. Modern technology allows a tiny amount of labor to provide abundance for all, as long as we have enough natural resources. But if we keep expanding our population we won't. So if we can manage to limit our birthrate, maybe even contract our population somewhat, we could live in a technological paradise, but if we can't, we'll be doomed to squalor.

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Where the fuck do you get your information? Why are rightards both so subhumanly stupid and simultaneously so confident they go ahead and post shit thats been debunked a 100 hundred times, thinking they are posting some new groundbreaking shit that will surely BTFO all those scary, evil commies.

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These two things often go hand in hand.

Population decline is not a bad thing.

it's only an issue because capitalism requires fresh workers to feed into the system. a declining population means a declining workforce capable of earning a wage; which leads to less consumption; which means rising inequality as the older generation monopolizes a relatively larger proportion of societal wealth; and in turn this means growth across the economy as a whole suffers as the elderly concentrate wealth and the youth have none to earn. that's the issue in japan. that and their ridiculous workplace culture that demands people die from overtime and never take holidays despite it actually contributing to declining productivity on top of the demographic decline. oh, and don't forget the ongoing destruction of the salaryman. it's temp workers dying now, on the whole.

so to answer the question, why the fuck would there be a population "crisis" in a world without capitalism? we need to produce and consume less, not grow the population more in order to prop up this retarded system.

holy fuck who are you to decide whether she keeps it or not? you didn't even imply you'd marry her how retarded are you to think she'll just obey you cause you say so. I find it funny too that you attribute this to "japanese propaganda"

This 100%

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