Antifa got spooked

i don't like antifa but this is golden

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Ever since their inception they were the militant arm of socdem porkies

what did you think their dumb circle symbol meant?

How hopeless is it?

The aussie antifa doesn't even care about the aboriginal natives anymore, they just want to replace them with muslims and chinese.

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australia is dull: the country. nothing radical or scary is allowed. just drink your beer and watch your football and tell everyone how great the beaches are

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I knew Shayne Hunter.

Okay the deal is he has serious fucking mental issues and basically became alt-right because feminists criticised him on facebook for basically being a sexist douche.

He hangs out with actual Fash now it seems so yeah, he's being hyperbolic as fuck.
Also the fact we talked last year about the fact that AFP caught right wingers trying to take guns to rallies to shoot leftists, means he's just completely playing to the alt-right crap with this nonsense.

It's sad that Shayne has done this because he was one the most dedicated Aboriginal rights activists I knew. But his ego along with his mental health issues couldn't take being critiqued for sexist shit he was saying on facebook so he switched sides and now does the whole "SJW rational" shit on youtube it seems.
Another reason it's sad is Shayne converted A LOT of Libertarians to Left Anarchism or Socialism. He was a public face for Australian far-left activism.

no he's not the "founder" of Antifa, as he admits, he only got into the left (from being ancap) due to Syria shit. But he was a notable anarchist and aboriginal rights campaigner.

T. Butthurt bordigist trying to break up the popular front in order to bend over for Mussolini's organic cock


So he's just some rando wankstain that rocked up to a handful of indigenous rallies and the ~two Antifa / UPF slapfights in Sydney? How is he a public face for anything? Was he high up in some anarchist group or some shit?

He's a semi-well known comedian among the comedy circuit, ran anarchist youtube channel and did quite a bit of agitation in terms of like soap boxing on city corner streets, handing out flyers etc.
I don't know if he was high up, but he was involved in that squatter anarchist bookstore collective.
That's him here.

He's gone Fash now because from my perspective, a bunch of feminists were calling out shit he said and did on Facebook, I wasn't aware of the sexual assault allegations but it wouldn't surprise me, the dude is fucking unstable as fuck and had serious mental health issues. I would almost say like Biploar or something.
Also I'm not an Anarchist but the left in Australia is a bit smaller so you run into people a lot and Shayne was someone I had a lot of contact and talked shit with. It's really sad he's become Fash and is hanging out with fuckstain neonazis like Lovelifeandanarchy because he couldn't engage in self criticism or get help for his mental issues but what you gonna do.

Antifa in general is shit but this guy is spooked as hell.

I also knew Shayne Hunter.

He used to be a full ancap, then kindof became an ancom, then nobody really knows what happened after that- he kindof dropped out of shit and started to get a bit cooked, now it appears he hangs out with people who are a bit fashy.

It's really crap, because he used to be a really committed activist, would actually listen to people from different perspectives and ideas and not be all sectarian like some people would. There were a few problems in the local anarchist community with rich kids with epic mental health issues dragging everyone down ("I'm trans, who cares if my parents are multi-millionaire parents who pay for everything, I'm oppressssseddd!!11!"), and Shayne was one of the people who helped deal with that and had the spine to actually stand up to them. That he's gone the way he has instead of trying to deal with his stuff is a bit crap, especially the way he's done all this so publicly.

Was there anything to the sexual assault allegations, anyway? I just always figured it was a jilted ex, this seems a bit… meh.

I never saw them, but on facebook he started to go down the while "anti-SJW" road and started saying a lot of sexist shit and get in a lot of arguments with female comrades.
He moved to Brisbane I think and as you said, fell off the radar and dropped out of shit. I noticed a few weeks back I had been blocked by him because I wanted to introduce him to someone I knew, I found it quite strange. Now he shows up again talking to News Corp and spouting "Cultural Marxism Soros plot" on Youtube hanging out with pieces of shit like LovelifeandAnarchy while praising Jordan Peterson.

Yep he converted a lot of ancaps and propertarians to Socialism and real Anarchism, I wonder what will happen to them now.

I just don't get with his work with Aboriginal communities how he could go fash, it's fucking bizarre.

KironVB / eyeseethroughyou is that you? I'm going to speak with Shayne soon and share his experience on my channel. Perhaps he can tell me who the fuck are you cunt, so I can bury you and your fucking degenerate friends.

Shayne only saw the reality of what is. That the left are nothing but mentally deranged virtue signalling faggots that don't deserve the air that they breathe. Once Shayne accepted personal responsibility for his life like a fucking adult, it all became clear for him. Now he has publicly states that you're nothing but cultist filth that need to be purged from the world.

"They are worse than ISIS" -Ex antifa Shayne Hunter in

"The far-left in Sydney are a bunch of dole-blundering degenerates that had to pool their money to make rent" - Also Shayne Hunter

At least you guys still have BadMouse. Oh wait he left. At least you guys still have LSR. Oh wait he left. At least you guys still have Muke. Oh wait he doesn't associate with you guys anymore. I guess you really don't have anyone now. I'd actually feel really sorry for you guys, if it wasn't for the fact that communists are subhuman filth that don't deserve any rights.(USER'S RITALIN WAS UPPED FOR THIS POST)

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There isnt unless you want to live in a country town. Laboral party would never dream of spending money on infrastructure development to make these places more liveable. And when labor offered money the towns wouldnt accept it because "we like this place the way it is"

Our cities are full and not even apartments are being built to help accomodate the demand.

Mods! Give us his I.P

I thought they were just huge fans of Pitchfork.

Hey fam what's it like changing your twitter default avatar to your face and it still being a fucking egg?

that's the iron front symbol you window licker. the antifa logo has always been the two flags.

Except it's the right who are killing people and when was the last time Antifa tried to smuggle bombs onto planes?

He hasn't "left a cult", the problem is, he was a dedicated activist that didn't engage in self criticism, obviously had a falling out with comrades and then got brainwashed by you psychopaths.

lol anyone got that LL&A pic saved?

That’s the article summed up.

nature, where it belongs

It amounts to children LARPing because they have no meaning and identity created through their own will and actions. Like most of leftpol really, indeed all "movements" and organisations like this are exactly the same.


They can't, I don't think even 4chan mods can. only the admin

Great, another one lost because some feminists decided the white man had behaved unacceptably by saying some utterly fucking benign shit on facebook. At this point I'm just going to assume some bunch of petty fuckers who didn't like the guy being more popular than them decided to lynchmob him over some imaginary slight against women until he went, fuck this I'm alt-right now. It's shit like this or what happened to Applebaum that makes sane people steer clear of left groups.

I read that as "muslime and cheese".

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i dunno mate, it feels like every tenth block of land in inner melbourne is being converted into tasteless luxury flats, and in the outer suburbs, an endless sprawl of poorly built 4 bedroom homes. meanwhile, 80,000+ residential properties lay empty and rents/prices are massive in comparison to the average wage. can't imagine any of the other major cities are any better

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I knew him as well, went drinking at his house over a year ago. I am surprised, I thought he was just a pretty regular old class-focussed dude who was mad at idpol.

Turns out he's a fuckwit, sounds like he's been watching Peterson and hanging out with fash.

Well, fuck him. Not the first ultraleftist to collapse into liberalism after realising the ruling class don't listen to him personally

But no, feminism is definitely idpol cancer and we don't need it anymore.

We all know what the anti-feminist crowd is really about, but do you really have to be this obvious?

this isn't bad. sometimes porkies get stupid and actually end up funding our interests. thank you for being so idiotic, we needed it to break our chains. thanks for unleashing the free wolves. pig

Men literally have no advantage over women in modern day Western society, and it is precisely because of him engaging in idpol that he became retarded and left Leftism.

Gold fucking to all of them, honestly.

Good fucking riddance* lmao sorry for my autism.

How is the patriarchy conducive to profits relative to the counterfactual?

This is ALL of Australia, It's fucking ANNOYING AS FUCK. Nimby fucks dominate town halls, resident associations and councils and they constantly keep everything in a perpetual state of sterile shit and whinge about literally anything that happens.
Watching local politics pisses me off so much because there is so much that has tried to be done to make our local area better, but NIMBY's come in and just fucking whine like crazy because oh no, actually more livable area means more people outside doing things like enjoying life, that means noise like people talking and walking around or people playing music in the local park, can't have fucking that.

Media watch just stuck the boot in.

lol explicit feminists are a liability and destructive force in any social movement they attach themselves too. I'm sure there's plenty of examples, but we've known this in the gay lib scene since the 70s where, despite rhetoric like picrelated coming from so many of the luminaries of the second wave like Millett or Browmiller or Tanner and outright hostility to and disruption of meetings and events, they were still not only not resisted, but allowed and invited to dictate terms. It's a problem because social movements of any kind require visible women if they are to be granted any kind of validity by society but, especially in left-of-centre movements, the women who tend to be involved in politics at all are usually self-identified feminists. Anyone who has had any experience working with them knows that anything they get involved in inevitably ends up as just another brand under the proverbial corporate umbrella of feminism or ends up marginalised and hollowed out, because nobody can say no to a crying woman (and the political equivalent) and you risk massive social censure if you try. There's a reason the likes of Gloria Steinem were chosen for COINTELPRO and similar programs, after all.

While I don't find it a good enough reason to go full on reactionary, I can understand why people become frustrated and disillusioned enough by them to abandon movements they were a part of and go apathetic apolitical liberal. Seen it happen enough times and even been through it myself.

People would be a lot less receptive to feminism in movements if they didnt rely on leftist circles for dating and didnt fear getting shunned

GO VOLCEL! Make your muse the revolution. Or better yet, hatefuck a rightwinger so an actual rightard cant.

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It's Your ABC

That's probably not even relevant here. There are plenty of examples, even in the city Shayne lives in, of people trying to weaponise claims of harassment or even fabricating claims of assault to deal with political opponents, I can think of several. It's only being mentioned in order to give moral weight to the arguments about Shayne being a fucking dickhead. Dude obviously has severe mental issues, the sexism and related shit is just icing on the cake, and probably had little to nothing to do with Shayne's break with the left.

curious to hear examples of brisbane. Other than the tinder killer

How the hell is Ausfailia more classcucked than the US? I didn't think that was possible. Jesus fuck guys get your shit together.

She definitely gets the bullet. You can't let those provocateurs open up the floodgates. If they do, you have your movement ruined by identitarians with no emphasis on class politics. You have to stop this shit at its roots, just hacking at branches won't do anything.

fuck off back to reddit or facebook

Leftypols getting quoted on the abc. What a time to be alive

that's facebook you dolt

If you're familiar with The Left you can probably guess who most of these people are:

The same privileged brat trans person ("Maoist") mentioned upthread was accused of sexual assault, and it's pretty obviously not true, and even likely that accuser and the alleged perpetrator never even had any kind of sexual contact at all, let alone one that could be viewed as assault.

One of the more senior members of the broader activist/anarcho community who has his little shitty indie music thing ("Surname and the Firstname Surnames") was accused of inappropriate behaviour because he was 40 or something and dating a girl in her 20s.

Certain members of the radical queer community accused another dude with an hispanic sounding last name and a hebrew firstname in his 40s of assault because he slept with a guy in his early 20s, even though that guy said it wasn't a problem and he didn't think he was a victim and had completely consented to everything. I think someone even got sued over this incident, in the end.

The Rojava shill who apparantly jacks it to MLP was accused of statutory rape, and it turned out they never even met and it was mostly the accuser being salty that he wouldn't do the very things they later accused him of.

Apparently this year someone in the Labor party at one of the universities had rape allegations invented against him by people in another Labor faction, who didn't want him to run the student union… but, of course, the so-called victim said they weren't actually a victim and that the lefties involved were just making shit up.

This isn't just a local thing. People invent shit and weaponise it constantly, because the left has a thing about "listening to victims" and there are always people who are going to use whatever they can to fuck with political opponents. There are ways to deal with allegations of sexual assault that aren't outing people, simply by forcing the dude into therapy, removing him from positions of power where he may have access to vulnerable women, shit like that. If stuff ends up very public it's fair to wonder why it's being shared around so much, and why it only is being shared at the very times it can be used to destroy a political opponent's reputation.

Stopped reading right there. Guy is a full retard.

I recall back when the aut-right was full on the rise, some "former Marxist" went on some e-celeb's show, PJW I think, to spill the beans. As I recall, he either had or pretended to have less knowledge of leftist theory than a ledittor.

Most of these "former Marxists" were either liberals or center-left people who read no theory but took the most digestible bits of leftism (muh environmentalism and evib corporations) and took it as an ideology without reading any theory

Do any of you guys have that amazing infographic/link to the article written by one of the founders of OWS who claimed that the entire movement was co-opted by feminists/race activists who dismantled everything in a few days?

Agreed. Who hasn't seen the following in a left-wing activist movement a dozen times: guy does something that may only be toeing the line (i.e. trying to talk o a girl a bit too much, etc.), all the guys start piling on to discredit him in the hopes that it ill give them more status in the group as the designated "protector" and thus a greater chance to get laid. Guy who toes the line gets treated completely disproportionately, gets disaffected, then leaves or just sulks around.


Death to fascism no matter the cost.


modern "antifa" was created like 30 years ago or so and they only have one thing in common with the old antifa that is they fight nazis physically and use a similar sign. however the original antifa was communist while "modern" antifa are ideologically mostly liberal sjws, anti-germans or just anarchists who take pride in not giving a shit about unions, class struggle and anyone other than their squatter fellows in kreuzberg, friedrichshain or st. pauli. i don't have much sympathy for modern antifa.

The modern antifa in the UK was started by Trotskyists

Show me the time fascism was beaten without violence? At the very least antifa normalises that idea

I just want to fist fight with these guys to know what is pain. It is honor to get fucked up to hospital because you never run away and take beatings 10v1 in honor.

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