Gay marriage

what does Holla Forums think of gay marriage?

Pretty cool. I support it

marriage is an obsolete concept
but gay civil unions are ok of course

Its an Ok thing

Degenerate. Marriage benefits should only be conferred to those who produce children. Fags are super promiscuous anyway, who the fuck are they trying to fool?

Who cares.

me because this board doesn't like marriage as an institution and i didn't really understand why

Rainbow porky approves

Why should I care about gay marriage? There are only 2 types of places in the world: those with gay marriage and those where gay marriage is the least of a gay persons worries.

And arguably the first one falls under the second one


as expected from a naziposter

Can we at least all agree republicunts are spooked by their shitty religion that they want to keep christfagianity 'pure' by introducing 'civil unions' as a parody alternative?
In that case, where the fuck are all the heterosexual civil unions? But oh, those don't get benefits, do they?

It's fine.

Why are marriage and civil unions two separate thing anyway? Marriage is just a civil union. You get a marriage license from the government, not the church.

Up until a few years ago we had straight marriage and gay civil unions where I'm from. Now we have gender neutral marriage laws. Obviously the wrong way to go. Civil unions for everyone is the right answer. It is a contract dealing with property and common children and should be viewed as nothing else when dealing with the state. Also religious institutions shouldn't be able to broker these contracts. Whatever spooky ceremonies people do is their own business but shouldn't have bearing on the law.

Gay marriage is probably the most ridiculous thing 'progressive' activism has achieved. It's the ultimate emotional concession to what nearly every person 20 years ago thought was absurd. And this is one area where the public were not backward either, it just makes no sense.

it's a non-issue working faggots are on our side but porky faggots are shite

Why do men who cannot bear children to each other, need laws built on property rights and duties out of Fatherhood. It's ridiculous lgbt rubbish.

Marriage, contrary to what romantic dunces would have you believe, is about asset management. It serves as a vehicle to pool, protect and inherit private property. On top of that, it confers all kinds of fiscal benefits. Simply put, if you don't think private property should be a thing, marriage becomes entirely obsolete.
You can write up an agreement about your precious undying love just fine without the backing of the State.

Read Origins of the Family

The gay marriage movement is liberal to the core. Much of it is really about making 'gay' people into acceptable bourgeois subjects while further regulating identity. categories such as the 'lgbt community' are not eternal and unchanging, but products of specific social circumstances, of course we should be worried that the state and corporations are taking an interest in these sort of things.

keep in mind it's from the 19th century and somewhat outdated as a result

The ancient world, for example, had concepts of sexuality that differed from those of us moderns. Liberal governance feels a need to regulate and absorb everything through existing institutions and marketing apparatuses. That's precisely what true radicalism stands against. We believe the system is irrational and corrupt as a whole and any attempts to reform it are ultimately cosmetic and blind us to the true inhuman nature of the system

I can't really fault the gays for wanting marriage. I would love it if I could get more tax beaks as well. Masturbation should be tax deductible god damn it!