What do you think made him change his political opinion, turn away from socialism and syndicalism and create fascism?

What do you think made him change his political opinion, turn away from socialism and syndicalism and create fascism?
Was he an opportunist? Did he get brain damaged during 1st world war?

What made this men go from a prominent socialist who even written for one of the most popular socialist newspaper in Italy (Lotta di classe) to being a Fascist demagogue?

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He was just an opportunist.

Nationalism is a hell of a drug.

workers striking were triggering him and his booj buddies.

also brain rot from hanging upside down too much

He was an opportunist; most people would have done what he did if they were in his shoes.

What do you think? If you change classes, your class interests change too. If members of the upper class offer me tons of money, women and a prominent place in high society in exchange for political support I'm putting all of you against the wall.

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the bolsheviks had taken over in Russia, and the international communist movement saw a worldwide revolutionary wave in the horizon. Europe had been laid waste to by WWI and the masses were fed up, sick of the capitalist system that had brought on the war and sick of the milquetoast social democrats who enabled it. The air was ripe for revolution. occupied factories, soviet republics proclaimed in Bavaria and hungary, workers and soldier's councils practicing self government throughout Europe. Italy had the Biennio Rosso. Mussolini capitalised on the fear of chaos amongst the bourgeois, Italy's parliamentary government literally invited him to take over as Duce. Mussolini adopted the ruthless state building tactics of the Soviets, while rejecting communism for corporatist class compromise.




Gee I don't know maybe being kicked out of the socialist party for caring about his country had something to do with it.
But Mussolini never abandoned syndicalism. The corporations in fascism are based on it. The way it worked in practice favored the employers (except for a short period), but the basis was there.


Mussolini hated his country, just like every other nationalist. That's why he wholeheartedly supported the mass slaughter of Italians in meaningless wars that gained Italy nothing but ruin.

He certainly showed Fascism's strength during the war


Rosa Luxembourg on WWI, nationalism and socdem treachery. it's a good read.


All the fascist leaders were shell shocked war veterans with big gay egos.

He read Nietzsche.

Sexual Psychosis

Become a champagne socialist then faggot. If the upper class offered me tons of women, money, and a prominent place in high society then I would join only to use my resources to help leftist causes.

How would you use the "tons of women" to help leftist causes?

Mussolini's bastardization of Nietzsche did influence him somewhat.

they beat Abyssinia and Albania, and if that isn't proof of fascism's superiority I don't know what is

War. The Socialist Party kicked him out of the party for supporting World War One. Long story short, war changes people.

There was a meme started by trade-union militants in Italy back then called "interventionist syndicalism" which claimed it was Italy's revolutionary duty to engage in warfare with reactionary powers, and therefore enthusiastically supported Italy's (eventually disastrous) involvement in WW1. It even ended up getting "theorized" into the "nation-class" theory, a bastardization of class struggle which posited the existence of "plutocratic" and "proletarian" nations — the latter of which had a right to fight against the former. Mussolini fell for that meme and it all went downhill from there. Many of those interventionist syndicalist eventually became bona fide Fascists though their degree of allegiance to the actual Fascist regime varied.

What does Holla Forums have to say about this?


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This meme needs to die ASAP. Syndicalism supports class struggle. Corporatism support class collaboration. They're opposite. It's not fucking rocket science.

he didn't read Bordiga