Do you dream?

In the current world, we all feel a little socially alienated, but what are your dreams for the socialist future? I'd like to have one thread in the catalog dedicated to what is the dream world you would like to see one day. I don't mean the world you could possibly be a part of, but one day when you are an old fuck, could you describe the world where you would like your grandkids and such to live in?

I know negativity and depression is common in chans, but could you fire up all your neurons to muster up a single post to describe me the ideal socialist future world?

I'll be watching this thread and reading your replies, familia

It's going to be a world where everyone is nice to each other and doesn't put on a false act…I wish.

What would you describe the world where you would like your grandkids and such to live in, OP? :)

A world where I can eat donuts and ice cream without becoming a fat slob

I just dream of a world where the fear, dread and sleepless nights caused by money issues doesnt exist.

You know, I'm partial to a future framed in the experience of catharsis, that kind of relief of having eclipsed the bulwark of capital, which even neglected the human dialectic - no need for soldiers and officers in scarlet clad in the streets, or the incessant chatter of the dictates of the central committee, but, at it's most simple, just a place where one can be free to read and write and learn, the corpus of the disconnected but functioning structure - a fundamentally disinterested politic, maybe some cool breezy space like related. Once a year, perhaps, we the aged and weathered would gather and don ill-fitting uniforms or red ties and watch a parade to celebrate that triumph of the Deleuzian lesser of an ideal, the most benign and personable revolution - the triumph of the subject and the vindication of the hopelessness and failed projects of the past. Year after year will pass, and fewer and fewer of the old guard will return, as each life passes unto the final, definitive abyss, but this sorrow is not the longing of days gone by but perhaps some envy for the days ahead. The old crave not youthful exuberance, and the clamor of the youth will be for the future yet unbuilt. Even those vexing and scintillating questions of the past will be as nothing to the hope and expectation of what will be. Maybe I'll write a book or two or ten or fifty. I'll be ushered, hushed tones and greyed skies, to my end, eventually. I would really like there to be a few, minor, armed, social critiques before then.

this tbh

das it mane

last night i had a dream that i reluctantly gave a footjob to a sleazy laundromat owner

Absolutely terrifying

Ever since i met the love of my life i do…we both dream of moving to Tuvalu and live as farmers there.


People freely associate and form relations unmediated by commodities. People are no longer caged in cities and their inevitable ghettos, herded together by the whip of value production. The division of labor between town and country has been negated, and along with it phenomena like factory farms and sweatshops. Populations have gently declined as women became empowered to control their own reproductive capabilities; the chains of patriarchy have been broken forever. Organized labor mitigates, and where possible undoes, the impact of capitalist industrialization while striving to produce what is needed. The detritus of history is a curiosity, something which tells us where we came from and what we overcame, not something which dominates the present. People will still hurt and betray each other. Dreams will still be made and broken. But humanity, as a whole, will determine its destiny—whatever that may be.

I'd like a world where we can all keep it real and just be chill. Like really we do spend an awful lot of time lying to each other about everything.

I imagine I'll work in a factory as now, but with children who will also have a duty to work (as Marx would have wanted, read Capital), and also with very old people. The kids and very old people will only work about one day a week, of course, and the more fit people about two or three. Useless pomo cunts like Zizek and the twitter goon "left" will be forced to do manual work and executed if they refuse. More cities will get beautiful metro systems, like the famous one in Moscow. Artificial meat will be identical in quality to real one. Everybody in the world will have food, healthcare, and shelter, and if you don't think that's remarkable, you are probably also a pomo cunt (see you in gulag).


I honestly just dream of a world with terrorism that is build right into society, the constant fear that it can all coming crashing down and the state takes you at gunpoint and tosses you into some cage and locks you up until you rot, if they don’t just shoot you outright.
I’m really sick of reading the news and the absolute disgust I feel at organizations like the CIA, NSA, and FBI. I want to live in a wolrd were such organizations are dissolved. IMO they are the biggest threat to any revolution, singlehandedly, and exist on the fringes of the law with little to no oversight. So I guess to summarize I hope for a world where we don’t have to live in fear of these sort of terrorist organizations that uphold private property and wage slavery, and hope my grandkids can live a life filled with mutual aid and cooperation instead of the distopia we are today

First line should be *without

There is nothing wrong with a modest amount of child labor. Kids actually prefer a mix of work, school, gymnastics to sitting in school all day.

There's nothing wrong with kids doing work but I would be very opposed to kids being forced into work in the same way adults are.

Okay, so give them something constructive to do outside school and sports, like art or crafts. Don't send them to work in factories and use them as a labour source.

gud stuff

I agreed until up to point where you trashed the sniff man

I want to have a daughter someday, I just want the world to be a place where she can grow up happy, and safe



I just want a world where people don't have to give up living just to survive.

felt that one

I’m just waiting for something that will make the waiting worth the wait.


I want to live in a world where the things i use are the things i made with my own hands or means of production

Production under communism will likely need to become less centralized, and people will likely end up having a more active role in the creation of the goods they consume as a result. At the center of one's community there would be a large workshop with loads of productive resources you could use, and it'd be a social space where you can learn, create, and share things with your peers. Labor, freed from the yoke of utility, is intrinsically joyous. Things lose the false appearances given to them by commodity fetishism and gain a sacred quality instead. If something was made then you can be sure it has loads of care put into it, and that the item in question was created as an act of passion. The value form cannot exist in such a society as the value of any two things would be fundamentally incommensurable.

In a less idealized sense my ideal socialist future would basically be a mode of production that embodies the DIY/hacker ethos along with a culture that emphasizes a deep, sentimental respect for the act of creation.

I gave up on Socialism quite some time ago.
I firmly believe that the proletariat not only do not actually want worker democracy and its associated responsibilities, but they would not be able to handle it if they did have it.

I do sometimes indulge in fantasies of a world united under a De Leonist industrial government.
Often while listening to some choice socialist music.
I does make me rather sad in a way, that such a world will never exist.

I understand what you mean here, but
Doesn't logically follow or support your abandonment of socialism. Socialism doesn't necessarily entail worker's democracy, and a democracy doesn't necessarily entail 100% participation. In fact: a democratic system that asked everyone to participate on every issue would likely be really shitty.

But what I really mean is that I do not think that the proles would be able to or want to handle the responsibilities of workers councils and the coordination of production/distribution.
I get that 100% participation is not required, but I fear that would provide politically motivated cliques the opportunity to democratically damage the gains of the revolution.

Simply put.
I just do not have any faith in the proletariat at large.
That is why I have pursued Technocracy -an explicitly non-democratic ideology- since I left socialism.
A Technocratic state would not ask much of the population and would actively work in the collective interests of the whole.
The humanism of socialism without the democracy.

How would your ideal technocratic society ensure that the technocratic class works in the interests of the collective and not just for themselves? What you're describing just sounds like milquetoast class collaborationism with a technological bent.

Yes, yes I do! Invariably my dreams are always very short, somewhat fragmented and always very very weird.

Well by not having a 'technocratic class'.
My ideal Technocratic state (a Technate) would be classless, as everyone between the ages of 20 and 45 would be a worker (everyone outside of those ages would either be an infant, a student or retired) of some-sort and the MoP would be held in common through the state.

This is really nice. Saved. Artist?

No idea.
But the guy has done alot of work for the HoI4 version of Kaiserreich.
So I'm sure his name is listed on the wiki or something.

I don't dream about the future, but I do have pretty great dreams at night. I was so nice to this person in one, really weird experience.
I suppose it would be a place where people do what they want, and have everything they need to do it, and things just work. I'm too much of a realist/pessimist/not enough of a dreamer? to dream into the future like that. I just think Capitalism is a fuck and that the society that emerges to place it will be socialist in nature but will have a diverse nature due to the unpredictable nature of "the conditions" that a Socialist state will develop from.

Jazz becomes the music of the state.

Post apocalyptic future where people build a better society upon our graves.
Best we can hope for tbh.

I just want to live in a commune, work as a teacher in a school, be active in neighborhood assemblies and town meetings and local politics, and not have to worry about things like healthcare, food, money and shelter. Spend the summers in working in communal farms and relaxing with family and friends. I don't want my future kids to grow up into a society of exploitation and alienation. I want a world without war and poverty where co-operation is rule, not competition.

Like brave new world, but without the state or central social engineering…

revolution is a kiddie fantasy. i dont look towards the end of capitalism, it will happen when it happens. the main goal should presenting be a radical individualism outside the bounds of 20th century communist dogma and neoliberal capitalist ideology.

I'm the exact same way bud.

I personally see the appeal of numerous visions of the future. So many existing cities with their own architecture and displays of ancient histories. I imagine that architecture would certainly get very interesting and evolve at a rapid pace, but not in response to the many factors under capitalism that eventually turns everything into garbage. Even the depictions of scifi dystopias, both the absurdly sterile glass and ceramic look of false utopias, and the neon lit concrete jungles have an appeal.

I suppose most cities and municipalities would be rather distinct, more so than they are now. Personally, I've had enough of cities, and while I enjoy visiting them time to time, and although I once used to think I'd want to live in an urban centre, I now have a more humble dream of living a few miles out from a small city, perhaps in a little commune in a little house that's easy to take care of. Have a vegetable patch and herb garden in the back. Paint and write and make little experimental digital games in my spare time. Adopt a kid or two (at least, that is, if I simply happened to exist in this imagined future two hundred years or so from now).

Despite wanting a slow semi-rural life for myself, I think that humanity really does have to pursue technological development. We either progress with the primary goal of living off our planet without destroying it, or we regress to anprim and eventually start the cycle all over again let's not.

No more states. No more conditions which drives people to war and death, no more working for money but for each other. A united humanity finally breaking it's chaims and spreading it's wings to fly to the stars.

I want to be able to feel like no impersonal force is controlling society and that everyone has a real say in the way society works.


A grim portent of the near future of capitalism.

A world where we can use the media to honestly communicate our actual problems and are motivated to organize solutions to our actual problems and have fun helping each other solve our problems

I love you all.

My great-great-grandkid (it will take a while to get communism smoothly going I think) wakes up around sunrise. He lives in a sort of compound within a larger commune. People choose to live in groups of about 50-100 individuals, with circulation between groups. The group consists of people from all stages of life, who do whatever tasks they need to to live comfortably. Age roles are mostly gone, but people age 20-60 do most of the work that needs to be done.
For children, schools as we know them no longer exist. Schools exist now as centers of training, debate, production, and research. People usually begin at around age 16 but can attend any lectures or colloquiums prior to that freely. Certain adults may conduct nature walks, tell stories to kids, or the like, but it will be just for fun. Most early education comes from the caretakers or parents. Breakfast is served in the compound's courtyard, where people chat, coordinate for tasks, and play. In fact, food plants grow amok, and there is no reason to fear them being contaminated with herbicide or pesticide. Space is generally unconstrained and subject to mixed-use. Without markets, space can be come condensed as well, with a communal distribution center offering necessities. To get around, some cycle, most walk. There are also electric trains that circulate between communes. Society functions by the common, everyday, nice actions of most individuals. People would be allowed to pursue the sort of work they choose, resulting in a distribution of labor according to psycho-somatotype, in the style of Huxley's "Island". Like "City in the Sun", the commune has an encyclopedic outlook, information being free and a source of pride. People would find joy in their own nature and perceptions. Knowledge ceases to be used as a cudgel and is replaced with an awed reverence, shared by all, towards the mystery of existence. Several dozen gather on the lake shore to watch the sunset.

Since we're talking pipe dreams, The Culture seems like the best ultimate goal possible.

that's what happens when you can't read

Yes he fucking is

I dream of a center-right world where I can exploit dumbshit "workers" who are too stupid to use free online resources to become bourgeois

My dream is to be old and watch the new generation grow up free from alienation, free from the atomization of the family unit, free from the spectacle, free to explore any and every interest they have in a world with wonderful living standards for everyone. I hope to watch this with other old comrades and reminisce about the struggle that brought us to socialism. But no matter what happens, I love you all and it is an honor to shitpost and dream with you guys.

No, he very much isn't. If you can't differentiate between transcendental philosophy like that of Deleuze, Guattari, Miller, Foucault, etc. and the new continental philosophers such as Lacan, Zizek, Badiou, Althusser - you've really no place calling yourself part of a modern leftism, you might just be a 'vulgar materialist'

Nobody claimed them all to be the same. Just because different writers are in the same category (here: pomo), doesn't mean they agree about everything. Brain problems?

Not the philosophers, their categories. The former are the quintessential post-modernists and the latter are all Marxist philosophers (not post-marxists). I drew that line between them because they are axial opposites. If you mean to say that, while not the same, that they are all of the same philosophical 'tradition' then you are quite actually retarded, unless of course…you've never read any of them, have you?

You already have already postulated the anglo-continental divide as the main axis, so now you contradict yourself.