/autistic BS/-okay to be communist

Print out posters saying “It’s ok to be communist” (Pic-Related)
On Halloween post the fliers EVERYWHERE possible.
Car windshields, bulletins, posts, walls, ect.

Holla Forums i have an idea recently a "disturbing" protest went up at Kent State the right got roasted and it made the news twitter.com/TPUSAatKent/status/921005124947988480 what if we made signs against porkies like this pop up in high foot traffic areas around the world? a simple sign that just says "its ok to be communist" the right going apeshit over something so trivial would show just how anti prole the political climate is and it would wake up normies/lemmings.

How should we hang them?? Something fast, and non-vandalistic would be ideal! Share thoughts below



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bump to trigger Holla Forums

put it on top of theirs.


wtf why is communist the opposite of white


its not but saying you're a communist triggers the establishment and the right wing way more than anything

Print these out into stickers

This should be the one

salvaging this autistic shit as usual

There's an /autisticbs/ ???


The signs will get confused with the other ones and people will think communists are white nationalists.

lol many Americans already think this

make the background red and the text white then


Just put "Marx Was Right".

Bordiga too tbh

Just put "Well spooked my property" in front of all the pol posters.
And stirner faces.
Or pic.

This. Fuck 4/pol/

Here's an idea for a poster. Any suggestions? Reminder, while you might want to bitch and moan about the succdem symbol, it's the only left wing symbol that appeals to normies.

too obscure normies won't get it
we want people to be triggered

We should do this one IF the original "its okay to be white" thing goes viral, it will make the whole thing look really dumb


This but with a hammer and sickle or something edgy in the background instead of the rose

forgot pic woops


i think we should use this one


Font is bourgeois
Use free mono or sans
Or some free software font.





this ones good

oh I like that it looks like a collage or something

counter protesting this is the absolute dumbest shit you can do since that's literally the exact thing Holla Forums is trying to do with this. they put up signs saying "it's okay to be white" then 'the left' counter protests it and Holla Forums controls the narrative now "look all we said was that it's okay to be white and the anti-white COMMUNISTS disagreed #MAGA".


they control the narrative if we do nothing tho, might as well try to take over

You're an idiot. You seriously just came from Holla Forums didn't you?

Whats the point of interfering?
Option 1


bro you forgot to put in the bottom text..

Without interfering with them will ultimately, they are going to push alt-right further on our younger generations. I don't want my child to be raised by alt-right neo-nazis.

Some people just don't get it.. It's okay, we are going to make sure they can't score again.

why do you think covering up signis that "it's okay to be white" with "it's okay to be communist" is good optics in anyway? is this supposed to make people suddenly wake up to exploitation under capitalism, or is it just going to put aut-right culture war shit in the news again?

Shit, is this any better?


indresding thread.


Actually Holla Forums is trying to incite a violent reaction.

Not a peaceful one such as what we are going to do.

also I edited this to make it undermine theirs. I think this would be a great way to to get some more people in Holla Forums

how would anyone react violently to leaflets?

fuck you Holla Forums

fuck you too

I'm not even Holla Forums, it's just Halloween time might as well.

Most of these posters are memes of course, but I hope no one here seriously takes everything that's done here at face value.

If you really want to make a difference, these posters should be periodically drip-fed in the 4 and 8/pol/ threads. Provoke them, let them know that they can't have a sekret klub anymore.


Oh no! How immoral!

I think it would generate better results by posting these irl. even spray painting hammer and sickle on dumpsters/cars with confederate flags/trump supporters

that's some pizzagate stuff

homossexuality is cryptofascism


No it isn't. It's fine. Let the girls look at the yaoi.

Seize the means of the yaoi boys n dickgirls


sup Holla Forums
If you don't want to be found out here next time, then just don't post gay porn on Holla Forums and nobody will recognize your shitposts.

Stalin made Hitler kill himself

why are they here?

this but unironically

It is though

Ya sure the person posting gay porn is Holla Forums and not the guy posting pics of, what looks like, a kid getting raped?

I don't know many fascist lesbians but plenty of fascist gay men. I wonder why things turned out that way

It's Anneliese Michel. It's someone who died from a demonic exorcism.



Fascism is literally the gayest ideology. How can you be so uninformed that you have doubts about this piece of universal truth?

To spread their homosexual propaganda, obviously.

More specifically she died from malnutrition on the 67th day of her exorcism. She lost like, 30 pounds at that point because she refused to eat? Pretty messed up imho


I'm glad lesbians are still fine.


It is better to be a NAZBOL for a day, than to be a degenerate for a lifetime.

source: nazbol102.ucoz.ru/photo/nashi_boevye_podrugi/4-5

the fuck is this

Actual Nazbol propaganda

I mean, I'm going out on Halloween alone anyway, and my shit I put out just now got rained on. So sure, I might do this.

HAHAAHAA HOLY SHIT, the absolute state of internet communists XDDDDDDDDD


Bump for funnies

bump. I'm doing this

Use this

it's good, but I kind of like

Someone should do one with a black reflective background with the body text saying ``It's ok to be Communist´´ in white with a thick font, except for ``Communist´´, which should be red. Next to the text should be a raised fist in red.

please? I would like that one the most


Replace “communist” with “red” or else you’ll get a massive spergout.

Hammer and sickle is a sure fire way to scare away normies immediately

Back to Holla Forums.


I like that too

Oh fug, forgot to align to the center (barely noticeable though).

``Red´´ and ``Socialism´´can be used by anyone really. ``Communism´´ is the only word that stands out on its own. We must shock the normies, but the pain to the shock will subside eventually. We will have to make it acceptable again.

is not something I would do. The hammer and sickle signifies a dead past that belongs in the dustbin of history. That's why I opted for a raised fist instead.

That's a shit idea, noone is gonna be convinced by that.
Better to actually organize something physical

Raised fist is indeed better.

That's much more expensive

Only good for bringing in edgy teens

Okay this, you're right


I thought the right could meme?




This. I didn't even know they existed.

I think I am going to print these out

Even the dumb fuck "GUYS IF WE VOTE FOR RON PAUL EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE" were better than the butthurt ledditors flooding that board today.

nice shop faggot

who cares?

Because Stalin was right. Wherever you see homosexuality you will find Fascism.

Best thread in months.

It’s totally okay to be communist.
Why do we need to print papers about it?
I think this is a waste of time and not environmentally conscious at all.

These aren't really for putting up, they're just to make fun of the dumb Holla Forumsyps

Holla Forums? Is that you?

thats not saying much

Actually going out and posting these is a bad idea, it would be too easy to get confused for a white nationalist and get stomped

Anyone who wants to go out and agitate should just post regular posters about healthcare and other material issues. I think Redneck Revolt has some IIRC

holy fuck are you blind

How much you wanna bet Holla Forums made that as a retaliation to this pic?

100% they made that out of retaliation.

Someone should photoshop MAGA onto the other picture's cake too

This thread is most likely Holla Forums bait

It’s definitely not. Nobody is serious about this shit, we’re just making fun of Holla Forums. With the added bonus that the mere existence of this thread is enough to send them into an autistic rage.

Hahahahahahaha every single communist is a helpless poorfag.



still doing it


I like that!

dead che is best che


Only good ones in this thread. Please don't use the other ones.

make it a pic of mike peance

Are you people capable of doing anything original at all?

Literally every single meme and campaign that you faggots do is copying us.


You're not even capable of making a strawman properly.

Would you prefer the one that includes actual Holla Forumstards then, you dumb faggot?


Imagine being this fucking retarded.


you're not even capable of newfagging properly.

t. I spam Pepe and /int/ memes and call myself original

Think in terms of what is cost effective.
What's a better way of spending your money:
one colored pamphlet?
or two black-and-white ones?

ain't nobody wants to waste all the ink dipshit

Legitimately if you're going for color I'd say make a stencil for a red hammer and sickle and spray paint them on all the posters you've had printed in black and white

You don't seem to be aware Holla Forums is copying the "it's okay to be gay" slogan. "Your" (let's be honest here, YOU as an individual didn't do shit) slogan doesn't even rhyme. The fact that you're taking this much pride in a cheap knockoff you had no involvement in speaks volumes about how little you've accomplished in life.

isnt this redundant? every piece of contemporary art is already spreading this message