What level of revisionism is this?

What level of revisionism is this?

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I love how it just regresses into liberalism.
I want off this ride.

Should have stopped after Lenin.

Um, excuse meeeee? Xi MAJORED in Marxism at university! That means China is really existing socialism!



The number of Dengists has skyrocketed lately, at least online. Bizarre.

You're implying Mao is a worse theorist than Stalin, On Principle and Contradiction is way more interesting than Origins of Leninism.

Xi sounds like an old timey factory foreman, telling the little working ants to work hard for the good of the motherland. China is condemned to chase after performance targets demanding 'adecuate' development, growing more and more 'unbalanced' and ungovernable as the Mounting Global Crisis of Capital deepens.


What are the chances of a repeat of the Shanghai Commune?

Fixed the image for you.


unironically yes


Is this sincere and if so where the hell did you find it?

why does Mao appear in this graphic twice?


I'll do you one better


More like pacifist Utopianism with free market characteristics.

shaving causes genocides


Why is this?

Do you think Rosa Luxemburg had hairy legs?

Just wait and see, Socialism (with Chinese Characteristics) will soon be accomplished in china (with Chinese Characteristics)

Its not revision its just an extension like a DLC
Un-ironically read Deng


youre implying mao was a theorist

OPs picture is literally the left/right spectrum