So, Holla Forums, who did it?

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The smoking man

Can we do aliens next?

Please, Daddy Trump? I'll vote for you if you show us Area 51.

Ted Cruz's dad, obviously

CIAniggers for various reasons including Bay of Pigs and JFK going against the Federal Reserve.

lee oswald


The mob, with the backing of the CIA, of course.

my favorite fucking thing in the world is that Whitest Kids u Know skit where Oswald is sitting up in the room getting ready to shoot the president and fucking LBJ is sitting in the chair next to him eating a bag of potato chips.

should have voted Hillary

The JFK files were already going to be released, at this set date, which was set decades ago. All Trump did was refuse to block it. So, yeah, he is responsible in as much as I am responsible for this website existing so long as I don't cut the power to the servers.

They were scheduled to be released, it's just convenient for Trump to push the good boi dindu nuffin transparent president meme

Jim, is that you?

Who did what?

JFK was an anticommunist rich cunt who admired Hitler and tried to topple Castro. Who cares? Let him rot.

25 years ago. It was expected that whoever was president would delay the release again.

He also tried to normalize relations with the Soviets, they were pretty fond of him. He also did not send military aid to the CIA trained ex-Cubans in the Bay of Pigs, leading to an embarrassing failure. He was also the last president to actually attempt the Federal Reserve, and planned to do the same with the CIA. He may not have been the best president and did some pretty shitty things(he is American, after all), but the things he did that ultimately got him killed were pretty ok, as far as capitalists go. Either way, we should do anything and everything to delegitimize the capitalist state. This absolutely includes exposing them for orchestrating the assassination of a president, even if we didn't like him very much.

Trump was a nazbol in his youth IIRC

Do you think that Trump ever posts here?

He didn't even disclose everything.
He had to keep some of the files due to "national security."

Is it true that Alex Jones told him to release the JFK files? I've heard this but i'm too drunk/lazy to look it up.

Are you confusing this with something else? It was the Clinton administration which set the deadline for the release of these files.

Do you think he's an moderator here?

It's a distraction.

He's going to jail on Monday.


read chomsky you gullible ameritard


You joke but this is very serious. We're seeing the rise of fascism again and it's scary. My girlfriend just called me from her other boyfriend's (open relationship, he's more of the physical boyfriend whereas I'm her emotional rock) apartment bawling her eyes out how right wing politics are on the rise again.
I just can't believe this is the state of things. Makes me feel so ashamed.

You have to go back.


is this pasta now

Yeah, sure she fucking would.