Looks like Holla Forums is plotting another spergout

Looks like Holla Forums is plotting another spergout.


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there is no left in USA. Only barbarians that must be extermianted regardless of age, gender and skin pigments.

Am American, can confirm.
I'm totally a borgie liberal full of idpol that would react negatively to this and totally not sit on the side lines and laugh.

That OP's image is pretty cringey.

It's like they're trying to attract the stupidest SJWs and Tumblrtards.

just an excuse for autistic virgins to go trick-or-treating

Here's the infinity version.

>>>Holla Forums10802451


They left an invite to their discord in one of the images posted to the thread. Anyone want to spam some lefty shit and bully idiots?

Sounds good.


You assume that the person(s) pushing this cringe is White.

And it's here too 8ch.net/pol/res/10802451.html

And "White Lives Matter", another cringe promoted by "Whites".


Yeah wtf, literally nothing wrong with this, stalin was white


heres why

If this upsets you, you're part of the problem.

If there aren't any logos or urls on the posters, why should I care about this?

I don't think you understand the point of this thread.


Love that those Holla Forums false flaggers all started posting at once


folks i feel like ive found the best, solution to this generally dumb stuff


lads, what if we supported this ironically

they would be totally assblasted

Spotted the liberal.
If you're reading this, read a fucking book.



we're redistributing memes user.

this. stop giving those fags an excuse to use the cheapest trick they have.

t. virgin westerner jealous of the chad eastern european

back to the autism containment board with you, champ

tbh if we really wanted to piss them off we'd just take screenshots of some real doozies (get anything that espouses open white nationalism or mentions jews) and forward that to as many idpol scribblers in the media as possible. I've already sent it to Unicorn Riot and a couple of Buzzfeed reporters, so we'll see what happens

–If you're actually planning on doing this, make a throwaway e-mail with a normie-sounding name–

Also here are the threads with the most usable material. Pic attached is from one of their discord chats that has URLs in it

You do realize, pol wouldn't be successful if porky media didn't have a huge outrage about le ebil nazis

really makes you think

Really fighting for McLeftism there, friend
*eats Proud Whopper™*

Holla Forumsyps are trying to bait the media into playing along with their narrative. It's the typical Milo act: do something profoundly retarded, have the worst SJW scum show up and get triggered in front of the cameras, air footage of said SJWs getting triggered to prove that you've really owned the libs

What I'm doing is informing somewhat more tuned-in liberals/leftists in the media of the narrative the Holla Forumsyps and Identity Evropa want to spin. I give them the resources they need to counter the narrative ahead of time: embarrassing screenshots, Holla Forumsyps admitting they're going to be carrying weapons and hoping someone attacks them so they can "defend themselves" and so forth. The whole idea is to overshadow their message by getting OURS out ahead of time.

And since they've already told their basement dwelling chuds to NOT go out and poster before Halloween, they've given us FOUR WHOLE FUCKING DAYS to establish OUR narrative and RUIN theirs.


Here's something that ruins their narrative.

good point. we'll get the word out to normalfags about this through independently operated leftist publications.

Is this pornhub?
Man, the comments there used to be so cozy and cordial, people would talk to each other like actual human beings.
Holla Forumsyps have to invade and ruin anything

Okay. However, I should set some criteria. We'll need enough evidence to prove the following:
- This was planned and directed by people and organizations that identify as alt-right or white nationalist/identitarian
- The ringleaders are explicitly coaching overeager activists to hide their white supremacist beliefs and stick to a controlled message
- Some activists are carrying deadly weapons and explicitly hoping that they will be attacked, so that they can hurt/kill people they disagree with

I'll see if I can't dig up a few examples…

We should create an infographic/poster about this poster and put it up next to theirs

You're referring to Holla Forums, are you not?


If everything they say is objectively wrong, why do they have occam's razor in their favor?
If somebody put up any other poster saying "It's okay to be black/muslim/lgbtqp+/"
Nobody would care.

What they do has little to do with the reaction of some random SJWs, but more of the reaction of powerful institutions.
Why is the corporate & capitalist media so offended by these types of messages, even if they are misguided?


You're just working for capitalists so they can promote division and make it viral

You are working to disrupt and distract from class consciousness with idpol garbage

This is no excuse to work with porky.

this board is for the discussion of anime, correct?







some have jumped the gun and are posting already. this guy chose to write it on a napkin and stick it rght next to a rosh hashanah card, because Holla Forumsyps totally aren't anti-semitic

Why are you spending your time and resources attacking people who essentially have no actual power?

Wouldn't you be doing a better job at advancing -real- leftism if you ignored intentionally manufactured racial divides and instead fought for class unity?

Do you think it's fighting for the 'greater good' if you side with porky-enabled media platforms simply because they don't like Holla Forumsyps?

Liberal idpol isn't better that rightist idpol

Why didn't you respond to the Rafiq post here?






raid their discord



I've already posted some proof that the alt-right e-celebs are coordinating this here:


Who gives a fuck? Holla Forums has literally no power

It's literally going to be Holla Forums tards trying to get them dirty minorities to say it's clearly white supremacy so they can record it to get more rage porn views.
Nobody else would be autistic enough to give a shit about such a pointless poster.

it gets under their skin, lets them know they can't have a sekret kkklub anymore

I'm not sure if it's their autism that makes minorities so easy to rile up for rage porn.

Yeah basically. That's why you want to get that message out to the usual suspects who are going to be baited.

That's the main benefit we're going to get from this: we're going to train idpolers to not act like trained seals for a bunch of neonazi failson neckbeards. They aren't bright but they'll take more offence to being purposely used by their sworn enemies.

idpol is a disease, and it will take hard work to expunge it.

You're not one of us. Stop pretending to be. Also go back to reddit.

Why do porkies care so much about "racism vs anti racism" and why do they spend billions to exacerbate this divide?

Why is corporate sponsored divisive rhetoric pushed so much by the 'left', and why do you act like they are some sort of 'friend' why do you think you can 'teach' profit-driven idpol capitalists?
Economic leftism is antithetical to their beliefs

Why do multimillionares support and enable certain groups as special 'victim classes' (regardless of their economic class)?

Moreover, why are you de-facto siding with them?

Here's a first draft for posting online. IDK what to do for an IRL poster though. Anyone else have ideas?

Hi, Holla Forums. Let's see how long it takes for you to screencap this.

Its typically the harassment that Holla Forumstards do.
It's obvious to everyone but themselves that they're going around harassing people into getting antagonistic rather than there being some secret white hate.

this and the next screencap should show pretty explicitly that they're coaching people to hide their white supremacist beliefs

we should make these then put them up on nov 3 and completely hijack the narrative

guys i found it



the fight you think I'm fighting isn't the fight I'm fighting.

oh man this is beautiful.

don't buy into their own logic

Holy shit get in here

mods check if samefag and then ban, they're fishing for ips.

can we make this happen


it's a different person. the op of the discord is called anonymouse see?

this tbh

This is the opposite of class unity.

milquetoast rightist poster = 'harassing people'
wew lad

is this really the quality of posters we're getting now? can we stop accepting neogaf refugees


this would actually be kinda funny

this and the next two emphasize how people participating want this event to turn violent.
remember cville was less than three months ago, people will respond incredibly negatively to any evidence of the aut-right hoping for violence

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(∪。∪) zzz


please. go home.

Like I said, nobody is going to give a shit about the posters. Holla Forumstards are going to hang around them trying to shove it in people's faces till they get a reaction because they're going to broadly be ignored otherwise.

idpol from the left and the right are equally cancerous

God damn, their victim mentality is through the roof.

Seriously, you are going to be false flagging like that?

These anons are right.

I've added two posts at the bottom that show violent tendencies and their aim to hide overt white supremacy.

Not the same hash but neither has a substantial posting history

It's not false flagging when *they* make the posts user. The (You) shows that they were responding to a leftypoler

Anyway time for bed. Good night, let's see how this plays out in the morning. We'll play it by ear from then

implying someone else could not have wrote that, like someone from here.



"white supremacy" is just the newest boogieman that porkie is pushing to make people spooked and keep the attention off of himself.

you don't belong here, newfriend

Oh, I'm tired too.
And pic is for any Holla Forumsaks that may be reading this.

That post makes it really obvious you were challenging that user to a fight in the post right before it.

Not him but, Jesus Christ, you take the whole anti-idpol thing to a next level.


Just shut up

I doubt it, his post comes off as way too psychotic to not be anything other than his fantasy of shooting ebil commies

Yeah we have what we need
Everything else will be done behind the scenes
Time to let the thread drop off page 1

Focusing on economic matters doesn't mean you ignore everything else when it interferes and interacts with what you're doing you fucking moron.

Whats the point of interfering?
Option 1

Knowing you anti white genocidal pieces of shit cannot stop these from going up…and seeing how asshurt you all are… brings a smile to my face.

I'll never figure out why you genocidal commie scum believe this shit after all the massacres and purges. I guess you think you'll be spared by another commie purge…as if you were ever special

Weak bait Holla Forums

Why would we hate what gets rid of you so effectively

Here's an idea, we can go print out posters that say stuff like "It's okay to be working class," "It's okay to be black," "It's okay to be trans," stuff like that. Then post them up next to any of these "It's okay to be white" fliers we see, and take credit for it (personal credit or maybe a local cooperating lefty group).



reddit neolibs strike again

you have to go back

Like pottery
Being anti-identity politics doesn't mean you need to be reactionary. I'm not advocating for some identitarian bullshit here either; I was just thinking of the butthurt it would cause Holla Forums to see their propaganda being used alongside something promoting degeneracy.


Yeah ok lol. Keep reddit spacing

Lol nice job trying to cover up, rainbow porky
What the right calls "degeneracy" is cultural capitalism

Its fine to be trans.

This reminds me the one time I tried talking talking to "anarchists" and they told me that Che was a 'fascist' because he 'repressed lgbt rights'
What are YOU doing to support the McLeft™?


I don't have to justify myself to you, but I actually agree with you that degeneracy is cultural capitalism. I'm literally a council communist. But I'm sure you're gonna fire back a smug post about how I'm a liberal from reddit in disguise, and then I'll say that I'm not, and then you'll say that I am, etc. So I'll just skip the dickwaving contest tonight. If you wanna think I'm a reddit neolib then have fun

You almost had me but this post is too obvious. You need to work on your trolling

I don't support any of this. In fact I hate it. I just don't think people should be pushed around for not being so spooked but to each his own


The USSR and every single communist country maintained traditional values whilst the west became a rotting corporate sodom.

Pseudo-leftist capitalists have always been the main people pushing le lgbtee agenda.

Go back to Holla Forums

If your complaint amounts to gays are icky I'm just not going to take you seriously.

how embarrassing

if communism means I can't have boipussy then I'm a capitalist

Nothing wrong with being a Transgender mate

Holla Forums everyone

Ivan, we're gonna need a bigger gulag

Why is Holla Forumsreddit so bad at falseflagging?

read the thread

oh i did, i assure you

Its got an obvious Aut-right/Neo-Nazi tone behind it


How did the mind arrive at this?

no. Holla Forums wants to make a meme to let white people know that it's ok to be white. they just know that in the process of doing so, sperglords will sperg out about muh ebil nazis

come back to earth, friend

All the white people i have ever talked to asides from Holla Forumsyps with a persecution complex are completely fine with being white

white people recognize that they've been under attack from media sources lately. of course they're ok with being white. they're probably comfortable in their own skin. if the simplicity of the message eludes you, i'm not sure i can help, friend


Oh so you also have a persecution complex
What people in the MSM have been talking about hating white people and how white people are evil?

nice bubble you're living in there friendo. you should get out more. i don't have a persecution complex. i just see things with open eyes

They didn't morph into anything they were always that way




wrong. won't
i'm sure you'll consider this as you BTFO'ing me, but i think my work here is done

Does someone have that cycle of Holla Forums arguments image? I think this may be all 4 steps in 1

anons who can logic will understand


yes i do

Capitalism decided to take advantage of the sexually confused, and sell it as some sort of lifestyle and prepackaged 'sexual identity' which they can make profit off of.

On top of this, "LGBT" has become essentially a promoted 'victim class' by capitalist institutions, a golden calf, no matter how bourgeoisie they are living (which is often). Not to mention that the 'lgbt' culture is essentially an exclusively bourgeoisie phenomenon. Workers have genuine pressing threats to their livelihood and living standards, and in so do not have the time or interest in manufactured 'victim classes' created by capitalism.

If you wanted to help these 'trans' people you would try to convince them to be comfortable in their own bodies rather than convince them to go further down a self destructive path of ever increasing unachievable goals likely leading to suicide.

"Acceptance" of these confused individuals has only lead to higher and higher suicide rates over the years, even though it's promoted now more than ever. 'lgbt rights' and acceptance are at the highest they have ever been. And criticism of it as a valid and healthy lifestyle is tantamount to hate speech.

If you want I can post some 'regret' images.


At lower income levels/shittier countries the threat of discrimination or violence is very real. Of course those higher up in class don't have to worry about those things.

Nice deflection of an effort post user.

Remember kiddies, mindless mass genocide is perfectly ethical as long as no one has any racial motivations about it!

Good. Let them waste their own money. This is utterly meaningless at the end of the day. It doesn't advance their cause in the slightest.

Regardless of your affiliations with communism or your hatred for Holla Forums and nationalim, what do you make of this notion alone?
Do you think its just retarded and pointless? Do you not care but consider it innocuous?
Or do commies on here genuinley think whites are an "oppresor race" and should admit themselves as such?

It's amazing how little they know about agitation and how delusional they are.

Yeah, this might be satire. I can't believe they'd think that they can get normies to become fascist by using these. This is either satire or they're teenagers who haven't actually done any street agitation in their lives so they severely overrate the efficacy of handing out flyers and think a bunch of papers will convert everyone (or even move them an inch to your side) overnight. Not only will the vast majority of the media flat out ignore this but the majority people reading these flyers won't give them a second glance or a second thought.

let's not let Holla Forums become a neogaf haven plz

the message is irrelevant. the purpose of the campaign is to incite autistic fury from the other side to show that "the college left doesn't think it is okay to be white." in theory this would further their narrative and potentially bring more to their side.

there is no way trump could win the election

Alright, let's meet up in this thread after Halloween and study the efforts of this ridiculous agitation effort.

I meant effects instead of efforts.

I actually really like this idea. Clearly it would just push a soulless, backwards, liberal multicultural agenda, but doing so with pro-white messages would trigger the shit out of reactionaries, and triggering is the highest form of political action.

We don't really think this will convert anyone to facism, the point of it was simply to spread awarness to moderate normal fags that just saying "It's okay to be white" is considered a white supremacist notion by many institutions (mostly colleges).
Our ideological conflicts aside even you fucks have to admit those are painfully low standards for what can be considered supremacist, or am I mistaken?

Naw Holla Forums are on their way to discovering wheatpasting. Next they'll start making zines

I don't particularly like this because of its moralism and identity focus. What if we were to print out posters saying things along the lines of "Rentierism is parasitism" or "The world can do without advertising" instead?

Most normies don't care / already think it's ok to be white. So, in practice, you're not spreading any awareness. This might make some people mad but no big journalist will pick up on it. What's going to happen is some "tumblr blog journalist" will write about it all mad and your board will amplify that to 1000x and claim a big victory when, in reality, only a bunch of tumblrite idiots were shocked and a bunch of men in their teens/twenties laughed at them online. I'm only talking in practical terms here, I'm not talking ideology at all. But I get where you coming from. I used to be on Holla Forums too (like most people here) but I started reading more and more and saw these people at universities weren't communists at all, they were just liberals and the jews (or Soros or any other super seccret sect) probably weren't behind their actions. They're just a bunch of idiots. So, in reality you have a bunch of idiots fighting on both sides and distracting themselves while they're both being exploited. Of course, they're too busy doing stupid shit to notice that and the exploiter uses that to his advantage. He doesn't even need to support either side because as long as they're uneducated they'll fight amongst themselves and keep their eyes shut with genuine pleasure. So you have people who have no interest in politics at all and will just gloss that over and liberals who will be offended for like 2 days. Plus, everyone will be busy caring aboout their covering, enjoying Halloween and lokking at costume pictures to even care about that. But I shouldn't even be helping Holla Forumsyps lmao. You do you!

Fuck off, commies. You're not wanted, you hipster fucks.

Trotskyists have been plaguing the world with those types of agitation plus all the zine selling for decades and decades and decades and it has never worked that well. If y'all have just reached that stage of propaganda you are severely underprepared.

You fascist cunt

What is wrong with this statement exactly????

Sieg heil, nigger.


It's spreading white Supremacy and racism against other colors

Are you an idiot?

White supremacy is good because whites are the superior race.

You're fucking stupid because you're implying that literal APES are equivalent to whites.

Pic related.

What the fuck is wrong with it? its just telling people that its Ok to be a white person

In what way?

It's really not okay to undermine BLM statements with blasphemy. This is the same shit as white lives matter. This is unacceptable. And if you post these in my town, I am calling the police.


Oy vey, the deadly masturbation machine!
Must be why the Soviet Union lost the Cold War.



Jesus Christ, these children watch way too much YouTube.

That may be, but you're the ones desperatly trying to save a "dying culture" using centuries old techniques that have been disproved over and over again while communism is inevitable in the long long term. Read Marx bucko, we're coming for your toothbrush.

you literally get your perception of contemporary ideology off of "SJW REKT" YouTube clips.




which rebellion is that?

also when something has the "white genocide" meme in it that sort of kills its legitimacy right there


Hungarian revolution 1956
Thats is what that image is of iirc

clearly thats two and a half hours of cherrypicking from literally unimportant porkys, nothing to see there.

choose one



Why would anyone not be ok with an individual, who has no say in whether he is born or how he looks, being born a certain way?

For you and anyone else holds the same sentiment, see pic.


wtf i hate obama now

For some reason, I doubt that.

This same debilitated moron whines about how sexual and gender identities have become commodified and in the same breathe literally screams that the only meaningful identification is with ones race or ethnicity. It's comical.

youtu.be/7jgyT67fP6k?t=17m8s to 18.13

It is nice to know that at least one of the posters here understands the purpose of the campaign. The only correct response to the campaign is to ignore it as it is bait, but of course there are plenty of people who not only won't ignore it but will go out of their way to declare it literally Hitler.

Why do white lives not matter and why is it not ok to be white?

It's okay, just stop being spooked about it.
This crap is idpol.

Maybe if race relations were a less politicized issue, people would focus more on class disparities.

I don't see how that is a political statement of any kind, or why people are acting up over this.
There is nothing wrong with being white, this is just a bait to show normalfags that the left is "insane".

Just let them do it, the less reaction they get out of this the better.

Yes but then the news talks about it and they make themselves sound like petty faggots. They can't help themselves. Holla Forums is good at baiting.

Here's a wayback save of the page, tweet and send this to as many people as you can in place to signal boost so as to despook people on this shit before they see it.


I am not american, but to me the best course of action would be to water this down. Plaster same signs saying "it's okay to be black" "it's okay to be gay" "it's okay to be a man" "it's okay to be a woman" etc. That is if you want to prevent the liberal outrage. You burgers do what you want, it is your country after all.

they won't. they just have to give these retards attention

I know that, you know that but I wanted the poster of to tell my white lives don't matter and why it is not ok to be white. That poster won't answer because there isn't an answer that won't make him look like a bigoted idiot.

If any of you schmucks insist on doing something, this is your best bet: Help people understand why "It's okay to be white" is a silly thing to proclaim - not because it's wrong, but because it marginalizes those that are not white.

But it is wrong. You say so yourself. Being white marginalizes everyone who isn't.

this won't water anything down, it will just illustrate the fact that while it's okay to be [anything but white], the "it's okay to be white" sign is fundamentally exclusionary
call the police when you see this racism appear on the walls of your campus

This is silly, just make a joke about it.
You're the one fueling them so fuck off porky with your idpol.

because it's perpetuates white supremacy

Terror without virtue is suicide, virtue without terror is impotent moralism. Put up or shut up you fucking liberal.

you are literally admitting BLM is a religion. haha, the black who gets wasted by cops s literally a christ figure for leftists dying nobly for their awful white supremacist heteronormative sins.

Is this Holla Forums's idea of being subtle?

funny how how we can't happen to stop hearing from those 'marginalised folks' screeching 'kill whitey!' in those shrill, evil 'marginalised voices' of theirs, to be fair, we do place them in a pedestal, leftism is nothing but a pseudo christian religion, a pathetic cult of the victim.


This particularly goes out to the so called lgbt community, it seems like they will never by satisfied, they don't want people to just leave them alone, that would be fine with me by the way, they want to make people actively affirm their identity and put in a pedestal, they want to indoctrinate children with their 'queer theory' and their gender ideology. They want to be put up in a fucking pedestal. these people think they are better and more virtuous than you just because they get fucked in the ass.

Look at this whiney little power bottom.

Look at this new thread.
Look how fucking quickly it's falling apart. We make 1 (ONE) fucking thread mocking them, someone takes an idea from here and copypastes it onto facebook, and now they're fucking panicking trying to figure out how to counter this.


pol are retarded children, news at 11

read a book

Top kek, I'm sorry I doubted you.


They now that

People can just go visit their little board right

Any day of the week

Alt idea: post IOK2BW posters with a 4chan.org/pol/ watermark attached.

Can someone. Fucking shut down 4chan already. Christ.


I wonder how many preteens are going to egg their house if they see this.

Rhetorical question. It's a lot.

Man, I guess you could say Holla Forums really blood and soiled the bed, eh

On…On a public and well known site?

What is the world coming to, that someone would snitch on a public website filled with redditors

About a thread where they were mocking us for our complete inability to respond to such an event, no less.

dat gaddaffi clip though, haha.

Why? america is huge country, it's naive to believe no one will be baited, there has to be an alternative.

They aren't as populous as they nearly hope they are.


And remember this only tracks people who are okay with others holding white supremacist views, so they probably counted five nazis and fifty radical centrists

For comparison, there's 325,365,189 people in the United States. That's about, nearly 30,000,000 people who think that. Seems like a lot.

But it would still always be 270,053,107 to 29,282,867.

archive.fo/c3hUf - archive of our thread mocking them, which they completely ignored the obviously insulting OP in a fit of rage
archive.fo/CnTff - archive of their spergout

I actually feel sorry for Holla Forums, even the hair-trigger "HELP IM BEING OPPRESSED BY THE JIDF!!" spergs were less pathetic.

Why don't white parents beat their kids for being closeted white nationalist, it doesn't make much sense to me

A lot of them are on the spectrum

so Holla Forums won without doing anything, we can sit in our armchairs and watch zizek lectures because simply bringing up their plans here already activated the smashies elsewhere.
feels good.

by "baited" i meant the actual goal of the thing which is to get some tumblrite to call the school administration and make fuss, not that anyone will become a Holla Forumsyp because of the leaflets.
I don't see how the poll you linked is relevant .

That's never stopped America before

It helps if you take a bunch of screenshots of all of their swastikas and then pretend you have a plan to ruin their narrative by ratting them out to HuffPo or whoever is the big media boogeyman to them this week ahead of time

I think that the best thing would be to just sit this out. If it was "only" a WN thing, it *could* have some valid points. E.g. for every black hoodlum shot by the police, there's plenty of more whites that was shot by blacks. Also all the blacks that was shot by blacks and don't either fit into the narrative.

A relatively decent WN-movement could in theory change the narrative. But once you throw nazis into the mix, it's by definition anti-white. Because the nazis murdered 31 million white people and had plans on murdering 20% of the world's white population.

I live in Sweden, the country that can't tell the difference between the bad and good stuff from the US. Common law a shit, but in the department of legal rights, we are hardly trying. And who owns the narrative about racism here? Black people, especially the women. Mimicking the blacks of the US they call themselves "afroswedes". And there may be some merit to that. Only that they didn't pass trough a needle's eye hundreds of years ago. Given that Africa is the most diverse continent there is (even though the rythm music is pretty much uniform) it's a fucking construct if anything.

The romanis and jews gets hardly a mention, despite them being the worst victims of racism in Sweden.

Because they don't either understand economics and society etc.

And consider the issue of representation. One interpretation is that if a population has X% of Y, then *any* board should also have it. But one interpretation is that the board are *representing* someone else. The board are simply someone else's champion.

So if a knight could represent a lady during a joust, without having to shave and wear fake boobs, why the hell can't a white straigth native represent gay black immigrants.

Nah, I think it's simply the fact that gay MEN are being more or less erased by the trans activists.

Consider this: If you rape a preteen boy *once* in the ass and he has bloody farts for 2D6 days, it could give you 10 x 1D4 years in prison.

But if you cut the balls of him and turns his dick inside out and he has to put a dildo up the wound for hours every day so it won't heal, then you are such a brave and progressive person.

Fucking disgusting!

Why don't you try it on yourself.

…why not both?

I'd be laffin my ass off if I didn't think that mouth breathing americans really think like this


Tbh Hitler himself said punching nazis was the only way to defeat them.


Fuck, even the overwhelming majority of Liberals don't push the "WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL" garbage.

The strategy is to post milquetoast messages and wait for the spergout from the opposite direction.
This is somewhat disrupted by doing things like attacking mixed race couples (if that is indeed what occured, which it could well have).

One those is consensual and the other isn’t.

Wtf when did that happen?

I agree with this. Holla Forumstrash rely on merely quipping and getting a desired reaction "that proves them right". By alerting them of their phony tactics it can help deter and diminish the effect these 'ebin raids XD' have on the unsuspecting.

I don't see how you can dismiss the increased rate of racial-based violence in the U.S. in the past year alone as just 'a distraction'. They may still be small in the large scale of things but what needs to be remembered is that these facist groups don't strike overnight but creep in. Any history of any Holla Forums board in the past 7 years or so would show you how to they all progress to the same facist crap from their first, general, satirical beginnings.

The point is to neuter THEIR message as milquetoast idpozzed liberal drivel. Don't even take credit for it, just post other liberal shit around it and make them seem like boring libs

Lmao. Trump was voted in by fox news dads in the middle of the country, not virgin sperglords living in the coastal cities trying to spite their parents in an age when being a hippy/punk just doesn't do it anymore

Holy fuck, there's no end to the laughs.


Maybe because 'sexual and gender identities' were invented for porky's pockets

back to neogaf pls

This is SJW mentality, and you will get the gulag for it. Enjoy your stay.

If fascism is not opposed in all its forms, it grows. You don't have to act like a triggered SJW to fuck with them. Simple things like posting a sign that simply reads 't. persecution complex' next to it would be hilarious.

You have to fuck with them rather than just being angry. Ridicule is your strongest weapon.


that dragon is thicc

ppl on twitter reporting finding these now

We should make a new thread where we pretend we have some big plan against them to get them to panic. Maybe make a few fake discord screenshots and leak them into their threads as well.



fucking hell. i made this as a bait post, and it got nothing. nobody called this out for its bullshit?