The Death of Stalin - discussion thread

Just got back from the cinema.
What does leftypol think of this?
Is it historically accurate (for a comedy)?

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Didn't had the time to it.
How it was?
I have so many movie to watch at the cinema. This, dunkirk, blade runner.

Haven't watched but have heard that it is pro-Khrushchev.

skip dunkirk, blade runner is good.

idk op but did anyone else fund the nudity in blade runner a bit gratuitous? i think i understand what it is trying to get across but i felt that k's inhumanity was not as well established to play both other non-human character's commodification as sex objects better.

Hope is more than good. Blade runner is one of my all time favorites.

It was alright for Hollywood and was quite funny. But it was dumb for being pro-khruschev imo. Was not complaining or expecting much even then.

is there any reason it shouldn't have been pro-kruschev? You can't not have someone to like in a film

I dunno, Hollywood constantly seems to manage it.

Its joking about Stalin without the sad violins playing and talking about the 900 trillion. I think it could be good.

It's not hugely accurate, it exaggerates everything about Stalin for (I assume) comedic effect. It's kinda funny at times I'll admit but the humour is crass and not clever. As others have said it definitely leans towards Khrushchev, and is pretty anti-Beria. It doesn't seem to slag off any of the others though, except maybe Stalins son. Although it portrays everyone as being quite dumb, but that's comedy I guess. It's very shallow in terms of historical value imo, and hugely disrespectful to Stalin and pretty much everyone in. See if you like, it was alright compared to rest of the crap in cinemas today

Well tbh, being anti-Beria is not exactly controversial considering the guy was a psychotic rapist.


yea he was a shit person, but he also wanted detente with the west as well

I don't see rapists giving flowers to their rape victims. Obviously those women just wanted the D from Big Daddy B.

Star Wars 7 pulled that off just fine

I notice this pattern a lot, and it must stop. Defending SJWs is never going to be a winning strategy.

we've had an influx of liberals (and Holla Forumsscum) lately. hopefully it doesn't have lasting effects on the board

Looks like our boy Armando got

Actually the film seems to imply that most of the accusations against him are bullshit, but he's still portrayed as a ruthless motherfucker who didn't give a shit about the lives of anyone else.

Anyway I have no love for Beria, was just pointing out that it's more anti-him than anyone else.


The film is hugely disrespectful, I can see why Russia wants to ban it.

Which would mean capitulation to capitalists. We know how eager the West proved to tolerate the existence of tankie states in the end.

if you liked the first one this one will probably blow you away. easily the most beautiful film ive seen in years.

fam i never said anything about detente being good or not. all i'm saying is that Beria was more than a psychotic rapist and that his geopolitical realism is actually more appealing to westerners than khrushchev's ultimately was. khrushchev was pretty unstable and unpredictable, especially from the Western perspective during the deep freeze of the 1950s and the escalation of the early 60's.


You're a lazy fag tbh, look it up next time

Burger here, where can I watch this?
I can't find it listed at any theatres or on any torrent sites.

jesus christ this guys is as bad as americans right now


Putin is a safe space liberal confirmed

I wasn't defending the film at all you stupid fucks
My post literally insinuated it had no likeable characters and they "pulled it off" because it sold like toilet paper in Venezuela.

The worst part is that it DOES have Americans in it.