Catalan Comrades

Comrades in Catalonia, you know what to do.

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the basics

Yes: sit in our homes and don't take part in bourgeois spectacle. At least one fucking time.


Armchair socialism is truly cancer.

Yes, I know exactly what to do. Keep pointing this out as evidence that there is no lesser evil in a nationalist struggle, just the cold, uncaring battleground of capital that is the bourgeoisie vs. bourgeoisie. The endless game of Monopoly as assets are lost, reshuffled, and redistributed.

Armchair socialism a.k.a. "doing nothing" is still better that active capitalism.

Yes comrade, capitalism will fall aaaaaany day now, we just have to wait long enough.


Are you just childish leftie kid with no idea about how revolutions actually happen, no historical background, no analysis, not read anything longer than 20 pages about topic?

I'm just going to leave this here so you retarded children come to your senses

Why can’t I go a week on this board without hearing about this stupid fucking Jewish movement.

oh yey, come back to your pol

I prefer this.

And, especially, this:

This should end thread.

It would if people would stop creating it.
None of these liberation movements actually ended capitalism. Not in Ireland, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or the Americas.
Where do you think all the exploited surplus value of Catalan porkies will go?

you should post your shitty webcomic again just in case someone hasn't seen it yet

shut the fuck up you retarded nationalist and go back to supporting fascism in syria

Please tell me why I should trust a man who paved the way for Mussolini’s takeover of Italy.


HI feds, trying to provike violence again?

You guys lost again. Say hi to Franco in hell for me.

he did a lot more to combat fascism than you ever will you fucking idiot

I remember being an edgy twelve year old, too!


Maybe we should take Marxist theorists on their academic quality and praxis, and not how many fascists they personally killed?
After all, if we judge worth by amount of dead fascists, we would have to give talking space to the pro monarchy elements of the Italian resistance.

This is just a long winded way of me saying

Their really is no reason to support Catalan independence. They already have a tone of regional sovereignty, and all the big leaders of this movement are just liberal shills.

How about instead of wasting our breath supporting a bourgeois liberal democracy, we go back to agitating for the workers of the whole world to unite?

Bordiga did so little to combat fascism that the actual fascists didn't bother re-arresting him.

I refer you to my other post

his resistance was writing the best addition to marxist theory in the history of marxism

friendly reminder that the original anarchist cookbook contained recipes that were wholly incorrect or even extremely dangerous due to misinformation, and that the bulletin board version was literally just "PLAY PRANKS ON UR SCHOOL XD". It's worthless.


Except they keep furthering it and do not seem like putting a stop to it any time soon.
So long as current overlords provide the populace with bare minimum required to keep the society docile, whether be it consumer goods or furthering mainstream ideas, it won't even consider thinking for themselves.
People wake up only with their hands in the potty and with no bread to be seen on the table, more often than not that appears to be a little late for any major changes as people will focus on providing for themselves leaving any ideals behind.
Considering status quo's longevity and resources at hand it's not going away unless it's actually threatened, disrupted and further destabilised, as if it's foundations weren't unstable enough in itself

As for Catalonia I can't speak much, quite in a pickle really. Just as much hope for it to be a step towards manifesting our goals as I fear for it to be a porky safehaven. If there's one thing I'm sure of however, then it's how poor of an idea it is to throw populace into deep waters of philosophy, economy, politics, you name it, when they have barely bothered delving into it before, only intensifies the confusion in times of post-truth. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the confusion that increases ranks of right wing radicalism, especially when it exactly appeal to people with trivialisation they're so desperate for.

That's not the anarchist cookbook

Based yeemeel putting the LARP'ers on their place.

Pick one

Oh yes another great experiment. Here we go comrades. No backsies when this one fails