Kyle really outdid himself in this debate

Kyle really outdid himself in this debate.


Welcome, newfriend.

Who the fuck are either of these people?

Economic immigration is immoral


social democrat gun control fag who admits he never read marx vs libertarian trump supporter who takes alex jones seriously
whoever wins, we lose.

This is actually very important, I don't know why people are dismissing this just because he's a liberal. When you're losing arguments to liberals what does that say about the alt-right?

He did good, but polite sage for socdem

I will never understand this.

Kek, this Razorfist guy is even dumber than your post suggests.

Nobody here is autistic enough to listen to DP. Just fucking say what the argument is rather than trying to refer people to your shithouse youtube link you adsense whore.

Also, this really belongs in leftytrash

What? DP is just the moderator of the debate. Are you actually autistic?

the absolute state of the left in USA

I didn't even click it since I'm not such a complete brainlet I can't summarise an argument without having someone explain it in a video. Get a grip you fucking mong.

Kyle isn’t a soc-dem though. And if he his he’s a Sweden Socdem. He isn’t and never will be Jimmy tier.

Why does it matter what their political position is if they make good arguments against conservatives?

Oh, we have a "'real'' intellectual here. It's not like someone on this board wouldn't find this useful to understanding the reasoning behind both debaters tendencies and use the information to sway the opinions of others. Yeah, actually get a fucking grip you euphoric fedora.

Haha, no you fucking moron, I will not. Take your stale memes back to where ever you came.

This thread belongs in the trash but this one doesn't?

I didn't tell (you) specially to watch the video, you literal retard. I implied someone might find it useful. You sound like a butthurt Holla Forumstard, maybe you should go back there.

back to reddit fag

Hello, reddit

Good job, user. You sure showed him your arguments.

Hello, Holla Forumstard

You have to go back.

You should go back, Holla Forums

They still managed to call single-payer healthcare "socialism" at one point with no rebuttal.

You have to go back.

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Fuck my state…

You yankees and your spectacles. Y'all waste too much time on meaningless crap. I've watched a bit and it adds absolutely nothing of value to anything. Stop wasting time with this crap, it's not even good entertainment.