Called it

Called it.

6 million puerto ricans were killed by trump. Never forget #impeach45(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Well I'm finally done here forever


How convenient for the Trump administration.
Can't they just call funeral homes for confirmation though?
Sounds like a job for journalists


To be fair leftypol has been *especially* bad lately. Like, not even particularly lefty, just pol.

Sure assuming the funeral directors aren't scum. But honestly once you *include* someone in a coverup they begin to love you and the coverup. Behold the PR dept public safety stick their neck out for Trump:

Participating in the coverup gives them power. They are getting to wield authority.

This. Either mods or being lazy or people are not reporting enough. (Its probably the first one.)

Holla Forums still gets shit upon. Even if there seems to be more Holla Forums posting lately.
I think it's also the lack of flags that gave the place a distinct aura.

An often ignored attitude. Even if you don't stand to gain (financially) in the short term, licking the boots and looking the other way gives you a reputation as trustworthy.

It also allows proximity to the boots, which is enough for some people. They are honored to be included. They tell themselves they are on the side of the boots, they are boot auxiliaries. Same reason security guards consider themselves Blue Lives.

Why am I supposed to care about porky-rico again?

Because those affected aren't porkies, porkies have the money to get the fuck out of there

You're a terrible piece of shit.


Why the fuck should anyone in America care about Puerto Rico?


I hope they're okay.

But nobody in Puerto Rico even wants independence, they just want to dig themselves further into the US

it's lumpenprole capital

literally don't know what to say to you buddy
hope your family is well

estimates of the body count will eventually turn up but it'll be a number that the admin can endlessly dispute and evade responsibility for because it's not completely documented

that's literally why they're refusing to count the dead, they just want to avoid giving the opposition a hard number they can toss around. Same shit with Grenfell Tower at first

I hope so too. Thankfully my family in San Juan is doing alright. They just lost the two balconies on their house. Obviously there's a lot of hardship still, but at least I can call them up. My family in the south in Salinas is a different story. One of my cousins was able to get in contact with them a single time about a week after the hurricane. We know they lost everything they had, even though their house was made of concrete. Haven't heard from or about them since, though. Shit sucks.


They really need to keep better documents on this. If nothing else a checklist of people, you know? That being said, the American mainland response to all of this is absolutely pathetic. They are American citizens and they're being treated horribly in the wake of a catastrophe. Downright shameful.

you're Lares? you 18 yet?

You talk like they don't know exactly what they're doing, as if it isn't on purpose.

Our government is burning uncounted citizens to boost Trump's positives.

Do you think it could be to stop disease instead?

You dumb motherfucker, they're uncounted to boost Trump's positives. You know this, and furthermore you knew it was what I said.


>>>Holla Forums

What do you mean? Why would this matter?

I really must say mods generally do a good job keeping the level of discourse at a somewhat tolerable level…

Kill yourself *ASAP,* holy shit.

You're just saying it's to "boost Trump's positives" without explaining anything at all. I'm just saying that in order to prevent disease for bodies that can't be reliably buried you can burn them.

Burgers are more likely to support Puerto Rican independence then Puerto Ricans.

Does this mean Lares died after finally turning 18?


Are you honestly this stupid or are you just from pol?

I must be stupid. Perhaps you could explain it instead of being condescending?

The problem isn't the fucking act of cremation it's that dead americans are being laundered as non-hurricane deaths and quietly burned without EVEN BEING PRECISELY COUNTED.

I have zero faith you will be able to understand the difference. You seriously must be incredibly stupid to have even made this mistake.

Okay. Sorry I didn't understand that. I should have read the OP image a bit better.

The whole of this Puerto Rico business is being handled horribly. It's not surprising yet another thing is being handled the same way.

Thanks Professor Jackass, clearly acting like a prick to everyone who just wants information and berating them will surely show them just how superior our cause is! This won't alienate them at all, in fact.

So the government is cracking down on political dissidents and writing off their deaths as hurricane casualties, is that how this is going?

Yet more deaths because of capitalism.

its human nature for people to burn the corpses of hurricane victims in order to undercut the number of deaths for political reasons

Second one. We can't check every single post, and posts get reported very infrequently.
I have a feeling that like 1% of users file 95% of reports. I know there's one guy who keeps reporting other leftists for mundane shit, probably a redditor.
Seriously, use the damn report function when you see a post worth a ban. But don't use it cause someone calls you a faggot.

You, brainlet: "I have read several books about how gender roles are historically and economically constituted, I know how some cultures have well-established uses for more than two genders and I respect people's wishes for more pronouns, but 'doggo' is where I draw the line."
Me, r/socialism veteran: *slaps report button*

This. Nearly every report for Holla Forumsshit has been about Nazis coming here, containing themselves to their threads and arguing in good, but misguided faith, or from people reporting things that offended them.

I don't get why so many anons will argue with an obvious Holla Forums shill until the thread is anchored and the guy has left from boredom, but won't report him before doing so. People really, really need to use the report feature more.

I feel sorry for you, and I hope it all goes well, unless you're Lares, in which case, I hope you go suck dicks.

Sometimes it's not evident they keep it to one thread though. The resident incel poster is an example of that. A lot of the stuff just sounds very similar.
Thanks for cutting down on the worst Holla Forumslution though.

Another page for Black Book of Capitalism.

When I was a janitor for 4chan everything was terrible. I was a janitor for Holla Forums and 99% of the reports were seriously bullshit. I sympathise.

Lares needs to stop trying to save his family and community and work towards the social equality of all people.


Fresh from another thread. It may be a good idea after all to move off a site infested with underage dumbass Holla Forumsshits and a site operator intent on diverting them onto this board, and into bunkerchan or something.

The response to that is actual moderation, not migration.

Oh, now I get it. You guys are referring to that tripfag from a while back, right? Never knew much about him. I thought when you guys asked me if I "was Lares", I thought you were asking if I was Puerto Rican, referring to the Cry of Lares. No, I'm not him. Was he underageb& or something?