Is Holla Forums the 6th international?

Is Holla Forums the 6th international?

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Cus 5 is for niggers

we haven't meddled in any elections so far, so not yet.

*keanu reeves voice*


While the Wikipedia page shows that there isn't any real 5th International, I think its being the 6th because this means we don't have to associate ourselves with mighty Trot autism

We are the 4+ international

Unironically yes. This is an international board where workers of the world talk about socialism. This is the 6th international. Let the trots have the 5th

All we need to do now is host annual meetings irl

everyday you find a new way to disappoint me

Bruh, half the people here are lumpenproles and lifestylists.

The internet shall pave way for a new international.. or something like that

Leftypol is the 666th international

I was trying to give posters here the benefit of the doubt but I can't argue with dubs

Honestly sounds like the one organized by Chavez is by far the most legit.

leftypol is the 14th national and also the 88th national

I'm pretty sure this was the 5th International.

This needs to be a board banner.

Why does everyone shit on Trots?

because they're backstabbers

cuz they suck and trotsky was a brainlet who didnt understand dialectics

We're the NazBol International