Is that vangaurd party organic user?

Is that vangaurd party organic user?


it's a party, it's not a life form, amadeo

bet hes fun at parties

Yep, no GMOs or pesticides


"Organic" means no voting allowed, right? We just write the rules SO strict and detailed that the appropriate candidate just walks up and does every job?

Seems fine. Doesn't seem retarded.



Except that is precisely what it means and there's no debate.

No, it means that the decisions that result from the vote (or the absence vote) matter more than the fact that there has been a vote or not.

Oh just like the Duma then

The party proggramme is correct and so instead of the party adjusting to the people in it the people in it adjust to correct marxist principles.

How do I make my party perfect like that instead of shitty and revisionist? Is it by knowing the Truth myself and using power to crush revisionists? No? What then

Correct methods of analysis.

read Tiqqun

How do I make other people do that?


Don't. Start a party and everyone with a correct marxist opinion will join it.

What then? I'm just to assume we agree 100% because each of us is enlightened? And by being right about everything always communism will simply come to us? And if it doesn't we were wrong about something

This is not politics, it's millenarianism. It's waiting for a messiah.

what the fuck bruh

Bordiga is an opportunist

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Yes it means this, plus we don't enforce the rules by means of coercion, we simply expel members who break them.

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criminally underrated post


It sounds like anarchism. It sounds like a Marxist with a head injury attempting to describe anarchism.

There is not a wew big enough.

It means you don't allow any dissent because we can't allow disagreements because we're all autists.

Daily reminder that Bordiga expected this system to be a means of a dictatorship of the proletariat. Bordigists literally have no idea how states work.

it literally sounds like bakunin
It's not enforcing if you call it another way, right?

It's like the prison abolitionists who want there to still be prisons, just rural gulags instead of jailhouses.


Wait wait wait wait wait. Did you think that organic centralism was supposed to be a method of organizing a state? It's a method for organizing the party. Like democratic centralism ya know? It's for parties, not for the soviets.

Bordiga makes this very clear in Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party.

And democratic centralism was exactly a method of organizing a state you dolt.