Tfw agree with Karl Marx's analysis of capitalism and agree communism would be better

fug :DD are there any socialist/communist theorists who agree with nationalist
also by nationalism I don't mean thinking my "people" is superior or something nazi like

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read up on socialist patriotism and our boy tito

why did you post a map of the habitat of the Oriental Cockroach

Then you're not a nationalist.
You may like your people shit so much but that doesn't mean it is anything specially.
You may hate brownies and foreigners so much but that doesn't mean you are not a nazis.
You have many spooks to overcome.

Communism without nationalism will never be true communism.
Without cultural ties linking people, they will never be able to trust each other to achieve communsim.
I support cooperation between nations, but that's it.

Read Bakunin

It's totally fine to have a personal preferred aesthetic, as it is to love your actual community (as in the people you actually interact with, not the people you're told you interact with more; for example, considering you're posting on an imageboard, you probably don't really relate much to the rest of the inhabitants of your neighborhood or town) more than the average bloke, but "nations" are arbitrary nonsense created post-hoc to justify the continued existence of states in a republican culture.

No I posted a picture of the Turkic nation that will unite and be a superpower by 2019

But nations and cultures have been around for ages

Where can I find stuff like this? Marxists org doesn't have tito

Just don't get in the way of the Socialist movement and you'll enjoy a post revolutionary society whose liberated citizenry will be capable of creating real, folk culture.

does this real, folk culture involve the creation of a one world culture? Or do you mean by that that culture will be proper and not just consumer culture we have today

Are you Nazkem gang

Kemalism is based tbh but it's still capitalism

It’s literally impossible to have a polity without some form of civic nationalism, so honestly you don’t need to be a specific kind of socialist to still be a civic nationalist. If you want to get into ethnic nationalism (please don’t) then Nazbol gang are the goys for you.

although we do have a party that calls kemalism socialism with turkish characteristics


The end of generalized commodity production would mean there wouldn't be material incentives to push homogenizing consumerist garbage throughout the globe.

but how would you create a global culture? the cultures in the world are too different

Every fucking time, in every fucking thread someone thinks nationalism just means "dude its loving your country!!!" You are merely supporting the bourgeois modern nation-state that was formed by the end of the 18th century. Nationalism is an ideological tool created by bourgeois rulers to bend people to their will, thus it is incompatible with socialism.

a nation-state is formed by people of a shared culture. How is culture bourgeoisie?

I both don't know or want that. That's the point, Socialism would end any cultural homogenization by vein of ending the market economy and private property

yeah I get that I'm guessing you put both to what I asked accidentally then

Read this

Oh yeah I had a case of the Autism. I'm sorry.

How is a single communist nation-state ever going to survive in a sea of bourgeoisie states? The other countries will collaborate together to crush the communist country, as they would fear their own proletariat seeing a prosperous communist country and being inspired to launch their own communist revolution. No, in order for a communist economy to be productive enough where it would be able to produce enough military equipment to defend the communist country it must have access to a much more resources than any one "nation" (ethno-linguistic group) controls.

In short, the proletariate of the world must be united if we are to defend ourselves from Porky. To the extent we are loyal to our nation before our class, or our species or our planet Earth, we are divided and easily defeated.


Except Kemal was basically a civic nationalist and had no part in the armenian genocide. He left the political party that Enver Pasha who caused the genocide was a part of after they coup'd because he didn't think soldiers should be politicans.

I think they should help each other but that it would be impossible to have a world government

I'll reply after I read this

Why? Is not the penultimate stage of Marxist revolution, before the ultimate stage of true anarchist communism?

Yes and? Again nationalism isn't just made up it's a common belief in people's culture that predates the french revolution. Of course it can be used to control people but so the idea of internationalism

Marx said the state would not exist in the present political term. However he also describes the state as a tool used by the bourgeoisie to maintain power. Basically I think Marx didn't mean anarchism but that the state would be reduced to mere admin work.
Engels' on Authority is a good book to read about this

Fine, but before this later stage, Marx imagined a single world government, a global dictatorship of the proletariat, right?

he believed in a dictatorship of the proletariat but never specifically stated I don't think if it would be one in each country or a global one


The workers have no nation. Also I hope the entire world will have a universal language one day either English or German, just to get rid of all these culture spooks.

Amen, comrade. We must build a new folk culture!

weak trolling Holla Forums, you should read Marx more

I'm genuinely not a Holla Forumsyp

read Bordiga

One universal language is not possible when you want to overtrow capital. Only captial dynamics leads to relocation of workers and mixing their languages, forcing bourgeois languages upon us. I use English only because it's language of my emlorer, used in my proffessional work. Despite being anarchist communist and internationalist, I love also my native tongue, local poetry and culture, and never want to give up it, despite petty bourgeoise tendencies to show it as being worse than English in all areas of life.
Sincerely I rather wish death to English cultural imperialism and American culture that comes with this language to our country,

Read Marx.



where did you find this groyper?

None of your business.


Being NazBol isn't so bad, still you should try to overcome some fears you have of communism. Communism doesn't mean everyone becomes a hivemind and every race disappears into mud,so there's always that. You should be patriotic, but you should also remember that the proletariat must revolt if we are to ever get rid of the globalist evil that capitalism brings.

Actualy you're most nationalist and strasserist in this thread. There's nothing socialist in demanding one nationalist world monoculture and destruction of smal cultures.

I thought like that once too
when I was a teenager

I guess we should burn down this website for any signs of unique image-board culture it has too. How reactionary of them to form a unique community that has its own differences from other places and people.

I want to destroy languages and nations only if we start at destroying USA and burning books written in English.

Sadly, it's unrealistic, so I doubt this vision could casue any shadow of anger in Americans. Only living in culturally colonized place where you see everday that everything unique and familiar disappear only becuase it didn't create successfull capital, you'll understand need of cultural distinction.
Language, poetry, music, thought, in our native language is one of the most important things we have.

Do americans have the kinder suprise?

This. The idea that loving this things makes you a reactionary is americanism.

wow that's pretty rude

Also: remembering history and culture of class struggle in the past is also part of local culture. It;s not just religion or conservative values passed from our old generations.
You want us to forget about strikes, revolutions, laments of opressed peoples from the very begining of state existence, and know only artrificial, corporate buissness-riented English culture that is forced to us together with false commercial popculture?

Become a National-Bolshevik


Which stage of cancer even is this?
Also pan-Turnaism/Turkism is only popular in Turkey and is mostly unheard of in other Turkic countries.

Communism is not about "social trust", its about international solidarity