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Reminder that the whole Catalan independence shtick has nothing to do with democracy or socialism. Catalonia is the richest region in Spain and what they're doing is jumping off ship to try and optimize their position within the framework of neoliberal globalization. That's it.

But if they leave the rest of Spain, wouldn't that fuck up its economy?



Destroying capitalism=/=socialism
If we don't organize beofore the crisis we will get fascism

Burla burgesa, me gusta como uena eso.
The issue now is to make Holla Forums understand that, not because it has a leftist pathos means it is leftist, on this day and age a leftist pathos means something is phony.

That proves nothing, it makes look independentists well distributed among different social classes. it must be (((Ideology))) in any case

Some shiters claim that the balkanization of europe can be a good thing but its a terrible scenario, the balkanization will end up killing class conscience and making the big other even bigger in the common conscience.

well I was doing literally nothing before, but now you've convinced me OP. I'll continue doing nothing, but this time with a different opinion about why.

That's retarded. The fact is many people in Catalonia pay taxes to the central government and the region receives very little back. Infrastructure is poor, railroad network needs investment, roads need investment, etc.
If the retarded castillian scum known as Rajoy would listen to the compalinings of the people this would have all been stopped…but castillians being castillians consider catalonians as literal subhumans don't bother.
This could have also been avoided if Spain were to become a federal nation like Germany and Switzerland.

think of it as national liberation

t. leftypol

t. also leftypol

They're optimizing their position within the framework of neoliberal globalization by not being recognized by any country except Gambia and driving every company away from their country. Riiight.

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he just needed an excuse to post le smart leftist webcomic.

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No nation has the need to exist and the only possible liberation is liberation from capitalism

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neolibs aren't smart

False equivalence

great argument


Then the Mad Max world is socialist?



this whole situation reminds me of leftists who argue that USA should be dissolved into independent states

why is it always that internationalism in practice always leads to more fucking nations

How is independentism "internationalism" in practice?