I thought it was going to be one of those "yatta bossu abused me *~*" threads with the suggestive anime girl pictures.

make that thread yourself, comrade

please dont give people ideas

which country?


Normies lied about this job shit! Now I'm even more tired, more depressed, more hateful. And still an ugly khv. I feel like from Monday I'm just waiting for the week to be over. But then it's the weekend and i don't do anything cool anyway

Wish I was neet again


does it matter? It's small slavic shithole inside the EU



i've been lowballing my desired wage this entire time hoping to get a job. am I seriously fucking myself?


someone respond, I'm working on a cover letter right now

At least all the women are literal 10/10

If it makes you feel better that seems to be pretty common from all I've read.

Yes, you are fucking yourself over big time. Demand as high as possible, be firm.
You want to know why you should work for them, not the other way around.

Slovenia isn't that bad

at least I had this conversation right after graduation

I was always told to just look up the average wage of the industry/job you're applying to. Could probably adjust for experience but idk.

See I had a friend tell me he couldn't land a comp sci job because he kept asking for too much.

wanted to know cause you can't really live on 1400 euros a month in my country

I've had several comp sci jobs. I'm talking from experience, being severely underpaid sucks.

If it's your first job it may not be that great of an idea though, but as soon as you rack up your experience it's good to go as long as you can bullshit and sound as "professional" (aka corporate) as possible.

Usually employers will have a discussion about the wages, if you're asking for too much (have to get some surplus value of you somehow…) they will try to lower it (and you can accept depending of how low you can go).
Maybe your friend is just retarded.


Well my friend was looking for his first job, yeah. Then he ended up getting a really nice job through another friend in the end anyways.

go for it! Then you can tell us all their secrets

Snitching on your comrades helps a lot if you want to become an informant

Not this thread again…

but also, source?

If they ran me through a polygraph I'd lose the moment they ask me are traps gay?

if I got a job it would almost certainly be working in psyops since most of my education is in marketing/comms

should add I'd feel like human garbage spending my remaining hours on earth posting state propaganda

not all. there are lot's of them just 8+, and I have seen at least dozen of women in my country being just 4+ a.k.a. average German woman:^)


I have a friend who got job by telling them that he will work for free, and asked for a pay after a 2 months, or another who asked for a pay a little lower than fastfood workers get and asked for "adequate" pay after 3 moths. I do not know, but problem with me is that i'm definition of "good worker", not wanting much more than being able to pay rent and food and spend rest of my time working.

I'm able to survive for about 300-400 eur in my country, and I know people who are able to feed family of 5 people from about 1000 eur (I have no idea how). Inequality inside of EU is extremely huge. but ree good commie don't look at this, look at how poor are Africans, they are dying instead of becaming wageslaves with massive mental problems voting commies


and hellloo reddit

that's what Winston did in 1984



This thread got sad really quickly

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unironically: smoke weed

>tell them to fuck off

I've been feeling sick the last two days (8 hour shifts), asked my boss if I can take Tuesday off and she hummed and hawed and said she'd look at the rota, I'm the only person booked on the whole department today so I have to try to do the work of like three people and hard physical work all day, anyway 6 hours later she says she's going home and I'm like okay uh how about my time off, she clearly didn't even remember and just says no, can't spare you (we're incredibly short staffed all the time), you need to book holiday two weeks in advance and you can't book those days anyway because you're not contracted for them (even though I work them every week for months), you can only book off Sunday-Sunday and that'll take you off for the whole week but we only have to pay you for the Sunday. That seems shady to me but whatever.

Anyway for some reason I wanted to cry, I'm still feeling sick and it's like I can see my whole life stretching out in front of me, I didn't even enjoy university but it's like everything just gets worse from here. I never get time to go out and on my days off I'm just exhausted. At least at uni I had a cuteboy to call my own, now I just work to come back to my empty room and sleep.

I'll still be feeling ill on Tuesday I'm sure and it's been made absolutely clear to me that calling in sick is not acceptable, I'm still in 'probation' even though I've been working here for 5 months and I was told if I took sick days I might be fired on the spot. So I'm constantly coming in to work sick like everyone else is so we all get sick, sucks to be a customer, we all work with food, but blame the parasites at the top. Anyway like I said I just felt so sad that I couldn't get any work done and now I'm enjoying by 15 minute break trying to get it together. Fuck my life.

I'm an illiterate chan-bred retard, can you repost that in greentext?


if you plan to even go to mexico there is a commune there in hermosillo, all they exchange is labor not anything else.


lmao normal wage in here is like 500 - 600 euro