Why Western Marxist school is more popular than Eastern? Only because English language is more popular than Russian...

Why Western Marxist school is more popular than Eastern? Only because English language is more popular than Russian, or this have some deeper reasons?

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How exactly would you define "western" and "eastern" Marxist schools?

it isn't

Western is composed of scholars developing way of thought about interpreting Marx orignated in Western universities, especially French, who are often heterodox and combine Marxist philosophy with other popular intellectual currtents, like psychoanalysis (ie. Freudian / Lacanian) or exsitentialism, or interpreting Marx in analogy with his predecessors, mainly Hegel . In example: Althusser, Adorno, Horkheimer, Badiou, Gramsci. They're not necessarily educated in the West, like Slavoi Zizek who could be perceived as Western Marxist. Eastern Marxism is continuation of Soviet Marxst thought or niche interpretations of Eastern Marxist dissidents working outside the Soviet Union, usually referring to Marxist orthodoxy. In example: Lukacs,Tarasov, Kagarlitsky or, obviously, Lenin.

so, basically Eastern Marxists are actually Marxists


he did selfcrit and became a good worker

His first work was foundational for Western Marxism, late Lukacs was Eastern.

thats the opposite of what happened. he participated in the hungarian uprising of 1956 and condemned stalin late in life. he started out western and if possible got more western

read a book you apes

Yes, he did it when most of Western Marxists still were Stalinists. He was not Western in meaning that he didn't wanted to combine Marxism with idealism or psychonalysis, but he focused on orthodox application and political theory.


no he denounced History and Class Consciousness as hopelessly idealistic and became a good Leninist

well at least you admit it i guess

I meant it as an insult

I been interested in soviet marxism a lot, the issues seems to be that nobody in the west ever saw anything good about anything soviet.
I do have a book that talks about the history of soviet philosophy but I haven't read it

Because everything from Western Europe and Anglosphere has much easier time getting notoriety than anything from anywhere else.

Both of them were dissidents in the Soviet Union, so it's debatable if late Soviet establishment has any continuation at all, but they are probably most influential "living" academic Marxists in Russia.

eastern "marxism" is literally just fascism read bordiga you fucking illiterate

I would strongly advice Kagarlitsky all of his major popular books are translated.

What periods of Soviet Marxism are you interested in? Such as in the first years or so?

any specific primary work you would suggest?

It depends on what are you interested it. He didn't write too many though, you may read annotations.
More prominent stuff would be
-Marxism: unapproved for classes (Oddly enough not translated, probably because he mostly actively distributes it for free)
-From Empires to Imperialism: The State and the Rise of Bourgeois Civilisation (Rethinking Globalizations)

Most of his books are about Russia in great detail: Soviet Union, Perestroika, Capitalism. All aspects of economy, politics and society.

I think the book I have mentions him but i know nothing of him beside that


Doesn’t the fact that the USSR was little more than an authoritarian porky empire with gibsmedats discredit Eastern Marxism?

It's past your bedtime, infant

do you have a pdf of either? im having trouble finding one.

From Empires to Imperialism is pretty easy to find so I assume you mean the other one: