Is the big man theory of history partially correct? What if he had never called the referendum? Brexit never would have happend, and maybe even not trump!

In this is case is called "big fucking idiot in history" theory.
I mean, this guy could fuck up a cup of coffee

I know the Brexit campaign was done for the wrong reasons, but it was still an aamazing thing for the UK.

Yeah the "great man" theory works better in terms of destruction rather than creation.

Amazing because it will turn the UK from a semi relevant country to a backwater? Yes I can agree to that.

Only cunts strive for relevance user. Never trust anyone who wishes to be relevant or be remembered, they're 99% chance of being a cunt who will use you.
It's much better to live in a comfy small irrelevant european country, terrorists don't even know how to get here.
It will also be much easier to make a revolution and follow isolationist policies

The criticisms of "great man" theory aren't saying that individuals can't have a huge impact on world events. Of course they can.

What we're saying is that the overall trajectory of human history isn't decided by individuals. Germany still could have become fascist without Hitler or even the Nazi Party in general. Anti-EU backlash would still be a driving force in UK politics and would strongly affect the future of Britain even without any of the contemporary figures.

oh look it's a butthurt britcunt

the only butthurt ones are neolib remainers like you m80.

Not really, I'm actually glad Brits get to suffer at last for what they did to the rest of the world. My dick gets hard at the thought of it tbh.

it doesn't matter who was the Tory PM, they would have had to placate the eurosceptic wing anyway

So by that logic it makes no difference if the Labour leader is Jeremy Corbyn or Chukka Umuna.

no, the point is that the membership of the Labour party wanted a left-wing alternative, it doesn't matter if it was the person of Jeremy Corbyn or someone else

no the point is another tory leader probably wouldn't have called a referendum. another tory leader may not even have had a policy of fiscal austerity. nothing is set in stone. individuals and their personalities and choices do matter when they're running countries.


literally the same

Conservatives in Burgerland don't even believe in universal healthcare

but he did that for a reason, to court votes from Euro-sceptics and play to all parts of his party, considering his ticket was as a socially liberal Tory, he had to please the right of his party also. The rest of this is just alternate universe speculation, a materialist conception of history does not deny that some actors are in positions of great power and that they exercise that power


I very much doubt that.

I'm not fond of the theory either, but a different person in the right place at the right time can have an immense change in the world. It's more like the butterfly effect trumps the great man theory.

the point of great man theory is that history is driven by the decisions of extraordinary individuals instead of material causes
it's not that people don't have agency, it's that people adjust to their material existence rather than the material existence adjusting to them

Leftpill me on the parliamentary power stance, /labour/