Matched a girl on tinder who had a picture of Zizek, I need all your Zizek memes plz

Matched a girl on tinder who had a picture of Zizek, I need all your Zizek memes plz

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This is all I can do, my son.



this would be easier if the board wasnt broken













Reminder that the anti-Zizek nerds have lately increased. Reminder them that Holla Forums is a Zizek board!

Nice americanism you have there pal



Have you watched The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, OP?
Or read any text of his for that matter.

She probably thinks memes are cringe, you fucked up already. Just mention it casually later on.

What a fucking loser


"I'd tax having a cat, tax it really heavily."


I want some sex to relax

post the grill op


oh shit boys i only left this like 10 minutes thanks you magnificent bastards



Only one that actually matters.


This is the one I'm going to send her, lmao wish me luck


Keep us update, fam.


Bumping because I don't want to resurrect the dating thread…how has tinder worked for y'all? I've heard that it was good but now it's gone to shit but apparently it's still popular?

Tinder is for fucking losers or americans. What the fuck? Go out in a fucking bar or somewhere else and start conversating you fucking faggot. People act all superior and shit then fall for the most alienating and consumeristic dystopian shit there is out there.


thing about tinder is that it allows one to reach people who don't go to bars for whatever reason
generally the type of bar that young people go to is fucking awful - expensive, loud shit music and unpleasant people all around

I don't use tinder and am a virgin but at a bar it's for me usually
…because I'm too much of a nerd manlet to actually try and pull.

you shouldn't pull at bars anyway


impress her with your knowledge of Zizek, retard

Well, maybe is because you really don't have a drinking culture in america so you pull the lowest of the low in american bars, that said here in europe (don't know about britain tho) you can find some 10/10 classy shit in bars or pub or whatever. Music and people too loud? Walk to minutes and go to the other pub. You gett shit pulls in europe when you go to nightclubs. You can pull everywhere else tho. Fuck I even pulled at starbucks a few times, then again starbucks here are rare so don't attract the hipster bullshit crowd

Walk two*

What the fuck is a pull? Is this some retarded puatalk?

You are fucking English aren't you. Filthy southern colonial cunt. No fucking wonder, you are worse than burgers

No I'm not brit. My country didn't have starbucks until fucking may. I pulled in a starbucks in paris once

Hipsters don't go to starbucks. Starbucks is a yuppie/normie spot.

for some reason I just thought you were from the UK my bad misread

not amerikanskiy tho
but the shitty HELLO MY IDENTITY IS CONSUMER WHAT KIND OF CONSUMER ARE YOU type of person is very prevalent in bars and pubs
academic events are generally better for meeting quality people I've found

Everything is better than fucking tinder tho. Tinder is dystopian shit when you think about it.

isnt that the same thing with tinder though

not making a point, genuinely asking.

Not him, but tinder is even worse imho.
Go into a pub. Yeah there are a lot of shit people. You can still find some interesting person. There is conversation, there is the pleasure of meeting someone new. Tinder is like a McDonald. Fast and junk sex. You see the photo "I like it, I don't like it" done. There is nothing else to it, there is no humanity. I think that half the pleasure of scoring irl is everything that comes before sex, the courtship part. Tider has none of that. You look bad swipe. You look good match.

Show her based Zizesky (or Chomzek if you prefer)


Someone post vag fingering zizek

fair, but perhaps my experience with tinder is different
more like a place for misfits to meet other people along with the general populace

the magic here is that in the pub this same process is hidden

fuck these guys

oh my god

Not true. Nuance is important. Plus the idea that looks is everything is incel tier, no looks are not everything. If you are manlet with a sexy attidude you'll get more chances than a supposed model that looks insicure or a faggot

precisely, in Tinder there is potential for attraction through textual communication, with profile and chat communication
one who is better with written word compared to personal spoken communication can make their case better on tinder compared to a pub

who are they?

Dude no. Impersonal communication is not better than face to face dialogue. No tension, no stares.
Yeah, one socially akward guy (no offense) can make it better off of tinder no doubt. When will this guy go out of this bubble tho? If tinder and messages never existed one would be forced to "grow a pair" and be "cured". People need to get the fuck out of their confort zones.
Other wise one day we will all be like this, fucking robots chatting true an app. The attraction only how good you look based on the momentary trend.
Jesus, takes away all the good stuff from bringing a girl in your house.

Damn so many fucking spelling errors. I'm not even that drunk

Fuck off normie

My experience as a socially awkward autist has been different, in that it was actually easier to get dates irl. I was on all the dating sites for maybe 2 years and went on a couple dates with no success at all

And then when I lost all shame I decided to ask out a girl at work and she said yes. Since then I have had success irl. I think it's because on tinder and shit women have a lot higher standards because tinder gives a false sense of choice. It's like Amazon for dates.

But when you ask irl it's totally different because it's only you there. So standards are a lot more fair

some random twats

btw he looks really good in this picture, maybe it's the seething hatred for dumb fans

I don't know what your idea of tinder is but it isn't impersonal; you actually do meet a person face-to-face should a rapport be established
I agree, but Tinder dates are just that in most cases. They aren't so fundamentally different from regular chatting up
user, humies are a visual species
not for me Clive, I'm into the girls rather than the process to aquire the girls myself

I can pull 2 6+/10 girls a week with minimal effort using tinder or bumble, more if I apply myself. It's significantly cheaper than going to bars and you can be reasonably sure the girl is into you so that should help the shy poorfags on this board. I'd get on it if you're looking for sex, but it's not the best place to look for a gf but that can happen.

Reading this makes me want to end it. The only attention I find both on dating apps and irl are women my age (29ish) who want to immediately get serious and make me pay for everything

I wonder how much oxy sam does every week

I hear is more casual sex machine
Visual doesn't mean just how do you look. Attitude is visual too

Pull means fuck. You mean you can fuck more than a girl a day using tinder? How it's not only about sex? How can you have time for a date or face to face meeting?
But that would took out everything else. Sex it's not only about sex, what the fuck?
That's pathetic.

this is how you sound right now

You didn't answer me. How can you say that tinder is about dates ecc. when you just said that one can pull this easily? Also "the girl is alredy into you" this basically means that she's already decided the future of the encounter based on pics and superficial bullshit. How's this not bad? This is really taking all the nuance away from sexuality or attraction.

Fuck off /r9k/

If I meant that I would have said "day" instead of week.
Most of the time it is.
I usually meet them at a coffee shop or a bar, we have a drink and if things go good we end up leaving together. I've had maybe 5 matches that wanted me to just come over and I dropped those.
What is everything else, spending significantly more time and money barhopping? I'm not a porky and proletarian life isn't a tv show, tinder reduces the amount of drinks I need to buy and has a higher success rate so I'm going to use it when I want to get laid. I'd wager the majority of the board is also in this situation and buying a coffee and a beer is a lot more affordable than buying several for a $15 an hour wage.
How? Sometimes a hookup turn into something more and I don't see anything wrong with dating a girl you fucked soon after meeting her.


6/10 or more a week means more than one a day
More time=more drinks. One needs more time because we are not animals who take the first thing that looks good and go fuck her in the alley. You don't need to spend more money, this doesn't mean shit. Tinder dates are faux dates then following this logic, because if you speed up things this much means that you already made up you mind, the meeting was just to confirm the pic. Plus this means that if you are a model you can pull this easily, If you are not that good looking in the profile then you are automatically discarted.
This btw means that I'm right when I say that tinder is the death of every nuance, individuality and anything besides how good you look in photo. Plus I went checking out on few other forums about how tinder work, Are you a model user? Because most of the people out there say that is not easy, and most of the girls have shit like (NO HOOKUPS).



To some extent yes, that say there is a lot more involment into it from both sides.

No, 2 6+/10 a week means I pull two girls who are 6/10 or better a week.
More drinks means more money, bars don't give that shit out for free. I make $15 an hour and have classes on top of a 30+ hour a week job, I don't have the funds or the time for that to keep up with my sex drive. So like most proles in my financial situation, I use Tinder. Be honest, you make significantly more than the 25k a year your average pastacuck makes.
I look like Tom Cruise in his prime and live in a city of 2.3 million. I'm lucky to be good looking but the sheer volume of women makes things relatively easy.

Damn, misread
Ok, I'm not saying that you are an asshole for using tinder. What I'm saying is that the existence of something like tinder is pretty sad. Tinder kind of fucked up dating where it exist at least. Because one can't afford social life, you have this faux superficial corporate shit. I'm not saying that you shouldn't use it.
I won't lie about it or say that it doesn't make a difference ecc. Obviously it makes one, but not because I throw money at girls, but because I can afford going out whenever I want and wherever I want. Honestly this is the first time I thought about this, the fact that not all people can afford social life and that social life costs a lot. Probably I never realized this because here in europe drinking culture is a pretty big thing, most of the prolliest guys I know spend half of their salary on drinking, that's why the concept of not being able to blow money on booze is pretty strange for me
Wait are you that 5'9" guy on the trash thread? I hear that a lot of girls are picky about heights on there.

And I agree, however I've got a very high sex drive and it's the best option I have for getting laid given my circumstances.
And that's part of my point. I've inherited some stuff and am a lot better off than some, but I would go broke within a year if I went out twice a night in addition to the issues that hangovers and shit would cause my personal life. The rise of hookup culture in burgerland happened because of material conditions impacting the proletariat, and as capitalism erodes what welfare states you have in europe you will see the same happen and the drinking culture will become restricted to the well to do.
Yeah that was me. Height is more of an issue online, probably because a lot of guys give themselves at least two inches so some women think I'm Ben Sharpio tier before meeting me in person. Dick size is worse, I've got a legit 8 inch cock and the amount of self-proclaimed size queens who think it's 10" or more is funny.

…so can you guys give a 162cm tall 25 y/o kissless virgin any advice? In the past I definitely had chances (I think) but I'm pretty sure I have too high standards. I can talk to women just fine (written or spoken communication) but as soon as there's a hint of something more than normal I chicken out. I have been thinking about maybe just fucking a hooker to get it over with and somehow remove the mental blockade. I'm also terrified that on the off chance that I'll ever make to bed with a girl she'll laugh at my dick (13cm), I don't know maybe I'm just paranoid.

Don't worry about dick size.
Height in your case maybe is kind of a problem, you are hitting very manlety territory there. Hookers could be a solution, but a sad solution indeed. Are you good looking?
Just be confident man, really really confident. Don't chicken out, I've seen pornstar getting off cocks smaller than yours. Also remeber that yours is average, the lower part of average, but still average

Remember that dick size only matters once you're already in bed with a girl

Look in to population genetics.
What I mean by that is this:
If I'm going by the most probable assumption that your genetics resulted in your height and not some nutritional deficiency whilst in the nurture-period then there are complete populations out there where your height would be the national male average. Examples are Bolivia, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria. If your height in a population with a much taller average male pop. is seriously causing distress then maybe you should look into migrating. Class struggle can be waged wherever, really.

Also penis-size in relation to height has no scientific grounding. East-asians have the shortest average penis sizes in the world, while sharing the same height of many African populations; who meanwhile have the largest average penises in the world.


Penis size averages are IQ tier pseudo science.
Size queens are not a real thing. Just watch Sabrina nichole ex. She's a playmate and her ex is a fucking bady dicked fat fuck. Work on rythm, pussy eating, quality positions ecc.
You'll be fine, the sensible part of the vagina the first two inches.

fucking site still broke my gott




















Does anyone have the waluigi one?
You know what I mean, where we say that waluigi is a reflection of a reflection etc
Or is that from another meme?

this is just like when people take photos with MC Ride

Thank you, anons. I'll respond more in detail tomorrow because I'm currently away so not at home.

Your dick is only below average by a centimeter and you aren't the shortest cock on this board, let alone microdick territory. That will make size queens off the table, but genuine size queens are maybe 5% of women with the rest thinking 6"/15cm is 8"/20cm so don't worry about that. Having a big dick can be a hassle and despite seeing girls pounded by Mandingo's 10"(at most) dick on porn sites most women aren't into that.

Height is more of an issue and at 5'4" you're going to struggle. In this case your best bet is probably with taller women, as strange as this may sound girls over 5'8" start getting passed over because some dudes are weirded out about a gf taller than them barefoot so they may be open to a guy in a similar situation. This isn't to say short women won't fuck you or all tall women will want you, but for whatever reason short women are more likely to be height queens than tall women.

Otherwise get fit or maintain fit, dress well, and groom yourself. And bee urself, women can spot a fake ass nigga from a mile away and spinning some canned game from puas will make them laugh at you. Be honest about what you're into and be able to talk about it without being an autist, on top of that be a good listener and talk about what they like but don't pretend to have knowledge you don't.

that's because i'm not that guy

This is probably my favorite Zizek quote.



That's not a Zizek original, the first instance I could find of it is by Kalki Krishnamurthy.

Can't find it on Google. Isn't he the guy who has that quote about a profoundly sick society?


No idea, just looked into it because I like finding origins of idioms and quotes. Screenshot because Quora a shit.

WTF is this?


It's real:

How many other movies does Zizek have? I have watched Perverts Guide To Ideology and Film. I like them so much I sometimes go to sleep listening to them.
Does he have more like this and if yes where can I get them?

Does anyone else here get momentarily freaked out a little when in a lecture or discussion Zizek just does this extended throaty "ghhhhEHHH..!" like he's gonna croak?

What does Molly Klein look like?

Is this basically the new dating thread? I'm honestly not interested in fucking a girl right after meeting her, and would honestly rather just do it in my hand. Are there any females who just want to take a slow but steady committed relationship right off the bat? It seems I meet so few who are like that.

I found a pic of your hot date, user. Man oh man you pulled a big one!

This is how 99% of leftypol REALLY gets their dates. The cope is strong with this board.

Protip, your girl will 100% cheat on you unless you look like this. Females are biologically programmed to trade up, which is why they have no sense of loyalty. Never give a female money or commitment if you are not Chad.

The real secret of slaying women revealed. You too can be drowning in pussy (so long as you were born with Chad genes) with this one simple trick!

pls give zizek move torrents

ehh i found my gf on tinder. courtship is fucking overrated i always hated putting on pretenses and basically lying. i'd rather skip all that and know definitively whether a girl likes me or not and whether she wants to fuck

But a girl would never want to fuck me…


I thought that too until I used tinder fam

Just kill yourself tbh


why can't you accept that a new method of social relations is arising in place of the old? one that lowers the transaction cost of dating immensely?

woops meant for you. i think my analogy is silly but still relevant. just as "drinking culture" was predicated on bars and the social and economic forces that created bars (which, btw, drinking culture revolving around picking up chicks in bars wasn't a thing until at least the mid-19th century– hardly some hallowed historical tradition) so new economic forces have created tinder

It's incredible the lengths you'll go to not get laid so you can maintain a victim complex over not getting laid.

when did i say anything about getting laid? i have a gf, there's no need for adhoms. you didn't address my post talking about economic and social forces. makes this point as well, but i don't think it has to be necessarily viewed as a toxic development in our times, only to the extent that it sedates the working class further

I don't understand, what was the purpose of writing the incel tier retort in then?

Saying no to Slavoj Zizek




Ross Wolfe is a Zionist.

no, u

I meant to point out that the idea of using the app as a "crutch" for one's shitty social skills is unfair and is equivalent to saying that we should grow our own crops through subsistence farming. its a shitty analogy as i pointed out, but its to highlight the fact that whether we like it or not we're dependent on complex interdependent society and economy. Just as pubs fostered one type of drinking culture which people needed to master to get laid, so too is Tinder creating another of socialization which, imo, lowers the costs to get laid. OTOH, it might be unequal as people argue here, but imo pub culture is just as unequal and has hidden costs and filtering mechanisms to keep people out guide/0/99/0's guide

Oh, that's a good point. I'm just jumping the gun because the incels have been insufferable recently.

While this is a good troll comrade, posters on this board are pretty well attuned to the fact that this is life under the material conditions of bourgeois capitalism and the Spectacle.

To a Marxist, it is no surprise that women raised under the conditions of Spectacular late capitalism in America are conditioned to respond to pics related in manners reported in pics related. This isn't some proof of the ultimate degeneracy of women subject to Original Sin, just further proof that the Spectacle/capitalism alienates us all from our selves.

Pic related, communist women

Drinking culture has been around since the dawn of the world. Drinks are strong excuse for social gatherings ecc. The pub culture is as proletarian as it gets, it's the place where you meet new friends, where you tell whatever the fuck you want, where you go to relax after a hard day work, you play darts ecc.
It's one of the trues place on earth.
Meanwhile tinder glorifies selfie culture, narcisim, "social" media culture, fake caked makeup and fake people. It glorifies spectacle and fake social interactions. It's cheeper yes, it exist to keep you quiet tho. You control sex, you control people. Read brave new world.
It's as empthy as it gets. It creates higher expectations and being the outsider is always punished somehow.
Porky as it gets.

This misses the point entirely, as it implies ideology has now left this man.

I saw Zizek at a grocery store in Ljubljana yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He sniffed and said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh? And so on.” and pulling his shirt toward my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen bottles of Coke in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bottles and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any epistemological infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bottle and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

Pics or it didn't happen

if some one with pic related as their profile pic on twitter an some horrible ass shit in their bio, they would get the same amount of horny and desperate people as that troll account. Its not a "secret to all women" that horny idiots use sites like twitter regardless of gender. All this "women are biologically programed to behave a certain way is the most retarded spook ever.


There is not a single Zizek fangirl in the universe who isn't a barely literate flaky retard like muke, so have fun, OP.

It's a meme text like the navy seal copypasta, you dingus.
in the torrent there are a few other movies he has made, haven't checked them out though

Never seen it before

Wait, the mods locked that? What a waste.