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How the fuck did 4chan's boogeyman go from tumblr, reddit, jidf, crt, etc to Holla Forums?

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Because 4ch pol became reddit so they need a new boogeyman

its funny leftypol is basically the boogieman of the internet now we literally get blamed for everything. I actually dont mind it its fucking hilarious

Should I update this banner?

Holla Forums are deluded

They think CTR/pro-Hillary posters are Holla Forums

"most hated board on the internet" might be better

chapo is currently competing with us for Holla Forums's latest bogeyman


Really? lol

Fuckin losers lol

Jesus Christ, Holla Forumsreddit is easily triggered.

never thought of it that way T B H


A lot of them are literally just Holla Forumstards trolling the leddit migrants, and the ledditors think it's serious shilling that they're very clever for noticing, even when it's extremely obvious bait.

They need better enemies. Chapo are socdems who are obsessed with Twitter and media, and who think that single payer = socialism. They suck.

Or make a new one based on the cover of that pirate book that says "villain of all websites"

it was happening on Holla Forums for a few days ago but i haven't seen it lately. might've been just one retard spamming it. dunno about other boards

That archive doesn't have Holla Forums

It also doesn't have Holla Forums
This is just fucking hilarious

they're literally doing our work for us, comrades

Half of these people are so paranoid they'd end up afraid of fucking voodoo

Do they have any idea they're doing the shilling for us?

most of 4chan thinks Holla Forums is like tumblr

Seems not which makes it ever more hilarious.

"By name alone Holla Forums is more inclusive than "tolerant" Holla Forums."

How do you even call this? This is a new level of delusion.


It only gets better, doesn't it?

The irony is that they're only making us grow.

They're also not revolutionaries, and they think that party politics and "working within the system" matter at all.

damn that guy got in a burn so bad the house of saud will need skin grafts

we got from blair to jez by entering a centrist party and slowly pushing it left. i'll use a better strategy when I see it
t. socdem gang

Socdems are worse than naive, they're useful idiots.

Tried to find the source for this pic. Oldest source I could find is an Ironmarch thread from March 2015. Apparently it's some Swedish highschool meetup.
It's completely unrelated to Holla Forums in any case.

They have the last year gone into full black propaganda mode. See pic related.






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it's look convincing, really guys

even leftists hate Holla Forums

They've been doing that for a while really. Most Holla Forums infographs are straight up lies.

hi feds

The truth has never been important to Holla Forums. One of their main hobbies is making things up about us, so we can be their perfect villain. That's half of why Holla Forumsyps who come here don't actually know what we're all about politically, and think it has something to do with persecuting whites or protecting safe spaces or whatever other SJW-ish stuff they cook up.

Yeah, you figured me out. The bourgeoisie are just going to peacefully turn over their private property.

which goes to show that rafiq definitely wasn't wrong about Holla Forums

reactionaries enjoy bad faith games.

it's like a helicopter popping flares to evade guided missiles. they just throw out as many lies as possible, stringing them together in an aesthetic that seems truthful at first glance if you don't bother to do fifteen minutes of fact-checking. they know they can get away with this because the poor naive sods who try and individually debunk their lies one by one in, say, a twitter or 4/pol/ thread will be speaking to no one by the time they've written up their long indictment of the original post. the reactionary culprit will already be gone along with most other people responding, or will just prolong the ordeal by posting more lies to insinuate bad faith on the part of the debunker (i.e. calling people shills)

it's better to just save evidence of Holla Forumsyps frequently lying and use that to quickly inform people in the thread of the reactionary tendency to lie constantly

a great deal of them writes it as leftypol rather than Holla Forums

when did user die, bros

The election, when reddit flooded into Holla Forums.

That's a technique in oral debate and rhetoric, too. I think it's called "lighting many fires" or something like that.

When I abandoned 4chan in 2008.

This but unironically

Before they are called out on their lies, they try to fool you. After they are called out it's:

No, you must limit yourself to tender bullying.

Is there anything you kikes won’t fucking ruin?

Do you have proofs? I thought she was completely off the Internet these days.

Nice purity spiral. Guess on you guys are the “real leftists”.

If she's just a typical liberal feminist, what the fuck does that have to do with Holla Forums? Do you have brain damage?

This is like when they made those Jew girl interracial porn memes, literally just photoshoping big noses on white girls from BLACKED scenes.

This is your brain on American education.

I was first made aware I was living in time when boxxy came back to youtube and looked like she was fucking 40

everybody left of Mussolini has essentially the same opinion according to the average Holla Forumsyp

did what to who?

When I used to try and do the liberal honest discussion/debate song & dance, if they responded to debunking it was usually to A) deride my sources as biased globalist propaganda or B) say that I didn't properly debunk him because I didn't address this specific, unprovable pseudoscientific cover story
I typically got A) except when debunking IQ lies, where they tossed out the Autism Level falsehood as if it is in any way proven or even related to IQ

Now I just spam memes. The "blood and soiled yourself" one really gets under their skin

Isn't that just BDSM?

On the topic of Wolfenstein, because of course it'd fucking be Wolfenstein:
What the fuck are these people smoking?

No. Tender bullying is the purest expression of love.


She looks hot idk what you're talking about

shit taste tbh smdh

You know what? Fuck it. Let's just say "yes" to all of their dumb fucking conspiracies and let them waste their time trying to subvert/expose conspiracies that don't exist.

If we do nothing else, Holla Forums's praxis should be to waste as much of Holla Forums's and the aut-right's time as possible.

Comrade you should know a girl isn't attractive if she doesn't have bleach-blonde dyed hair and an inferiority complex


Oh I forgot only albino traps women with dyed yellow hair pretending to be Blonde are ok.

I second this

Problem is, they whip up bullshit on a daily basis, it's not really going to be hard for them to fabricate that stuff, and some trolls from here may actually help them for the lulz.

Yeah but look at how worked up they got when they found out one - ONE - guy who was communist because of chapo and memes was an officer cadet at west point. They spent DAYS on a goose chase for other saboteurs because one guy immediately = communist coup d'etat plot in their extremely online brains

I should clarify this shouldn't be a permanent thing but doing it once just to fuck with them will make the entire aut-right paranoid for years that filthy degenerates might infiltrate other communities.

also it'll be fun as h*ck

This is a Christian imageboard, please refrain from using such blasphemous and obscene profanity.

I don't see any stretchers or tattoos. So it's not that bad.
Who'd want to fuck boxxy anyway?

fuck off, it's clearly Bordigist



they seem to be a tad perturbed by my suggestion of an initial joyful romp in the ~marketplace of ideas~

Stupid plan, stupid response, stupid responses to the response.

The plan isn't to actually do that, but to make turn their own paranoia against them.

wait…do you think I was actually going to fuck with them IRL?

Basically this. Educate yourself on how the FBI ruined the BPP - the goal wasn't to honeypot every activist but to make them so paranoid that they destroyed themselves fighting each other or looking over their shoulders.

As the saying went, they wanted the BPP to see "an agent behind every post office box."

I dunno man, from that thread it's pretty clear the only threat are muh commies, joos and essaydabbayous.

You sure?

They might as well call him a shill and leave it at that, like they did with the argie a bit above him.

No, but when we used to do this it was more subtle/funny. They never do the poster campaigns anyway, they're Internet People.

I know, but it's good to deny them even the artificial fun of LARPing.

They'll never be truly /comfy/ if they know the socdem squad will roll in outta nowhere at any moment and ruin everything. They'll always be watching. And it won't be FUN anymore - meaning they'll eventually starting drifting off.

Have you even played an MMO with bad moderation? Back in the mid-2000s you'd discover a good game only to find out that griefers would ruin your fun or PK you for sport. After so many tries you'd just quit and move on to something else out of frustration. This operates on the same principles.

To be honest I've had something like this swimming around in my head for over a year now. This is as good a pilot project for my plans as any other opportunity. If it doesn't work, I'll still have had fun shitposting like I usually do.

You turned online gaming into a casino. Shame on you.

I was a teenager and didn't know any better. If I could, I'd go back and slap the shit out of whoever invented gachas/lootcrates

Absolutely moronic take.

I was such a shithouse I never leveled and PK'd at every opportunity. I also used to cast spells to confuse people in the main towns and start riots. I am the Chad PK.


Kek, this makes me laugh even more because I'd log on at random and in the PK guild chat I would be like "What's going on?" and I'd be invited to one of the boss areas to ambush all the people sitting around for hours waiting for their turn to kill the boss and then we'd kill the boss, loot everything, and teleport away.
PVP zones are cancer and remove all the villains from the game instantly; feuds, internal guild morality and KOS lists were some of the best parts of the early MMORPGs.


Anyway! Looks like this actually works. I might do this again in the future, larping as a VoPo is fun

Honestly fucking CoD WaW was way more Holla Forums than Wolfenstein. It literally ends with you planting the Soviet flag atop the Reichstag while the anthem blares. Reznov was /ourguy/.

They already do this for themselves, we don't need to help them waste their time. It's a waste of our time.

Reznov did get gulaged and Dmitri got (indirectly) gassed by Stalin. I would say that Reznov was a 'soviet nationalist' and little more.

Yeah, you're probably right.

But he was literally a hero of the Soviet Union, gulaged by Kruschev and revisionism. Dmitri was killed by a literal Nazi collaborating opportunist general who probably would have gone on to be Yeltsin if he wasn’t strangled by Mason.

It's a local division of a Swedish M-L youth federation, Revolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom (RKU).

Yes because Stalin sent them to the Arctic in 1945 because "Stalin had little need for heroes". Also Reznov was bitter that Stalin did not welcome Dmitri as a hero despite his sacrifices.
He was also captured in 1945 and gulaged that year, again, under Stalin. Nothing suggests Reznov was walking free for 7+ years until Khrushchev took over.

This. All dissidents of the Holla Forums hivemind are accused of being Holla Forumsacks, bringing them here.

I'm sure 4/pol/ is waaaaay bigger than that, just look at the date of the last post at the bottom of the catalog

All this proves is that Stalin was the real revisionist.

We've got to live up to our reputation.

It may be because of retarded shills from here shitting up discussion, I've seen them a couple of times and they don't exactly make us look good.

How exactly can one shit up a giant pile of shit like Holla Forums. It is reddit incarnate.

Of course, I meant some like tankies on /his/.

Any cuckchan archive will yield a lot of hits for Holla Forums

And it’s always tankies too.

Why would every communist on 4chan necessarily be us?
You find dozens of hammer-and-sickle posters repeating literal high-school tier knowledge of socialism memes on 4/pol/ and going on about muh badass social conservative communists, I seriously doubt those people ever lurked here.