Is Nick Land Alt-Right?

Is Nick Land Alt-Right?

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Who'se Nick Land?

Not alt-right, I'm pretty sure he's lost his virginity. I think he's a weird hyper-trad hypercapitalist metamonarchist transhumanist postflesh


He def fucked Sadie Plant

Most the alt-right are not virgins but just nerds who had sex a few times but just can't compete.

Some guy from the alt right.

He's NRX


Nick, why do you lurk this place?

Do you read Rafiq too? He's quite good.

Rate my OC please

Hes nothing
Hes just a Transhumanistic who thinks that if we just sit in armchairs and let capitalism run its course to its logical conclusion then we will all get to live in some blade runner city-state An-cap shit irl

He's a Deleuzian right-accelerationist. His text is "Fanged Noumena". I don't know much about him, you're better off reading A Thousand Plateaus. All pretty weird though. Neither Land nor Deleuze are exactly /our guys/

Why not recommend Thirst for Annihilation as well?
Damned BO, let me upload PDFs!

Yes :^)

Go on Zero Squared and debate Doug Lain about Deleuze.

what do you think of fundamentalist ACC and would u debate Andrew Culp?

Do you mean Unconditional Accelerationists? Like Vince Garton?

I would also love to see this. As well as the debate with Doug Lain.


post timestamp

I was posting at like 4 am and forgot. Never read either honestly.

Litrarely why?
I'm confused.