Daily News Thread 10/27

"Secret" JFK Assassination Files Reveal Bizarre Allegations

Previously classified documents in the JFK Assassination Records Collection are being released to the public for the first time.

WikiLeaks offers $100k for unreleased JFK documents

WikiLeaks is offering $100,000 for previously unreleased JFK assassination files that show evidence of criminal activity or a bungled investigation.

Catalonia declares independence from Spain, direct Madrid rule looms

Catalonia’s parliament declared independence from Spain on Friday in defiance of the Madrid government, which at the same time was preparing to impose direct rule over the region.

Spanish Senate approves direct rule in Catalonia

The Spanish Senate has approved invoking Constitutional Article 155, imposing direct Madrid rule on Catalonia. The move came minutes after the region’s parliament declared independence from Spain.

Spanish United Left Plans to Draft a Federal Constitution

With tensions growing between Catalonia and Spain, the United Left plans to offer a solution that would turn Spain into a federal republic.

Botulism & an exploding seashell: How the CIA planned to kill Castro

The CIA devised a series of increasingly bizarre plots to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, including poisoning him with botulism pills, shooting him, contaminating his diving suit, rigging a seashell with explosives, and offering a two-cent bounty for him, according to newly released intelligence files.

Cambridge News 'received anonymous JFK assassination tip-off'

A British local newspaper received an anonymous call about "some big news" in the US, shortly before President John F Kennedy was assassinated, according to documents.

Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros ‘Empire’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban renewed his assault on George Soros, instructing his intelligence services to map what he described as the networks run by the billionaire financier’s “empire” targeting his country.

Number of billionaires worldwide soars above 1,500: Report

Three-quarters of the people who became billionaires in 2016 were from China and India, the findings showed.

'Never Trust' the US, Ayatollah Khamenei Warns Iraq

Stay “cautious about the Americans' deceptions," said Iran's leader.

Opioid Billionaire's Indictment Opens New Window on Epidemic

More than a decade after opioid painkillers first exploded across the U.S., John Kapoor found an aggressive way to sell even more, according to prosecutors: He began bribing doctors to prescribe them.

Gaming addiction probably isn’t a real condition, study suggests

There may be no such thing as internet gaming addiction. People play excessively not because they are hooked on gaming itself, but because they feel unhappy about other areas of their life, according to a study that followed thousands of online gamers over six months.

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This Spain situation seems really promising.
We need to try and help out our local comrades organize any way we can.

Do people think you can be actually chemically addicted to video games? REALLY?


Twitter Versus RT: Which One is State Media Again?

America’s New Red Scare escalated in mid-October as the US Department of Justice demanded that the US division of television network RT (formerly known as Russia Today) register as a “foreign agent” under the aptly named Foreign Agents Registration Act.

If Labour wants to save the NHS, it needs to cut out Big Pharma

The NHS is being used as a cash cow by a pharmaceutical industry more interested in boosting profits than researching vital new drugs. In the last 5 years the cost of medicines to the NHS has increased 29% – that’s more than the total NHS’s deficit.



thanks you!! news user
I should rewatch baku-on

These words are committing violence against me

Not so surprising, though I think most people who self-indentify as addicts would be confused by the way addiction is used here. I think many people realize they play video games to simulate certain needs they can't fulfill in reality. Look at guitar hero, the content almost completely matches the form of that simulated need here. So much so that I remember people trying to make it so that a real guitar could be used as a controller for these kinds of games, so they could actually learn to play. I even remember some adults would grumble in their cynical way that kids should be learning instruments instead of playing games about playing instruments.

Most games have basically the same function, the feeling of accomplishment through overcoming a challenge, though they also offer things like exploration and discovery (open-world games), more logical problem solving (puzzle games), simulation of human relationships (VNs, maybe even the Sims?). This is one reason why I partially agree with Matt Christman from Chapo that games are largely the most poisonous modern medium. Many artistic creations can serve similar functions to video games, but I'd say books and movies are the closest in their ability to simulate needs. Video games, however, have a more direct and wider range of possible needs that can be simulated. They foster the solipsistic delusion that you can basically be happy alone, with your simulated living. No wonder so many habitual "gamers" are ideologically hyper individualistic, anti-social types. They really do just want to be "left alone with my games". Also no wonder that the gamer's dream was a functioning, convincing modern VR. I'm really interested in the whole thing because I've been trying to figure out what games functionally exist as in the wider social context, and how they effect people. You can definitely play games and be completely socially adjusted, but they seem to have a higher risk of fostering dependence and anti-social ideology in our situation.

Also in the news btw, Mark Cuban says there is am 11% chance he will run for president.

The number is probably a joke, it's so arbitrary, but further evidence that the bourgies are emboldened by the Trump fiasco to simply take control of the state.


Your friend clearly had problems but Gaming to the extent he did was a symptom not the cause of his issues. Of course its the Gaming Industry's fault just like the Pharmaceutical industries and a million other examples. Im well aware that capitalism and big business destroys the individual for profit but Video Games are not CHEMICALLY addictive. Look up what chemical addiction is you dolt.

Actually I take back my relationships part. I think VNs do simulate romance and friendship for a lot of people, but the real social simulation is multiplayer stuff like LoL per:

It gives the feeling of cooperating and belonging with a group to achieve a goal, something people fundamentally desire. Of course, MMOs like WoW also served this community building need for many people for what, over a decade? Now many of them are nostalgic and heartbroken it is gone, and hope that either a new MMO will achieve that halcyon glory of early WoW, or that somebody will create the perfect server of the original game that everybody will return too.

Im not sure anyone cares but there are elections here tomorrow in Iceland. The way it is right now, the two largest parties are the right wing economically liberal Independence party and the Left-Green party, which I would say are left socdem/demsoc. The Independence party has been in government here since the 80s except for this one time after the crash 2008. These elections could go either way, with a right wing and a left wing government being just as likely.
Here is a pretty good interview with the head of the Left-Greens that Jacobin did: jacobinmag.com/2017/10/iceland-election-left-greens-katrin-jakobsdottir
These elections are the third elections in six years. Politics are very chaotic here, with a bunch of new parties being formed for the last few years. The effects of the 2008 crash still linger here.
I'll vote for the Greens tomorrow.
I dont care.The right wingers have ruled this country for way to long. I fucking hate the Independence party, the healthcare system is in crisis, we are barely handling all the tourists, and the housing market is in shambles, with even small trailer-parks starting to form for the first time in Icelandic history, and I want the left to get a small chance.
Also Katrín Jak is pretty cute.

THats not bad. I like my doublewide.

Hope something comes from this.

What is this timeline?

people live in pic related, not proper mobile homes.

Ye-yeah and?

What about the pirates though?

Living in campers is SHIT if you live on the shores of the North Atlantic since they're rarely built for long-term winter living
t. Atlantic Canadian

they would like to live in proper houses I imagine.

The are polling around 8%-10%. I hope they, the Social Democrats and the Left-Greens will be able to form a government, but I doubt it will happen.


hey i just discovered a new disease - having increased temperature. this is totally the cause in itself, not a normal immunological reaction to toxic environment


I don't play games to simulate anything. The games I play are things you can't do in real life.

Do you think it's normal for a person to wake up early in the morning, force feed themselves, spend an hour commuting to work, work a mind numbing job from 9 to 5 so your boss can buy a new yacht, commute an hour back, watch an hour or two of TV alone, and then fall asleep so you can keep doing that for the rest of your life?

Fucking Finaly

Good timing Catalonia


I don’t like right-wing nationalists, BUT I hate liberal Porkies more. So good job Hungary.

Good for SALT, glad there expanding into the rust belt where they will get a lot of sympathizers.

Are the Icelandic Greens Agrarian Greens?

Iceland can into Burgerland

UK 'won't recognise' Catalan independence

The UK will not recognise the Catalan parliament's decision to declare independence from Spain, Downing Street says.
Theresa May's official spokesman said the declaration was based on a vote that had been declared illegal.

Not really. They want Iceland to be carbon neutral by 2040, to build a sustainable economy, pass regulations that protect nature, and make more natural parks.


Sometimes it's better to not pick a side and just point out how shitty both sides are. Orban is a genuine piece of shit and shouldn't be congratulated for anything other than his suicide

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites

no fuck you. Orbán is a sack of shit and he should fucking hang. Nothing he does is "good" in any way. Literally.
The fuck do you think orbán is? People are litterally freezing to death in parts of the country while one of his daughters just both a fucking mansion in the most expensive part of the capital.


even after decolonization they still can't exist except off the backs of other races. lmao

George Soros pushes for hyper-capitalist alienation and pro-capitalist alienation. Orbán is anti-imperalist like Putin. And sense when has a leader been able to magically fix everything.



Unless the new natural parks are in farmland how is this in conflict with agrarianism?

The Daily Stormer backs Spain on the Catalonia issue. Surprise Surprise. So much for the nationalist right.


Farmers are much more likley to vote the Independence party, the Progressive party, and probably the brand new Center party than any of the left parties.

Isn't that exactly what defines an addiction, though? Most people who are addicted to substances or behaviors eventually reach a point where the substance or behavior no longer brings them any joy, but they continue because it would be preferable to dealing with any other part of their life.

opposing one imperialist isn't a great accomplishment if you just do it to appease another imperialist

They will be, as we need to re-wild so much farmland. Especially the Amazon Rainforest.

First indictment made in Mueller investigation, indicted could be tried as early as Monday. No details on who, but it's presumably Mamaford. Holla Forums of course thinks it's something related to the batshit insane Hillary uranium conspiracy.

It really could be anyone, but my money is on Flynn since they love repeatedly crucifying that guy.

Jesus, can Wikileaks even afford that bounty?

Not sure what exactly is so "batshit insane" about this one. The facts seem to deliver a fairly compelling case for corruption.

This going to be good

Gaming is less of a social activity than reading novels? What are you smoking?
Maybe you should first learn the difference between effect and affect before giving lectures to the world, Mr Intellectual.