Thread for things of interest in JFK Files Not All Of It Is About JFK

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To start us off, CIA cable on monitoring of Americans involved in anti-Vietnam War activism in Berlin

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Multiple reports show CIA's spying on MLK Jr. Here tracking plans to travel to Western Europe in 1964

FBI cable from 9/26/1969 on student "agitational and antiwar activity" to Nixon, military heads



Part of RFK briefing previously kept secret. On creating pretexts for coup against "Castro Communist regime"



J. Edgar Hoover's memo expressing opposition to independent commission that might embarrass FBI


Secret Service dossier of individual Puerto Ricans in independence movement who were monitored closely as "threats". The FBI was keeping tabs on individual people before the advent of the internet making surveilance much easier.

Each "threat" was classified by "Degree of Threat" (Pic Related), which scales from 1 to 3.



So they initially didn't want to publicize Oswald's involvement? Well that's something.



Of interest: It claims that the "file" on "Carlos Manuel" was destroyed later in 1975.

It's astonishing just how many people of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement they were monitoring. It seemed they had serious concern Puerto Rico might declare independence from the United States

Maybe they would be better off right now if they had.

Just goes to show that even if it was 1964, individual people were still monitored. And if it was already as sketchy then, it's probably far far worse now. And the government probably has a file on every one of us.

US officials contemplated deploying biological and chemical weapons to destroy Cuban crops:



More information on Operation Mongoose



Memorandum of conversation between President Henry Ford, Henry Kissinger, and Brent Scowcroft. In the Oval Office of the White House, 1975

Of note: This record of this entire conversation was classified by Kissinger himself





And the PDF:

Interesting to note. It seems the KGB believed and told the US Government that they had nothing to do with the assassination, and they had suspicion to believe that a far right party, a fascist sympathizing militia, which had people within the US Government, that this "group" had assassinated John F Kennedy, and that Oswald was somehow involved in this group. They believed that the goal of this "ultra right group" was to make the US military as bloated and huge as possible to get ready to go to war with the Soviet Union.

They believed that the assassination of John F Kennedy, was nothing more than a military coup of the United States. Little over 50 years later, it's hard to not believe it. The US has the most gigantic military budget in the world.

In fact, they believed that in the center of it all was President Lyndon B Johnson, and history tells us perhaps the KGB wasn't off the mark. Johnson was the one who plowed full steam ahead in Vietnam, and had planned other military engagements (that never came to pass)

JFK was a war hawk and in bed with the MIC.

I'm just saying what the KGB somehow believed.

Also, the new documents claim apparently someone called Cambridge press all the way in Britain, telling them "Something big is about to happen in the US" and hung up. Just 25 minutes before the assassination itself took place.

The person who reported it was in contact with MI6 at the time, and reported it to MI6, which after the assassination, reported it to the US Government. Which is how it ended up in the investigation.

I doubt that detail was a coincidence.

Shit nig dont let me with that cliffhanger. He mentioned producing what type of crops? poisonous crops?

I linked the release itself. Here you go

The release also goes into detail saying they thought of everything from using Cubans unhappy with Castro to use "explosives", and the harassment and possible black male of Soviet officials they actually had information on, in order to get vital information on Cuba.

This document is from September of 1962, one year before JFK died.

The CIA thought of actions against Cuba such as intercepting aircraft/aircraft parts from Canada into Cuba, that might have been for general use or for the use of an important person, possibly Castro.

It also seems that they had a hard time convincing others of their planning, as they now make the clarification that they do not show blanket approval to everything brought up, just that they remain "possibilities" against Cuba.

The Pentagon and the Brass began casually thinking of the possibility of going to war with Cuba, requirements for personal space, communication etc.

They also bring up the fact the fact they can use sympathizers, and exiles, to both promote anti Castro propaganda, and to possibly use them in active roles against the Castro regime. That perhaps they could be used, without having direct involvement coming back to the CIA.

Again, September 1962

More information about the CIA and Cuba.

It's brought up that the CIA could possibly engage in electronic warfare with Cuba. To the extent of intercepting their radio broadcasts and television broadcasts, sending out anti Castro propaganda to anyone who might be against the Castro regime, to create chaos that could be taken advantage of. Other people within what is only referred to as "The Group" were skeptical about this action.

They discovered that exiles were shipping arms back and forth between America and Cuba, mostly from America back into Cuba. They thought they could take advantage of this. Whoever this "Group" was, considered it more plausible as action than just interfering with their Broadcasts. Suggesting the "practical" role they wanted to play was not minor, but rather one that involved direct violence against Cuba.

The Group believed that other allied nations would not come to America's aid, possibly out of fear of provoking another World War and making the Cold War very hot. They believed they could not expect help with violence against Cuba "Over Night"

Skepticism was given to the previously referred to plan of chemical and biological attacks against Cuba, the Pentagon worried there could be no one to blame in such a scenario but the United States. But they also said if they researched the local chemical and biological problems Cuba currently faced, they could use those against them without it even being considered as being from the United States. Like disease carrying rats.

I would also assume that using already active problems, like disease carrying pests, into Cuba, could have the double effect of effective anti Socialist propaganda. Pointing at Cuba, something like, "Socialism failed again, look at its enormous rat problem, they're all carrying bubonic plague"


Makes me wonder what they have gotten away with

Considering they were already thinking how to cover their tracks in >>2194693

A lot probably. A whole damn lot we just don't know about. And might never know about.

Don't worry folks
Polyps already told me it was all the Jews fault

Reminder Lee Harvey Oswald was and will forever be a comrade.

These are pretty crazy, and seem to just further confirm how scummy the US is than illuminate any conspiracy. The USSR belief is dammed interesting though

Did the USSR explain why they believed that? Their accusations are basically the same as out left-wing interpretation of the assassination, and I wonder if any of their spies had obtained evidence.

These are the people who are running your lives.

Conspiracy theorists make up absurd stories about them having ties with reptile aliens and controlling the weather, and what is really happening is that CIA is looking at seashells to plant bombs on like some sort of hanna-barbera cartoon.

Thats some Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner shit right there.

We still don't have the entirety of the files, I'm waiting for the document where they describe the rube-goldberg machine to drop a piano on fidel castro's head

They got Pee Wee Herman to create it.

Wow, so the CIA really does work in Metal Gear Solid 3 logic

What's fucked up is it, or some variation of it, probably exists and the CIA concocted it completely unironically. I don't know how you top exploding seashells but I'm sure they did.

"infected bathing suit" seems to be a runner up

then the plan backfires because the guy changes his mind. this shit is comedy gold.

We're going to kill Castro with sharks with laser beams attached to them, I mean, it's the only way

They once gave up poisoning him to kill him and for a while became obsessed with trying to poison his beard, so it would fall out and make the Cubans overthrow him or something.

We're going to revive Castro and then catapult a boulder on his house.

it's a well known fact that poisoning a man is way harder than poisoning his beard.


Makes sense. Marx had a beard after all.

Scary thing is they're probably so confident about this shit because half the time these stupid fucking seemingly unbelievable half witted plans might have actually worked. I mean the CIA managed to make an Umbrella that shoots darts with a gun mechanism inside, just to assassinate someone. That they would think "Hmmmm…..a beautiful shell bomb…no….a Bombshelll…yes….Operation Bombshell, we make those titties Castro loves so much bombs…" really doesn't surprise me. They've probably done stupider shit to some unfortunate soul.

Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

didn't murikans murder a bunch of indians with blankets? it's like tradition at this point

This was the Russians, the pellet was filled with radioactive material. Think the victim was Litvinenko, could be wrong.

Forgot to specify, it wasn't darts, but a ball bearing sized pellet fired with gas through the tip of the umbrella.

Fuck America.

No, it was also the Americans, I'm certain of this. In any case, then both nations have a fondness for Umbrellas

Also the one I'm talking about shot darts.

Nope, it was the Soviets. No evidence whatsoever the CIA ever used it , and if they did they got the idea from the USSR.

*secret underground room in the Pentagon*

Charles Senseney was the one who designed the Umbrella for the CIA. He worked at Fort Derrick at the time. So, we have two different umbrella weapons I guess.

Litvinenko was CTSO era not USSR.

We give Castro's mistress plastic surgery after we kill the surgeons, then we give her Triple D Tits instead of Double D Tits, but she won't care she'll be fine. We plant the explosives there. When Castro goes for the honkers he's dead

Meanwhile at Langley:
Agent 1: Has it kicked in yet?
Agent 2: No, just wait.
Agent 1: We should take more.
Agent 2: No it takes like four hours to kick in you idiot.
Agent 1: You know what would be cool?
Agent 2: What?
Agent 1: If we murdered Castro's beard. The beard is where he holds his power.
Agent 2: I think it's kicking in.

You forgot

Has beard, can confirm.

Or maybe the CIA was doing mental Gymnastics for so long that they think the only thing keeping the communist spirit up is aesthetic.

Litvinenko wasn't killed with the umbrella gun.

I only searched it quickly because google now is flooded with some JFK shit when you look it up.

Is this the new street slang for LSD?


11/21/63 Subject allegedly told informant "We now have plenty of money - - our new backers are Jews – as soon as we take care of Kennedy…"



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