Has anyone read it? Have you tried to understand why or how someone could think like that?

Has anyone read it? Have you tried to understand why or how someone could think like that?

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I've read it. Nothing interesting. It's like the communist manifesto but nazi.
Dear neogaf refugee, Antisemitism is a scapegoat. The problem with hitler wasn't the 6 million jews, the problem with hitler was that the 6 million jews were killed as an excuse to maintain capitalism.
Capitalism is unstable. Hitler blamed the instability on the jews

Treaty of Versailles created Hitler. If in the aftermath of the World War I the victory side didn't had been so rough on Germany, the german people would have never fell into thi shitty situation during the Weimar Republic and they would have never turned to Hitler in the first place.

Hitler was a beta cuck who was too afraid to get any poosy.

There it is again, Goebbels longest-lasting piece of propaganda.


Why would anyone read the meme man if Asser and Italian fascists already exist?

No, the problem was the Great Depression. Before that, Germany was functional if somewhat shit and rebuilding its ties with the West under rational conservatives like Stresemann. It's only due to the capitalist collapse that they really went off the deep end. The other problem was that Britain &France were too pussy to actually enforce the treaty. If there'd been French soldiers in the Rhineland the moment Hitler tried to remilitarize it, he'd have been couped right there. Blame the shitty French economy and political instability, as well as the obscene cowardice of Britain. I mean, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk which the Germans imposed on Russia was far harsher than Versailles, so the Germans were hardly in a position to complain about injustice.

Italian fascists were not anti-capitalist. Stop this meme. They were a minority

There must be some differences though surely. The communist manifesto was written by Marx and Engel, while Mein Kampf is based more on Nietzsche.

109 countries came to the same conclusion as him all independently.

A bastardization of nietzsche. I mean similar to the communist manifesto in the sense that is an outdated agitprop piece


I don't know which countries you are talking about.

This is sadly true.
I hope you don't think that the manifesto is outdated because "automation will take over soon".

I think it's "outdated" because of all the stuff other people wrote after. Yeah the communist manifesto should be a must for everyone, but not the only book

Maybe you should learn some history then little buddy.

Yes I understand, becoming a retarded psychotic bastard turns a former human being into a meatshell suffering from obsessive violent fantasies on repeat

Wheres the sources jimmy


Not Fascism

Holla Forums never cease me to amuse me, especially their version of history

You are hallucinating. Doubly so for calling me Holla Forums. Get some sleep and reread that in the morning.

I too would like to see some of these sources. Or at least know what you mean.

Some on here refer to fascism as simple government because there are police that maintain law.

OK, here's some history:

Check any of the primary sources at the bottom of the link that was posted.

Cool story bro.

I apologize, I thought you had written 109 countries in the same time period.

you are the one calling commie manifesto good theory and defending hitler's jew-hating. If you are not here from Holla Forums, I have no idea where you came here from.

That said he didn't justify it. He's just saying that everyone hate jews.

ok, now I understand, thanks for clarification.

You have not read the communist manifesto or mein kampf

Yeah i really wonder why

If you thought that one example was bad, see this: reddit.com/r/badhistory/comments/7295lg/antisemitism_is_historically_a_result_of_jewish/

Back when I was Holla Forumstard, I actually read about 100 pages of this book. It's quite interesting how Hitler described himself originally as a leftist, but somehow he started to read low-shelf crap that really seemed to "make him think" and converted him into fascism.

What I mean by that is that Hitler in Mein Kampf constantly moaned about shitty living conditions of working class germans, and he was fed up with elitism of the ruling classes. It's just that he was also immensely spooked with his nationalist and imperialist views, which ultimately prevailed in the end. In some regards, Hitler is an interesting figure - he could have been a perfect socialist, if he would have only met a good socialist in his youth to have convinced him to drop this nationalist act.

I read about half of it.
It's pretty easy to see how he came to believe what he believed, because he plainly explains how his life went, what he saw and what he felt. I don't understand the question? He doesn't exactly hide his process of thought in cryptic riddles.

it's hard to blame the great depression alone for Hitler's rise to power tho, just because the Wiemar Republic saw less then a decade of growth which was in reality people living off borrowed money, doesn't mean it would of lasted. Germans had lived their entire history under a dictator and would of happily continued under one had it not been for the US's instance that the Kaiser's abdicate, there was no real ideological support for a democracy. Even without the great depression give it a decade or so more and you would of see some dictator rise, whether that be communist, nazi, or even the old military guard coming back to power, the only reason it happened early was because of the great depression. It was a trigger for the ticking time bomb which was a German republic

the jew cries out in pain while he strikes you

I've read it all. He explains the reasons for his worldview.

To be fair, the financiers behind pushing global capitalism were jewish.

If true, it just confirms how incel rage breed fascism.

and anglos
anglos are spiritual jews

t. Julius Ebola

Read this Holla Forumsack:

No thank you


Communism is globalist ideologically was mostly developed and promoted by Jewish intellectuals - including Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Goldman & Luxemburg.

When the Jewish bolsheviks successful took over Russia and won the civil war, they destroyed the values that the white army fought for - including monarchy, capitalism and Christian values, which expanded into their satellite states (Next to Germany

Jews in Germany were attempting to do the same thing in the Cominter and bring communism across Europe and eventually the world. Germany react to this, thus Hitler and his supporters.

Source: Mein Kampf

Literally just an failed painter and ex-soldier jerking himself off for a few hundred pages

Fucked up childhood and heavy Oedipus complex.

Most people in the white army just wanted to make it out alive. Why would they value an institution (monarchy) that doesn't care about them, a system like capitalism when they don't own the MoP, and a religion that would be maintained regardless of the outcome of the conflict?

The sad thing is that Hitler wasn't an idiot, he didn't even lack curiosity. He actually read Marx. Yet I still don't get why he reached the conclusions he did.
On the other hand, he did seem to understand that the whole system was build upon exploitation. Willingly working millions to death just emphasizes that.

I've read it.

Well at the time I actually did think like that on the count of being a 16 year old Holla Forums user so that wasn't quite necessary.


All of the people in the white army were anti-communists. They gave their lives for a nation free of communist rule.

For the same reason why Hitler gained population and why the White Army was formed - to fight communism and protect their society from Jewish supremacy.

Yes, he read Marx and understood it to be a poison. When he looked to Soviet Russia and other socialist nations inspired from (((Marxism))), he reacted to it.

On the other hand, he did seem to understand that the whole system was build upon exploitation. Willingly working millions to death just emphasizes that.

Working millions to death? Is that the reality of America? Singapore? Australia? Canada? Japan? The only millions that were worked to death were found in the gulag systems that the white army was fighting to prevent. And what you communist filth are trying to recreate.

Degenerates like yourself never understand, because you are indoctrinated Marxist swine that belong in gas chambers..

lel this retard is actually serious

I'm going to assume this is satire.

>When he looked to Soviet Russia and other socialist nations inspired from (((Marxism)))
That's not the actual opinion of the late Fuhrer himself.

>His differences with the communists, he explained, were less ideological than tactical. German communists he had known before he took power, he told Rauschning, thought politics meant talking and writing. They were mere pamphleteers, whereas "I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun", adding revealingly that "the whole of National Socialism" was based on Marx.
Hitler was a Marxist anti-communist.

The Nazis slaughtered millions of white europeans. Through orchestrated famines (see the Hunger Plan and siege of Leningrad), bombing and deliberate razing of cities, mass killings and forced labor.
You aren't actually serious are you?
I can't tell with all the post-irony these days.

You communist filth will never learn. From his own book pictured in the OP:

"Marxism, whose final objective was and is and will continue to be the destruction of all non-Jewish national States"

"From the publisher downwards, all of them were Jews. I recalled to mind the names of the public leaders of Marxism, and then I realized that most of them belonged to the Chosen Race."

"If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind."

"I expressed my opinion for the first time of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated."

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You are comparing war tactics and strategies to people who were actually worked to death in soviet gulag for political discourse.

Kill yourself faggot, you're worst than cancer.

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You do fucking realize under Hitler, he strongly opposed free market capitalism? You do realize that fascism is generally defined by extreme government control of corporate entities? If the government is controlling corporate entities and paying for them, that is not free market capitalism.

This is my first time on Holla Forums and every single thread I have been in seems like it's filled with uneducated 14 year olds who remain woefully ignorant. Read a book and do some research you idiots.

The whole point is that what Hitler said in private could differ from what he said in public
Besides the testimony came from committed Nazis, which already makes it more believable.

So it's okay to kill whites now? Also did you know that most prisoners under the gulag system were petty criminals?
So I guess it's okay when Nazis do it? What about the Afrikaner genocide? Was that justified too?
And how do you go about justifying Warsaw, Rotterdam, the seizing of land from Soviet peasants and workers, the various massacres all over Europe, the support for the Serbian genocide, the planned destruction of French culture by retreating armies?
I thought the point was to save Europe? In reality, the Nazis did more to destroy it than any other country in European history.

Why do I have the feeling you're both from Reddit, and an Amerilard?

what is free market capitalism to you?
if it wasn't in Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, then it doesn't exist.

shit, bad image quality

No he didn't. See pic related and

>Provides source from Hitler to disprove that he was influence by (((Marxism)))

"B-b-b-but this Australian historian says otherwise, so he takes preference. Plus the Nuremberg trial, where official were tortured after their defeat. Hitler was a anti-communist Marxist!"


"The only people that were worked to death in the million were in Soviet Gulags"

You faggot aren't worth it. Kill yourself degenerate.

So I guess everyone lied? Including millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Balts, Poles, Serbs, Slovenes, Dutch, Belgians, French, Danes, Norwegians, Greeks, Italians, Czechs and French?
So much for saving Europe right?

Not arguing that mate. And note that a lot of Marxists here don't even support the purges.

Truly, being good at killing fellow white Europeans is something to be proud of!

Pic related.

They were anti free market capitalism, they wanted regulated markets


He may have restored private ownership of corporations, HOWEVER, they were to be used and controlled at the behest of Adolph Hitler. He was very anti-Capitalist. There is more to free-market capitalism than private industry, and there is more to Hitler than privatization.

Do you really want to sit here and insist that corporations privately owned in Germany at the time were free to refuse to support Hitler?

lol nah

If this logic is to be believed, then that means America is not a true Free Market capitalist economy then, correct? We have regulations held over many different types of industry through the EPA and other agencies.

Whatever you say bud. Hitler uses a couple buzzwords and suddenly it makes him a capitalist. Go ahead and associate capitalism with Hitler in order to try and further your communist agenda you shit lord.

No, what was shown made him a capitalist. Hitler was not socialist and his ideology was easily brought to kneel.

why would they refuse fat government contracts?

I suppose that's a fair question. Maybe I'm wrong about Hitler being capitalist but every single piece of literature I read about him showed he was very anti-Capitalist.

That's exactly what happened several times, even during the war.