the real left needs its own aesthetic style. A few people here mentioned using the color orange, which I think is a good idea, to get away from the old tankie aesthetics. Fashies have successfully appropriated vaporwave (80s neon grids + retro edm), but I don't think its a good idea to simply appropriate right wing memes. Basically I propose this:

1. Getting away from the old hammer and sickle and tankie aesthetic. Regardless of whether the USSR was a good thing or not (im sympathetic to it btw), there is absolutely no reason to be using the hammer and sickle today. it was meant to symbolize an alliance between peasantry and industrial workers, which for obvious reasons isn't even remotely relevant today.

2. Economics focused
Not necessarily anti idpol or even anti SJW which is quickly becoming cringey in its own right, but simply downplaying/ignoring(for propaganda purposes at least) the idpol aspects of the left. Playing the identity politics game is a dead end, because even having the 'game' framed in terms of race vs race or man vs woman, cis vs trans w/e, we have already lost. The biggest mistake of the left IMO was drinking the liberal koolaid and seeing IDPOL as a way to redpill the liberals, but it backfired in a major way, making socialists more idpol-ly and also the ‘communists’ that have been attracted this way are basically liberals LARPing as radical and appropriating a commie aesthetic while still essentially being RADLIBS. The whole point of our propaganda should not be to win or lose a culture war, but to shift the overton window, to shift the whole playing field in a different direction, away from the narrative of race vs race to one of class vs class – basically, to shift public perception to ‘class consciousness’ so that seeing things through a lens of class becomes the default view EVEN FOR THE OPPOSITION, rather than some other lens. This is the number one goal, as most people are working class rather than porky and will therefore inevitably come to the logical conclusion that socialism is in their best interest. Older generations of leftists understood this - ‘which side are you on?’ etc. The which side are you on, working man or porky class war narrative needs to be pushed at every turn to the detriment of ALL IDPOL ISSUES. We need to revive the OLD LEFT style propaganda, and make people self-identify more in terms of their class than anything else.

3. Color Schemes & graphics
This is more of a superficial/marketing point. One of the main reasons to get away from the tankie and even anarchist aesthetics is simply that they have too much baggage. Additionally far too many liberals have begun to ironically appropriate leftist symbols, we need a unique aesthetic to differentiate the hardcore economic socialist left from liberals LARPing as commies. To this extent the color orange has been suggested. I would go even further. In designing games, posters, etc. Graphic artists often use something called a color pallete which is essentially a limited number of colors (exact hex values in RGB or cymk) used in every texture and scene of the game. This is what gives games and infographics a ‘POLISHED’ look rather than looking like clown cars. I would suggest we use the orange based color pallete shown to make all graphics from now on.

Other urls found in this thread:

libgen.pw/search.php?search_type=magic&search_text=signs and symbols&submit=Dig for

4. Memes vs Graphics
Notice I used the word graphics, not the word meme. Thats very deliberate, now im not one of those rafiqfags who thinks memes are inherently fash, and by all means keep producing leftist memes for fun. Whats the difference between a meme and a propaganda graphic? Well a meme is spontaneous and usually a product of evolution. A proper agitprop graphic is the result of central planning of messaging, much like in politics a politician will tell all their underlings to spout the same “talking points” and “stay on messege” which is simply to repeat the same points over and over ad naseum until they are simply accepted by some portion of the population. If you repeat something enough it simply gets to the point where it brainwashes people. For all the supposed evolution of the meme, most of it has been in the content of memes and not the methods of production of the meme which have essentially remained unchanged since 2004, a bunch of people making crappy drawings in MS Paint or overlaying photos with impact font. Which leads me to an important point: infographics.

5. Infographics

Infographics are supremely underutilized by the left, whereas the right has endless bullshit infographics about the joospiracy or whatever, the left needs to make well sourced, slickly produced, color palleted and aesthetically pleasing informative infographics the bread, butter, and backbone of our propaganda war. We criticize SJWS for simply dismissing people they don’t agree with, calling them racist or w/e and basically expecting them to ‘become woke’ on their own. Holla Forums is no better with its LUL READ A BOOK meme, essentially when anyone asks about left wing ideology they are called a brainlet and told to read a thick and highly academic book written by a European philosopher with a hard to pronounce last name. The problem is its actually true – most people ARE illiterate and ARE brainlets, or at least, just too busy to be bothered. Instead of fighting last century’s battle of trying to make ‘der ewige brainlet’ read a book, why not simply accept that the visual and audio mediums are the communication forms of the 21st century, most of the younger generation has the attention span and intellectual capacity of a goldfish, and work within that framework. With regards to the actual graphic content theres no need to be patronizing but using simple and colloquial language is key and also focusing on issues which actually matter to normies, like college, debts, pay, inquality, economic crisis, etc. For example making statistics about income inequality more well known as studies have shown that for example Americans severely underestimate the level of wealth inequality in their own country by several orders of magnitude. Just telling the truth about actual existing levels of inequality is a huge redpill in and of itself. Leave the autistic debates over the commodity form for the Marxist reading group discussions. No one becomes a leftist because they got really mad about the dialectical contradiction between use and exchange value, we have to appeal to everyday peoples real economic issues and show how socialismor even succdem policies will help them. In a related note, accelerationism needs to die. Unless a population has been primed before hand with socialist theories, its way easier for the guy who gets laid off to go the IDPOL route which is basically the default. No amount of suffering is going to magically make people socialist.

6. The Right
The right has an easier time with memes, simply because despite the claims by evolacucks etc., the right is simply less complicated than the left. We live in a capitalist society and therefore capitalism has become the ‘common sense’ of our society in the same way that the need for a king was common sense for a medieval peasant (the opposite of a bad king was a good king, not a republic or something). Right wing ideology can basically be summed up as, ‘we want a safe space for our in group, and the jews did everything wrong with the world’. When pressed they will admit that all the statistics on I/Q/, etc. are not really even the core argument as you could potentially hold civic nationalist or even left wing positions while accepting those points. The argument of the alt right is essentially a feels > reals appeal to Volksgeist, and is prior to statistics or logic. This is why they communicate in memes, theres no need to educate, simply to argue in what we would see as bad faith. The nationalist idea is simply prior to reason and that which is not based on logic, cannot be convincing to people by using logical arguments. An irrational messege is spread by irrational means, whereas socialism is a rational messege which must be communicated logically and clearly.



(OP HERE)what do you think of color pallete in op? it was voted most popular on a site i ripped it from

Most popular for what? What's the pallete supposed to be associated with or convey in that context?

I don't think the light colors are all that appropriate for the left unless you're talking about the capitalism with a human face left. If we're after organizing workers and eventually revolution we should have something bolder. Honestly if you want to create something new you should probably start by examining why the old worked. Red and gold or red and black work well because of the contrast and vividness.

As for our colors, I think it makes more sense to keep black instead of using white like in the OP (white's associated with peace/surrender). If we're going to do straight up complimentary colors (like blue and orange) consider red/green (red is already associated with the left, and green is associated with ecological concern). Blue/orange contrast is overplayed in design in general because it's pleasing and eye catching at the same time. We should want to distinguish ourselves from hollywood movie posters and other mass-consumption graphic design (pic related).

A useful exercise might be to look through some colors and decide which are not appropriate due to associations (like purple which implies nobility/royalty) and specifically avoid schemes using those.

Red = Radical left
Pink = Social Democrats
Orange = Christian Social Democrats
Yellow = Liberals/Freisinge
Green = Environmentalists & Agrarian ChrisDems
Light Blue = Center Right
Black = Christian Democrat/Fascist
Blue = Conservative

These colour codes are essentially unchangeable, sorry bud

Red in general is an extremely striking colour even on its own (and the red/green contrast isn't that pleasing to the eye, IMO), and even a small spattering of red is noticable, especially when we're normally surrounded by much duller colours. There's a reason the red flag has been used for centuries

you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded

Fascists have usually been brown, though.


Eh sounds like a German, and the CDU is black there.

Red-Yellow: Socdem, Old Lab or tankie
Red-White: Rad left, trot or eurcomm; sometimes Anglo-nat (eg: EDL)
Pink-anything: BLAIRITE SCUM
Orange/yellow: Liberal
Blue: Tory
Purple: THE 'KIP
Red-White-Blue: Crypto-Fash
Black: Rad Fash
Separatists/localists: colour of their nation (Irish; Green, Welsh; different shade of green, Scottish;Yellow, sometimes Blue & White)
Black-Red: Anarcho-left
BONUS: Black-white: SWP (Cliffite Trots.

Green = Huh?
Red = Buh?
Blue = Duh?
Orange = Hurr?
Yellow = Durr?
Black = Duh?
White = Uhhh?
Red, white, blue = U S A! U S A! U S A! U S A!

to get away from colors for a moment and talk about SYMBOLS: is there any replacement for the hammer and sickle, the anarchy A, etc.? something appealing and cool looking thats not a star. Not a gear either since thats alredy been taken by the fash

Shit, forgot about the Greens: Green.

Well in the UK we have the benefit of [pic related]. Since the election of comrade Jez I have seen a lot of people take to using it again. The Torch-spade-quill motif kinda makes sense in the modern world really.

Orange? the right wing party in my country uses orange. Fuck off

Even if you wanted to I don't think that you could change the colours we use now.
Symbols you might have more of a chance with but you'd have to start a proper organisation to really push it

Angola gave the gear a shot and it does look pretty sweet. They haven't been communist for years but they've kept the flag. What fash movements have used it?

Except in bizzaro Burgerstan where red = Republicans, blue = Democrats, and any other color = irrelevant.

What's your problem with Orbán? I think that any worker should be happy when your government BTFO's porky in literally every bus stop/street corner.

Graphic designerfag here who runs meme pages on FB.

What OP said has some truth to it, but don't fucking invent the wheel. It's too much effort for starters, and second, it's gonna take too much resources to make it latch on. Most affordable and easiest solution is to always stick to most simplest and most recognizable aesthetics/layouts/templates and show most creativity in the accompaning texts. NEVER go apeshit with inventing some unheard meme templates that are under 100 layers of irony, that shit doesn't even catch on with chantards, let alone redditors or FB memekids.

Pic related, soviet aestetics and vaporwave shit works well, just make it funny and maybe don't include Stalin that much, there are many people with whom stalinism doesn't jive.

In short - use simple, already established and nice-looking meme templates or aestetic styles and appropriate them with content you like. Maintain some level of sincerity, don't be too ironic, just only a little ironic.

Nazis used the gear in some of their designs
p. 229 -> archive.org/details/OrganisationsbuchNSDAP

In short, actual new left outside, old left inside.

Appropriating local historical figures also works as well. The Soviets knew that the Union weren't founded over thin air by Lenin & Stalin alone, and thus imagery of ancestral Russian heroes features heavily in their propaganda. Also, American volunteers in Spanish Civil War named themselves in Abraham Lincoln's honor.

What do you think of this flag, lads?

I stand corrected. Never seen these before. Appears to be mostly used within the German Labour Front which was a Nazi Union.

shit mang that pic is super cringe, don't do that.

you dumb, there's only one color for nazi - white

I like the concept, just a couple thoughts:
-The gear and wrenches look like they are from separate designs, the gear is solid black while the wrenches have some kind of shading thing going on, if the wrenches could also be solid black I think that would be better
-orange is just kinda painful to look at

Good posts, free bump, but this is the most important thing you said in all of it.

To me, orange means mutualism, the burgers in the thread orange means Christian Right, so idk. I mean I understand that the colour red has kinda been besmirched by both the Nazis and Blairites, so I can see why you desire a rebrand.

aight man, thanks for the advice

I like the use of gears in symbolism, we should adopt the gear as a socialist symbol.


bumpity bump

NO, READ the posts

ok heres a challenge guys, make a quick meme or infogrpahic using only colors in OP (use eyedropped tool or w/e). GO

I'll make something when I get home from work. I'm thinking that for non sectarianism, we shoukd have a some king of black frame, with a yellow symbol inside. Ex: red flag, black gear, hammer/sickle inside

isnt black and yellow ancap?

yeah, but black would be used to sumbolize anarchism and yellow for marxism, with the flag being mostly red.

wouldn't the yellow be gold then? something like this?

Since when.



Black = Anarchist
Green = Communalist
Marun = Lenninists/American Leftists

isnt green anprim or green an/ green soc ?

Burgerstan Colors
Blue = Dems
Red = Conservative
Green = Something Environmentalist/Agrarian
Yellow = Ancap/right libertarian
Brown = SocDems
Dark Red = Far Left

Well communalists (Bookchinites) are pretty Agrarian

someone mentioned red and green, is this color pallete ok?

That design isn't too bad tbh.

However, it's too complicated to be easily remembered and slapped onto a banner. That's the one advantage of the hammer and sickle.

Perhaps if you cut it down to just the spade, the quill, and maybe a wrench in place of the torch? You'd probably have to simplify it a fair bit into basic silhouettes so it's easier to draw from memory.

My dudes

Make an infographic about Marx's five modes of production (ancient, [primitive] communist, slave, feudal, capitalist) and how they are determined by the class who distributes/expropriates surplus value. It's really useful as part of Marxism101 and makes it clear why Socialism is fundamentally about democratising production and workers rights. Im phoneposting otherwise I'd do it myself.

Other ideas for infographics;
-basics of dialects (inc. three basic rules)
-comparison between different forms of democracy (Athenian, representational democracy/bourgeoise liberal democracy, soviet "democracy" and Cockshott style e-democracy
-social democracy vs state capitalism vs labor voucher system vs higher stage "full" communism
-basics of Marxist econ, the distribution of surplus and distinguishing between merchant, moneylending and industrial capitalism
-something on communisation cause idfk what it is
-the organisational system of communisation and democratic con federalism (not an anarchist but it would be useful, no?)
-infographics defending the USSR, not a Stalinist but the BS propaganda against it is really easily debunked

we definitely need some cockshott / cybernetics inforgraphics

If we're looking for a symbol to replace the hammer and sickle, I think what we need is something symbolic of modern labor, not something that is a symbol of Leftism.

ebin marx vaporwave



What even is this


an attempt to confound Holla Forumsaks

Yeah, I meant soviet-style yellow.

And the CPUSA was using the hammer, sickle, and gear before that fash group used the gear as a symbol. The point is not "was this particular symbol ever once used by fascists" it is if the symbol in question is actually emblematic of fascists in your society i.e. the fasces, swastika, SS runes.


Oh god yes, I can't stand Muke and all those other Holla Forums antithetical retards literally just copying everything Holla Forums does with le commie memes.

Fashwave is cringe, vapourwave is cringe, drive is cringe, le wave juxtaposed with european art is cringe.

We need a completely new aesthetic. Something abstract and experiments that will captivate the youths attention and whose sheer, elusive beauty will inspire goodness in all!

I really like the one in the middle. Maybe just a tad bit darker would be literally perfect

I personally think that the red and gold combo is pretty tired and done in socialism symbolism. Im a big fan of white and red.

Someone hasn't read marx.

white and red is nice but that sickle looks like shit imo. the handle especially.

Here is a better one

When did vaporwave become cringe? Its all the rage with normie gaming channels etc

mind modifying the middle colour and reposting?

That's exactly why it's cringe

I think a darker red looks pretty great.

Let the workers unite to protect domestic capital from international capital!

I feel communists aren't confronting the following:

1) trend noted by Lenin and others that socialist leaders often come from outside the working class

2) Marx's point that labor becomes more and more generalized (see private property and communism in 1844 manus)

3) the importance of those below the working class- lumpen basically

4) the problem of defining labor- the idea that the ruling class doesn't work is obviously retarded. Working class is seemingly defined more by lack of property than by working so why use this label?

These three points for me problematize the idea of the working class. We should have another thread to discuss this but dismissing the problems in working class identitarianism is not good. Can you at least bring up the points marx makes that support your view?

Let's reappropriate black metal imagery, I want to protest in corpse paint

I was thinking about flyposting pro-IRA posters I've made in the more unionist parts of my town, but I don't want to be kneecapped or arrested and raped in prison tbh

I love the blue orange color scheme, its a welcome change from traditional red and black. I don't think those colors work very well in the West at least because they're associated with evil. Also the blue and orange just looks more modern.

Agreed that hammer and sickle need to go, the working class is extremely unlikely to be using those instruments. I really like the gear because it more abstractly represents work and economics, but I feel like even that is a little outdated and needs some computer imagery because computers are the new hammer and sickle, nearly all workers use them, and if not they will be using them soon. But a computer by itself is lame, that's why we need a network symbol inside a gear.

I'm wondering though that to be sure we differentiate between us and idpol liberals, if we can use a symbol that explicitly makes it clear we are for revolutionary overthrow of the system. Like an AK47? Not sure if that would be too on the nose.

That shit looks like something from silicon valley. The colours just don't work for me

I like this, very modern.





i think its supposed to use those colors, not literally be based on that image

I was talking about this post

omae wa mou anucommu

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. The left's problems aren't aesthetics, except for tankies flying Stalin flags and anarchists being edgelords in general. If red scares Americans use American colors, like leftists do in Europe

i.e. 80% of the online left, including liberals LARPings as commies

well that's false.
in fact, bookchin is pretty urbanistic

I recall that D@W's stuff uses blue and orange, something like the extreme ends of your pic. It's a very pleasing colour scheme, but the problem is that it's extremely common and not at all associated with leftism (and no, you're never gonna make it associated with leftism). You can use it for logos and infographics, but at the end of the day the red flag is the leftist flag. It's been like that since the middle ages and there's no changing that. The red-green party in my country has sometimes used orange and white to differentiate themselves from the socdems, but mostly they use (surprise surprise) red and green in, for instance, their web design, and red for their flags. Crimson and teal could also work, or some other combination of red and blue/green

ok for a plumber's union

A little more violent


I guessed that, but for some reason I really like the literal image.


I like the torch


I've always been a fan of the light blue-blood red combo. Blood of the workers on earth, the blue of the sky above, uniting all of the workers upon one world
yeah these specific colours suck dick, but you get the idea

If you're gonna use red and black, use a brighter red

Nah, brighter red sucks

This is the red the CNT uses. Much better

It's easier on the eyes tho

it burns my eyes

It also looks like something from the empire. If you want it to be easier on the eyes, don't use red and black, use warm and fuzzy colour combinations like the ones the posters here seem to love


Here's my terrible contribution. If I had any drive right now, I would have actually made it look like a mall map

But it catches the eye, doesn't it? It doesn't just blend in, it stands out like a mother fucker

That said, there is a place for darker reds, like and , it's just not great for flags. In fact, dark reds like that are rarely used on flags, and always with white, never black

Second Part

Remove the dot


White and red is underrated

The natives of the andes had a really fucking dope flag tbh


Hell Yeah

I think we should go with something like Zaire's flag.

Agreed, white and red is nice.


So good Philip Morris fucking stole it when they tried to rebrand:

Southern Cross is a white nationalist sybmol, so I would avoid it.



this some nazi shit

It's the Celtic Cross and I refuse to have it appropriated by white nationalists.

It sucks being a literal hibernian leftist and having the rest of the left confuse the celtic cross for neonazism because fucking basement dwelling chuds wanted to march and be nazis w/o having their faces kicked in by WWII vets

It's too late.

read the spook book and stop being a nationalist


More inspiration, we could always do something cool with gradients

Made a dank OC. Could make it look better if the image and font sizes were the same

I think even if we use the orange/blue scheme suggested by OP we should use some red as a tribute to the past.

A gradient would be sweet between the orange and blue here, not sure how to do that though.

Nice trips and good design, but your audience is going to think you're a nazi. You don't get to use the symbolism that you want, end of, it's about the audience, end of.

Nazis are annoying the way they take symbols and taint them, but we can't avoid it, we have to work around it.

Thanks mate

You could just delete the text and put it again then? Why take the time to put them together and then complain that you could do better ???¿¿?¿?¿?¿?

No gradients on flags, and the colors remind me of reddit (not an insult, the red and blue are important to reddit culture)

There is a good pamphlet called good flag bad flag, and it's super helpful, it's just basically some simple guidelines to keep in mind, it's a PDF you'll find it if you google it.

It's constructive criticism, very important in design work (not the dankOCer, but the guy who made them, and their right.)

He wanted to know the text size from the other user, you massive autist.

You're a big guy.

That's some mighty fine choreography, I didn't see his junk once

What EXACTLY did he mean by this (pic related)

Full on nude scene, no coverage, and he flipped in such a way where you can see everything else, but his cock, that's some mighty fine choreography.

he has no penis

Some inspiration for the thread. The fire upon the mountain initially reflects the pyre of Sweden's first king. Together with the two others, they combine to represent three of the biggest mines in Sweden


Because all I did was copy-paste the two pics and slap them together. Anyway I fixed the text and the lines and made a better version.

I disagree with all of you
here is the exclusive cia dick frame
Still impressive I was only able to spot it in a single frame where it's very blurry

fug just noticed that the font is slightly different. Well now I know it isn't Georgia

not a graphics guy but i think these might work better as separate pics

Maybe, but it's easier to post one pic than two. If you plan on making a poster you can put up the two separate ones side by side.
Also the black-to-white transition is aesthetic as fuck. I'm not even a graphics guy but it gave me a small boner

Yeah, that's my bad, I don't even know what the font was, InkScape decided that It wanted sans, when I made the second pic. Also, I made them to be seperate, but they share a theme, so Idunno

If not for the colors it would work well as something that you hand out with capitalism up and then the reader turns around and there's the communism map

Just to add an example of a colour combination they use:

IMHO it isn't that terrible to put the yellow and red side by side. It is a colour combination that's used, even if they aren't complementary


Also some inphographics on Syndicalism and Council Communism would be great to.


I think Socialist Realism should be our ascetics.

it’s easer to sieze the means of production if it’s two miles from you and not five hundred miles fro you.

Do it with arms on you for self defense.


Like this?

sorry for low quality.

Then why of all places did he decide to move to fucking Vermont which is one of the few places which is rural majority?


t. afroplasm

Are you £ ∆ β Ø U ᴙ ₩ ∆ ⧩ ∑?


Mass politics was a mistake.

No shit, but we're stuck with it, so lets make 'em good.

are there any really spooky left a e s t h e t i c s ?


Too bad they have a short attention span and can't understand coherences.
Basically, they lack the essential skills to read books.

He means that chaos is a laddah

Try with more imposing symbolism. Something that you think a mass movement could rally to. Cus frankly I don't think anybody is getting behind a pen or some gay scienxe shit.

Quit larping lads. We need something new. Also red and black shit in this day and age attracts all the radlibs and lifestylists that need to get fucking purged. It offends my sight.




This is all shit

Use PURPLE or dark red (like die Linke). And stop trying to force some new imagery, just tailor it to each individual country. Go with the red star if you must something.


Maybe a paintbrush. A lot of anarchists are starving artist types.

The trouble is, it's hard to meme brand new imagery, about as hard as it is to make a brand new and have it be adopted, and the imagery we are using is being undermined by bourgie propaganda, I don't think we should focus on new symbols, but instead work on the propaganda that makes the old symbols fresh again (also hard but more manageable).


this should be way more tailored to retail/service work, that's what most proles do in north america

or a raised fist, and nothing else if you want universal symbols.

anyone got ideas for infographics?

Good to know you are this dishonest

tbh pens are pretty powerful


I am with you that we need to coordinate our color palatting. I also agree that we need to cut back on hammers and sickles and images of Marx and Lenin. Those of us in the United States will attract no one but idpol larpers if we try look like the Bolsheviks. America has a rich socialist tradition (IWW, BPP, DeLeon, Fred Hampton, Eugene Debs) and we should try to associate ourselves with this, rather than with Russian socialism. We also have many figures (abolitionists and bourgeois revolutionaries) who aren't socialists that we should still hold up as symbols of our cause. John Brown and the american revolutionaries are good examples. "Liberty or Death" is a very good slogan.

That said, I do not like the orange and blue. At best, it looks corporate, at worst, it is garish and childlike. There is no way in hell we should give up the color red. The fact that red is associated with socialism Red is the single most provocative color to the human mind (for what should be obvious evolutionary reasons hint: blood). There is a reason that all of the most successful marketing and propaganda campaigns with the most recognizable iconography have used red. Try to think of 5 brands that use red in their logo. Easy right? Coca-Cola, YouTube, Marlboro, The Rolling fucking Stones, Netflix, Levi's, McDonalds, Red Bull, Nintendo, Lego, etc. etc. Now try this with any other color? Depending on the color, you probably can if you think about it, but it wasn't nearly as easy as red was it? Marketing companies spend a lot of money on researching these things. The trick is to use it tastefully. Much of recent propaganda has been remarkably unsuccessful at this. Examples can be seen in these posts:

Using red as a background color is fine for flags, which are usually seen in crowds or on buildings, but with posters and info graphics, which are supposed to be looked at straight on, it appears tacky and distasteful.

This is where we can take a hint from the USSR. These two posts contain images that use red very effectively. The red wedge in particular is historically significant not just as pieces of propaganda, but for design and art as a whole.

I also don't agree that the right has successfully appropriated vaporwave / 90's computer aesthetic. For example, Contra Points, and Braving Ruin are probably the most well known right wing and "left"ish political YouTube channels that use this aesthetic, and Contra has 58k subs compared to Ruin's 9.3k. Also, we have the advantage of having the better sounding name. Laborwave > Fashwave.

I don't think laborwave should be our primary aesthetic, but I do think we should keep putting it out, especially in contexts where the target audience is already knowledgeable about internet culture and radical politics.

Moly would've actually been cute if he didn't have that Ted Bundy stare.

look closer, bundy had a very intelligent gaze, molymeme looks like the guy who was still eating crayons well into his teens.

Moly… Why…, I don't…


flag of revolutionary saudi arabia


Is this the background image for the next Comrade Pierre Tru-Dank video?

No, it's just something I made when I saw the thread. I'm not Pierre.

it looks like the klingons from star trek had a communist revolution

please anchor this

How's this for a flag? I always thought white and red worked well and having a red star on a white background shouldn't make people immediately think 100 gorillion.

Looks like a used pad.

that's pretty ok actually

How would you feel about upper-case sigma as a symbol? It gets science-types all hard for various reasons, so it could get them on board. It's also the summing operator, which could tie into unitedness and the sum efforts of the working class.

any red star usually triggers the gorillions tho

Someone once suggested using the Lambda symbol for cybernetic socialism.
But then faggots think you're referencing half-life.







What's the lambda supposed to represent, the lambda calculus?

If you really want to represent intellectual labor that bad, why not use the ol Hammer and Compass instead of the Half life symbol or

Bet you didn't think about that poindexter

Sigma is already used by Brazilian Integralists, tough luck pal

that's a really nie color scheme. We should test it on some flags

Absolutely true, we should rehabilitate vaporwave as much as we can. Vaporwave, though it has been used by fascists isn't commonly associated with them outside of the internet. If anything, at first glance you associate it with the apparent tranquility and boredom of frozen capitalism/neo-liberalism. Another left wing channel that appropriates this aesthetic is the Zero Books YouTube.

yeah like functional programming or something


Vaporwave was made by artists as a postmodern satire of capitalism, then the fash interpreted its glorification of capitalism and nostalgia 'unironically'


What about a variation on the Syndicalist symbol from Kaiserreich? Maybe simply have the torch in the gear to represent the synthesis of socialism and liberty.

looks good try redoing that using one of the color palletes posted

see that

I mean that is kinda like the old labour symbol I posted earlier.

Ngl, looks like NK.


vectorized hammer & torch from union of britain

red on white looks dope. sorry for doublepost

The color orange is already symbolic of MRAs. I think black is our best bet.

I think we could make use of the sun-glasses from THEY LIVE as that is already powerful symbolism

Fascists really do ruin everything.

How about the letter Rho? In physics it represents both density and resistivity in any given material
Think the mathematical Rho 𝞠 looks pretty good tbh

Your color is Purple. Clinton and Soros already decided on it for you.

Vaporwave is inherently leftist you dork, just because Holla Forums slapped some memes over it doesn't make it theirs.



Purple is booj as fuck. In fact it's even boojier than that, it's Roman slave-society level.

only if preceded by a fus and followed by a dah

I like your idea of the hammer and compass, but "half life symbol"? Please read sicp.

t. schemefag

t. pythonfag

Just want to gush about perhaps one of the greatest modern political symbols there is: The SNP logo.

Now, you can put aside any thoughts on the SNP itself, it's just an amazing logo. (Though their 1990s iteration was a bit fascist looking which is an own-goal for a civic nationalist party.)

What is the SNP logo?

1. It's a Saltire
2. It's a Thistle
3. It's a clootie dumpling. (Scottish pudding, also what it's actually named after.)

It's also immediately recognizable and simple enough that a child could draw it. In a more rounded form (and personally I like the 1970s variation the most) it doesn't look imposing or fascistic. (The brief 1990s logo looks a bit maoist though.)

[First logo is a poorly digitised variant of the one in second picture*, second is their 1980s-90s logo that looks a bit fascist, third is the "cyclops bunny" maoist one, fourth is the current logo.]

*will be posted in a subsequent post if it doesn't appear.

Better version of the swooshy logo in this one. (Which is from 1987, but even in 1979 the polished far left version was also used. Basically, their graphic design was inconsistent until devolution.)

Also the reason for the star in the cyclops bunny is because they wanted to showcase their pro-europe credentials in case it just seems like a random move.

The logo is also an abstraction of the white ribbon &/or the white cockade: a symbol worn by scottish localist rebels fighting under the jacobite cause.

Generally monarchist. Comes from purple being regarded as the most regal of colours on your banner due to purple dye being the hardest to get in feudal times. UKIP as mentioned below are packed with frothing monarchists, but their colour choice may just be due to them being last to the party (although it being coupled with yellow does heavily imply they were going for monarchist undertones).

With a bit of rewording the ideologies and colours are consistent.

I unironically want to snap the necks of people ITT saying that the gear is now unsymboled because some unoriginal dolts started slapping it onto their astroturfed petty boog org.

I think people need to develop something that appeals to the working class people, while not being afraid to make it metropolitan. We should keep it somewhat metropolitan because unlike in the past, we're in the 21st century, and while that sounds like "Current Year" and pointles, it's really not in our role.

We should be promising people a better future, something with enough prosperity for all, something with actual working health care, something not bound by Austerity. Something, that feels a bit futuristic. If people can't look into the future for hope, in a time where they've lost all hope for the future, what exactly are we promising?

That being said it should be brash as well, same as the Hammer and Sickle once was. Elegant, in design yes, but imposing. The Hammer of Industry and the Sickle of Agriculture, brought in large on the flag, no soft lines, only hard lines. It's an effective piece of propaganda as well as a good flag, it gives multiple messages to the viewer. We don't mess around, this is a place for the worker, we are a threat to you. The red and yellow keep in your mind because the two colors are very "bright", they're close together on the color wheel, and red is always associated with blood, yellow with alertness.

We should keep in mind what made the Hammer and Sickle elegant while not forgetting that for as imposing as it did, it also was effective at giving people hope for the future, a worker's state. We need to make something that can keep that same message while updating it for the laborer of the 21st century. And not lifting the aesthetics straight up.

My favorite flag ever.
Needs to be another flag that uses this color.

Yeah, white and blue are two relaxing, cold colors. It's pretty underused as a flag.

Yeah I mean I assume the other user is of German extraction; based on the ideologies shown, but yeah most major ideologies in Europe have the same colour palette. I mean ofc this is not universal, I have seen orange as the colour of ChrisDems and Christian Democracy doesn't even exist in the UK as a thing so eh,

This user. I saw this >>2194948

And while, I don't want to ruin user's work or copy his idea. I thought "You are Here" in white on red (or experiment with other colors) is good comforting langauge that has an underlying kind of menace to it. Since its both white (Cold Color, Comforting) (Red, Brash Color, Threatening)

It can be interpreted in many ways but the effect of the flag itself should show confidence for us, and a threat for those who would oppose us. While being somewhat futuristic. I think this does it well.

I like red and white

Has marketing gone too far?

i made this maybe someone can use it in a video or something the guy is milton friedman

I made this a while back. I figured that so few people use anvils, they're almost universally recognized as a symbol of labour, and so few people use them today that nobody would mistake it for meaning any specific form of labour. The flame, is like, idk the human spirit or some shit. It's not a colour scheme that hasn't been done before, but I think It looks both strong and uplifting.

How about a red flag win an imposing X in the bottom center in white, with a middle finger showing "Fuck you!" above it?

Some different logos. Some of these parties aren't really communist, but they have created different imagery than the classic ML stuff.





Why do I recognize the Left Bloc logo and nothing else?

Not even Podemos or Syriza?

Red - socialism
Black - anarchism
Celtic Cross/Starry Plough - republicanism

thats trash

The Celtic cross ones look like some kind of NazBol flags. I like the last Starry Plough one though, but I don't think the symbol should be used to mean republicanism so much as it should be used as a symbol for socialism within Ireland.

How can I improve, user?

The far-right have vikings and knights, we have pirates.


I like them if I judge them based solely on asthetic, but the first one honestly looks low key satanic/edgy/white supremacist, but it also looks cool so idk. The second one reminds me of NazBol: Anarchist edition, but the others are alright. Maybe but the stars in the top left corner since it's asymmetrical? They look a bit off when they're in the centre

Learn from Victoria 2

English version.

Portugal's is absolutely abhorrent. It's just the "socialist" party's symbol.


Vicky2 flags can be hit or miss. Case in point is that picture - The Mexican flag is great (tho it looks Italian), the Haitian one looks like fucking AIDS. Seriously, it's like they just slapped a red-star onto the regular Haitian flag in mspaint without bothering to fill in the white parts.

question mark?
how else is the politics of the masses going to work?

nat-syn vibes tbh

sokoto is esperanto


This is the SRSM flag. I'm not a fan of the colours but the Triquetra is pretty cool and hasn't been stolen by nazis yet.

I mean it ironically has both paganist and christian religious usage.

Could arrows work as a symbol? They stand for progress, dynamism, directedness, striving… all kinds of good stuff. If you take multiple of them they'll also represent collective action.

I mean the SFIO used three arrows pointing at 7 o'clock as a symbol of progress. Although this was later copted by the post-war German SPD then ANTIFA movements.



Take out the flame and it's amazing. In fact, we should use that instead of the hammer/sickle.

I agree with that losing the flame would make this pretty great.
Id does seem a bit industry focused though, adding a compass or something would be good but I can't see a way that would work.

this is pretty decent, make the book's borders the same width as the rest tho


Rate my flag.

Guy needs to be white to be accurate.

Keep in mind Americans don't really associate colors with politics. Due to our lack of parliamentary politics, we never really needed a color scheme.

The Red Republicans and Blue Democrats is a new phenomenona, and still mostly unofficial, both parties use red white and blue prominently (can't use any other color cause that'd be unpatriotic treason)

Even then, Republicans and Democrats got the colors pinned to them by the media, they didn't adopt the colors themselves.

The greens/libertarians mainly use green and yellow as an afterthought to distinguish themselves from the primary parties.

Now the radical left tends to care about colors, but only on political signage. IE: the Wobblies mainly use Red and Black, PSl (and most ml's) use Neon Green or Yellow on Black backgrounds, DSA tends towards white lettering on red backgrounds.

The fash mainly use black and white (Cuz we're so hard! Fuck color it's a cuck concept) or red white and blue with a predominance of red (neo-confederates)

Ultimately, I don't believe color will ever really matter in an American context as I highly doubt we will ever have a parliamentary system which is the only modern system in which ideologies having a color matters.


Don't listen to him, comrade. The Starry Plough defacing AnCom is easily one of the best flags I've ever laid eyes on.

The first two look more like White Nationalist symbols though. I'd shy away from Celtic crosses if I were you.


Red or Dead flag

NorseCom flags

Love it.

I made a little communist t rex

This is good. I like this.

Let's just rip the logo from Sonic Forces – for our Antifa Super Soldiers.

redo that with orange and blue


how about use one of the color schemes here:

or here:

CLF flag Take Number Two

Which one looks better, the one with the bigger or the smaller logo. I prefer the first one honestly.

Damn that Swiss labour party logo is good

I mean say what you like about them as an org, but the DSA have good aesthetics.


Il n’est pas de sauveurs suprêmes:
Ni dieu, ni césar, ni tribun,
Producteurs, sauvons-nous nous-mêmes!
Décrétons le salut commun!
Pour que le voleur rende gorge,
Pour tirer l’esprit du cachot
Soufflons nous-mêmes notre forge,
Battons le fer quand il est chaud!

There are no supreme saviors:
No god, no Caesar, no tribune,
Producers, let's save ourselves!
Let us decree the common salvation!
For the thief to make a throat,
To draw the spirit of the dungeon
Let us blow our own forge,
Beat the iron when it's hot!

No, orange and blue is garish. Red and yellow is fine. Please don't humor these fools.

What do you dislike about that design? It's too clear? Too effective? The balance too level? The use of asymmetry, too subtle?

I shiggy diggy

who cares muke is a piece of shit

I like the idea of using foliage native to areas for specific iconography, like the NEWP does (though that plant stem seems too thin, unless it's a grape vine?).

Ah, really captures the alliance between environmentalist and industry

This is really good to look at, and it's also pretty unpretentious.

needs to use this color scheme

Any /graphics/ people want to try? I just copied it off of the party's twitter page but I've seen higher quality versions floating around the board a few months ago.

I mean. It doesn't have to.

Very basic imo, and this will probably sound petty and a gay but in an age of social media the overabundance of one single color like that becomes really tiring and unappealing.

My version is much better than that ensign.

Though having said that, the emblem isn't so bad.

I have the HQ versions if anyone wants. The .PSDs too.

Left is Cascadia, middle is Dixie, right is New England, in case you aren't a professional vegetationologist.

Here's a version without the shitty grapevine.

It looks worse.

I just had the idea to look up old American revolution flags and you beat me to it. Goddamn it, you magnificent bastard.

I like it a hell of a lot better, actually. Remember, this is something that can needs to be modified across multiple media.

This (plural)

libgen.pw/search.php?search_type=magic&search_text=signs and symbols&submit=Dig for

Some useful shite here.
I couldn't find a directory on what different icons and symbols mean POLITICALLY, maybe that exists (i.e. how a hammer has been used historically, which parties have used sword iconography etc.)

I really like the Welsh Republican flag black and red is a classic for a reason


I redid using color scheme the last one


red/cyan, you mean. #f00 and #0ff.

That's not vaporwave. That's retrowave, and the alt-right just abuse it, they don't have it appropriated in the modern person's mind.
Vaporwave is pink and baby blue with greek architecture and malls. The actual vaporwave genre of music is inherently leftist due to the fact that it satires 90s capitalism.

Looks like something you'd use to summon Satan with, not something you'd use to summon revolution with.

The red is too pale, and white flags symbolize being a huge pussy.

The gear and that specific font of a lambda are definitely triggering thoughts of halflife. Try a more grecco stylized lambda or an uppercase lambda (a chevron).

Here's a version with white instead of off-white green that I tried

here are more fonts of lambda

Beat you to it by months, friendo :^)

I like personally the flag we at the NEWP are using that's a deeper red than the meteor flag.

I agree with you on infographics, we need more, here is one I like cause muh minimalism. Also what kind of fonts could be good for leftist propaganda?


There was a similar thread here a couple months ago, where we decided to make some more anti-idpol pro-worker stuff




Eeeeey. Thanks nigga. My computer broke down and I had to remake everything but in orange.

Why cant you blame it on race and gender?

because those aren't the root cause of people's issues. Having more female POC CEOs won't change the fact that the workers are oppressed.

wait… Bunnings?

How to design a decent color scheme:

1. pick a decent color space, for mine I used lch, ciecam02 is better but I don't have any tools to use it.

2. use color harmony not just for hues but also for chroma and lightness.

On the lch color space this is very simple lock lightness and chroma changing hue at the intervals you need for your hue harmony.

3. make sure you can have readable type in your color scheme.


This scheme is just a example I'm sure you guys can come up with something better with the tools.

Do you guys want this to be a cycle thread or all y'all cool with this?

cycling is cool by me I've saved alot of the schemas and pics i liked from this thread alredy

good links thanks

Nigga pls. Anyway, I don't get this "the industrial worker doesn't exist anymore". Where does our value come from? From industrial labor in the Third or Second World. Just because the west is a service economy now doesn't mean industrial and agricultural workers are replaced by replicators.

btw your symbol is a rip-off from Juche

Sounds pretty fash to me tbh

Neck yourself.

Those are fucking terrible. Not only they're targetting 1910s manual workers but regular working people don't respond to inflammatory anti-establishment remarks like that.

agree, OP directly said avoid "anti idpol" shit. those posters are a little too on the nose, saying "DONT BLAME RACE". We need to be smarter

They look fine to me buddy
Unless you're from r/socialism of course

Don't you know user? Class Politics are a nothing but toxic male masculinity peddled by BROCIALISTS

wow kys

I never said don't be anti idpol, I'm just saying you need to market shit in a way that avoids the sjw/anti sjw issue altogether and appeals to both normie liberals and anti idpol ppl

FlagMaker 1.7 is pretty cool

To be honest, we dont need to alienate ourselves too much from the current "left".
While it's true that modern "leftists" party can be defined as the left wing of capital, they're still people that tend toward the left and mostly, they're still worker class.
Socialism it's something that comes from the workers FOR the workers, not something that comes from a tiny circle of people with a certain mindset that no one else shares.
Also, i honestly dont like the usage of the word "traitor" in this case: the working class of 2017 isn't the russian working class of 1911, some people will deny that capitalism even exists for example, which is pretty scary.
They need more knowledge, not a cold "fuck you" from the only sane side of politics.

Here's my flag lol

I found these buried in Leddit some time ago. The idea is that chemical structures are the new sickle and electric circuits the new hammer. I found it to be a brilliant concept, but the result is underwhelming. It's hard to make these things look nice.

What is it that makes it such a pleasant design?

Simple recognizable silhouette

I dont like these. They look so corporate

Brilliant. I think this kinda thing is the way to go, science-y but realatable. Communism of the future will need to stress the potential and necessity of automation of crappy jobs, e.g. street sweeping. The liberation of humanity from meaningless, soul crushing work so man can profit from the misery of his brother. For some reason this kinda stuff makes me think of the potential of the future under communism, so I think this might be the way to go. Also that post with a tree within a cog looked really good.

Subtle subversive and interesting

This idea is v cool. Although, I think a stylised nucleotide, representing biotech and universalism or w/e, is be better than just miscellaneous molecule. It would be nice if there was a way to involve industries other than just tech and bio/chem/health, like service industry. Although, I suppose they don't fit into the communist utopia and aren't really productive.

Many logos are silhouettes, but none are as aesthetic pleasing.


These are all absolute shit please stop






Joke yeah?



We should use this more. Freedom needs to be emphasized.


Can you say what makes them shit you unhelpful ==nigger==?

wtf is ur problem with orange and blue color schemes, they look good to me. Stop jacking off to ☭TANKIE☭ aesthetics and learn to market shit to normies

Anything that looks like the soviet union could have made it has to go

take a hint from Holla Forums a ok signs, milk, frogs, and derivative vaporwave memes have nothing to do with old school nazism. This is like if the right sold their shit with swastikas, dressing up in waffen SS uniforms, roman salutes, and blasting Wagner at every rally. Please learn to market to a 21st century normie audience who was raised on mcdonalds and mtv, you need to feed them like a dog: putting the pill inside the meat, same for them you have to package marxism in a package that looks like normie consumer shit, but even cooler. you have to outmarket the capitalists

Not him but. Even though the statements and proposed measures are beyond doubt reasonable, they carry the same vibe as reactionary propaganda. The general public will associate it with such and end up viewing socialism the same way.

For now, it's more important to appear as composed as possible. Slapping normies in the face with these is a surefire way to cause a knee-jerk reaction. Save these for later when our influence has grown and doubt in capitalism is more widespread.

I agree. That why I decided to do away with the red. A lot of people don't like the new Orange though, so I've been looking for alternatives.

What do you think of pic related

What do you mean?
I like the righteous indignation vibe. How could you make composed propaganda.

Btw I'm not this guy. That Blue and Orange combo looks sanitized and lacking in weight, not what you would expect from a mass movement.

Remove the muh tranny bathrooms and etc stuff
No one cares about that other than Holla Forums

Thats the point. Its against these things, but simply more of a "meh" in comparison to things that actually matter

This is a great poster imo


Brilliant. Maybe make all the circles the same size


I don't really agree. It would displace the visual "weight" from the center and counteract the dynamism existing between big-small.

Yes. If only there was a clean digital version of that poster. I'd print and pin it up where ever I'd go.

It's called vaporwave

You're a ni.gger

IMO esthetics are only effective as an expression of deeply held beliefs. If the left deconstructs everything esthetics are just hollow shells. It doesn't help that many commies are at heart nihilists who are just disaffected.

What do we truly believe, what makes us get up in the morning? For me, it's hatred of alienation and capitalism's destructive potential. If I would make a commie flag, it would stress universal brotherhood, community, and ecology.

IMO unclear symbolism, it looks somewhat like a shovel and a badminton racket are crossed. Cool idea tho.

How on earth does this mean we should avoid red though? it's the perfect color for advertising.


I tried to answer this un-ironically and I couldn't think of anything.
And harmony? Freedom from work? Free time to socialise and do the things I love?
Just some additional thoughts

did he hit a nerve there?

Probably should remove the NAM stuff at the bottom since they're not a thing anymore

Read point 2 in the OP

Someone make a goddamn infographic

I saw the Democratic Cops of America put on up, let me find it.

Too small to tell they're circuitry and molecules.

nobody knows what the fuck the hammer and sword means so maybe we can use that to our advantage

Can't find the DemSocUSA ting, but found this.

what the fuck is that resolution


This tbh. Red and gold is too triggering for normies.

This is trash. Please stop posting.

The blue and orange at best looks corporate, and at worst look childlike and garish. See

I made a flag months ago with intent to make it appeal to an average person to lure them in. This had America in mind though Im not sure it would work other countries.

Make the same flag, red background and a hammer in one side on top of the left balance and a sickle on to of the right balance. That could be american appealing.

The problem would be lack of simplicity too though but let's check out

I made this to represent decentralization, mutual aid, unionisation, comradey, and a common goal.

That is still a hammer and sickle though. The point is to avoid scaring off normies and draw in people from a wide spectrum of affiliation. Besides who even uses a hammer and sickle for work in the US?

It looks like some sci-fi shit…sorry man

I also should point out I don't have much skill to pull that off. I just used a stock image of a scale I modified some to look slightly cross like to tap into the power of religious imagery without being obvious.

Too many arrows? I just went with that because I modified a stock image because I didn''t have the right software to make arrows in a circle from scratch easily. Im the same user that made the red, white and blue scale flag. It was based on sigils.

My country's communist party went with the white and red too recently. The one on the right was the old logo.

Nah they're not nigger

Keep Murphy's Law in mind: Don't fly a symbol that could be mocked for looking like a puckered asshole.