Holla Forums is whining like the little fags they are because of this game...

Holla Forums is whining like the little fags they are because of this game. Anyone else buying it just because of this reason alone?

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bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=27694013&privcapId=28016023&previousCapId=22559&previousTitle=Providence Equity Partners LLC


Well, I want to support them for once.


So this is the power of the spectacle
I also want to add that it annoys me that 4/v/ is comparing it to Mario Odyssey

Good little prole.

fucking die

Well, yes? They make it more acceptable to the majority and push it. Why would I not support it? I don't like to be alone and misunderstood forever.


are you joking

Yes, fight them evil nazis by giving a corporation your money YASSSS GIRL

Corporations that share my ideology, yes.


Shut up and buy the game if you aren't poor.


It always cracks me up to see nazi simpatizers triggered by the slightest hint of critique, only to then make 3 hours long videos of them laughing at SJWs being triggered because of X.
Are these the guys supposed to be scary again?

They're just thin-skinned fags who blame others for their laziness and lack of success. Not even Nazis.

Robert Trump is the Director of Zenimax Media. By buying this game you literally fund the Trumps.

Why is Holla Forums so obsesed with Holla Forums?


This is like thread #459655 on why Holla Forums is better than Holla Forums


The CEO of Zenimax is Robert Altman and he endorsed and supported Hillary.

More than you or I, yes.


bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=27694013&privcapId=28016023&previousCapId=22559&previousTitle=Providence Equity Partners LLC

Wow, it's almost like American democracy is a sham or something.


There's no way that a bunch of rich people could stack the deck and make sure that both candidates work for them, right?

I'd say the CEO has more say than the director.

Trump is an idiot. He can't act at all. They aren't friends.

They have the same views so it doesn't matter. Trump signed a bill condemning Nazis, remember? The enemy of your enemy isn't actually your friend, you fucking retard.

I don't care. I hate white retards who believe they are superior and the game shares this view and pushes it.

It's good that Wolfenstein makes fun of Nazis and rightist idpol (at least that's what I assume, I haven't played it yet). As sad as it is we have to be glad about all the support that we can get but thinking that the cooperation, the entity that receives your money, is responsible for it out of a genuine conviction which will be present in future games doesn't hold true. At best the company was apathetic towards the details regarding rightist ideology since they thought it wouldn't be a huge selling factor and the writer team just did their own work. At worst they were actively trying to exploit societal trends. It doesn't matter which one of the two holds true, as soon as it becomes a known factor that reduces profits Bethesda will go out of their way to cut content that scares away rightist consumers. However, until then it will be funny to see how rightist get their jimmies rustled.

You are high as fuck on liberalism if you honestly think supporting a corporation just because they trigger people you don't like is going to effect any kind of actual change whatsoever


what if you buy it because you want to LARP the experience of leftist revolution

Sometimes this board pisses me off. Stop talking like hippies.

And yet I'm guessing you love Jews.

Kill yourself poltard


Go back.

One guy is not every Jew.

Holla Forums is a cowardish piece of shit containment board for mentally ill freaks, btw. Also why there are no IDs here and mods are literally behaving like triggered SJWs deleting and banning out of spite.

I hope everyone here gets cancer.

Have you even read the Talmud?

kill yourself

That's like nitpicking some Nazis like Duke and pretending all whites are like this.

Man all that autism and newfaggotry. Not even knowing that wordfilters have been used since 4chan and its desu, for comedic effect



i'd bet that most jews haven't and the ones that do don't take it seriously.

Go read the Talmud.

What does the Talmud say that is so bad? Name five things. Apparently you read it. Go ahead.


For one it says that gentiles who read the Torah or Talmud should be killed.


Where are proofs billy?

The poster you responded to posted this in reaction to you or some other fag impliying it's not legitimate for someone criticizing corporations to use computers. It is an accurate use of the picture because computers are tools.

It's crazy how much knowledge one can get from infographs, i have some too.

We want specific lines, if you can’t cite any then leave.

You want quotes? Okay:

"MISHNA: In places where it is customary to sell small cattle (sheep, goats, etc.) to Gentiles, it is lawful to do so, but not in places where this is not customary. Large cattle must not be sold to Gentiles at all, 1 nor calves nor foals of asses, either sound or broken-legged"

"A Gentile proselyte, who was circumcised on the day before the Passover festival may, according to BethShammai, bathe himself, and eat in the evening of the paschal sacrifice. Beth Hillel, however,say: "One who has parted from the uncircumcised must be considered as one who has just parted from the grave."

I only read some parts of this picture but seems to me the Talmud really is bad and Jews who believe in it. is this the point of the picture? So Holla Forums is right?

Back to r/democrats with you.

And the Bible isn't full of awful shit, like that time god nuked a city because they were having buttsecks?

Sounds like nationalist protectionism. I figured Holla Forumsyps like you would like that.

You mean the Torah? The other Jewish book.

OP is a fag and but so is the guy who thinks a black character saying variations of "get your black ass over here" would be racist or even uncommon

No, it points out how the list of quotes Holla Forums claims were from the talmud were bullshit.

I won’t blaim you for the mistake though, it’s not a well put together image.

Some of the quotes are bullshit, not all of them.


Support internet nazis against vidya imperialism

Remember, fascist posts are composed from 100% unadulterated bullshit, that's how you spot em.



This. Support with your words, not with your cash.

I like how Holla Forums has started to go full bore with the gaslighting ever since they started watching Kermit.


Funnily enough they all sound like nazis. Just convert and you'll fit right in.


Didnt cartmen call someone a black asshole in an episode once?

More than once. Usually not even toward a black character.


The rage of you will be all the more delightful, once the peoples of Europe realize how much their country is being SHITTED.com and they all vote "le capitalist populist" parties on the right.

Why do you say this fellow comrade, it is important to pledge support to Bethesda in it's struggle against alt-right's imperialism.

No, buying games because it will piss someone off is dumb. Luckily, I already enjoy Wolfenstein, so it's just an added bonus.

Reminder that not buying vidya because "muh porkies, muh capitalism" is pure lifestylist garbage and doesn't change anything.

Torrent you inbred

t. bethesda CEO

I laughed youre silly

Worth it to kill nazi's xDDD

How fucking retarded are you OP

Not going to happen. You retards in my country have what… 0.5% in the last election. kek your friends in here will be squashed like ants

Yep going to buy it because mods are massive faggots.

You should have made it more clear that was a joke OP, because this way you really come off as a shill.

anyway, there's already a thread for Holla Forums being triggered over this.

OP was falseflagging Holla Forumsyp


I'll ethier pirate it or pick it up in a year for $10.


Holla Forums's falseflagging will truly never end.

top fucking kek


Holy fucking shit why are Holla Forumsyps all so jewish?

Think about it: They're constantly scheming, disseminating false information, antagonizing others for no reason, and if you confront them about it the first and only thing they will have to say is MUH HWITE GENOCIDE.

They truly are a reflection of their boogeyman.

It's in their blood.

Because the right tend to project their insecurities and sins onto others, I have seen it happen numerous times first-hand.


Poor little Zucker

Story time?

Becouse bethesda is a rich as fuck company and they never complete their games on launch and made fallout a shitty franchise?
Becouse you can download it and not waste money on it? you are fucking idiot

I have seen two instances of nazis being virulent homophobes, just to come out of the closet a few months later. It's mostly cases like these that I see unfold.

Makes sense kek


i love this one

Low Self-Esteem is the purest ideology

Did you sodomize them afterwards?

@WHat is that apicture of


there is justice in this world

pretty sure it's a nose