"SJWs are fading away"

I hear this sentiment a lot on Holla Forums. Is it just wishful thinking or is it real? Sure, Youtube has like a billion alt right retards who sperg on about SJWs and everyone else is too preoccupied with getting angry at Trump or people angry with Trump to get angry at SJWs so they're no longer in the "spotlight", but other than that, are they really fading away? And if so, can you elaborate on it?

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Trump destroyed them. Check em

SJWs have faded away, like at least year ago. Anti-SJWs are fading away too. The next stage is far-leftism.

they're not, they're still around and still terrible, it's just fashionable to ignore for the moment because a media-whore right-winger is in power in the US.

on the left in particular, they are all claiming to be communists or whatever these days instead of liberals so they get some protection from leftist critique because nobody want to be seen "punching left"

The second trump won all that hyper liberal identity politics lost. Although we havent really culturally shifted away from it yet.
It would be good for the far left if it died. But the elite benefit from the population being divided and obsessed with culture wars over class war.

I hope culture can at least return to the center eventually instead of a psychotic obsession with idpol

But they are always the ones who punch left though. Just look at the most recent Chapo drama.

When corporate america and media stops pandering to them you will know something has changed.

never said it made sense, just what I've been noticing. i reckon it's because braindead righties called them commies so much they decided to be transgressive and embrace the label, but their politics and behaviour hasn't changed

not nearly fast enough

They still exist but Trumps full term will be the complete death of them; Most SJW types are going full on neo-con muh Russia now and are shifting their rhetoric to attacking perceived 5th columns.

Where I live the SJW fad is just catching on…

Where is that

Aren't chapo just idiots though? I tried listening after hearing so much about them but it was just terrible. Which of their episodes establishes that they're very left or have even decent politics?

Anyway SJW's are way still around. If anything the right is infected by the sanctimonious bug now. The only people actually doing well are those hiding behind media spectacles who aren't drawing attention to themselves personally. SJWism will remain the dominant voice on the left until people start speaking up for global communism again, and well.

They've faded from the mainstream, yes, but they still infest every party and socialist organization in my local area, and sometimes entire organisations are swallowed up by it. I'm not sure if you could say it's dying or if they're here to stay.

Maybe, idpol isn't going anywhere though.

I keep saying they will be back with a vengeance, but Holla Forums seems to disbelieve me. Trump's victory knocked them down a peg and thank fucking God for that silver lining. But his ineptitude is surpassing even the worst expectations, and when he's gone, SJWs/neoliberals/media (same thing, really) will ride into town in a victory parade, throwing flowers at themselves as if they saved America, democracy, the world and everything in between from the Orange Menace. They took a blow now but still infest almost all nominally leftist groups in America and seem to have a stronger chokehold on the media now than they had before the election. The far right's gains have been minimal, and the alt-right is just a nuisance, incapable of becoming an organized movement. With these and Trump out of the picture, the baizuo will have free rein.

And they will never, ever admit to any misdeeds. How shamelessly unprofessional and downright corrupt they are, how they completely abandoned class struggle for idpol and general Spectacle nonsense, how their behavior got Trump elected by pushing voters away from their beloved Hillary, how they immediately start blaming everyone but themselves when Trump won, how they forfeited soul-searching and instead doubled-down by creating delirious charges against Trump such as the golden shower dossier and a nearly comical fixation on Russian bogeymen, how they're now trying to throw the blame for these literally fake news on Hillary and/or the RNC, and sho on and sho on *shniff*. All that will be swept under the rug because they control the media and the message, and they will declare the birth of a glorious new age of globalism.

Cap this post so you can't say you weren't warned.

How the fuck do you punch LEFT and hit Chapo? As a democrat?

These pieces of shit will always come out of the woodwork to coopt and bring down Leftist movements, be they COINTELPRO or not



They are too convenient as middle managers and as coopting factor to nascing movements for the system to go away. But yeah, they are fading out because impopularity. That's not good news for you, cause they gonna reflux in more fringe leftist places like yours to get the power they want.


Laurie Penny, in the wake of Brexit and the Trump presidency, many have blamed radical progressive liberalism and the rise of political correctness. It is argued that movements such as feminism and equal rights for minorities have alienated and agitated a silent majority that are now revolting against the liberal agenda. With this in mind, how do we continue to fight for equality and equity for all without aggravating or disenfranchising the other side?


Well, Laurie, welcome back.


Thank you very much. It’s great to be back. Thank you for your question. Before I answer, I’d like to start by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land we’re meeting on. I’m really hoping I’m going to say this right! The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, and pay my respect to their elders past, present and future.

Oh, thanks. So, um, we’ve been hearing this a lot since Brexit, since the election of Donald Trump – that, really, it’s the left’s fault and it’s women’s fault and it’s Muslim people’s fault and the fault of people of colour for just asking for too much equality and too much change and really, you know, “Look what you made us do,” is what I hear.

And it is the language of an abuser and it is the language of children. The idea that you are so aggravated by any threat to your sense of superiority, so agitated by any threat to your own privilege that a sudden lack of privilege feels like prejudice. Well, it’s not prejudice. I don’t think, as political people, as activists, and as people who care about a livable future for the human race, we should be moderating our language at this point.

The opposite. I think this is when we go harder. Because, ultimately, you can’t do feminism, you can’t do anti-racism, you can’t do any kind of progressive politics if your first objective is to make the other side feel comfortable. That’s a way to just scupper yourself before you’re out of the gate.


Laurie, when you’re talking about it in terms of sides, is that part of the problem that’s been identified by the questioner? Are progressive movements moving too fast for a section of the population in the United States, in Britain and in parts of Australia?


Well, I’m sure some people DO feel uncomfortable with the pace of social change, but I would suggest they get used to it, really. I don’t think it’s my job to make people who are sexist feel more comfortable. I’m not a politician, I’m a writer, and my job is to push the discussion forward.

There is a difference. If I’m saying, “Oh, I think that I should have more rights to bodily autonomy,” and I don’t know what you actually think about this, but let’s say you say, “Well, that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable,” my job, then, is not to say, “Oh, well, I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable. Your feelings are obviously more important than my right to bodily autonomy.”

Those things aren’t equal, you know. We seem to think that the feelings of people in positions of power are of equal importance and equal moral value to the basic right to life and autonomy of people who don’t have that privilege. I think that’s wrong.


Let’s quickly go back to Caity, our questioner. What do you think? I mean, you raised this issue. I mean, do you think there’s a genuine disaffection out there in parts of the community that progressive movements are going too fast for them?


I had always believed pretty much what Laurie has been saying up until Trump was voted in, and then I began to question my hardline progressive view. I still am progressive and I still would say I’m a feminist, but I also am concerned about ignoring or alienating another group and ending up…


It’s not your fault. Donald Trump is not your fault. No, really. Like, I really get, in some ways, there is this paradoxical way where when we hear, “Oh, you know, it’s kind of our fault. We went too far.” There’s something almost a little bit empowering about that in a toxic way, thinking, “Oh, well, maybe if we’d made a different choice, then it could have been different?” Actually, no. Donald Trump is the fault of racists and sexists.


Laurie, I’m going to just interrupt you there only ‘cause we’ve got an American on the panel and I’d like to hear from Amani. What do you think?


Yeah, I mean, as a woman of colour, I don’t think that the change is happening fast enough. You know, of course, when we leave it to society to dictate how we progress forward, it’s going to take a lot longer and we’re talking about people’s livelihoods here. If anything, like, I would argue that there are some people that deserve to be disenfranchised. They deserve to get left behind. Like, what are we pausing ourselves for?

So that we can really cater to people that are mad? That, you know, they don’t get to enjoy the privileges that they’ve had historically for so long that come at our expense, at the expense of other people’s livelihoods? Um, if anything, I think that this really is the death rattle of racism. Right? It’s grasping at straws because we are in a changed world. Things are progressing and moving very quickly and they need to continue progressing that way.


But, Amani, can I just put this to you? I mean, when Hillary Clinton came out and referred to Trump supporters as a basket of deplorables, there was a huge backlash and probably more people jumped into the basket than ever before. Is that part of the problem – that this kind of idea that the progressive left understands everything and you understand nothing?


I think the problem is that people are voting for Trump in the first place. You know, I think THAT’S the problem that we have to address here, not the way that we choose to respond to that. If anything, we should make it so that there’s zero tolerance for those kind of attitudes to exist within our society. There’s no room for that type of intolerance. I mean, look at what happened, right? We started giving Trump air time in the media and giving him an opportunity to present his racist ideologies as a position on a policy platform.

It resulted in him actually getting elected. And now it resulted in white supremacist rallies in the streets, Neo-Nazis going like this again. You know, we really just regressed several generations backward. All this hard work for us to get to this point to make it unacceptable to be racist? Now it’s out in the open again.


Shashi, you’re a politician. What do you think? I mean, obviously, you’ve spent a lot of time looking at this and thinking about it.


Well, I think part of the problem, really, is that every movement creates or provokes a reaction, and there’s going to be reactions, whether it’s the right that’s making advances, or the left. There’s no question that the world has moved on. I don’t think this show, when it first began, would necessarily have had the first guest acknowledging the owners of the land and paying tribute to their elders. That’s already a sign of respect for a sensitivity that was ignored in the past in Australia.

I think you’ll certainly find that the way in which the discourse has moved around the world on things like homosexual rights and things like other privileges for same-sex couples, transgenders, all of this…


Not moving very fast in India, your own country, I should say.


Well, transgenders, curiously, is moving faster than same-sex relationships in terms of political acceptability simply because, culturally, we’ve simply been used to them being around all this time. Homosexuality, frankly, was completely acceptable in Indian culture for 2,000 years till the Brits came along and outlawed it.


You know, we are going to come to your notions of the Brits.


We’re stuck with it.


I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I’m just going to go to our next question because it’s on the same subject, or a similar subject, and we’ll bring in the other panellists on that one. It’s from Giorgio Kyriakou.

I think they are tbh.
And I'm kind of starting to think that even at the height of their popularity they were nothing more than some obnoxious cunts signal-boosted by the alt-right who needed a boogeyman to keep Holla Forums and Holla Forums on the hook.



they lost but are fighting a last stand to maintain the position they held 2013-2016 (in the US, they're still on top here in Canada)

they will lose power over the next two years as the election season gears up and people get a taste for winning (and genuine leftism in the U.K.) and start ignoring the call-outs and demands for literal expulsions. there will be echoes of the movement for decades but their influence is fading.

if you want proof? look at the chapo/cum town debacle. in 2014 that probably would have sunk, if not seriously damaged the podcast. hopefully more leftists will learn that as long as the accusations have no basis in fact, the only proper response is to come out swinging



t. SJW

They were always a problem. Just look at what they did to Mark Fisher.

this guy? did they kill him?

I don't think they can maintain fervor over the next 8 years, especially when it keeps losing them social and political power. They're already quieting down and we're not even halfway through Trump's first term.

The question is whether the neolibs will give up on idpol to avoid extinction or if they will go down with the SJWs to be replaced by blue dogs and liberals.

why would the neolibs give up on idpol when its literally the only card they have to play? otherwise they are bland basic bitches who have no messege outside of 'don't take muh money and give it to da prole'

the alt-right are pretending SJWs are still relevant because they need someone to get mad at. constantly.

he's talking about this


They presuppose each other. The more capital dips towards crisis the more people will search for reasons outside of capital to attribute the problems they experience or observe to, which will subsequently fuel reaction from others also looking for reasons outside of capital. Things aren't going to get better and these problems aren't going to disappear, they will merely change face and be rebranded 5-10 years from now as something new as they were before. People will march on believing that the problems of yesterday have been conquered, that the old age is dead and discarded and that a new one with new problems has begun, only to unconsciously find themselves in an era not so differnet from the one they left facing old "evils" of the past rebranded.

SJW's have faded away into the standard. SJW conspiracy theories are now being taught as women's studies, this like it being accepted as the norm if anthropology courses teach that whites descent from aryan atlanteans.

Holla Forums thinks they have faded away because Holla Forums's conception of the world is a few youtube channels.

And yet your shit reads like you never set foot in a school after 5th grade.
Every. Fucking. Time.

Please tell me about the difference between women's studies and SJW-conspiracy theories, they must have taught you all about.

it's going to fucking suck ass when we have to teach our grandkids that elites couldn't fight against a reactionary spastic culture literally incubated in Xbox Live and Ventrilo voice chats

chapo are tankies, listen hard enough and this is obvious.

tldr The End of History

This is patently untrue, people nearly always believe the exact opposite, like how you ground yourself in the zeitgeist of 19th century Germany.

Alt-right is a movement started and controlled fully by elites.

Oh obviously. But there's lots of useful idiots and just plain alienated failsons willing to buy in for the fabricated identity and fraternity it offers that the left won't

part of what makes Holla Forums so cozy is that we don't constantly demand struggle sessions and expulsions because of jokes and shit

Who is funding Spencer and his fellow travelers then?

Spencer is loaded, isn't he? Besides, most movements that go anywhere are funded by elites.

There was never such a thing as an "SJW".

It's just a meaningless pejorative used to denounce someone who holds any opinion to the left of Hitler and bring their authenticity into question while claiming authenticity for one's own views.

No one self-identifies as a "SJW". It's always used in an accusatory manor to label another. Think of the scores of alt-right youtube channels for which their entire reason for existing is ranting at how terrible/stupid/illogical/wrong the "essjoos" are, and how their reactionary views are so much more """logical""" and """skeptical""".

If you think SJWs exist then you fell for the alt-right meme. In reality anyone who is a socialist, social democrat, anarchist, feminist, egalitarian, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, pro-lgbt rights etc - i.e. holds any vaguely left-wing or progressive ideas - is labelled an "SJW". Denouncing the fictional SJWs is just a proxy for denouncing those ideas. That's the entire point, the right has created this fictional SJW bogeyman that hates muh freeze peach and uses it to discredit the ideas of feminism, socialism, anti-racism and so on.

If you think "SJW"s exist and are somehow bad then you're part of the problem.

The users of Holla Forums have been raided by 8/pol/ and other crazy fucks for about three years now. Despite all that, they still prefer this place to the larger communities on reddit etc.

That's how much they despise call-out culture. They'd rather sit in a muddy trench just outside the Reich than to go argue with American trust fund babies on campus.

Pushing the SJW meme was a ploy by Holla Forums to infiltrate Holla Forums, Youtube and other online communities and radicalize them, and it worked wonders.
You keep that meme alive and you keep a backdoor open for reactionaries to swarm in, and that's fucking retarded considering the idpol left is on its way out anyway.

No SJWs were very much a thing. You had to be there to fully understand how much sway they had. They were basically how the aut right is today (at least online.)

I was there, and on the anti-camp aswell.
From my experience I can tell you it was mostly a propaganda fueled hysteric reaction where a few retards on tumblr and some burger campus were made to look like the end of western civilization by the reactionaries pulling the strings.
According to Holla Forumsermins back then by now we should be living in a gynocracy where all males are castrated at birth and gendered pronouns are banned from any language on Earth. That HARDLY seems the case.

That was the plan, but then Hillary lost. LOL

Holla Forums used the "cultural marxism" meme to infect Holla Forums, and breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulis helped out and eventually converted gamers into Trump voters. That was the ploy.

I also don't see "SJW complaining" as a backdoor, even if SJW is certainly a stupid buzzword. The reactionaries who populate the rest of this site still think Holla Forums is some sort of outpost for SJW tumblrinas. They're not about to swarm in here unless it's to spam and raid. That's not what I'm worried about.

The thing is, you can't use the term SJW outside of chans without sounding like an aut-right. That's a problem.

Of course, Something Awful's call-out culture continues to be an issue but it needs to be referred to by its real name, instead of being labeled "SJW."

at the very least we need to force a migration over to the word idpol

that way it'll be easier to tie aut-right and tumblrinas together

They used "cultural marxist" and "SJW" more or less interchangeably.

It's already happened for the most part.
It's just a few spergs and Holla Forums shitposters that still cling to the SJW term.

Look at this shit that was just mailed to me by my high school. The last line literally reads "Social Justice Warrior".

can you explain why social justice is a bad thing?

i mean within the larger mainstream discourse

SJW is understood by almost all political elites and bleeding into normie parlance through youtube while idpol is confined strictly to Holla Forums, Holla Forumsyps who think we're a Soros psyop and a few other minor leftist voices

When I see paul joseph watson or sargon start pushing back against the term "idpol" then I'll know we're making progress

we're strictly talking about the term "SJW/social justice warrior" as a label used against us.
social justice itself is so vaguely defined that it can mean anything, which is why SJW is so successful as a slur

It's not. Obviously, as a communist, my goal is social justice. "Social Justice Warrior" ("SJW") refers to a very specific cultural phenomena, exemplified by people like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Big Red.

We could get the few guys we have on youtube like Xexizy or Badmouse to start spreading the word. Maybe make videos about how it's actually a more accurate term, also emphasizing that it totally isn't just a left-wing thing, like they're trying to pass it off as.
But reactionaries have a stranglehold on youtube so twitter might be a better place to start from.

Had to post the original epic video.

Both are idpoling faggots who want to keep sjw liberals in their audience

And here we fucking go.

Why do you think Anita is wrong?

there's a surprising number of mainstream leftists and even liberals who would jump at the chance to meme the term "sjw" into irrelevance

we need to steal bannon's smuggling strategy of getting the msm to react to our term. by doing that we can inadvertently get them to spread it outside the Holla Forums bubble

anti-idpol is just another term for pro-racism, pro-misogyny, pro-transphobia

this is less of a problem then it seems. we just need to find a way to ensure that they can use the term without opening themselves up to dumb accusations like

no it didnt its still standing outside your local library in a fight the patriarchy t-shirt throwing used tampons at people screeching about bigotry

you can lose and still ineffectually pursue a lost cause

No it's not, it's another term for being against the bourgeois divide-and-conquer-the-proletariat strategy. In fact, I strongly suspect that the entire SJW phenomena was created by the CIA as a controlled opposition group with the original purpose of derailing the Occupy Movement.

the problem is in the mind of an sjw they cant lose
we may have lost the battle but we havent lost the war mentality is what they ascribe to

I think that this post helps to underline the funny way that Holla Forums views this issue. Namely they see SJWs as some sort of cohesive enemy faction in some sort of tiny struggle of the greater culture war like Gamer Gate. when the reality is that the sort of cultural affectations and aspects of 'SJWism' or what Fisher called 'The Vampire Castle' are just culture and ideology. And rather than fading away, this ideology has made repeated and lasting inroads into the Socialist Left for better or worse.

Most of the time when Holla Forums talks about SJWs they really just mean the liberal left. Faux-Socialist activist types who at the end of the day broke for Hillary over Sanders. And when they talk about SJWs being 'defeated' recently I assume that they're talking solely in terms of electoral politics. In which case it's obvious, those Left-Liberals are likely to be side-lined by the Democratic establishment for 2018, so I don't see them popping up much in the electoral scene(outside of the perfect Id-Pol storm of a Kamala Harris run in '20).

Despite that sort of marginalization, these same Left-Liberals are still going to have more than enough pull to influence what passes for the Socialist Left in the States. We're seeing that now with the sort of co-option that's going on. Purely social and cultural causes are what get the media attention and NGO money, and it's been that way since the end of the labor movement.

So when people on here talk about SJWs getting BTFO or whatever I really don't get what they mean. Compare what's happened to the "SJWs" versus the marginalization dealt to so called "Class reductionist" types over the years, to the point that /lefypol/ is one of the few places online where one can talk about Fisher's criticisms of Id-Pol without getting dog-piled, and that's a shame because this is a pretty small imageboard on a website populated by Nazis and Paedos AKA the margins.

sure buddy
why don't you punch your comrades in the face while you're at it to help unite us?

Where did you get that impression?

I harbour similar suspicions some of those prominent sjw fuckers seem a bit too much like MKULTRA test subjects
doubt its the occupy movement they have bigger fish to fry tho

they're all gone now
apart from you know who

I'm sorry, I was mistaken. It sounds like you treat your comrades with the upmost respect.

So let them bash a head against a wall

I've had enough conversations - in private - with other leftists to know that an anti-idpol strategy would get a lot of buy-in if it was successfully insulated from the typical accusations of crypto-racism or the like

Alternatively, I suspect that Occupy itself was an MKULTRA style CIA counterintelligence/honeypot/mind control operation.

shit, that was meant for not

Kys neogaf

definitely could see it as a honeypot operation
lotta names were probably added to that FEMA camp list that day

i don't know what that is

Tell me, as long as one's primary identity is their race, gender, ethnicity, anything but their class, how can a proletariate revolution be successful. IDpol pits the poor against each other while Porky collects his checks.

Oh, you mean like Anita? PLEASE, she is a liberal and has ZERO interest in helping people who are genuinely suffering. She played the victim to form a little cult and make a buck, she has bourgeoisie values, and she is NOT my comrade.


1. False choice: the fact that we recognise that women face particular oppression due to patriarchy, that non-whites face particular oppression due to racism, that homosexuals face particular oppression due to homophobia does not prevent class being one's primary identity.
2. You downplay and denigrate Marx's ideas to mere identity politics. Social class is an identity too, but what Marx saw was something far more fundamental. Throughout history there have always been oppressed classes, be they slave owner and slave, lord and serfs, patricians and plebeians - classes generally not just social class. What Marx did was understand that control of the means of production was the mechanism by which oppression operated. There is no contradiction with Marxism to recognise the fact that rich straight white western men are (predominantly) the owners of the means of production, and so women, lgbt folk, people from poorer countries etc suffer just as do the working classes in the most industrialised nations. You're actually limiting Marxism with a very narrow conception of class.

It seems clear now that we are using the term "IDpol" differently, because I too want to protect all from violence and recognize that certain groups need more protection than others. What I mean by "IDpol" is appealing to people's identity, "as a woman you should vote for me" instead of their humanity "support the communist revolution both because it is ethical and because it will help you along with everyone else."

That's not me.

Anita's basic point that videogames sometimes have sexist depictions of women in them is obviously true. But her politics are fucking cancerous, she literally PRAISED japanfor having gender segregated subway cars.

I wrote this out before reading your post here and it's clear we're talking across purposes but it would be a shame for it to go to waste so here it is:
3. Do you really think you're going to unite the proletariat by not recognising your comrades' struggles?
When a black comrade tells you about how he was beaten up by the police and you tell him you face exactly the same oppression under the capitalist system you think he's going to warm to you?
When a women comrade tells you how she was beaten and raped and you tell her you face exactly the same oppression under the capitalism system you think she's going to come over to your side?

Various identities face a particular struggle under capitalism which is greater than and qualitatively different than that faced by you. If you don't acknowledge their struggle and fight for their emancipation then you will not gain their support in the class struggle.

Anti-idpol is decisive.

Well okay then, I don't support what you're describing either. But I would call that tokenism. idpol is defined by wikipedia as
which is a definition that I accept and I don't think it's anything to oppose as long as we emphasise that all these struggles are intrinsically linked.
I think we risk playing into the right's hands by denouncing identity politics, because the most generally understood meaning of the term is as wikipedia defines it.
Maybe we just have to be more careful what we mean when we talk about it, and explain to people exactly what we mean instead of using labels like Idpol.

I mean divisive
autocorrect damn you

Yes SJWs existed and still do exist. They are the "woke" liberals in twitter and in low paid "journalist" positions at clickbait mills.

Funny if true.

Isn't that because women get constantly molested on train cars though?

I mean FUCK japan for trying to do something to help prevent women being molested. I think they should just drown all of the women in a pit because idpol = bad (its true because Sargon said so)

Again, I posit that as long as people choose their positions based on what they think is best for their, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc, instead of their class, species or planet, that they are playing into Porky's hands as they will see their fellow workers as the enemy and not Porky. They will think in terms of which identity group is taking advantage of them, instead of realizing that it's the rich who is exploiting them. In fact, they might choose political positions that will make their identity group, their race for instance, richer at the expense of the others, becoming Porky themselves. For instance, many poor blacks idolize rich black people when they should recognize them as the enemy.

I'm missing where this person calls themselves an SJW?
the only person I have ever seen refer to themselves as an SJW is Contrapoints and she's not a liberal

How about telling men not to molest people on trains? How about investing in better train systems that can carry more people? That's the socialist solution.

Are you stupid? Do you think men not know that molesting = bad?

You tell them
They don't do
What do?
I'd love to invest in better train systems, but it will do absolutely nothing to help prevent women being molested, wtf?

Sjw are mostly communist. Even if they dont realise it.

We should support them

What a fucking moron. Their idea of a solution is to try to silence everyone that opposes them which will never change peoples minds.

You have it backwards. They are liberals who LARP as communists/socialists/anarchists.


Naw, they're mostly bourgeoisie liberals who think it's a good idea to have socialized sex change operations while children starve.

Interestingly enough that whole "no one identities as X therefore they don't exist" thing is also a favored tactic of the aut-right as well. Just more proof that idpolers are all the same.

Yeah but once the children aren't starving as much we can go ahead and give them their socialized sex changes. Cuba managed to do this after all.

Maybe for adults but I'm really not sure about kids.

I suppose the point is this: we're arguing over the meaning of the term.
The trouble is anyone who holds views that aren't far right get called SJWs as a pejorative by the far right.
I've seen conservative MPs get called SJWs, as well as people on the far left. The term is always applied to the other and always as a pejorative. The trouble then is who gets to decide what an "SJW" is?
What is an SJW? I feel that this discussion has entirely avoided that point. I can absolutely guarantee you that you or any anti-idpol leftist will get called an "SJW" if you have enough arguments with neo-nazis on 4chan. To the right SJW is a convenient term to shut down debates and to smear anyone with views they dislike by association with a bogeyman that is obsessed with opposing free speech. To the anti-idpol left, SJW is a convenient term to shut down debates and smear anyone with views they dislike by association with a bogeyman that is obsessed with "micro aggressions" and cultural appropriation and entirely ignores the class struggle.

Like I said, I have only found one self identified SJW. Self identified liberals do exist however.

Based on how I see the term used on 4chan and reddit, an SJW is literally anyone who doesn't want a whites only ethnostate.

I think you have to clarify what you think an SJW actually is, otherwise we're just going to be talking across purposes.

Should probably base any age cut-offs on research regarding when a person is most likely able to make an informed decision on such a thing and so on.

What's probably more important is that you have well trained socialized psychologists who can properly diagnose the person before any actual gender therapy is considered.

What about

Why would they just “fade away” when many of your own views are adjacent to your?

This sounds like a discussion for after the revolution, don't you think?

I don't really understand what I'm looking at there

It's my high school's magazine that they send out to parents and alumni. They are literally advertising that they are "Social Justice Warriors".

Ah yes. Mods please delete my previous post for the presence of anti-revolutionary idpol.

Here's another positive use of the term "Social Justice Warrior" from within the magazine.

Japan is far too permissive about things like this tbh.

To add to this
Women shouldn't have to deal with this sort of shit and we should do what we can to stop it without forcing them to segregate and reinforce pernicious stereotypes about men in the process. Men aren't inherently sexual predators and making a decision that ultimately means you have to cut off contact with them for your commute only promotes the idea they are. We should try to strive for better not settle for the garbage handed to us by capitalism and bougie society

You probably want to allow dudes with dicks in a dress in the women's bathroom too huh?

I guess beating up poor working class Whites calling them privileged and Nazis does work for the racist Jew promoters anymore.


Implying isn't an SJW agent.

Aut-rightists aren't working class. How many times do we have to prove this to you Holla Forums? Just because you do labor does not make you "working class."

Transgender people should use the bathroom they feel comfortable in
Holla Forums are you even trying?

uhh yea I do, actually


I don't care about muh "gynocracy" because I am not an incel.

Why does the comfort of the transgender person supersede the comfort of the women in the bathroom?


Technically I'm a volcel who has crippling social anxiety. My problems stem from my inability to have comfortable social interactions in general, not feminism. I would fucking kill for a genuine friend.

get lost cuck

It's ok, sweet Holla Forums child. We all know you wont have the same salty, jaded opinions about women if you got laid.

rip incelposter, you won't be missed but you'll be sorely pitied.

dickgirls are women, too

but HOW?!

I'm convinced bathrooms should just be referred to as penis or vagina rooms. When you have to piss or shit just use the fucking bathroom that closes matches whatevers in your pants.

Yeah, if you can use a urinal use the men's room, isn't it that simple?

so only post-op trannies get to be women? why can't we put up urinals in every bathroom?

Like not enslaving half of the fucking population because some autists (You) can't get their dick wet?

As marvel of an idea this is, I can only imagine the deliciously insecure spergrage from the right erupting because of the fact that even girls can have bigger cocks than them.

Men use the toilet, as well as everywhere else as urinals so that's irrelevant

Famalam you just made me like my idea even more.

No, it's not irrelevant at all. That's the difference between the two bathrooms, one has urinals and the other doesn't. Most of the time people are peeing in public bathrooms.

But some 100% biological men can't use urinals for various reasons….

Maybe we don't need gendered bathrooms at all?

No we need to follow idea and have rooms seperating dicks/vaginas. Including dickgirls and cuntboys.

The thesis of makes sense in a way that the only differentiation between the two bathrooms are the urinals.

Isn't the main point of having gendered bathrooms to provide comfort and security to women?

One example is I see way more sensitivity towards men from normies. Movements like "men going their own way" (MGTOW) never used to be mentioned on normies sites like girlsaskguys.com. Now I see at least one thread a month on it and it's legit curiosity on what's motivating it.
Which is a totally 180 from the pre Trump era where MGTOW would be laughed at when it was ever mentioned at all.
Also I actually sees when ever once in awhile say they find manlets attractive on social media. And some men in social media shitting on short women as being ugly. Again something I would never see a few years ago.
Normies are starting to realize that the shit is about to hit the fan. Female Normies are being nicer to poor men because a man by your side is better than no man in that situation.
Chads are starting to realize if they want to maintain their power in a post shit hitting the world they need consolidate all the power they can now. They are rejecting short women for the same reason women rejected short men, being short is a class indicator of coming from a poor background, and Chads can't indulge themselves in women that are simply attractive anymore. They need women that have power either on parity to themselves and or more, and tall women are generally bourgeois.

*post shit hitting the fan world