Apologize you anti semetic bigots!


Are you aware that its anti-Semitic imagery connects directly to the centuries-old ‘blood libel’ that falsely accused Jews of engaging in ritual murder?

It is shocking to see a depiction of a prominent Jewish intellectual echo traditional anti-Semitic cartoons and tropes, which were designed to incite hate towards Jews, in a leftist student newspaper at a prestigious American university.

Those who condemn hate speech when it comes from the right should also speak up when hate speech comes from the left. The silence from those on the left is seeped in hypocrisy.

The criticism we have received reaffirms for us a need for a more critical editing eye, and a stronger understanding of the violent history and contemporary manifestations of anti-Semitism.

Mr. Dershowitz’s talk was co-sponsored by the Chabad Jewish Student Center and pro-Israel group Tikvah.

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This is not kosher /leftygoy/
Bad goyim. BAD!

wow i am literally hitler


We cannot build a campus community where everyone feels safe, respected and welcome if hatred and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes become an acceptable part of our discourse,” the letter concluded.

In an interview Monday with The Daily Wire, a conservative website, Dershowitz said he was surprised that there was “little response” to the offensive cartoon.

“Imagine if a comparably anti-black or anti-woman or anti-gay cartoon was ever published in the Berkeley student newspaper. Again, it reflects for me the incredible double standard in tolerance that people have toward anti-Semitism,”

I am starting to like you leftists and AntiFa movement. Please tell me more about your hatred for Jews. I…I never knew we shared a common enemy Holla Forums

There is literally nothing wrong with opposing supremacist ideologies such as Semitism.

trotsky was jewish, and I don't like some trotskyists. therefore I hate all of da j00s

I like how they made his nose smaller just in case and they still get called out for anti-semitic imagery.

I have a hard time finding anything antisemitic about this characterization. Apparently the message is if you criticize any Jewish person, then you are an antisemitic Nazi. Even if you are a lefty. You are not allowed to criticize Jews or draw political cartoons about Jews.

Isn't it really fucking crazy how Jews have been persecuted for literally thousands of years though? Before Christianity the Romans hated the Jews. The Greeks hated the Jews. The Egyptians, the Syrians, the Asians. The pagans.

Jews have been kicked out of every single nation they ever inhabited throughout the entire history of the human race.

Maybe,just maybe every single culture, race and nation on the planet isn't the problem.

Maybe, just maybe, the Jews are the problem? Nah…that's antisemitic!

Even the word "Antisemitism" was invented by a jew. Check it out.


The paper should make a new cartoon:
18 year old gay black woman *pictured*
18 year old Israeli *armed IDF conscript*
Make the uniform and gun the only thing that stands out in the picture and you have a Jewish tonne of butthurt.

Yes yes we've all heard it before save your fingers the hassle. I'm a Labour Party member so I get called anti-semitic once a day because we've shut out Israel lobbyists.

They criticized a Jew. That's not allowed.

The most anti-semitic thing you can do is throw the jews under the bus when others call Israel out for its violence

We hate Israel because it's a model ethno-nationalist fascist state.

Left anti-semitism is an actual problem, mainly with "anti-imperialists" and anyone who likes to blame individual capitalists, not capitalism.
I couldn't care less about what a crazy ultra-nationalist, who happens to be Jewish, thinks though.

Kill yourself Holla Forums, we don't share any enemy with your neocon reactionary shithole. White women will never fuck you anyway and it's not the Jews' fault. Every nationalist should admire the apartheid dystopia called Israel, stop being so tsundere.

Kek, they'd get less shit from the left if they finally fucked from the west bank, but I guess they're too retarded for that.

no it's not. it's just adl smear campaigning and mud throwing against anyone who criticises israel

Shut the fuck up


bruh hezbollah is good

I'm an anti-dentite

Personally, I don't consider my self to be one of these "anti-semite/anti-imperialist" types. But there is something so infuriating about these rich kike bastards using their power to slander honest Socialist groups with the "oy vey anudda shoah!!!" shit. It degrades the image of average Jews everywhere, belittles the horrors of old European antisemitism, and throws a fowler in the propellers of any Socialist group.

good luck Hamas

left-wingers are more Jewish than the Jews. the Jews just advocate for internationalism, diversity, etc. for everyone but Israel in the interest of defusing anti-Semitism - it's pure group interest born out of being expelled from so many countries. on the other hands many leftists want to go even farther than this, which obviously becomes a problem when Israel comes up. this is a big reason why neoconservatism came into existence.

hello hasbara

why do right-wingers keep denying that they're liberals?

You have no place here, you fucking kike.

why do liberals keep denying that they're right wingers, more importantly


also, the absolute STATE of Jews these days. Dershowitz knows very well that while criticism of Israel is acceptable to the campus left on the grounds of it being immoral, any serious criticism of Jewish culture and how it causes the things we see in Israel is beyond the pale, and would lead to the hammer being brought down on you. Jews are still sacred to the campus left - they criticizes Israel because they view Israelis as not living up to their internationalist, anti-racist "credentials" that leads them to idolize Jewish revolutionaries and left intellectuals.

except ethnocentrism and racism are the foundations of Judaism, lel


What did Holla Forums mean by this?

Shit thread. If you need evidence of the overlap between Holla Forums and anti-Zionism, look no further.

If you support Israel you support genocide to be frank

To be anne frank