Reminder the cure to capitalism is black capitalism

Reminder the cure to capitalism is black capitalism

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Kinda reminds me of the deluded South African Communists who thought the end of Apartheid would mean socialism, and then all they got was black porky.

End the white race, prole. It will solve all your problems. And don't forget to buy a Black Panther wall poster and this Malcolm X T-shirt!

Rap music was a mistake

Friendly reminder that paranoid far-Right tinfoilers were right, foundations aren't your friend

No, it was a carefully planned and well executed mindfuck.

Just compare a song like The World is a Ghetto by War to the shit from Niggers With Attitude. Black People were deliberately turned into a bunch of fucking retards, and now they defend their retardation as if it's their own culture.

That shit's 20 years old, get with the times, gramps.

every tim

They barely got black porkie, most of the upper class are still Boers, the Economic Freedom Fighters have white allies now because South Africa is the worst neoliberal hellhole possible.

Have you read the updated version of How Will South Africa Survive? It's by a disillusioned former communist from South Africa that talks about how swiftly "black Marxists" abandoned revolution in favour of maxing their bank accounts via government sinecures and corruption

Damn granddad

NWA and Public Enemy were class conscious as fuck

Ehh somehow I don't think engaging in cargo cult behavior will solve anything.

Are the EFF communist? Is there anyone worth the time in South Africa?

never change, niggers

Rap is mental junk food. No one is surprised when a kid grows into an obese adult from eating KFC and McDonalds, so why are niggers surprised when they grow into stupid adults from listening to rap their whole lives?

Is there anyone worth the time in Africa? The answer is no.


According to wikipedia they're MLs, but they seem obcessed with idpol.


You have been mindfucked by porky so hard that you seek refuge in fantasies manufactured by Porky himself. You are a sad soul.

There are lower class whites Boers who support the EFF, I don't think they're like Ryan Gosling in The Believer.

Consumption is a common term for the use of commodities
Holla Forums at least fucking TRY

Go consume Porky's shit, prole. It reflects the reality you live in, don't you love that? Don't you love the reality you live in, prole?

bet GZA is smarter than you kid

How long are people gonna milk this?

Remind me who's promoting this culture again?
Regardless, blaming it for everything that you are is laughable and gets you nowhere. Sometimes you have to create something out of nothing. If niggers are incapable of this that's not my problem.

No. It is one of the worst statis hellholes there is. You could say it's fascist but inefficient. Exhibit 1A: Dr Beetroot.

Jews are behind this


I don't get why black people worship Kanye West. He's a total brand whore, his songs are not about deep stuff, just name dropping brands and how fly he looks with expensive jackets, and the biggest problem in his life is a 'conspiracy' against him because his dumb marshmallow shoes aren't accepted as high fashion equal to Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Not to mention he's clearly mentally ill, has a God complex and an inferiority complex at the same time, and can't hold a conversation without sperging out.

And like every other thread in the last several hours, Holla Forums and libshits are ruining it.

Has anyone figured out what happened to the mods?

Comrade Hampton didn't die for this.

Gee I wonder who made this post



EFF is black porkie embodied


How is heavy metal any different?

What literally happens every time socialists try to urbanize African farmers


Heavy Metal is also mental junk food but its even worse cause it makes you a virgin