Was he worse than Bush?

Was he worse than Bush?

drone warring nobel laureate who promised to change things vs well known war criminal and doofus in chief

tough choice

Yes. The most dangerous imperialists are those who do it from the "left".

Rightism is a pathology.

Why are Nobel winners pretty much universally terrible people?

Will Trump win a prize?

Pretty spooky to think that there's a skeleton inside you at all times. On Halloween and all.

The Jews are behind all pro Obama propaganda lol and da mods are trying to cover it up lol

It's symbolic. Do you get mad at the hammer and sickle getting burnt? I do.


Ok have fun trying to build a movement with no visual symbol

Why cant I make a new one?

I'll build one out of a idea, not a stupid symbol.

The idea needs a symbol because we are visual creatures, and already has one so get fucked cuck.

Why cant I make a new symbol?

If I saw someone burning the Soviet flag I would legit beat their fucking head to a pulp.

lmao why. burning flags literally means jack shit
t. tanky

Thanks for your input.


almost every president was worse than the guy who came before him, obama is no exception

This, basically.

I'm inclined to say "no," but only because most of the worst traits of Obama were Bush things.

no, but close

But Trump is better than Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, and Reagan combined.

Neck yourself, liberal vermin.

Wrong, except for the Regan part.

They didn't imply that at all. It was right after "drone warring."

I thought that at first, but now I think user meant that if you smashed Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, and Reagan into one living form and had it do all the awful shit they did, it would be worse than Trump.

This is some buzzfeed shit.


The only time i cried when someone damaged a flag i was literally 9 year old. Get over yourself.

That nigger's whole fucking life is a prize

Literally the same mentality as Amerilard hicks. Tankies are such a joke.

The red flag is symbolic for the working class, if you aren't offended by it's destruction then you're just some liberal.

Fuck symbolic the working class doesnt need a symbol all they need is themselves

t. liberal

t. LARPer

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YES. Bush was a retard, most people in Europe was making fun of him and overall it was politically correct to attack Bush policies. And they would be right in doing so obviously.
Obama on the other hand won a nobel peace prize, when he got into office UA was at war with two countries, when he left USA is at war with 7 countries. Sociopathic mass murderer, but he's an god tier actor i've got to say.
Kudos for South Park for calling him on his bullshirt from day one. On their 2008 episode about Obama…and Randy only singing one hit wonders, they knew Obama was garbage.

He was a run of the mill imperialistic neo-con president with very good PR. You could literally have swapped him with Hillary or Bush and the same shit would have happened.
Right wing burgers hated him because all of them are closet racists who don't actually mind fascism as long as it comes wrapped in the flag (as we've seen), and they loathed being ruled by a black man.

The question was if Obama as a president was worse than Bush, not if people have more retarded opinions about him

I liked the big ear memes

What's evil or bad about being paid to read from a teleprompter and occasionally faking tears for a photo op after a national tragedy?

Burning the american flag is good praxis faggot


Because the Nobel Prize was invented by a man who got rich selling dynamite to both sides in multiple European wars and only invented the prize because he was so vain he wanted it as a means to be remembered after he died.

Absolutely yes. Obama was a more efficient vehicle for US expansionism and hegemony, having expanded pretty much every terrible thing Bush did as far as he possibly could, including 'free speech zones' to effectively ban protests and strikes, a massive increase of the patriot act, and the committing of the armed forces to over seven countries.

Bush's American conservatism and brainfarts made him and American politics a laughing stock to be criticised, which nobody who wasn't already convinced of would take seriously. People began to seriously put the US system into question, even if it was mostly only a surface level criticism of "need a better party". The moment Obama came into town and more of the same happened, people immediately shut the fuck up and backed down, completely ignoring that he repeated much of what they hated from the past president.

a proficent president at the helm of the USA is bad for the world
a charismatic figure like Obama could get away with so much evil shit compared to Bush or especially Trump


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thanks doc!