What do you think of Jordan Peterson doxxing comrades this afternoon?

What do you think of Jordan Peterson doxxing comrades this afternoon?

Is it just liberal to oppose him, and the communist party members are just larping? or does the ally of the alt-right/fascist growth in canada something even relevant?

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in what fucking world ?

He's not really "doxxing" so much as he is trying to get his fanboys to attack those dudes.

Not surprised in the slightest.

yeah that is the goal of all doxing
he's hoping someone goes after them, or finds their employers, does a prank, etc. is Holla Forums's father figure declaring war on the left?

honestly the left has to just ignore him, and he's going to go away, there is really no point in engaging him, just let him do is talks and he will fizzle out in time. he's not even a capitalist.

It's completely public information, who fucking gives a shit? If someone gets doxed, it's their fault for leaving a breadcrumb trail back to their personal info and enticing people to follow it. I remember when even getting someone's name was a feat that people basically compared to sorcery, because people actually protected their personal info and didn't post public what they cared about being private.

What sneaky Jew tactic. Typical conservative.

Wonder if he has taken any liberties with female students?

I dunno I think the right will keep him afloat and while I am aware he is not a member of the Bourg class he is an Ideological Oponent to us. On one hand Id like a real leftist to debate him on the other hand I doubt it would be on fair terms.

there is no way he's going to debate a real marxist or philosopher. let's ignore him

Fair enough. Its not like anyone but Holla Forums and _Donnytards give a shit about him.

Can you sum up what you're linking to because
A) It's listening to retards for potentially 10 minutes of my life
B) It sounds like the audio was put together by the producer's four year old son who is "really good with computers"

Peterson is pseudo intellectual dweeb whose claim to fame is picking on the lowest hanging fruit. He's a genuine hack and I'm glad he belongs to the Right, he's going to cause them more damage than he does us. All the none retarded Holla Forums users hate him, and they spend hours arguing with their dumber counter parts about him, all the while Peterson waters down their movement. It's fantastic.

peterson is being a dumb fucking boomer by going down this router. there are a ton of retards on the left willing to let this get out of hand : ( the idea that some would even dox his TAs or people associated with him is awful

The hilarious part about lolbertians is that their explicit rejection of "collectivism" is what will doom them. They refuse to organize disciplined groups with leadership, meaning that they will never accomplish anything except complaining on the internet.

Those posters seem to not be very accurate, and I believe in the right to defend oneself when being slandered in one's own neighborhood. Doxxing would require something more than a facebook account. He is very harmless, since his opposition is in argumentative form, and to be very honest, how likely is communism going to achieve power utilizing arguments? He is leading depressed males to a place he has not even achieved for himself. His true weakness is his existential depression, and his whole journey is blinders, carrot on a stick.

Strategically, his effectiveness at dismantling idpol is exactly what is needed and much like the gamers, they only way forward since there will never been power achieved with idpol having any of it. This is truth, and we all know it.

which is absolutely zero because he just spews more garbage idpol

he exists very strongly as nothing but IDpol. He is probably the deepest into IDpol out of any canadian public intellectual. All his flaws are the same things that hold the entire field of psychology back, and he will never overcome this, and he will never really matter.

I have never seen this guy get refuted. I think he must have some pretty good content to pull 70k/mo on patreon. Which parts of postmodernism is he wrong about? I remember seeing a lot of threads on /lit/ about him and most people there haven't even read Jung

He notoriously quotes Nietzsche, the worshipped god of postmodernists.


pic related

he's literally never understood postmodern philosophy even once. he talks about it at basically the level of reading its wiki. It isn't like someone like Jameson or Butler, or Harvey is going to waste their time talking to a shitty 'phsychology' professor with nothing remarkable in his field.

I would be fucking terrified to have him as my psychologist.

Get out pol.

reminds me that Molyneux's wife is an active psychiatrist in mississaugua ontario, who has completely bought into Moly's theories and continues to practice despite like two censures or something from the psych board. late capitalism is fucking bizarre.

He's dedicated 25 years of his life to it at a respectable university. How is he totally wrong?

nothing he has said really understands Derrida, Lyotard, Baudrillard, Butler, Foucault and so on. Post what he says about them and I'll tell you why he didn't understand it.

He doesn't realize the absolute disconnect and visceral hatred that marxists/neomarxists who are modernists have for their Critiques - postmodernists. They are opposing fields of social theory, and he conflates them over and over.

he'll say "Post-modern Marxists" whilst Marxism is the modernist grand-narrative par excellence, and the antithesis of 'post'-modernism - which shot to plurality and subjectivity. That basic mistake means you should already ignore his philosophy. He can stay in Freud and Jung where he is an actual expert.

saying it is like saying anarcho-monarchists

He's a cloistered academic who's "theory" is completely divorced from reality.

modernism is passé

studying psychology, not philosophy or economics.
which means he has zero qualifications to talk about postmodernism or marxism.

Not really. I would argue anarcho-capitalism and monarchy can easily be synonymous


I hate his policies, his followers, his ideology, and his personality, but this is objectively the correct way to eat KFC.

There is no correct way to eat shit.

the correct way to eat KFC is to eat literally anything else instead

fucking granola liberals


get drunk af and eat shit food that's friend. it's great.

It's not even that, so much as most lolbertarians over 18 are autistic spergs like Bryan Caplan that can't get a point across without creeping out normal people (i.e. not on the spectrum)

Seriously there's a hilarious debate where his own debating partner turns on him because of his autism

Thus why they fetishize authoritarian strong men. Just look at Ben Garrison's depiction of Trump.

Lmao, enjoy the limpdick and colon cancer, you capitalist queers.

vegan shits can get cucked

Days a vegan has gone without telling everyone on leftypol: 0


Popeyes > KFC
It's just a fact my dude

fucking disgusting

ehh the posts i tagged implied they were not eating any rad fried shit

two of his protestors were doxed and two of his TAs have been doxed. that is what he has done so far.

lmao, you keep doing you, flesh fag

Implying he could ever get these fucking gains fueling his pre and post workout muscle recovery with tofu and apple sauce.

Do you comrades even fucking lift?

We used to hunt wolves in the Urals with our fathers mosin. Now reduced to feminine vegan kale eating furries. WTF happened to you?


lets say he doxed two communists
would it be morally okay to dox both his TAs and their home addresses according to w/e leftypol thnks revolutionary marxism is?

isn't he just a libertarian? I thought his whole stick was just "wtf the government makes me say pronouns this is like the gulags"

You belong on Holla Forums

Pointing at public information is not doxing. These people willingly released their personal information on a public medium. Also how is people around him being doxed by his opponents his fault?

Pretty much anything goes here since nobody can stop anyone no matter how much they bitched.

he wants them to be attacked.

he knows damn well there will be consequences for ppl around him since leftists are nuts, yet he does it for his own gain, strange shift to narcissism on his part

What are they going to do? Say mean things? Have pizzas delivered? Did everyone sell their fucking spines when I wasn't looking? I don't even care about the dude's politics, but whatever they may be this shit looks like whining to me.

he's being vindictive you retard, if you can't understand that you have no idea of emotions and other human beings and probably have autism

As a military combat veteran, doxxing is LARPing to me.

"Oh I posted your iPhone #!"
"I posted your address you live at!"
"Someone else get your hands dirty and bloody and do damage for me because I am a gigantic fucking REMF POG pussy"

I miss haji so fucking much.

someone give me a quick rundown on what happened this afternoon

No I got that. I'd just like an answer to… really any of my questions. Because I don't see any grounds for this bizarre moral indignation. Peterson hasn't doxed anyone and pointing at a person who is publicly organizing against you doesn't qualify as even an ethical issue in my eyes.

-some toronto leftists are fucking with Peterson's speeches
-then they post flyers in his neighbourhood
-he spergs and posts the fb of two random leftists that might have interfered with his career
-the left got mad and doxxed Christine and his other TA, and spread that peterson doxes

i think that's it?

Everything seems to be in order then. They responded with the appropriate level of action.

I guess what you're missing is the assumption that he knows, I know, everyone knows, except for you, that posting their names was his plan to have them hurt in somewhat - out of his own desperation perhaps? and that is unbecoming of a professor in normal situations so the left is jumping on that and taking it a mile. he was supposed to be above it, but he is part of the shit he stirred up.

Sounds like a bunch of slack jawed faggots LARPing to me. I am sitting on 7000 rounds of ammo waiting for the fucking happening to happen.

When will the happening happen?
I was promised a happening!
Instead I get fgts doxxing and vandalizing Starbucks.

Do I have to start this shit myself?

well god forbid anything happens to the four people doxxed is the only thing, let's cut if off if we can

ive gotta know where i can hide from you


Hurt what? Their fucking feelings? This is so far below limp-wristed its pathetic. If a communist can't handle being called a communist then they should just stay at home.

no alt-right autists would pull some garbage. don't be naive


Who's a thirsty boy? Who's a thirsty boy? You are!
gives bowl of (You) and pats your head

Its the triumph of the fucking revolution! I swear squatting on academia for this long has rotted some of you guys' brains.

Coca-Cola is back in the veins of Saigon
And Rambo too, he got a dope pair of Nikes on
There be no shelter here
The frontline is everywhere

The game board must have the pieces cleaned off. There must be a hard reset. It will not be comfortable. you will not be live streaming it on Periscope on your $1,000 iPhone 10 asking "Who has an extra battery for my followers to uptoke, like and subscribe".

There's nothing that I detest more than the stench of lies

the way the look at each other I thnk Jordan might be fucking Christine. Especially how she explained how she was a drug addict and then he changed her life when she met him - it just seems cult-like and creepy af

i dont think it would be worth it

Hatchet wounds are never worth it.
2D is best.

im pretty sure peterson gets a mouthful of hair each time : (

What the hell was the point of those posters anyway? I honestly don't get what they're going for.

Are they trying to shame him by making his neighbors think he associates with Nazis? Is this retaliation? Some sort of hey buddy we can reach you in your neighborhood warning shot? They put the phone number of his schools dean on there is it just an attempt to get him fired?


Why is there so much Holla Forums scum in this thread?

they get triggered when their father-figures are criticised

Are you retarded? He's been at war with the "left" this whole time

okay fine, but we're at a point this could escalate and we shouldnt do that

I thought ignoring SJWs was the way to go, but then they got fucking everywhere like cockroaches. And the aut-right will be no different.

You mean Peterson is subverting the aut-right for personal gain? An interesting take, actually. Social Jordan Warrior.

creepy how his grad student describes him here.
kind of cult vibes


That's not the history of American democracy, it's the history of fucking mankind. Progress may stop or even reverse at times in some places, but on the whole it marches forward. Reactionarism is, by definition, a doomed stance. Anyone who subscribes to it will be betrayed, if not by their child, their by their grandchild, or by their great-grandchild and so on, but will be betrayed regardless, because in defending the past, he fights the future and makes himself an enemy of posterity.

lol wtf

You're going to die as well friend don't worry. And you will becme old and filled with wrinkles as well.
Don't fool yourself

late capitalism is fucking bizarre


Eh, might as well ask.

What's the name of that art style in the background? I'm guessing it's from some Amerindian tribe?

even worse

peterson bought them from this guy

How do these people keep falling for this hack?

probably the same people that fall for any cult. i bet they have all the same personality traits and everything. I'm sure Peterson knows exactly who they are :^) - that's why even sells that program for profit.

Yeah but it would be worth trying innit to see him choke and splutter over his retarded fictions. Surely we could make this happen. Chomsky (inb4 vote for dems man)? Zizek? RDW??

It sounds like he is basically a self-help guy. It seems ironic in that one video above you he says he hates ideologues because they have answers to every problem, but that seems like Peterson's appeal to people. He is offering them (as far as they are concerned) a complete theory of mind that can tell them how to achieve their dreams, and in a digestible way. In fact, you can apparently buy it for $30 if the trial period of "clean your room" catches your interest!

He also has that archetypal relatable story arc of having been depressed himself, even though his daughter claims he was already super competent even when he collapsed on the couch for 4 hours a day. Now that he has overcome that with the one neat trick of not eating gluten, he has become an immortal being, completely superhuman, ready to be everybody's dad.

Also, his next books is called something like "the 12 most important things to know"?

He is a self-help guy.

I don't think I've ever read a word so long with so few letters.

mid-life crisis and he wanted to get rich af and trick undergrads to work for him? Felt he didn't give anything to the field? No other profs at UofT will talk about him, and admin is pretty silent, I think they all just are holding their breath there isn't anything too bad going on.

It sure does sully UofT and people like his research assistant's career that he's going to be a self-help guru millionaire.

i think it said he built a third story onto his house to fill with that stuff? wtf

Psychology and biology are the very basis for all fields except for chemistry, mathematics, geology, and physics.

You can't know shit about society or philosophy without knowing about evolution and evolutionary psychology. People who study sociology without rooting it deeply in biology or psychology are pseuds on the level of creationists.

Except they were protesting and disrupting his speeches and it said so in the post you were replying to. They should have been expelled to begin with, disrupting speech is unconditionally wrong.

why are there liberals on this board?

Fascist apologists deserve a beating.


that body fat percentage looks unhealthy tbh

Not intentionally, he's just using the aut-right for personal gain and helping them rot from the inside is just a side effect