Anyone else noticed that ever since the flags were removed the quality went down and the board began looking more and...

Anyone else noticed that ever since the flags were removed the quality went down and the board began looking more and more like lefty/pol/? Could be refugees from geogaff or neogaff or whatever it's called, could be dumbasses lured here by the likes of Lauren Southern mentioning us. There's more fighting and less quality, less coherence because most people would put on flags in good faith and now you gotta guess who you're replying to and from what angle to go with your argument.

There's also much more hate towards Americans (there previously was too, but to a lesser extent), it boarders actual hate and national antagonism towards our American posters. I'm sure very few here would defend the actions of the American government, at any period in history, but genuinely attacking and alienating American posters? really?

Pls fix, even /leftyb/ has its flags. It might be the BO just fucking with us after everything was restored, go figure.

I’ve also seen people mistake others in threads. Flags were basically namefagging without the stigma.

The boards quality has been declining heavily over the past few months.

I hate americans, i hate them so fucking much. It's reactonary tier, it's racist tier, but i just don't care anymore. I fucking hate americans
Immigration services says there's 20k americans living here…fuck it, if USA starts a war in the near future i will hunt for them and i'll fucking kill them, i don't care.

I don't really see any explanation other than BO being a fucktard to explain why stuff has changed, I mean can't the volunteers even make things clear?

I have noticed a sharp increase in Holla Forumsyp shitposting and very low quality bait/falseflags. It could be because sectarian infighting between tendencies was some of the only leftist/theoretical discussion occurring on the board. Holla Forumsyps after all don't have much interest in anarchists vs MLs or leftcom critiques.

Less /lit/ threads is a good thing. Kind of miss the flags though. Made it real easy to spot Holla Forums tards.

Thanks for letting us all know user


The fuck are on about. Now threads don't into MUH FUGGIN FAGE SOCIALISD DANGIES/ANARGIDDIES :DDDDD.

It just coincided with some feminist rapist owning a site full of shitheads that have decided to flood the place with their virtuous indignation.

How do i get ride of this hatred? How? please help me.

Stop being a moron and realize that a bourgeois government is controlled by bourgeois interests that don't necessarily reflect the wishes of everyone born within it's geographical boundaries.

Anyone has a link to the thread covering the removal of flags? There doesn't seem to be any benefit to this move.

Stop blaming workers for the problems of capitalism. Start understanding all of the problems America exports do not originate in its working class but in its capitalist class. True America may be reactionary, but its more or less reactionary in similar ways to the way say, Australia is reactionary.

Might be, still, reactionaries at the end of the day are workers. You can judge them for their own beliefs while still understanding they're not the source of the problem. They're the source of many electoral problems, but it's not like winning an election in these places means anything anymore. It's all the same shit, and that's frustrating people who don't know shit, because of the way their state is run, the way their local government is run, the way their communities are run, their schools, everything. And all of it traces in one way or another, back to capitalism

If you start to understand why conditions are the way they are today, these beliefs shed themselves naturally.

Wait until America collapses

dumb cross poster scum

You should be supporting the working class, not hoping for its misfortune and absolutely nothing else. That's not what the left represents ideologically.

Don't, hate is good

If we're not going to bring back flags to identify and engage with different ideologies, I think its safe to say moderation has to become stricter, and these new people should be banned


Making things purely user is a mistake, ever since board quality has taken a nose dive. Bans are not the end of the world, every board has them. Stricter moderation will not kill you.

Good, Americans are the scum of the earth. Anything that makes them more uncomfortable being online is positive change.

Not at all. If anything the quality has improved, not that people can't post shit just to get attention.



I agree completely. This is a good thing to prevent pointless infighting.

Shut up Jew

(user is not going to get banned for that post)

Has anybody found out what happened anyway?

Americans don`t need to post here.

Fuck off. I haven't seen you post here until days ago. It's telling


I have been posting here for 14 months.

Wow somehow you were less obnoxious until days ago. That's what I meant, when I said its telling.



And all of them were put up because of Cold War politics

Fuck off.


Not downfall, but it's not the same, namely worse. I'd like the flags back.

To be honest im new here, im sort of a halfchan refugee.

I just got tired of pols shit

And you think that specific brand of leftism is any better in the long run? Instead of stormfags you want to be surrounded by idealists?

Look at the PPH. Most of the flag fags have clearly left, people who are not interested in anything expect their brand of leftism.

Finally we are going to have board free of sectarianism and all of you retards just complain?



Not a true leftist.

That's not what you were arguing. And second of all everyone could have seen Robert Mugabe was a bad seed.

Thomas Sankara is a different matter.


Hey it's our friend

The unbannable magic ban evading boy

Go back to Holla Forums since you`re clearly not interested in politics.

I had communist sympathies before i left. I always knew of this place but never actually came here. Its either this or reddit

Holla Forums is more reddit than here. Probably more twitter though.