What are you doing to spread leftism?

What are you doing to spread leftism?

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Finally it makes sense, Fiorina tanked HP to accelerate the crisis of capitalism

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you missed an opportunity tbqh

so vegamite is leftism?

I need to do a essay in exclusion in pop-culture. I'm having trouble finding a topic. A guy in the class is doing exlusion of right wing views in popular media and social media.
Should I do the same but with leftism?

Shitposting in discord groups i'm in.

Yeah I guess. That other guy sounds like a major faggot btw.

My prof is a idpol liberal who says he's a anarchist
The professor in class reacted in a wierd way when I raised my hand when he wanted to know if the class supported unrestricted guns and no regulations and that havn't shot a gun in my life.
How could you arm prols with heavy regulations anyway?

Sharpen sticks

Fuuuuuuuck red liberals.

Anarcho-liberalism is pretty common in western universities for some reason.

I blame Gnome.

I blame Cromsky

I try my best to distill socialism to my friends and co-workers and show them how a better world is possible.

I hate socialists who name-drop shit like Lenin and marx. People's brains turn off once they hear that shit. Say the world communism and I garunteee nothing you say after that will be taken seriously

State Syndicalism should be the main leftist ideology being pushed in America. Push a more liberal version of it in cities and Sorelism in rural areas.

Well I’m a student, but when I grow up I plan on writing theory. The most I’ve done is tell friends to watch Jimmy Dore.



Sorry but try again Holla Forums.

Anons, I'm still open to ideas. Finding censorship of leftest ideas in popular and social media would be a pain to do since I don't do any social media apart from this board and Holla Forums so examples would do.
Other topics would be nice.

I do low-key agitprop in my everyday life. I avoid using conversation-stopping terms, and although I do this quite often, only once has a porky apologist realized the nature of the situation. It also helps that agitprop isn't my actual motivation - venting is - and therefore it's genuine human interaction. It just helps the spread of leftism too.

Leftism isn't excluded in media though. Every major celebrity and news network (except maybe Fox) shills for leftism.

I've already established communism, OP.

I drive around to all the local banks and toss their loose pens and deposit slips all over the floor

liberalism is not leftism

Nothing we can really do right now beside proselityze and wait for the next capitalist near-collapse.

Slowing converting members of my CLP and local council to Bookchinism, reading & working effective praxis for DemSoc and generally just stocking up on theory to develop praxis. Oh and I've been getting /fit/, might join a clay-pigeon shooting club too.