Alternate ending for history

Holla Forums have you ever thought that Communism may not be the end of history?

At first glance, it would seem to be the logical conclusion to class society, with its inherently self-conflicting nature. But what was impossible for Marx to take into account was the incredible advances in technology that he could only dream of.

What if, just like with the doomsday predictions of the rather suspenseful epoch that was the Cold War, instead of humanity ending in a sudden blaze of Nuclear fire, the Capitalist superpowers manage to find a way out?

What if rather than our atoms turning off, the feuding bourgeois states managed to endure a stalemate just long enough until genetic engineering technology became perfected and widely available?

>Your children will have an extra edge in an increasingly competitive market by being able to singlemindedly immerse themselves into finding their own brand, and being the best teammate they can be during worktime.

>And on their hours outside of work, or playtime, they can fully find themselves in a life of GMO free, organic and socially conscious hedonism that their empowered brain will be able to maximise so that they can fully relax after all that hard work. Not having to worry about those pesky side issues like politics.

We should not underestimate Capitalism's ability to reinvent itself and survive through crisis. With every passing day, this supposed road to Communism seems to bifurcate more and more. We shouldn't just sit around, waiting for the logical progression of history. Because it may not be what we would expect.

So what do you think leftypol? Will we end up in permanent, genetically enforced McFeudalism, where the proles are biologically incapable of Revolution? Or does history need a little push?

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our atoms turning off


No, we have never considered the possibility than some sort of capitalist dystopia may arise out of new technology. Congratulations on having a totally original thought.

Nigger we already live in a dystopia, the fact that it would get 10x worse, which probably everybody predicts just as much as nuclear holocaust, doesn't necesarily exclude the belief that Communism would inevitably arise as a result of material conditions.

Also have you seen the amount of armchairs in this fucking place?

note how that doesn't contradict marx's prediction about capitalism being replaced by communism, it's only that the bourgeoise will be the class that overthrows the proletariat.

also you could think we currently live under some sort of communism, the difference is that machines are organic, and are called humans.

What did he mean by this?


i mean that law of value doesn't exist for the bourgeoise: they have everything for free.

being the proletariat some sort of dead, unable to rebel, means of production.

in theory, these organic robots were meant to take self-consciousness and kill the dominant class, but if that wasn't the case the abolition of the law of value still would be innevitable

i never thought communism would be the end of history, tf is this fukuyama tomfoolery

We have a very short window of opportunity, after resource shortages wreck global capitalism and before robots and gengineering allow the rich to physically enslave the poor. That's when we need to be ready to tear down the system.

4PT lol

communism is the end of prehistory and the beginning of history

Believing in prophesies is never a good idea tbh.

Anyone who believes in the "inevitability" of anything is no different than christfags who think jesus is inevitably going to come down from heaven to create the kingdom of god on earth.

not sure, it looks like english, but there's something not quite right

what happened to this board

There is no "end of history".
After the world decided that democracy is the go to political form, everyone should achieve (whether they actually have it or not is another debate), we are now battling for economy.
Capitalism thinks it has won, but it's just leading us to one crisis after another and is not self-sustaining at all. There is no unlimited profit, this logic goes against natural law.
We are already fighting the next battle though. It will be about "values" aka what to do with all the surplus money.
It will reshuffle the frontline completely.

t. consumerist nostalgia

I'll give it 30 years before a full crash happens that can't be solved without all out war.

Stupid neoliberal trash.

this tbh
these past 7000 years and however many left until communism are the long-labored birth of actual civilization

Read Marx

Reminder that Nick Land was right.

Stateless communism will eventually lead to localism, tribalism and eventually feudalism. Try and prove me wrong

Also, make a case for your claim please, then we can prove you wronk.