Lane kills his father because being called a "nazi" triggers him

So much for the left being useless NEETs

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Serves this retard right, i hope he will get a life sentence, first of all for being a milo faggot and secondly for killing his own father.
How much of a scum you have to be to kill your own father?

LOL they really can't even fundamentally defend their own ideology outside Holla Forums. to the point where shit like this happens

Literal manchild. The alt-right struggles against adulthood so hard it ain't even funny.

Let me find out this nigga made a MAGA track and uploaded it to his channel…

Literally what does this mean

Milo diddled him in his bunghole

I think he made some pissy counter rap against eminem. I can't find the vid now probably because theyre deleting fucking everything

It means mi-lol liked the fact that he hated things he does (since he craves an edgy following that agrees with him, cali antifa makes him insecure and scared it seems) and then even he regretted it when lane when full out aspie.

For this?

If his sentencing is being dragged out for months I'm unfortunately very doubtful about him receiving a life sentence.

Threadly reminder this guy is an Holla Forums Holla Forumstard.

Is 8ch Holla Forums a terrorist honeypot? It wouldn't surprise me, since all the serious posters left 4chan Holla Forums a while ago

Damn, I hope it was in one of those death penalty states

Jesus mother of fuck…and this guy is 33?

Possibly his youtube channel.

A link to a story that has been scrubbed.

They own up to it, but disown him hard and scrambled to delete fucking everything like the chickenshit cowards that they are.

His twitter account

Some of his archived articles.

Some more of his archived insanity. (From his fan)

His arrest report

This is both hilarious and sad.

Milo is such an obnoxious faggot.
0/10. Would not hatefuck.

Top kek



Does anyone have the link to the first thread that was posted here in Holla Forums? This is info-graphic worthy.