Italian Man shoots dead Motorbike Driver who killed his Wife while driving drunk

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Top lad.

should've killed his father too.

I hope he gets let out ASAP.

Good man. Its a shame when the justice system fails you & you have to take matters into your own hands. But he did what he thought was right, & I don't blame him.

Who is the real porky here

respects for that man

definitely the guy who got his brains blown out.

Read the OP you fucking retard.

Are you a tankie perchance?

you left that part out.

Read the OP you fucking retard.

per la prima volta sullo schermo cinematografò?

Lol retard, you watch too many TV shows. Some drunk driver kills your family, do you want to hear how sorry he is? GTFO

Fabbio wanted to hear that, and that's why Italo is dead and he is alive.

The guy wasn't even found not guilty/guilty yet, how is that justice?

Is that true? Any Italians that could confirm?

Life must be a complete struggle being as retarded as yourself.

His lawyers said he feared the Italian legal system, which is notoriously dysfunctional and slow, would fail to bring his wife’s alleged killer to justice.

Mr Di Lello was tortured by the thought that justice might not be done and furious that Mr D’Elisa had not apologised for what happened, his lawyers said. “Fabio was in shock, he was depressed about the loss of his wife,” said Giovanni Cerella, his lawyer.

“He thought that justice would not be done. But I never got the impression that he was planning a vendetta like this. I was dumbfounded when I found out. He had no experience of handling firearms. But his psychological state was very fragile.”

He was a worker that volunteered with firefighters. Just fuck off you inbred.

By the way, the mother says that they wrote multiple times to their family and received no response. Cut the "hurr no apology" bullshit. Bunch of edgy contrarian faggots ITT.


Cool story bro.

In English for you, nigger:

Did this happen a long time ago? I remeber it on the news.
Also the guy totally deserved it. I would have done worse. I'm a drunk fuck most of the time, but I'd never drunk drive. Plus italian legal system suck fucking ass

May I add the the girl was pregnant?

article refers to him as a "manager"

Op è italiano?


Doubt.jpg. Doesn't say they apologize anywhere.
Porkie pls go.

Imagine trying to defend this guy on the basis that he volunteered with fire fighters over summer lmao. Drunk drivers are selfish and I can't pretend I'd lose much sleep over a dead one.


It's pretty hard to kill someone drunk driving. If you don't drive like a retard because you're feeling SUPER INVINCIBLE ON DRUNK then it's exactly the same as normal driving.
The problem with drink drivers are the ones who are too retarded to realise if they're breaking one law already they shouldn't compound the problem by breaking several at once.
t. former drink driver

It's 100% some dumb rich kid getting hot under the collar

I'm saying that it's not worth the risk of drink driving if there is a likelihood that you'll kill someone. This kid was a selfish cunt at the end of the day.

Civil protection is not firefighters tho. Civil protection is a meme most of the time unless you get an earthquake or shit like that.
No justification for DUI guys, seriously. We already drive like assholes from center to south

abolish the courts, vigilante justice only legal form.

what a delusional whipped beta loser.

Those two things combined are worst than alchol and car tbh

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If you don't break the law further then you're not going to kill anyone. For this guy to kill someone on a moped he wasn't just running reds but he was speeding by a ridiculous amount. Drink drive laws are for idiots like this who lose all inhibition.

Scold scold scold as much as you can, you can't get me in a taxi, I'm the DUI man.

You'll end up in a gulag at some point my main man

hahaha yeah dude I love it when people fucking slaughter my wife I've loved for 20 years violently and painfully keep it coming, every 20 years baby a new murder, I'm not fucked up, you're fucked up

I don't do it anymore, but if you live in a rural area the cost of a taxi can be the difference between having a social life and being completely isolated.

I lived in a pretty backwoods place and managed not to do it. I don't think you'll win anyone over with the pro-DUI stance anyway.

another bluepilled idiot! poor biker guy died over something so worthless.

Just you wait, the DUI caucus will take off any day now.

cucked by his own humanity lmao

Haha yeah man, my worthless wife I've invested love effort and time in for 20 years has been painfully slain, I fucking love this shit happening to me, it gets me so high

I'm voting for Mark Zuckerberg btw, he seems like the moral choice

Try having a relationship once.

He was pregnant too, btw.


i got a job raking leaves from sidewalks and they literally gave me a "civil protection" vest.
for raking leaves.

he (male)

or i could just pump and dump.

Men can get pregnant once they become /r9k/ enough, like the American 1998 Godzilla

Who says it can't happen


You sound like someone with friends

in that guy's defense, both drunk driving laws AND taxi fare are completely retarded in italy.

God bless you. If any harm were to ever come to you I would Stan like fuck on the internet to defend your honor.

Italian justice not even once. This man is my hero

You get the point. Fabio was a prole too btw

Drunk driving laws are not any worst here than anywhere else compagno. Czech republic has a 0 tolerance level for DUI and they drink 6 times what we drink daily.
Taxi fare is more than fucking retarded.

Italian justice fucking sucks dude

What makes me most angry is that it seems designed at the state of art to defend aggressors and punish every kind of prevention or self defence (hell there is no such thing as self defence in italian law, you punch a guy who broke in your home? He can sue you…). This guy did the right thing to eliminate scum from this planet. There is a lot of this "porky son" type in italy and they boss around everywhere because they know they are invincible. Usually they do shit tonnes of cocaine/drink like mad and do shit like it's nothing because they think they are superior. Hell they are superior lmao the fucking law will protect them no matter what. Example rich guys in my city joining the typical "church recreational centers" of italy so they can beat up 13 years olds for fun. Or a rich guy who sent death threats to a friend of mine girlfriend and molested her because he wanted to fuck a friend of her in a gay drug orgy. I hope they get flayed do a bath saltband then get their skin sawn on them again with the salt in it.

holy fuck what kind of nightmare is that

it was the best job i ever had btw. i wish i could do it again.

Disgusting manwhore.

Yeah I know fam it's shit. I'm from milan, so I know well what Porky son with white range rovers look like. The only thing that more often than not protect our right to self defence is the snitches get stiches attitude. Italy will be hard to clean up. And yeah, oratorio should be fucking abolished, If you spend your infancy there is 100% assured that you'll come out mad. Thank god I never went in those places.

Actually it's good. They get seriously wasted. Plus public transportation in prague runs 24 hours a day. If you go in smaller towns you'll see a lot of people on bikes, and that's always nice.

Good. Should have killed more.

this is the real injustice here.

Drunk drivers should be trialed as operating weaponry while intoxicated imho. Or just plain killed, honestly. There's literally no excuse.

Not even "He was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing"

No surprised tbh

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Drunk driving isn't an accident, it's plain irresponsible you redditor faggot.
So? Justice was served. If he let it to the judiciary system the killer would get away with it since his lawyer plays golf with the judge.

Yeah, he should act like a nigger and murder people for absolutely no reason!

nevermind, this happened on 2/17

Yep. They already gave the guy 30 years.
Italy self defence laws are fucking hideous

don't think any country would call this self defense.

Aren't we usually for some kind of restorative justice or rehabilitation in regards to crime?

30 years is nothing considering he murdered someone.

Well there are a lot of mitigating circumstances to consider here.

but under special circumstances, he doesn't pose a risk to the public. should've been given 10 years with parole.

There needs to be punitive action for precedence otherwise courts would be powerless. 30 years is still nothing compared to undoubtable life in prison/execution in the US.

Should have given House arrest imho

Is the maximum sentence here in italy.
Plus are fucking joking? He'll be late 60's when he gets out, how's that nothing? The guy who killed his wife got off

So he's got 30 years which can be prolonged if the parole board says he can't be released?

If it was a crime of passion or he killed the guy immediately after his wife was run over then you can make that argument that 30 years is stiff.

Murders with premeditation are haram.

He got life, in 30 years he can get the parole. Fact is that they give parole to anyone. There was this italian gangster who killed a fuck load of people and then in prison decapitated a guard and played football with his head, he got paroled too. He worked near my house a place where you can make sport bets.
He killed the guy because the italian law let the guy go. Italian justice is long. Really fucking long. Often cases get go to the archive and get forgotten. This case looked like one of those. The guy snapped and killed him. He killed him because the italian justice failed to bring justice. The guy was literally going into a bar when this guy shoot him.

The Jews are behind this

Looks like the drunk's daddy is quite powerful. Actual criminals get less time than that, the judge deserves to be run over by a drunk.

it's just the first hearing, there's at least two more, there's no way the final sentence is that high.

This too. We have 3 level of hearing. Process like these could last more than 5 years or so.
Meanwhile he's in jail

this reads like a cheezy porn's script

Most crimes, sure. But what is there to be restored, if the crime was literally inexcusable to begin with?

Drinking and driving is fun and it gets people to work, so who can say if it's morally wrong or not.

Agreed. He deserves punishment for taking the law into his own hands to this extent, but maximum sentence for a vigilante crime of passion is clearly excessive.

Don't the Mafia control the Italian government to a significant extent?

In italy usually if you kill someone you are a dindu and get less than 30 years. You know why that guy got so mich time? It's because if in italy you act vigilante/do justice by yourself you are considered "fascist" by judges. There is this strange idea so for them if ypu murdered your son for fun you are still better than this poor fucking guy. Justice in italy is designed at art to defend criminals, present them as dindus, mess up people and above all prevent every kind of personal action. I always thought mafia politicians did this with clear intentions in their mind

Yes it does

tbh there should be a law that makes it legal to murder drunk drivers and text drivers if they crash into (and kill) someone.

Sounds like something an American rigtwing pundit would actually say, sadly.

Yes it does, but this gangster wasn't a mafioso.