What lies beyond super-capitalism, comrades?

what lies beyond super-capitalism, comrades?

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Becoming a techno-eusocial communist hive.

Ascent into a telepathic hive mind, possibly shedding physical form.

communism fully-automated-luxury-capitalism
Everything is practically free


Humans are immortal and have discovered how to create matter from nothing. With this knowledge, they create more universes that they extract surplus value from but do not grant them the knowledge they possess.

So basically god?

capitalism survives is contractions by systematically impoverishing first world countries, making them the 3rd world countries to be exploited in the next century, and this cycle just continues on infinitely with capitalism continually cycling the worlds

the material contradictions of capitalism can be avoided all together through human space colonization and exploitation of the entire universe

You have to keep with the trend in the image, you autist.

Paperclips, a reality made and molded into and out of paperclips.


Galactic capitalism

Why are lesswrong singulatarians such rock stupid idiots?


Tbh ironmarch graphic are hit and miss, some of them got great asthetic, some of them are pure shit and cringeworthy with stick figures and swastikas sprayed everywhere

they're all pretty nice


not today tankie

Not really, some of them are just over saturated with swastikas and skull masks, im not a "muh optics" fag but it just breaks the general seriousness of the pic
For example other common pic from im the "good times-bad times" one would look so much better without the ridiculous stick figures
Just look at it, its cringe worthy, it could be done so much better.

If killing fascists is not a way to achieve socialism then what to do with people like this?


but it would just have buildings.

but its not

Fine by me, overall it could be replaced by something more symbolic, like seasons for example. Good times-summer Weak men-fall Hard times-Winter etc…

But still, what to do with fascists? Reeducate them? What if they cant be reeducated?

tankie pls.

Fascists died in the 40s

Fully Automated Star Imperialism Is the end result of ANY earthly system provided it does not destroy itself in one way or another

Fixed that for you

Capital becomes sentient and overcomes humanity itself.



The alternative is >a fucking statue and I think that is even more cringe worthy.

marxism-leninism is like some sort of ultra-capitalism tbh

china is infinite capitalism

my god
if Marx had just named his book the super-capitalism manifesto we'd be living under fully automated luxury communism by now

I know these have being used for over a year but where tf did these bookchin pics come from